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Alexis Texas

(Three friends stranded on the side of the road walk to a farm house where a farmer’s wife offered to put them up for the night in her barn under the condition that all three ladies stay away from her virginal nineteen year old son. As the girls lay in the barn, the first one tells the other two that she was going to sneak in and deflower the guy. Even though they try to talk her out of it, she walks up to the back door and is about to enter when she steps on a squeaky step. When the mom yells who’s there, she meows like a cat until the mom goes back to bed. She then enters the house, fucks the boy and goes back to the barn to tell her friends. The second friend goes up and does the same, imitating a cat so she doesn’t get caught and fucks him too. The third out of jealousy walks up and steps on the step. When the farmer’s wife asked who it was, she responded that it was the damn cat and go back to sleep so she could fuck her son.)

Now here’s what really happened:

Our story started like the joke. Three good friends were driving down a country road in the middle of the evening when they felt the car begin to stall. It took only a moment for Piper to move the car along the side of the road as her friends Barbie and Gina were trying to call their dads on their cells. The car came to a stop and so to their attempts at rescue when they checked their signals and found that they were out of range of the nearest cell phone tower. Barbie began to freak out since her boyfriend Chad was waiting for them at the party about three hours away. In her mind, she wanted to feel his massive lineman arms around her petite waist while his grizzly goatee tickled her sensitive nipples. She began to twirl her shoulder length blond hair around her fingers as the thoughts began to moisten her pussy under her cheerleader style skirt. She could feel her nipples hardening under her white half shirt as she kept dreaming about him.

Piper and Gina looked at Barbie and whispered to themselves how they could tell what Barbie was thinking about. As they began to look around for any sort of life, Gina pointed towards a farm house about a quarter mile away. Gina began to walk towards it as Piper locked her car and grabbed onto Barbie’s wrist to guide her. Piper was watching Gina’s long black hair as the moon shone on it. Gina’s hair went down to the middle of her back and guided her eyes towards the tight white shorts Gina was wearing that concealed an ass she could bounce quarters off of. Gina wore a pair of white tennis shoes with ankle length socks. Her wiry black frames reflected the moonlight on her lenses as she looked back and teased Piper that she needed to watch the road instead of her ass. There was a giggle in the air as the friends kept walking until the farm house came into view.

Piper walked forward and knocked on the back door as Gina held onto Barbie’s hand. A set of eyes saw all three of them through blinds before a nineteen year old farm boy walked to the door with his finger to his lips. He began to ask the girls if they were lost as he eyed Piper. Piper had her auburn hair hanging down while she wore a t-shirt that barely concealed her perky breasts. The shorts of denim along her waist seemed to have been painted on as they barely covered the essentials. As she began to explain what happened, Gina and Barbie noticed the farm Escort bayan boy was only wearing a pair of overalls with no shoes and no apparent sign of underwear. Gina even noticed the slight outline of a bulge around his crotch as Gina asked if they could use his phone. Before he had the chance to invite them in, a loud woman yelled for him to get back in the house.

The farm boy went back into the house as his mother came out and started to growl at the three coeds. She then demanded to know what they were doing there. As Piper began to explain, the farm boy slid behind his mom and told her that they were headed to a party and their car broke down. As he asked his mom if they could stay for the night or at least call for a ride, she seemed to calm down as she invited Piper to come in and call. Piper was grateful as she entered the house and attempted to call her boyfriend. When she heard a female voice on the phone telling her that he was getting fucked by another girl, she calmly put the phone back on the cradle before telling the girls that they were stuck for the night.

Piper did her best to keep inside her anger until all three girls were given blankets and pillows and led out to the barn by the cute farm boy. As the farm boy left after ensuring all the girls were settled, Gina turned to Piper and let her know that the coast was clear. Piper snuck under the blanket and began to cry as she told the girls about her boyfriend cheating on her at the party. Gina crawled over and started hugging Piper as Barbie sat there shocked. Piper began to cry into Gina’s shoulder as Barbie looked outside the barn before calling the girls over.

Gina gave Barbie the look of not now when they were all rewarded with a good view of farm boy undoing his overalls in his bedroom window. They saw a body with no tan lines and a nice looking cock that could only be described as massive by the city slickers in the barn. The girls huddled together and began to talk about how they would ease that guy’s hardness until Barbie started saying that she was going up there. The girls tried to talk her out of it partially because they knew she would do it if not stopped and partially out of the fear of getting caught. Barbie decided to hold off for the time being.

As Gina and Piper fell asleep, Barbie was slowly rubbing her pussy under her skirt thinking about her boyfriend before the thought of the farm boy took over her thoughts. She started getting very wet as she thought about his very massive inexperienced tool sliding in there. She bit her lip as a small climax overtook her. She got up and began to head towards the dark house slowly. She saw the light in his window as it went out. She took a deep breath and stepped onto the porch. She carefully opened the screen door and found herself in the kitchen. She went towards the sink so that if she was asked, she could use it as an excuse.

His voice caught her by surprise. She turned and saw him standing there completely naked. She saw the grin on his face that was a mixture of fascination and goofiness. As she walked towards him, he took her by the hand and led her upstairs to his room. She could hear the creaks and strains of the wood in the house as they headed upstairs. The only thing keeping her at bay was the sight of his perfect cute rear in front of her.

Once Bayan escort in his room, he turned and asked if she was a virgin. She shook her head before she slowly fell to her knees and started to stroke his cock slowly. As she looked up at him, she asked him how big it was. He replied that it was ten inches from the last time he measured. Her hands felt really soft on his cock as he began to moan. She then asked if they would be able to do something without getting caught. He smiled at her telling her that his mom was a heavy sleeper. With that being said, Barbie slowly opened her lips and took the head of his cock into it before she felt his hand touching her cheek. It was such a tender moment. Barbie felt like his angel as she slowly took the first few inches into her mouth.

He moaned loudly, warning her that he was going to cum already. Barbie began trying to slide more into her mouth in an effort to have him shoot down her throat, but she could only fit about six inches inside of her. She felt his dick spasm a bit as the first load began to fill her mouth. In the past, she never swallowed because her boyfriend told her how sick it was to do so, but that time she felt his fluid slip down her throat as he started to pull out of her mouth. She felt slutty and wanton as she slowly rose up from the ground and pushed the farm boy onto his bed.

She began to pull up her half shirt to reveal her lacey covered tits to the farm boy. She asked him if he ever saw a real pair of tits before. His response was just his open mouth as she slowly unhooked the front clasp to let hers free. Her nipples were already hardened as she moved closer. He sat up and began to suck on the left one as she quietly told him to bite them gently. He was a good student as his teeth started biting into the nipple as her hand went onto the back of his head to push him in. His other hand was slipping under her skirt as he slowly rubbed her right cheek. She started to grind her hips over his member as it began to stir a little.

She released his head as she asked if he ever saw a woman’s pussy before. Again, his open mouth said all she wanted to know as she turned away from him to unbutton the skirt and let it fall to the floor. There he saw her matching lacey high cuts which showed off a good amount of her rear before she bent down in front of him and playfully pulled her panties to the side to reveal her shaven pussy. She had him come in closer to notice how wet she was already just from his foreplay. She then had him scoot back as she allowed the panties to fall to the ground.

After she was naked, she crawled onto the bed and began to lie back as he slowly leaned towards her and they kissed for the first time. She took his hand and slowly used it to stroke her clit. She then quietly told him to slide a finger inside her. The invasion of his finger startled her as he began to pump a little more roughly than she was searching for. She quietly told him to slow down as her hand found his and pressed it against her clit. He again turned out to be a good student as he was soon rubbing her clit before his tongue found it for the first time.

Piper watched the movement from the farmhouse. By the time Barbie was naked and in the farm boy’s bed, her shorts were already off of her and her fingers found her panty covered pussy and Escort was rubbing it imagining what they were doing. A different hand found hers and startled her before Gina leaned over and planted her lips over hers and slid her tongue in. The two secret lovers began to kiss as they always did as Gina’s finger formed a hook and slid into Piper. Gina knew every millimeter of Piper’s privacy and knew how to make her cum while Piper’s hands worked on pressing Gina’s mouth more onto hers. As they separated, Gina asked if Barbie was having any luck with the farm boy.

Barbie was ready to feel his cock inside her when he slowly began to slide it in. In her mind, she knew he was always going to remember his first time with her, so she wanted to help him move slowly so they both could enjoy it. His cock slid almost all the way in before he started to withdraw. Her legs held him fast as he started to pump inside her slowly. His mouth found her nipple again as they were joined. Barbie knew that she was trying to time everything so she climaxed just before he did so he could pull out.

It appeared out of nowhere. She felt herself crest over her climactic wave as his dick kept pounding. She then began to tell him to pull out. He was shocked before she started to stroke his cock towards her breasts. The feeling of her firm grasp combined with the fucking caused him to shoot a healthy stream of cum along her tits as he knelt there. As he started to recover, Barbie walked over to the window and saw the movement in the barn.

Gina and Piper were going at it as both of them were licking each other. They didn’t even notice until it was too late that the farm boy and Barbie were watching them until Gina felt a man’s finger sliding inside her while Piper licked. She turned in shock and saw the farm boy smiling. Barbie moved to where Gina’s head was and pressed her lips against her tits so Gina could taste the cum the farm boy deposited there. Gina felt Piper’s mouth move from her pussy and turned as she saw Piper take the farm boy’s dick into her mouth. Barbie lay on her back and slid under Piper to start licking her as Gina planted her lips in the same place.

The farm boy was enjoying the mini orgy in the barn as Piper’s head bobbed on him. As he felt his dick grow in her mouth, he could feel her moans as Barbie was plunging her tongue inside her pussy and two fingers inside her ass. Piper’s mouth released his dick before her mouth opened wide in climactic fashion. The farm boy walked over to where Gina’s pussy was wide open and simply slid in as Gina was still busy with Barbie. He started moving slowly until Gina told him to fuck her harder. He began to respond as the other two girls knelt next to Gina and watched his cock slide in and out. He soon was telling them he was going to cum. Barbie told him to pull out and spray it on Gina’s ass before Gina told them she wanted some. The girls all put their faces together to make a good target for the farm boy’s snake to spit on. There all three took the facial before kissing and licking each other to clean off.

The scene continued until the sun began to rise and a healthy farm boy was reduced to a slumbering giant. The girls quickly dressed and slid under their blankets before his mom could catch them. They even found a blanket to cover him up just in case his mom came out before they awoke. Soon, Barbie’s dad arrived to help fix up the car and the girls were on their way back to Gina’s house with the farm boy’s phone number and a promise that they would visit the next weekend while his mom was visiting relatives.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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