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My thanks to Rose and Melody, enjoy!

Chapter 1

“Oh my God!” Barb exclaimed as my thumb and index finger pinched some skin on her left breast allowing me to attach another clothespin.

“Have you ever noticed how often you and Julia use that expression?” I asked casually as I reached for another pin.

“Does it really matter what we say? I’m sure God has heard it millions of times before.” Barb moaned, not from the pain of the pins, but from the pleasure she was receiving from her submission. “Oh this feels so good honey.”

I smiled again although Barb could not see my reaction through the blindfold that covered her eyes. My sexy big, bold and beautiful nude girlfriend was sitting on a small rubber mat over a towel on the carpeted floor at the end of her bed. Her arms were outstretched with her wrists secured to the bedposts and her ankles were being held wide apart by an adjustable leg spreader. I sat on a low stool right in front of my adorable captive, having fun as I played with her lovely body. Once again I pinched the skin and attached another clothespin making a total of six pins in a rough circle around each breast. Barb shuddered as she heard the sound of ice rattling in a glass as I endeavored to grasp a cube.

“Slippery little sucker.” I remarked as I managed to grasp one of the ice blocks.

I ran the cube around her mouth allowing the drips to moisten her dry lips and tongue; then I moved it down and rubbed it over her left nipple causing further hardness to the large brown teat. Barb winced as I attached a clothespin to the nipple and yelped again as I repeated the procedure on the right teat.

“I’ve eased the pressure on the nipple pins with rubber bands,” I explained. “They shouldn’t hurt as much as the first time at Sam and Julia’s party.”

“Gee thanks Master.” Barb said with more than a hint of sarcasm in her voice.

“I have the metal nipple clamps here if you want them.” I threatened.

“No, no, these feel great, thanks all the same, Sir.” Barb said with a half smile as we played our little D/s game.

I sat back admiring my handiwork and took a close-up photo of Barb’s pinned breasts with the digital camera. Once again Barb shuddered as she heard the tinkle of ice in the glass. I reached forward and ran the ice cube between the deep vee of the valley between Barb’s wonderful breasts and down over her smooth tummy to her hips where I teased it around her shaven pussy.

“Please Jeff.” She moaned.

Always the tormentor I caressed the cube down the inside of her thighs before bringing it back up and pushing it suddenly into the depths of her vagina.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh!” Barb squealed as she pulled against the ties holding her wrists and ankles.

I spread her labia apart with one hand while the other grabbed another ice cube and rubbed it against her clitoris before pushing it into her dripping vagina. Barb’s wonderful body shuddered violently and she cried out loudly as she experienced a powerful orgasm. Unknown to my moaning friend I jumped quickly to my feet and stood close to her with my erection close to her face. I waited until she had calmed a little then grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her head back. As Barb cried out in surprise I cut off any further words by rubbing the head of my cock against her lips. Obediently she opened wide and moaned as I pushed my smooth hard cock between her expectant lips. With one hand holding her hair and the other outstretched to steady myself by grasping the end of the bed I commenced to fuck her accepting mouth. We soon fell into a lovely rhythm as Barb adjusted her breathing and sucking to the pumping of my cock between her lips. Waves of pleasure flowed through my body and it wasn’t long before my hips jerked and I spilled my seed into her welcoming mouth. I released the grip on Barb’s hair as she lovingly sucked and swallowed until I was fully sated.

I stepped back on shaky legs as Barb licked her lips and said, “I never knew how good it could be for me to give you pleasure like that, I love it when you use me.”

I released Barb’s ankles from the leg spreader and her wrists from the ropes securing her to the bedposts. Taking care not to touch the clothespins I assisted her to stand, removed the blindfold and guided my sexy lover around to lie back on the bed. Barb lay back smiling at me as I straddled her hips and slowly removed all the pins that circled her breasts. Then I used the tips of my index fingers to flick the clothespins attached to her large nipples back and forward until the pins flew off onto the sheets.

Barb reached up to hug me and looked surprised when I pushed her back onto the bed. A shudder ran through her body as I held up the metal nipple clamps that were joined together with a silver chain. Barb bit her bottom lip as I raised my eyebrows as a silent question to which she nodded her agreement. My bold lover winced and her face screwed up with the sudden pain as I attached the clamps to her nipples.

“Cum when I tell Maltepe Yabancı Escort you.” I ordered as I moved quickly down between her legs and buried my tongue in the folds of her vagina.

Barb’s hips thrust up at my face as I licked and slurped in her dripping pussy. I could hear her wincing from the pain of the nipple clamps along with cries of exhilaration as I tormented her clitoris. My tongue pushed deep into the wet folds of her pussy as I used it like a small cock then I concentrated on her hard little clit to accelerate her inevitable climax. Barb’s legs shuddered as I formed my mouth into an O and sucked on her clit.

“I can’t, I can’t!” Barb wailed as her body shook violently.

I reached up and grasped the chain joining the clamps calling out, “Cum now!” as I yanked the chain of her nipples.

Barb shrieked loudly and thrust her hips at my face as I added to her pleasure by slipping two fingers into her cunt and finger fucking to prolong her screaming orgasm. She was bucking like a mountain brumby but I held on, continuing to play with her as I removed my fingers and replaced them with my tongue. As I hadn’t shaved that morning I gently rubbed the stubble on my chin over Barb’s clit giving me a chance to see her face. Perspiration was glowing on her forehead as our eyes met; her pleading eyes and shaking head indicating that she’d had enough. I moved up to lie beside my sweet Barbara as a series of mini climaxes continued to vibrate through her lovely body.

I raised myself up on my left elbow and held my right hand a few inches above and directly over Barb’s left shoulder as she looked at me with a puzzled expression.

“Don’t say anything.” I said seriously. “When I touch your shoulder I want you to cum again.”

Barb gave me her best ‘surely you must be joking’ expression, rolled her eyes and then closed her eyelids. She was still moaning and breathing deeply as she calmed after the previous exertions.

I carefully watched her large breasts and as Barb inhaled I placed my hand on her shoulder and said, “Cum for me now!”

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh God!” Barb’s eyes shot open and her back arched off the bed as another strong climax flooded her perspiring body.

I grinned and watched, pleased that my little experiment had worked so well. As Barb slowly came back to earth I again held my hand up over her shoulder.

“No more.” She gasped, “Red, red, red.”

With a mock show of reluctance I lifted my hand and grabbed a glass of water from beside the bed. I held Barb’s head up so she could sip some of the badly needed liquid.

“Where the fuck did you learn that?” Barb finally gasped.

“I read it in a story on the Internet.” I admitted as I stroked my semi hard cock. “I wasn’t sure what your reaction would be, but I was happy with the result.”

“God honey, I’ve never orgasmed so many times in one night.” Barb sipped some more water and then continued as she looked at my cock. “I wish I could thank you but I’ve no energy after all that.”

“I haven’t finished with you yet.” I said with a grin.

“Well don’t expect me to help darling, help yourself.” Barb sighed as she relaxed back on the bed and focused her gaze on her breasts. “Hell, look at the marks made by the clothes pins.”

“They’ll be gone in the morning.” I said as I knelt up beside my lover and held a breast in both my hands. “And so will this.”

I squeezed the breast tightly and crammed the sore nipple and as much of the breast as possible into my mouth. Slowly and firmly I bit my teeth into the soft flesh and held my mouth in that position while I counted to two hundred. Barb was moaning loudly but she placed a hand on my head communicating silently that she approved of my action. Finally I opened my mouth and released the breast to see a lovely red circle of teeth marks surrounding the large nipple.

I leant over and kissed my darling tenderly. “I think that will do you for tonight young lady.”

“What about that?” Barb asked as she pointed to my cock.

“You can look after him tomorrow,” I said as I lay down and hugged my sexy friend. “Right now hun I’m happy just cuddling and chatting with you.”

Barb hugged me tight to her large shapely breasts, which clearly showed the red marks from the clothespins and my teeth. We snuggled down in the large bed and eventually drifted off to sleep, both of us relaxed and happy after our wonderful play session.

Chapter 2

A few days later Julia stopped her car outside Barb’s home; grabbed a small basket from the passenger’s seat and ran up the garden path. She rang the doorbell and waited impatiently until Barb, her body wrapped only in a towel, opened her front door

“What’s wrong?” they asked simultaneously. “Why are you here?”

“Are you sick?” Julia asked with concern.

“No, I’m fine, come inside.” Barb said with a welcoming smile as she ushered her best friend into her home. “I had a rotten day at work yesterday, multiple problems with damn Maltepe Yeni Escort computers and didn’t get to bed until after midnight.” She gave Julia a hug and a kiss on the cheek. “Jeff let me sleep in, I was just going to have a shower when you rang, if I hadn’t recognized your car I wouldn’t have answered the door. Anyway, what are you doing here?”

“Have you time for coffee?”

“Always for you honey,” Barb replied as she led the way to the small kitchen. “Work can wait, I’m not even sure if I’ll go in today.”

Julia held up the small basket of tomatoes as she sat at the round table. “I was going to leave these in your garage for you, our neighbor gave me too many and I thought you and Jeff would like them. Rebecca is at mother’s, Sam’s limping around work and I was going for some retail therapy, until I saw your car.”

“Home grown tomatoes, lovely. They taste so much better than those from the supermarket, thanks so much.” Barb switched the kettle on and readied the coffee and the cups. “So, going shopping, anything in particular you fancy?”

Julia looked Barb directly in the eyes and replied, “Such a leading question, how much do you charge?”

Barb’s face blushed bright red but she managed to maintain eye contact. “Still thinking about that night on the farm?”

“Quite often to be honest, what about you?”

Barb nodded and smiled wistfully, “Yes hon, I must admit I do too, it was exciting, wasn’t it?”

“It sure turned me on, just like this talk is doing right now.”

Barb sat down and held Julia’s hands in hers. “I said before that you were the only girl I would ever consider and that still goes. But I’m still not sure if I can actually do it, even with you.”

Julia nodded as she squeezed Barb’s hands. “I know those feelings baby, but sometimes things happen for a reason, like today us unexpectedly being together. What did Jung say?”

“How do I pronounce my surname?” Barb interrupted with a giggle and a forced smile.

“No silly.” Julia paused to find the right words. “Jung said ‘there are no accidents’ and I agree with him. Honey, from my point of view our friendship is so strong it will overcome any problems if it doesn’t work for us. Right now I crave to touch you all over, to lick and suck your……..” Julia’s voice faded as she saw the doubt on Barb’s face. “Oh I’m sorry hon, I’m pushing too hard, I’ll never learn.”

Julia jumped out of her chair, stood beside Barb and hugged her friend’s head against her chest. “I’m sorry baby, I’m sorry,” she whispered as she stroked her best friend’s hair.

The two friends were motionless for nearly two minutes until Barb whispered, “You smell and feel so good Jules.” She stood, looked down at her shorter friend and held out a hand. “Come to the bedroom.”

Julia stood open mouthed before taking the outstretched hand and following her friend.

“First time I’ve ever known you to be short of words.” Barb giggled as they entered the room.

“You sure about this Doll?” Julia asked as they sat side by side on the bed.

“Not one hundred percent.” Barb admitted as she grasped her friend’s left hand, “But sometimes you have to make a decision and just have to go for it.”

With those words Barb kissed Julia’s hand and placed it on the towel covering her right breast. Julia gave a low moan as she held a corner of the towel and lifted it aside, exposing Barb’s large shapely body. Julia placed her hand over the full soft breast with its hard nipple and stroked and squeezed the yielding flesh. Barb sighed and laid herself back on the bed with her eyes closed, spreading her arms and legs as if offering herself to her lover.

“Oh baby.” Julia sighed as she gazed down at her sexy friend. “Look at me doll.”

Barb opened her eyes to see Julia standing and stripping off her clothes. The tight jeans and panties were soon on the floor followed by the tee shirt and bra.

“These are a bit smaller than a few weeks ago.” Julia held her breasts for Barb to see. They had reduced a little in size since she had stopped breast feeding the baby.

“Big enough for me Jules.” Barb grinned as she wriggled backwards onto the bed and held out her arms.

Julia clambered on the bed and fell into her sexy friend’s embrace squashing their breasts against each other as they hugged.

“Doll, are you mmmmmmph.”

Barb kissed Julia full on the mouth to cut her sentence short.

As their lips parted Barb whispered, “Love me Jules, just love me.”

Julia smiled and they kissed once more, a gentle kiss that started tentatively but grew in strength. The girl’s lips parted and they smiled at each other as they drew breath before returning to kiss once again. The kisses grew longer and more passionate, their tongues exploring each other’s lips and teeth as each gained in confidence.

Suddenly Julia pushed her arms straight and looked down into Barb’s shining eyes. “I want to taste you Doll, so badly………”

Barb licked her lips Maltepe Masaj Salonu and nodded, placing her hands on Julia’s shoulders to guide her mouth to a large hard nipple. Julia moaned as she took the left teat into her mouth and sucked greedily while tweaking the right between finger and thumb. Barb could feel her lover’s mouth widening and it seemed that she was attempting to suck the entire breast into her mouth. The tip of Julia’s tongue flicked over the nipple as Barb felt her lover’s teeth press into the soft flesh of the breast.

As Julia released the nipple from her mouth she breathed. “Close you eyes baby, here comes the best bit.”

Julia’s tongue resumed it trip down Barb’s body, teasing her navel before continuing slowly down over the tummy where it veered away from her pubes and slid down the left thigh before stopping at the knee. The flat of Julia’s tongue licked its way sensuously up the inside of Barb’s left thigh but then slid away just before touching the pubic hair. Finally Barb felt her lover’s finger tips in her pubes, quickly finding the labia and spreading her lips wide apart.

“Mmmmmmm oh Doll.” Julia sighed. “You smell so great, here we go baby.”

The tip of Julia’s tongue trailed its way around the labia and Barb’s hips rose to her lover’s mouth as she played with the clitoris and labia before placing her lips right over the slit and kissing gently. Barb moaned loudly as Julia ran her tongue up and down the layers of the pussy flesh, and then she started tongue fucking her friend, pushing her tongue in and out of the dripping cunt.

Beads of perspiration were forming on Barb’s face and her fingers gripped the sheets as her climax approached. She was gasping for air and making unintelligible noises as her shuddering body was swept with an emotional and powerful orgasm. Barb’s body arched off the bed and then crashed down as Julia slipped two fingers into her pussy and slowly but surely finger fucked her friend to another screaming orgasm as her tongue and lips played on Barb’s clitoris.

Finally Julia removed her fingers and lifted her face from her lover’s sopping pussy. Barb’s eyes were closed as Julia moved up and lay beside her. She was gasping in air as miniature climaxes continued to sweep through her limp body.

“Open your eyes Doll.” Julia whispered as her friend’s moaning slowly quietened.

Barb opened her eyes and smiled weakly, blinking as the sun shone brightly through the windows. Julia was propped up on an elbow smiling down at her as she wiped off some of the perspiration with some tissues.

“Kiss me baby.” Julia said as she lowered her head.

Their mouths touched as Barb tasted her own juices on the lips and tongue of her best friend and lover.

“Feel like you can put some words together yet?” Julia asked with a grin as she lay down and the two girls hugged.

Barb nodded. “I’I think so Jules. Wow that was so powerful, I thought Jeff was good with his tongue but you were amazing.”

Julia laughed. “So pleased you enjoyed it my love, I’ve practiced so much in my mind, the real thing came easily.”

“When I just relaxed and let myself go it seemed so natural, even after all my doubts and fears.” Barb smiled then added nervously, “I hope I can do the same for you.”

“Just relax for a while baby.” Julia said as she stroked Barb’s hair. “I know you’ll be great, you just start when you’re ready, but remember I have to pick up Rebecca later.”

“Trust the kid to upset things and put the pressure on me.” Barb giggled. “Just give me a couple of minutes lover girl.”

“Lover girl, he he, that sounds lovely.” Julia giggled then lay back and stayed silent.

After nearly three minutes of silence Julia had a flash of inspiration as she realised that Barb was having a mental struggle to get started to pleasure her friend.

Julia quickly knelt up beside Barb, looked sternly down at her nervous lover and said, “Hon, would you like me to help you, to be in control?”

A look of relief came over Barb’s face and then with a tone of embarrassment she nodded and said, “You are so clever Jules, you know how submissive I am when it comes to sex.”

Julia gave a wicked smile and with a quick movement she turned and climbed over Barb’s wonderful body, positioning herself to straddle the large breasts. Slowly she bent her knees until she was sitting on Barb’s chest in the traditional sixty-nine position with her arse and vagina only inches from her friend’s mouth.

“Oh yes Jules, make me love you.” Barb whispered excitedly as she gazed at Julia’s damp and shining pussy.

They were the last intelligible words to be heard from Barb’s mouth as Julia carefully manouvered her bottom back almost to her friend’s chin.

“Come on Doll, eat me, make me cum.” Julia instructed as she reached back, grabbed a handful of Barb’s hair and pulled her face up into the arse crack.

“Mmmmmfffffggggg.” Barb moaned as her lips savoured the unfamiliar taste of Julia’s vaginal juices.

“Oh yes, that’s it baby.” Julia cried encouragingly as Barb’s tongue tentatively explored between her labia. She let go of the handful of hair and leant forward a little to allow Barb a little breathing space as Barb’s hands held her friend’s hips and guided Julia into the best position.

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