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(Fifth Installment of the Sons Club)

The Clubhouse was complete.

Sara’s husband Mason (47) and my husband Chet (48) had jointly purchased the small ranch house that was directly behind our properties. Our homes were adjacent which made visiting one another very easy through the backyards. This new house shared the border of both back yards as well and our husbands made gates to connect this new property to both of our yards as well. We could go from home to home to clubhouse dressed however we all pleased.

Oh yes… I forgot to mention. Our husbands bought the ranch to convert it into a clubhouse for our son’s club. While my husband and I are rarely sexually active anymore he appreciates how much we ladies love our sons.

Chet and Mason had been working hard for a few months now on the ranch. Endless hammering, sawing, drilling and would not let us anywhere near the house until it was completed. We didn’t mind though since our relationships had all changed. While Sara and I both loved our husbands the two of them had openly become a bisexual couple while Sara and I had become the lovers of our sons… totally.

My son Alex (18) spent every night in my bed fucking me until his young stamina gave out (which was usually a few hours at least) and Sara’s boy Keith (18) slept with her exclusively as well. We would get up every morning and meet behind my house near the pool wearing next to nothing with cum usually dripping from our crotches and chat over coffee.

This morning was no different. I looked at Sara’s beautiful glowing body. Her firm large breasts and pert rose colored nipples poking from her see through short black babydoll. Her smile never left her face anymore and her chair seat dripped thick white liquid through the weave. Both of our chairs did so actually with small puddles forming on the concrete below. I sipped my coffee, played with my own nipples through my sheer pink nightie and sighed warmly.

“The men said the clubhouse was close to completion.” I said softly to Sara who nodded and said “Yes. They told me we could begin using it this evening. They also said they had built in several surprises for us.”

We both giggled. Sipped our coffee more and started to massage one anothers breasts. My hand found it’s way into her dripping crotch and my fingers came up with a glob of Keith’s cum. I sucked it off of my fingers seductively and we both sighed… anticipating the night ahead.

It was going to be a special night for the sons club.

Our entire membership was expected to attend. All gathering here in my back yard after dark so our husbands could lead us into their creation. All four mothers and our five sons. Every mother was in her thirties and forties while surprisingly every one of our five sons was exactly 18 years old. Five strong, hard, musclebound, musky, young, very well hung men and four radiantly beautiful, firm and busty nymphomaniacs who were all dripping wet for our boys.

Sara giggled again as she lowered herself to her knees and began to lick my sons cum out of my pussy. I leaned back, closed my eyes, spread my legs wide and enjoyed her soft tender touch. We relaxed this way together the remainder of the day, laughing, fondling, licking and orgasming and soon evening came.

Now she and I were dressed as slutty as we were capable of. I with my long flowing blonde shiny hair falling free down my back. My makeup done to the nines. Had I been on the street corner I would have been thought of by anyone passing as a absolute hooker. Short black skirt well above my knees, an open gauze see through top showing my overflowing black lace bra.

Sara was dressed in a similar fashion. Her stiletto heels actually taller than mine. Her breasts peeking out over the top of her low cut bra. She had no top on otherwise and a very very short leather skirt. Her red hair was incredible. The other mothers Alice and Claire were dressed ultra slutty as well. We looked like a group of prostitutes. Four whores looking to get seriously laid… well… we weren’t hookers but the rest was entirely true.

Surprisingly none of our sons were anywhere to be found.

At that moment we started to hear gaziantep escort ilanları the slow sensual beat of sexy music coming from the direction of the new house and all gave one another lewd grins. The party was about to begin.

The gate between the club and my yard opened and our husbands waved for us to follow…

Giggling in anticipation we four extremely horny woman swayed our way through the gate and up to the back door of the house which my husband was holding open for us. The sight that met my eyes was incredible.

They had gutted the entire house. Turning the entire one story building into one large room with a small kitchen open toward the back, a closet for supplies and a bathroom and shower to the side. None of which had any doors for privacy. Of course being the type of club we were we wouldn’t ever need any.

There were numerous couches around the room and two large beds in the center. The small tables around the beds and borders had dozens of sex toys, condoms, dildos and many bottles of lube as well as towel dispensers and waste baskets below. The beds even had eye-hooks at the corners should we get a bit more rambunctious.

There was a large screen television mounted on the main wall with mother/son incest porn lewdly playing. The sight of a woman being ravished and fucked hard by her son made my pussy pulse and leak a bit. The rest of the walls had pornographic images of women blowing young men, being covered in cum and having their pussies and asses filled with hard boy cock.

All of the windows were covered with dark red curtains to keep out prying eyes and to give the room a sensual aura. The smell of male pheromone incense permeated the air. One corner of the room seemed to have a platform about a foot high and was covered entirely by a curtain. The remainder of the far long wall was also entirely covered with one long curtain and had a platform the whole length beneath it as well.

There was also a fully stocked bar near the entry door.

The lights dimmed as our two husbands lead the four of us around and finally sat us down on two couches that had been moved to face the smaller corner stage. They poured us all drinks to help us relax a bit and left us… walking behind the curtain.

“The main show will begin in ten minutes.” I heard my husbands voice state. Coming from a few speakers around the walls. “We wish to welcome the ladies and sons of the Sons Club to their new clubhouse. Please feel free to explore and do as you wish until the show begins.”

We four all giggled and trotted about the house looking at all the men had accomplished. The place was amazing. Very well constructed. No expense left out and most of all they had made it for us to enjoy our sons in to our hearts content. We all started to moan slightly at the prospects and began to kiss and fondle one another as we walked about.

After several minutes the voice again asked us to be seated which we all joyously did. We were becoming hot a bit from our anticipation and excitement despite the fact that there was a slowly rotating fan overhead. We started to all strip away the flimsy clothing we still had on. Not going totally naked just yet but damned close.

“I’m so fucking horny” Sara whispered to me licking her lips and sipping her drink.

At that moment a small monitor, which I had not noticed before, next to the corner stage lit up with our four names in each corner and a spinning dial appeared.

“When you are ready to begin would you ladies please say STOP.”

All four of us screamed STOP at the top of our lungs. Our crotches soaking the couches beneath us.

The spinner started to slow down and came to a stop on Claire’s name.

We all cheered and the voice asked Claire to come to the corner stages side and she was led by a hand that reached out. Going behind the curtain. We heard a gasp and a male voice asking her to be quiet so as not to ruin the surprise. There was then several moments of whispering, Claire giggling, a soft sexual gasp for breath and finally silence.

The music continued to beat out it’s pounding gaziantep escort bayan ilanları tones and the mothers in the porns screamed in orgasm over and over from the fucking their sons were giving them.

Alice, Sara and I all sat huddled together sipping our drinks and playing with one anothers bodies. The wait seemed so damned long before we realized we could hear Claire starting to moan rhythmically… almost like a slow sexual pulsing… the three of us knew that sound and all of our pussies throbbed as the curtain slowly opened.

What we saw made us almost go mad with lust.

Our husbands had built walls in the two corners that stood away from the walls behind about two feet and in them both were several glory holes at cock height. Intersecting the corner was a bench just wide enough to hide a man in with a gloryhole cut into it as well pointing up. It was thin enough though for a woman to straddle it and plant herself on the cock.

The hole in the bench had a hard glistening cock sticking straight up with Claire bent forward and impaled on it facing the corner where there were six more hard beautiful cocks all jutting out either waving in the air or in Claire’s mouth or hands. She was thrashing about on the hard cock in her cunt going from wall cock to wall cock in her passion. The best part of all is that it was completely impossible to tell which boys, or mans, cock was which? My husband and Sara’s had obviously joined in and I couldn’t tell who she was being fucked by. My husband? Sara’s husband? My son? Her own son? Any one of our boys may have been any one of the cocks! We couldn’t tell and that fact made it even hotter!

I started to approach the stage but heard my husbands voice over the speakers say “Please wait your turns”. He sounded a bit strained so I was sure his dick was one of the ones getting attention which was nice. It was about time he experienced a woman again.

I sat back down smiling and joined Sara and Alice playing with one anothers pussies and watching Claire fucking up a storm before us.

Was she ever!

This beautiful blonde woman who not long ago was the shyest new member of our club was now being fucked hard in front of us. Bouncing up and down in wild abandon. Riding who knows who’s cock like there was no tomorrow. Thrashing about and screaming while she blew one of the gloryhole cocks. I was becoming so hot watching I couldn’t take it any longer and grabbed one of the large dildos nearby off of the stand and slid it into myself. I didn’t even need lube I was so wet and horny. I had the first of several orgasms immediately as I stroked it in and out. Meanwhile Alice and Sara went into a sixty-nine on the nearest bed and ate one anothers beautiful pussies greedily.

Claire screamed finally after what had to be a dozen or more orgasms and appeared to be about to faint. Two cocks pulled out of their holes and Sara’s son Kieth and Alice’s son Todd emerged from behind the partition and came to support her and help her off of the center bench. She all but melted into their arms as they carried her to the bed next to Alice and Sara.

She was conscious and grinning the grin only we well fucked women understand.

Alice giggled and grabbed her sons cock pulling him on top of her on the bed so his cock could enter her while Sara drove her tongue into Claire’s bubbling cum filled cunt eating as much man cum as she could get. Todd fucked his mother hard while the show continued.

“Next contestant!” Chet’s voice boomed as the spinner started to rotate again stopping this time on my name!

“Yes!” I yelled not only wanting to be next but glad it hadn’t stopped on Claire again. She may not have survived that and Alice was busy getting the pounding of her life by her son a few feet away. Todd grunted heavily while Alice’s legs wrapped hard around him keeping him buried deep in her love nest.

Sara looked up at me, her face covered in man cum “Go get them girl!”

I ripped the last shreds of clothing I had off of my body, pulled the dripping dildo out of my snatch, throwing it aside and jumped onto the escort bayan gaziantep ilanları stage and onto whomevers cock was still flailing about from the benches hole. That cock had had a long hard workout and now it was all mine!

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Sara’s son slip into her cunt from behind and start to fuck her alongside Alice and her son.

The seven cocks in the gloryhole corner had been reduced to five. Five hard stiff pieces of man-meat all mine to devour. Which I happily did. I went from cock to cock stroking them and slurping their delicious flavors while riding the beautiful man beneath me. I could hear him moaning through the bench walls and begin to pulse in my cunt as he shot and throbbed a giant load into my pussy. I moaned loud and came instantly!

The music continued to beat while he pulled out and slid back into the wall leaving the bench empty beneath me. I pulled the cock I was currently sucking out of my mouth just long enough to tap one of the other hard sausages still bouncing out of the wall.

“You next baby!”

I continued to suck the cock I had been moments ago and stroke two of the others while the cock pulled back through the hole and I felt motion below me as whomever it was slid into the bench. Gracefully the selected cock stuck up out of the hole beneath me and I thrust myself down hard on it screaming!

“Fuck me!” I yelled “Whoever the Hell you are… fuck my cunt!”

Claire watched me smiling as she had regained some of her composure. She was nodding her approval as well as she watched Todd fuck his mother and Keith fucking his alongside her. “I need my son NOW!” she stated with very musky overtones. She was going into heat again.

The cock I was blowing slid back into the wall which made me sigh and move on to the next one. Jeff came around the edge of the wall, stepped down from the small gloryhole stage and climbed into his mothers open arms. His hard well lubed cock sliding effortlessly into her well fucked cunt. “Yes baby!” she screamed in extreme lust “Fuck Mommy sweetheart!”

I continued to ride the cock in the bench while the last three cocks alternated between my red lips and my pumping hands. The one in my mouth couldn’t hold out any longer and erupted. Shooting a massive load of delicious, steamy man cum down my throat which I hungrily swallowed. The cock pulled away and a moment later my husband came out from the wall and grinned at me. “You’ve always been the best cocksucker I’ve known!” I pulsed on the cock fucking me.

Holding the two remaining gloryhole wall cocks and continuing to ride the cock beneath me I started to cum yet again. The orgasms were washing over me one after another and I started to also feel faint. Seeing this out of the corner of his eye my husband walked up and steadied me. Pumping me up and down on the hard cock in me with his arms while he held me lovingly. Whomevers cock was in my cunt was now pulsing hard and I knew it was about to explode as well!

I pushed up and off and slid down, still straddling the bench, to take it into my mouth while Chet still steadied me and immediately received a giant load of man cum again. Salty, thick, gooey man cum… I gulped it down greedily… I LOVE man cum!

The two cocks remaining in the wall pulled back and my son Alex and Alice’s son Brian emerged… That meant the cock I was riding had to have been Sara’s husbands Mason!

Alex helped me raise and kissed me passionately while Brian walked over to his mother who was still being fucked by his brother Todd and slipped his cock into her willing mouth. She moaned, sucked deeply attempting to suckle the cum out of his balls and thrust her hips harder into Todd’s crotch.

Mason came out from behind the wall. All cocks present and accounted for I thought.

My son Alex lifted me in his arms, laid me back onto the bench. Lifted my legs and thrust his sweet boy meat deep into my pussy. Despite the fact that he had fucked me all night long the night before and every night for months now he still banged me passionately. I couldn’t get enough of his cock!

In a sexual daze I looked around the room. Our husbands were embracing and stroking one another smiling at their accomplishment with pride. We four women were being fucked by our own sons. Our motherly screams echoed off of the clubhouse walls.

And just as I began to pass out from my endless orgasms I realized I still didn’t know what was behind the long curtain!

“Fuck me Alex. Fuck Mommy!” I thrashed under him. “Fuck me forever!!”

Love and endless son fucking – SheMom

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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