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The story of Samantha & Hanna continues. As the girls become bolder, inhibitions and boundaries fall.

All characters are fictional, as is the location. All the characters are consenting adults.


Hanna was awakened by the sound of the men moving around the bedroom. She opened her eyes just in time to see them trying to quietly slip out of the room. She knew they were headed for their morning run. Normally she would want to go with them, but this morning her head hurt and she was groggy from too little sleep. Her mind ran through the last night’s events, and not unexpectedly, the memories were making her horny again. It’d been one of the hottest nights she ever spent.

She looked over at Sam. All she could see was a long leg sticking out of the covers and a tangle of blonde hair spilling out on the pillow. Hanna savored the memory of watching her and Tony the night before. She wondered if she should share the dirty little secret with her friend, but she knew that she would never dare. Hanna’s hand slipped into her panties as she relived the feeling of Randy filling her as they watched and listened to Sam and Tony fucking. She remembered the sounds of Tony’s grunts and Sam practically begging him to go faster and harder. She imagined the look on Sam’s face as she reached ecstasy.

Hanna’s reverie was broken when Sam stirred and then stretched. Frustrated, Hanna pulled her hand from her dampening folds. She asked Sam, “Are you awake?”

Sam set up, stretched again, and said, “Just barely.”

Hanna saw that Sam was wearing a blue football jersey, or at least what was left of one. It had been cut off short enough that it barely covered her breasts. In fact, when Sam raised her hands over her head and stretched, it slid up enough to expose a bit of pink areola.

Sam muttered, “I need Tylenol, water, and to pee.” She then stood and stumbled toward the bathroom. As Sam walked away, Hanna took notice of the tiny little panties her friend was wearing. It was a flimsy black thong that couldn’t have covered more than a few extra inches above her sex.

Hanna thought to herself, “Randy would like that sight, that will teach them for sneaking out.”

When Sam returned from the bathroom, she saw her friend sprawled out on the bed. She had slept in a skintight pink tank that stopped just above her navel. Like Sam, she also had on a sexy little thong panty. Sam couldn’t help but notice a small wet spot between Hanna’s legs.

Hanna set up, “So last night was fun.”

Sam beamed, “Are you kidding? Last night was awesome.”

Although she knew the answer, Hanna asked, “So did our bikinis had the desired effect on Tony?”

Sam giggled, “I swear, he couldn’t get enough. He went down on me until I came…twice!”

Hanna stood and went over to her sister in law. She hugged her, then reached up and gave her a brief kiss on the lips. “I’m so happy for you, Sammy. I know you’ve been frustrated with Tony lately.”

Sam was surprised at how normal Hanna’s kiss felt. She returned the hug and said, “Let’s go downstairs and make breakfast. I’m guessing the boys worked up quite an appetite. ”

Hanna nodded and headed for the kitchen. Sam had intended to put on some clothes but shrugged and followed. As she went, Sam caught herself checking out the sway of Hanna’s round little butt.

Sam scolded herself,” Cheez, get a grip girl.”

When the boys entered the kitchen fresh from their morning run, they were stopped dead in their tracks by the beautiful sight in the kitchen. The girls were standing side-by-side at the counter with their backs to them. Neither Tony or Randy could believe how bold their wives had gotten. They both wore tiny little thongs that did nothing to hide their taunt round asses. And their choice and tops did nothing to protect whatever modesty they had left.

Tony soaked in the sight of his wife standing in broad daylight practically naked from the shoulder blades down. When Hanna turned around, his attention was ripped from Sam’s ass to Hanna’s tiny pink panties. If possible, they were covering less than her swimsuit last night. If that wasn’t enough, those incredible nipples seemed like they were going to poke right through her shirt. Tony felt a familiar swelling in his shorts. When Sam turned, her little black panties yielded the same effect on Randy.

Hanna greeted them with a familiar devilish smile, “Good morning, boys. Have a good run?”

Sam added, “Did you miss us?”

The girls walked over and gave their husbands a hug and an innocent kiss on the cheek. Both men grabbed their wives bottoms and pulled them close. They gave them a more meaningful kiss.

Hanna said, “Go grab a shower, breakfast will be ready in a few minutes.”

The girls turned back to the counter. As they watched, Hanna bent over and slid a tray of roles into the oven. As she did, she presented them with a tantalizing view. Tony could clearly see that slight darkening that circled her barely covered pendik escort rosebud. He could also make out the puffy outer edges of her labia.

Tony pushed his forehead into his brother’s shoulder and lightly pounded a fist into his chest.

He groaned, “Holy fuck.”

Hanna looked back at them and scolded, “Stop staring at my ass and go take a shower.”

Over breakfast, the boys suggested that they all take the boat out on the lake. They could fish while the girls worked on their tans.

The boat was a large pontoon with two fishing chairs in the front and a U-shaped lounger in the back. That afternoon, Tony and Randy found it difficult to concentrate on fishing as they were distracted by the site of their wives lying nearly naked in the sun. They used their cell phones to snap a few pics behind the girl’s backs.

At one point, they both undid their tops as they laid on their stomachs. This prompted the boys to keep a close eye on them in case they decided to rollover or sit up. They were both determined not to miss an opportunity to see the other’s wife topless. To their disappointment, the girls never gave them a chance.

They headed back around 4 o’clock. Still in their swimsuits, they decided to lounge on the deck and have a few cocktails before getting ready to go out for supper. After a few rounds of rum and Cokes, they all headed upstairs to change.

The girl suggested that they should shower first and get ready because it would take them longer. They grabbed some supplies and headed for the bathroom.

With a grin, Tony asked, “Are you two going to shower together?”

A sly look crossed over Sam’s face. “I had not thought of that, but it would save time.”

As the girls went into the bathroom, Tony patted his brother on the shoulder and said, “Congratulations bro, you set up the best vacation ever.”

Randy responded, “No shit, there must be something in the water.”

They then each laid on the bed and turned on ESPN.

40 minutes later, the girls came out of the bathroom with hair and makeup perfect. Sam was wearing a racy red panty and bra set that seemed to have more lace than material. Hanna also chose a little skimpy bra and panty combination. Hers was in black.

Randy took a long hard look at both women and announced he would use the shower next. Hanna suspected he had some needs to take care of.

The girls plopped down beside each other on the bed that Randy just vacated. Tony admired the sight of them stretched out together for a few minutes and decided to press his luck. He pulled out his cell phone and snapped a picture.

Sam frowned, “What do you think you’re doing?”

Hanna added, “Yeah, we were not ready.”

With that, Hanna draped herself on Sam, laying her head on one of her ample breasts. Tony snapped the picture

Sam giggled and rolled over to face Hanna. She laid her forehead against her, and pulled Hanna’s leg over her hip. The camera clicked again.

Hanna chirped, “I know, I saw this on one of Randy’s porno sites.” She got on her hands and knees and planted her face in the pillow while sticking her ass up at the camera. She grabbed Sam and urged her into the same position with their hips touching.

Sam looked back and commented, “Hanna, that thong is not covering much.” She then slid her hand over her friend’s crotch. Hanna did the same. To the camera, it looked like they were fingering each other.

Hanna looked back at Tony and noticed the bulge in his shorts. She said, “Hey, Tony, here is your money shot.”

She then pulled Sam’s thong aside completely exposing her.

Tony exhaled, “Lovely.” He then snapped the picture

Sam turned and sat on the bed, cross-legged. “Do not show that last picture to Randy.”

“Of course not babe.”

Sam knew he would, and that was kinda okay with her.

Randy came out of the bathroom, and Tony headed in. Randy too enjoyed the sight of the two beautiful women stretched out on the bed. Knowing that Tony had taken pictures, he too pulled out his camera. The girls happily obliged. They were getting the hang of sexy poses and were becoming bolder. Sam pulled down Hanna’s bra and tugged on one of her nipples. Months later Hanna confided that this was one of Randy’s all-time favorite pictures.

Of course, Randy also relished the picture of Sam that Tony had texted him a week later.

After the pictures, Sam and Hanna slipped on very clingy, very short cocktail dresses.

Hanna looked at Sam and observed, “Honey, that bra is giving you some nasty lines.”

Without a word, Sam turned her back to Randy and pulled the dress off her shoulders and down to her hips. She then unhooked the bra, and tossed it on the bed and pulled the dress back up.

For what seemed like the 20th time that day, Randy thought, “I can’t believe the difference in Sam.”

They eventually went to supper at a quaint little restaurant they discovered in town.

The four maltepe escort arrived back at the cabin right at sunset, they opened a bottle of wine and together watched the sinking sun spread flames across the placid lake.

When the sun had disappeared, Hanna asked, “So who’s up for a hot tub?”

Randy replied, “Nope, we had a better idea.”

Tony added, “We’re going on an evening cruise.”

Sam hugged Tony, “What a great idea. I’m going to go change.”

A Moonlight Cruise

They loaded some supplies and a cooler on to the boat and pulled away from the dock. It was a gorgeous summer night accented by a full moon flickering across the glass-like water. A gentle breeze carried the night songs of birds, frogs, and insects across the lake. Other than the boats idling motor, no human sound could be heard.

Tony sat in the captain’s chair and steered the pontoon while Sam stood behind him with her arms wrapped around his neck. Randy and Hanna cuddled on the settee in the back of the boat. The Moonlight illuminated the shoreline and made navigation easy.

As the group slowly explored the lake, they were struck by how serene it all was. Even Tony and Randy felt a sense of romance, although neither would admit it.

After about 45 minutes of cruising, Tony guided the boat gently into a small outcropping of beach he had noticed while fishing that day. They gathered driftwood and built a beautiful fire. They then set up lawn chairs around the fire, had cocktails and chatted. Eventually, they fell quiet and simply gazed into the fire. It was a relaxed silence that only close friends can share comfortably. Tony and Sam were holding hands as they quietly watched the fire Flickr. Hanna had moved on to Randy‘s knee and reclined on him with her head comfortably on his shoulder.

Hanna was almost mesmerized by the combined effect of the moonlight and fire on the water.

She quietly said, “This is so beautiful. I’m glad we did this.”

Randy hugged her, “The water is beautiful; we should take a swim.”

Blissfully, Sam said, “I wish we had brought suits.”

Tony had been considering suggesting skinny dipping for the last few minutes. The girls had been acting so sexy since they got to the cabin, but he was sure that neither of them would actually get naked; Hanna, maybe if she was drunk enough, but not Sam. In fact, he doubted Sam would skinny dip even if they were alone. He decided to suggest it anyway.

In a poor imitation of the line from blazing saddles, Tony said, “Swimsuits, we don’t need no stinking swimsuits.”

Hanna had figured that sooner or later, one of the boys would bring up skinny dipping. She had enjoyed Tony staring at her in her underwear, but she wasn’t sure how Randy would take her actually getting naked. She said, “Maybe, after about 20 more rum and Cokes.”

Tony persisted, “What’s the big deal? You two have been sashaying around half-naked for two days. It’s only us.”

Randy laughed, “What the fuck Tony, who says sashaying. Sometimes I think grandpa is living in your head.”

Hanna taunted, “Well, Mr. nudist, you two been perving us all day. Now it’s our turn. Drop trow, and let’s see what you brought to the party if you got guts.”

Randy chuckled, “She’s calling you out, brother.”

Tony stood up and looked at his brother, “Are you going to let me hang alone. ”

Hanna laughed, “Great choice of words.”

Sam had remained quiet through this entire conversation. To Hanna’s surprise, Randy slid her off his lap and stood next to his brother. They both pulled off their shirts as the girls hooted. Then the boys turned their backs to their audience and pulled down their shorts and underwear.

Hanna didn’t expect the boys to call her bluff, especially Randy. However, there were two very white and firm bums before her. Simultaneously, both girls whistled, clapped, and laughed.

Hanna thought, “Wow, Tony has a nice ass.”

Both men then turned around, and there stood their husbands in their full glory.

The hooting and laughing stopped as the girls stared at their naked men.

Sam soaked in the image before her. The firelight seemed to exaggerate Tony’s broad shoulders and ripped physique, especially his well-defined abs. She thought he looked like a Greek God or at least one of the men on the cover of romance novels. Her eyes wandered over Randy.

She thought, “In some ways, he looks so much like Tony.” Although she noticed that his muscles were not quite as well-defined as Tony’s, he was taller and broader in the chest and back. Her eyes found his manhood. She thought it was a beautiful thing, he was not erect but could tell that it had swollen some. Tony was well hung, but Sam could see the Randy was a little bit longer and thicker.

Sam always thought Randy was good-looking, not in the classic sense that Tony was, but sort of ruggedly handsome. What really made him so attractive to Sam was that he was kartal escort a pure alpha male. He exuded confidence, and without saying a word, his presence seemed to fill the room. Although quiet, people just seemed to naturally defer to him. Staring at him naked before her, literally caused Sam’s juices to flow.

Tony began to harden as he watched Hanna blatantly stare at his dick. Then one of the most erotic scenes he’d ever witnessed unfolded. Sammy, his sweet, reserved little Sammy, stood and without a word, pulled her shirt over her head.

What struck him wasn’t that she was taking off her clothes, it was the way she was doing it. She looked brazen and seductive. With a come fuck me look, she locked eyes with Tony and then Randy. As she gazed into Randy’s eyes, she unhooked her bra and shrugged it off, exposing her full round breasts. Still holding his gaze, she then slowly, unbuttoned and unzipped her shorts. Seductively she slithered out of her shorts, paused for effect and then edged her panties down. ‘Anyone want to help.”

Tony instantly knelt and removed them. She purred, “Thank you.”

Standing nude before them, before Randy, she made no attempt to cover herself up, rather she stood in the soft glow of the firelight and let the men feast on her nakedness.

She purred, “You wanted to see me naked, now I am naked.”

Randy was transfixed. He had always found Sam to be sweet and shy, yet just a little sad. Over the years he had developed a deep protective fondness for her. He loved his wife and brother but had to admit that he was deeply attracted to Sam. He was always careful to hide it, and so was always a bit distant when around her. She was a thing to be admired from afar.

Randy had fantasized about seeing Sam naked more than once; and now, here she was before him, unashamedly displaying herself, almost tempting him to reach for her. Without inhibition or pretense, he studied her. He took in every inch. He relished the sight of her gorgeous breasts, the generous curve of her hips and her long legs. His eyes eventually found her clearly visible slit. He noticed a swollen clit peaking from her gleaming lips. He had rarely ever wanted anything so much as he wanted her.

Standing exposed in front of Tony and Randy set butterflies loose in Sam’s stomach. The way Randy was hungrily staring at her pussy, set it on fire. Watching his shaft swell gave her an almost uncontrollable urge to reach for it.

Sam looked at Hanna still sitting in the chair, staring at her. Hanna’s face seemed to reflect excitement and nervousness at the same time. Without knowing why or making a conscious decision to do so, Sam took Hanna’s hand and brought her to her feet. Sam slowly unbuttoned Hanna shirt and slid it off her shoulders. She then reached around her friend and removed her bra.

As she peered into Hanna’s brown eyes, she heard Tony say, “Beautiful.”

Sam then kneeled before Hanna, released the button on her shorts, and slid them down. Hanna did not move a muscle or say a word. She simply let Sam undress her.

With her face less than a foot from Hanna’s kitty, Sam wrapped her hands around Hanna’s leg and slid them toward her crotch. Her thumbs met over Hanna’s moist panties. She slid her thumbs over the satiny material covering Hanna’s sex. With her thumb and forefingers, Sam gently slid the lacey material down.

Hanna placed her hands on Sam’s shoulder, as she stepped out of her clothes, as she did, she leaned forward bringing her lower tummy in contact with Sam’s face. Sam did not pull back; she simply enjoyed the feel of Hanna’s skin. Sam thought she caught a whiff of the musty aroma of arousal.

Tony couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Before him was the vision of his wife kneeling before a naked Hanna. He thought it was so fucking sexy. As he watched Sam slowly strip Hanna, his cock came to life. Seeing Sam touch Hanna and Hanna press herself into Sam’s face, was too much, he couldn’t help but stroke himself.

Hanna looked over and saw that both men were fully erect, a small groan escaped her as she saw Tony slowly slide his hand up and down his engorged cock.

Sam stood, walked over to both men, turned them around, and placed an arm around each of their waists. They each reciprocated. As she led them to the water’s edge, she said, “Let’s go swimming.”

Both men took the opportunity to fondle a bare cheek.

Taking a cue from everyone else’s lack of inhibition, Hanna darted behind and jumped on Tony’s back, exclaiming, “I have tender feet give me a piggyback ride.”

They all laughed, and it seemed to alleviate the sexual tension, but the feeling of Hanna’s breasts and moist kitty against Tony’s back did little to reduce the swelling in his member.

In the water, the four splashed and played like children. Inevitably, the guys tried to dunk the girls. As they wrestled, Tony accidentally grabbed Hanna’s breasts, and at one point Randy picked Sam up from behind and pretty much buried his face between her ass cheeks before throwing her in.

Eventually, they settled down, and the men cradled their wives as they floated in their arms. When Randy and Hanna waded to the other side of the boat for privacy, Tony whispered to Sam, “What’s got into you?”

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