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“A friend is someone who gives you total freedom to be yourself.” ~ Jim Morrison

This idea sounded so much better coming from Jose Cuervo. He made dancing with a man as sexy as my boss seem a harmless conclusion to an evening with co-workers. Jose morphed my frustrations of a lonely night with my husband away on business into a fiery inferno in the arms of my boss. At the conclusion of the banquet, with only the two of us on the dance floor, Tequila renders my boss chivalrous for offering to escort me home. His dirtiest trick is clouding my memory of how an evening with co-workers morphed to my boss being beside me on my sofa. Jose struck the match that ignited the fire now threatening to devourer my world.

Ten minutes ago, she gave up pretending she didn’t want him fondling her breast. Now she’s surrendered to the thrill of his hand roaming under her skirt. He’s discovered her secret, awakened her passions, and made controlling her urges impossible.

He comes up for air, saying, “Honey, your bed would be much more comfortable.”

She closes her eyes. This is crazy. You’re risking everything if you go through with this. And for what. Not love. You’re only chasing the unholy cravings of your fantasies.

Once more, his lips find hers. But this time, she detects a change. He’s more powerful, more persuasive in demanding she surrenders to his will.

Their lips part, his eyes devour hers with an intensity producing a shiver. He whispers, “Are you ready.”

Indecision has her body tingling. Unable to say yes, she prolongs the inevitable with, “Give me a moment.”

A tender kiss and he stands. “I’ll be in the bedroom. Don’t keep me waiting.”

Her mind swirls in an alcohol-induced haze entering the bathroom. What the fuck are you thinking. Craving the sensual touch of a man is one thing. Allowing a man to morph a dinner with coworkers into having sex on your marital bed is insane. This is on you. A gentleman buying your drinks doesn’t mean you have to drink them. Sober, this would never happen.

The banquet, what she can remember of it, replays in her mind. What’s happening. I never invited him into my home. The idea never crossed my mind.

She washes her hands a second time, yet they’re still clammy. She freshens her lipstick and fluffs her hair, wondering why she’s going to the trouble when every fiber of her being is screaming for her to flee. Still, she needs several deep breaths to steady her trembling hands.

One last check in the mirror, and she freezes. The primal lust in the eyes of her reflection chills her to the bone. This isn’t who you are. You’re a mother and a wife. March in there and tell him this is a gigantic mistake, and show him the door before it’s too late.

At the bedroom door, his shirt lands on the floor. A bolt of trepidation strikes, as does the realization of her cravings controlling her actions. The pounding of her heart grows stronger with each additional article of clothing. Common sense surrenders to the inevitable when his boxers complete the pile, and he faces her from the edge of the bed.

Her breath catches in her throat as their eyes meet. She studies the handsome, chiseled features of his face. From the rippling jaw muscles to the dimpled chin, he melts her resistance. The candlelight dancing in his green eyes, drawing her moaning whimper.

His head tilts as he stares with lust-filled eyes, and with an arch of his eyebrows he beckons her.

She enters the room on five-inch stilettos with slowly swaying hips. Without a word spoken, she stands before him, clad in her most elegant evening wear.

To her peril, she stares into his hypnotic green eyes, and her hand lowers the zipper to her waist. Her mind demands she stop, but her body gives a shimmy, leaving her gown crumbled at her feet.

She stands statuesque, and her prideful display draws his lustful moan. Ever so slowly, he stands, taking in every inch of her exceptional body. Captivating taut breast draw his feathery touch over her nipples. His gaze travels over her abdomen to the pubic triangle and flared hips. Her long shapely legs complete his visual journey.

Sucking air through clenched teeth, she marvels as his erect manhood twitches against his belly. Through hooded eyes, she looks on as hands encircled her waist, lifting her from the floor, and tossing her onto the bed.

A gasp escapes her lips as he approaches, his impressive cock swaying before him. He pries her legs wide, revealing the dripping evidence of her excitement. Her eyes bulge as the massive bulbous head reaches her entrance. Their eyes lock for an instant before a sharp thrust of his hips slams their pelvic bones together.

She reacts to his rhythmic thrusts by snaking her long legs around his waist and arching into him. Blackness blocks out reality as she slips into a swirling vortex of pleasurable sensations.

A feral growl draws her attention to the door where stands the man she loves. His rage-filled eyes escort izmir glare at her decadence. But even though this may cost her everything, ending her ecstasy now is unthinkable. Her eyes close, blotting out the image of her one true love as the room reverberates with her orgasmic scream.

Chapter One

April 1974

Adjusting my tie, I ask the reflection. “Is an occasional weekend with my wife too much to expect.” But alas, my mirror isn’t much of a conversationalist. One last check has me ready to face yet another weekend away from home.

To avoid waking Celia two hours before her alarm sounds, I flipped the lights to the master bath off before opening the door.

With the streetlight on the corner providing the only illumination, I crept to my overnight bag before tiptoeing to the hallway. Quiet as a mouse, I pull our bedroom door closed. In the dark hallway, the kitchen light gives me pause. Two steps further, I find my wife sipping coffee.

Celia glances up as the suitcase slips from my hand. A weak smile spreads as she points to my steamy cup, asking, “Are you hungry.”

In seven years of marriage, we’ve occasionally arrived home at this hour. But other than childbirth, I’ve never seen her voluntarily rise at this time of the morning. So, minutes from leaving, what motivates her to join me at such an unholy hour.

“Just coffee,” I said as Celia diverts her eyes by taking a sip.

Relieved at avoiding a rant, I grab my cup, asking, “What has you up this early.”

She shrugged and said, “Big-Boy, I assure you dragging my ass out of bed at four-thirty wasn’t my first choice.”

A knowing nod, “Mine either. I don’t remember you mentioning an early start today.”

“Unlike some people, I would never accept a job requiring me up at this God-forsaken hour. But you’ve established this as the only time available to talk.”

My twenty-five-year-old Sofia Loren lookalike is right. Since landing this charter pilot gig, my day’s not on overnight runs start before sunrise.

I said, “My career goal was never a secret. Everybody pays dues. With this job, I’m paying mine and paving the way to a better-paying career.”

Celia said, “I’m not complaining.”

“Thanks for the clarification. You had me fooled.”

Celia cocked her head, and with her notorious snide smile, said, “You’re having a problem deciphering between complaining and expressing my discontent. Speaking of discontent, we haven’t been out together in months, and I can’t remember the last time we had sex.”

Here we go again, starting my Friday with Celia bitching about me spending another weekend away from home.

“This weekend’s flight will earn us the equivalent of three weeks of your salary. But if you want me home and at your beck and call, I can always quit.”

Celia ignored me, asking, “Did I hear you say you’re spending the weekend in Las Vegas.”

“No, we’ll be in Elko.”

Celia scrunches her nose and asks, “Where in the hell is Elko.”

“In central Nevada.”

“Are you telling me somebody hired you to fly them to the middle of nowhere.”

“Elko has fantastic outdoor activities along with a Nevada nightlife. Many people find the combination appealing.”

“Not me. I’m a Vegas kind of girl. Top entertainers are far more appealing than being chased by bears.”

One last sip before grabbing my suitcase, a kiss on Celia’s cheek, and I said, “To each their own. I’ve got to run, catch you on the flip side.”

Celia grabbed my arm and asked, “We need to discuss something before you leave.”

Slipping into my chair, I study the concern on her face. I ask, “Honey, what’s wrong.”

“Is there any possibility of you dropping off your passengers and returning home tonight.”

“Babe, I’d love to, but my passengers won’t cover an extra five hours of flight time, and I can’t afford it. Why.”

Her smile drooped as Celia said, “You may remember me mentioning the company awards banquet. I seem to recall begging you to accompany me to the one event I wanted to attend all year a few dozen times.”

“What’s the problem. Didn’t I tell you I’d take you.”

“Tonight, instead of us enjoying ourselves at the banquet, I’ll be home waiting for your call.”

Cringing, I said, “Sorry.”

“You should be. I’ve fantasized about tonight for weeks.”

“Baby, don’t let my not being able to attend prevent you from enjoying an evening with your friends. You have fun tonight, and next weekend we’ll have our special night together, I promise.”

“I can imagine what people around town would say about me attending a cocktail party without you. No, the banquet’s a pretext for an evening together, and without you there, what’s the point. So have fun in Elko, and don’t worry about me, I’m accustomed to being left alone.”

“This is a business trip; wining and dining you is much more appealing than a night alone in my motel room. So do me a favor and enjoy yourself tonight.”

Celia said, “For a man so astute, izmir escort bayan your knack for missing the obvious is mystifying. The banquet isn’t what I’m miffed about.”

“Baby cakes, openly expressing yourself occasionally will avoid so much misunderstanding.”

“I envisioned spending the evening igniting your fire with dancing after the banquet and spending the rest of the night doing what we haven’t had the time for in weeks.”

“Damn, I wish you had mentioned that when I had time to rearrange my schedule.”

“And I wish you were more attentive to my needs.”

“Even though it’s not how you envisioned the evening, enjoy yourself. Next weekend we’ll escape to somewhere special to spend two days doing what you planned for tonight.”

“I’ll think about it. Can you call during my lunch break, and I’ll tell you what I decided.”

“Sure, are you coming home for lunch.”

Celia scowled. “Unlike you, home is my only option. You can catch me here any day of the workweek between twelve and one.”

A kiss goodbye, and I give Celia a wink. “Thanks for the heads up. I’ll keep it in mind if I ever need to reach you.”

Chapter Two

Celia rechecks the numbers on the inventory forms one last time. At the desk next to hers, Mary is deciphering the new accusation reports. After the buy-out, the new company standardized paperwork company-wide. Now the secretaries must maintain productivity while learning an alternative way to do everything.

For the third time, Mary goes over the procedural manual. On reaching her third conclusion, she mumbles under her breath, flinging a pencil across the room.

The sudden clatter of the pencil crashing off the counter jolted Celia upright. On facing her co-worker, Mary waved a hand full of forms, asking, “Any idea how they want these fricking accusation forms filled out.”

Celia suppressed a giggle and said, “Yeah, let me finish this, and we’ll go over the process together.”

Mary slams the forms back on her desk, saying, “You’d think these dimwits would make the procedure understandable before making it mandatory.”

“Mary, all takeovers go through growing pains.”

“Growing pains, my ass. These nimrods went as far as sending Bob out here to cut labor costs. Which reminds me, two months ago that slimy bastard said he’d only be in town a couple of weeks.”

Celia burst out laughing. “Mary, you’re a conspiracy theorist. Bob is getting the plant up to speed. I guess the process is taking longer than expected.”

Staring past Celia, Mary said, “Look busy, he’s coming.”

Mary’s head dropped as Bob said, “Ladies, is there a problem.”

Bob rests his hands on the back of Celia’s chair. A whiff of his cologne bringing a rosy hue to Celia’s cheeks. She glances up, saying, “We’re having a problem deciphering these forms.”

Bob rocks forward, his eyes dart to Celia for a glimpse down the front of her blouse, as he said, “Ladies, I’m here to eliminate confusion. Bring any problems to my attention for clarification.”

Another furtive glance over Celia’s shoulder, and Bob said, “Celia, have you finished the inventory reports.”

“They’re right here,” Celia said, gathering the folders.

“Fantastic, finish what you’re doing, then bring those reports to my office.”

Mary’s lips tighten as she takes a firm grip on her desk, turning to face Bob. But before voicing her opinion on current management policies, Celia rose to stand between her friend and the corporate liaison.

A nod to Mary and Bob said, “Ladies, you’re doing a magnificent job.” As he continues his rounds, from behind, Mary raises a one-finger salute.

Celia arranges the inventory reports at Bob’s door. Her heart raced as she tapped on the doorframe. God, these forms had better be right; if not, I don’t stand a chance in hell of getting the office manager’s position when Gloria retires.

Bob motions her in, saying, “Close the door and take a seat.”

His stare has Celia’s palms sweating, and control is slipping away as she said, “These forms are different. I mean, they have the same information, but everything is in different places. Oh God, give me a moment to double-check a couple of things, it won’t take but a second.”

Bob brushes away her concerns with a swipe of his hand and said, “I’m sure they’re fine.” He studied Celia another moment before asking, “What did you decide about tonight.”

Celia fumbles with the folders to conceal the color draining from her face. She whispered, “Art’s out of town on a flight and can’t attend. I was looking forward to going, but I should stay home with the kids.”

“Nonsense. After working as hard as you have during the transition, the company owes you an entertaining evening to show their appreciation. It wouldn’t speak well for the leading candidate for the office manager position being absent at a company function, so I expect to see you at six.”

“I’ll think about it, but being a married woman…” Celia’s eyes rose, catching izmir escortlar Bob sneaking a peek between her legs. His expression mirrors Arts when he used to do the same thing years ago.

Don’t make a fuss, imagine living alone in a motel room for months on end. That would have anybody acting strange. Besides, I sympathize with going without. With Art gone so much, having a man paying a little attention for a change isn’t all bad. In fact, this is rather thrilling.

The corners of his lips expanded into a broad smile as a growing wet spot appeared on Celia’s blue panties. Bob’s voice had a raspy edge when he said, “You might have misconstrued my intentions.”

Celia diverts her eyes from the only man generating these emotions since meeting her husband. As she fights for control, Celia said, “People around here love to talk, and I hate being the subject of unfounded rumors.”

Bob silently rose, moving in front of Celia. He perches against the desk near enough for her to touch. The pulsating vein on her neck broadens his smile while cocking his head for a better view.

Celia avoids his stare, as an unwanted fantasy brings deeper red to her cheeks. Without diverting his eyes from her legs, Bob asks, “Are you all right. You appear flush.”

Celia’s gaze rose from his shoes. His long muscular legs generate tummy trimmers. The bulging tent in his trousers results in a gasp escaping her lips. Celia’s inability to turn away from his display ensures she misses Bob’s knowing smile.

Bob said, “Leave work a little early this afternoon, I’m sure you’ll want to look your best tonight.”

From Bob’s office, Celia dashes to the restroom. She takes a deep breath, studying her reflection in the mirror. Great job, Bimbo. You successfully fought off the urge to jump his bones. She dabs her face with a wet towel, and a sudden trimer sends a shudder coursing through her body. God damn you, Art, this is all your fault. After planning the perfect evening for us, you decide to spend it alone in Nevada.

You better thank your lucky stars everybody from the plant will be there tonight. The image of her and Bob alone with booze and music, as horny as she is. Oh fuck, stay around people tonight, or this isn’t ending well.

Chapter three

As our bags are being wheeled inside The Stockman’s Casino, Jerry tipped the limo driver, asking, “Art, we’re hitting the crap table. Would you care to join us.”

“I’m not a gambler, but how about dinner instead.”

“We haven’t established a timeline. How about if we call you when we’re ready to eat.”

“Works for me. Good luck on the tables.”

On the third ring, Celia answers with a quiver in her voice. I said, “Hey babe, have you forgiven me yet.”

“I don’t know, is it Christmas already.”

“No, we’re only in April.”

“Then it sucks to be you.”

“Baby, don’t be like that.”

Celia giggles, and said, “You know I can’t stay mad at you.” She hesitates before saying, “Honey, were you serious about us going someplace next weekend, just the two of us.”

“If you must know, I’ve thought about nothing else sense leaving home. The image of you in your skimpy red string bikini had me erect the whole flight.”

“Is that a promise.”

“Yeap, you take care of the babysitter, and I’ll mark myself off the schedule.”

Celia said, “Check with me next Monday about still being in the doghouse.”

“No problem. Any idea how late this shindig will run tonight.”

“Cocktails start at six, dinners at seven. I don’t imagine things lasting past ten or eleven. Why.”

“Because I’ve seen how you get when you’re drinking.” I laughed, and said, “besides, I can’t sleep without knowing you’re safe and sound at home.”

The silence lasted much longer than I’m comfortable with, Celia said, “That pisses me off.”

“What’s your fucken problem.”

“Don’t play dumb with me, you just insinuated I’m an untrustworthy whore.”

“Good God, you’ve lost your mind.”

“Buster, if I haven’t earned your trust over the last seven years, you can kiss my ass. Find somebody more trustworthy.”

“Get a grip. You demanded I call from Elko, presumably to ensure I arrived safely. Now you’re blowing a gasket because I sleep better knowing you’re not in a fucking ditch somewhere. So, if I call at eleven, can I expect to find you home.”

A sharp breath and Celia said, “Did I mention mom wanting to go shopping tomorrow.”

“Not that I remember.”

“She does, and rather than driving back and forth in the morning, I might stay out there tonight.”

“No problem, your mother has a phone.”

I jerked the receiver from my ear as Celia shrieked, “Don’t call the ranch.”

“What the fuck is your problem.”

She said, “Honey, I’m sorry. You not being home has me jittery. All I meant is you might wake mom. How about if I call you instead.” After jotting down my numbers, she asked, “are you sure you want me calling. I might not arrive at the ranch until after midnight.”

I said, “Celia, I need to know you’re safe. Have fun and when you’re safe at home, call me.”

“If you’re so concerned with me enjoying myself, then you should have joined me tonight instead of spending the weekend in Nevada.”

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