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Prior –
The Rapper and the Sportscaster:
The Rapper and the Sportscaster – Down In the Dumps
The Sportscaster in the Urban Jungle
The Sportscaster in Psycho Hell
The Sportscaster – BAD Girl
The Sportscaster – Skinned

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Alex stuck three fingers in her mouth and pushed her skin down her throat.
Gag you fucking whore. Karin gagged with her flesh and the fingers in her throat
while the brutal fucking continued. Finally she threw up violently.

Even as she threw up Marcus fucked her harder.
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhh. Marcus fucked the tortured bitch shooting his semen over
her belly..

Willie took the clamp off Karin’s breast. It was now just a piece of raw meat.
Karin had stopped screaming. She just lay there, helpless, looking desperate.
She mumbled, begging but the words barely came out. Willie admired his work.
He grabbed her other breast by the nipple and twisted.

Marcus was not satisfied fucking her. A convicted rapist and former mental patient
He grabbed her pussy, pinching, twisting and turning.

Looking up at Willie, Karin saw the hell she had fallen into. She was at the mercy of
a psycho sexual sadist. Dave took a bucket off the fire. The metal was red hot and the
oil was bubbling up. The handle was wrapped in leather it was too hot to handle.
He put the bucket next to Karin so she could feel the heat.

Marcus was fucking her with three fingers up her cunt. Karin screamed as she felt the heat of the
ucket of oil next to her.

Karin screamed . NO NO NO
Dave took a metal ladle and filled it with the burning oil.
He held it over her un-skinned breast. Slowly he dripped a few drops on her breast.
Willie grinned madly as he watched ateşli gaziantep escort the tit skin curl, blister and yellow.
Almost non human screams came from Karin. Smoke and the smell of burnt flesh permeated the
air. Small spots of skin where the oil hit turned to horrendous blisters.

Dave grabbed her breast as she screamed almost animal like.
Marcus had four fingers inside her fucking her wildly.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Karin yelled, arching and twisting as more oil trickled over her breast.
Steam and smoke rose in the air. She could barely feel Marcus slapping her reddened pussy meat.
More drops of oil dropped over her breast. The blistered area grew. Willie slapped the burnt breast
laughing at Karin’s cries.
Oil poured over the breast until it was one ugly red blistered piece of bitch flesh.

Willie still straddled her chest. He grabbed both tortured mounds in his hands, relentlessly
squeezing. Then he cupped them together and pushed his cock between them.
There was little movement from Karin as she had passed out. He kept titty fuckin her.

AGHHHHHHHHHHHH. Karin screamed as she regained consciousness. She had been brought back by the terrible pressure of Marcus, his fist now totally inside her pushing deeper.

Slowly the skin from her burnt tit pulled away. Willie kept pushing his cock between her tits.
Pieces of flesh fell away. The two breasts were raw by the time Willie came on her tits.

Karin still lay flat but she felt ropes around her ankles. Her legs were pulled up but
she still lay on her back. Jim straddled her chest now. There was one nipple left untouched
on the burnt tit. It was quiet. Marcus finally pulled his fist bakımlı gaziantep escort out.

She lay on the floor with the sadist and psycho’s sitting around and talking. Her wrists were
nailed to a heavy . Helpless she was surrounded by the worst men.

Jim pulled and twisted the last nipple then suddenly butchered it.
He cut it off and tossed in his mouth raw.

SUDDENLY IT WAS QUIET. Karin lay there now untouched. Her head twisted back and forth
She could hear laughing. There was noise as everyone crowded around. Trying to see what was happening she saw one of the sadists with a metal cable . She felt a cable wrapped around her left thing just below her hip. Suddenly it was pulled brutally tight. It was twisted even tighter with a stick.
Quickly she started to lose feeling in that leg

WAIT WAIT WHAT ARE YOU DOING. I can’t feel my leg.

All the sadists crowded around. They started yelling, screaming.


Immediately a cable was put around her other thigh and tightened.
What are you doing. What is going on.
The let her lay, contemplating what would happen.

My legs, what are you doing. Karin was losing the feeling in her legs as the
Circulation was cut off.

Then Karin heard the saw. Karin could see the blade spinning. Willie took the
Saw and held the spinning blade next to her face.


Skin was flying and the sound of bone filled the air even above Karin’s
horrible screams. Willie cut slowly, very slow, prolonging the amputation.
He held the leg for Karin to see with a sadistic grin.
While she screamed he tilted the cut end so the blood bayan escort drained over her face.

Laughing Marcus took a bowl with a brush and basted the leg.
That’s my Mystery BBQ Sauce. He held it up for everyone to see.


He hung the leg over the fireplace and twisted Karin’s head so she could see her leg.
The air filled with smell of the dripping BBQ xzuce



BBQ Bitch

The saw started up again. Willie held the saw near Karin’s head terrorizing her with the
Sound of the spinning blade. Bits of flesh from her leg flew off.

Willie took the saw to the other leg slowly cutting through the flesh, muscle, tendons and bone.
Again he held the leg, this time taking a bite of raw flesh, his mouth red.

Carl had been on the sidelines until know. Now he was ready. He grabbed Karin by the cables
around her legs and pulled her up to him. Holding her stumps he pushed his cock inside her
ass. Karin was fading, passing into shock.

AGGGGH back to consciousness, Karin screamed. Barely able to see she squinted to see Willie
skewering her left breast with a red hot poker. Laughing he skewered the other.
Looking back she could see the stumps of her legs up in the air as Karl pounded her ass with his cock.
Dave turned her head so she could see the guys starting to take slices off her roasting leg.

Willie pulled on the breast by the skewer and started slowly cutting away the breast with a
butcher knife. After slicing it away from Karin’s body, he hung it over the fire. The mad blood curdling
screaming continued for a few more minutes as the other breast was severed. After the screaming ended, the breathing continued for a while. The ass fucking continued as each of the sadist took their
turn even after she was gone. Holding on to her severed stumps they fucked her dead ass.

It was their fetish but the body was consumed with the waste going to the dogs. The skull was
burned of all flesh and kept as trophy.

The End.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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