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I walked out of the bathroom and went back to my bedroom. It was afternoon, and with the dramatics of the morning over with, I was obliged to attend to my royal duties. I stopped in the hallway to knock on my sleeping brother’s door.

“Wake up, you sleepyhead.” I said. “You don’t want to miss today’s events, do you?”

My brother, Randall, the second prince of Wales, didn’t budge from his sleep. He was a lazy person and a heavy sleeper. He didn’t seem to be motivated by anything these days other than drugs and entertainment. I walked away and called for my servant to present me with my day’s itinerary.

My day started with a meeting with the King of England. He was an old man, nearing the end of his life, and he was very sick. He had made the long and arduous journey to our palace from England because his kingdom was in great danger. King Alexander had been a prolific womanizer during his long reign, but, much to his dismay, thousands of sexual encounters had only ever left him with daughters. It was almost as if he was cursed. It was obvious to me that he had come all this way now to inquire whether or not me or one of my brothers would take his latest prized daughter’s – Ophelia’s – hand in marriage. It was a desperate move. If such a match produced an heir, that heir would have a claim on both kingdoms. Such a person might be able to wield the combined power of both nations. His best hope was that I, the first Prince of Wales, would marry his daughter, produce a male heir, and that the fates would clear the way for him to be such a person – which meant that his older daughters would need to themselves produce only daughters, or no children at all… or have their male progeny dealt with. ‘Accidents’ happen. God even sometimes calls men with royal blood to serve as monks or priests, which disinherits them. The trouble was that old King Alexander wouldn’t be around very much longer to tip the scales in favor of that heir. He might not even live to see him born. Still, a king without sons is a king without good options.

I knew I needed to navigate the meeting delicately.

We met in a royal courtyard, drowning in a sea of formalities. He asked about our wellbeing, and we discussed the state of the Welsh people. Our servants bustled about, doing their chores as my conversation with the King of England finished up. Before it could, however, my father arrived – just in time to hear the most important bit.

“I can not marry your daughter, Alexander,” I explained.

“Do you not love your people?” my father demanded. “Do you not care about the future of Wales, Michael?” What he left unsaid was, This man is desperate, and is willing to gamble his entire kingdom. If he loses, our family could win it in a mere generation.

“Father,” I responded, “I have so much love for this country and respect for our family’s history of ruling over it. It is just that I have fallen in love with another woman who must remain anonymous. Respected King Alexander, won’t you accept my dearest apologies?”

The English King looked at me curiously, no doubt wondering what beautiful woman had stolen my heart. He didn’t give up, though. With my father looking on, we went ’round and ’round, until finally he made an offer that I couldn’t refuse.

“Prince Michael, I beseech you to simply take my daughter Ophelia out on one date. If you two don’t get along, I won’t force your marriage. But I can assure you, Ophelia usually gets what she wants! Many noblemen – princes, even! – have begged me to spend time with her because of her radiant beauty.”

He laughed. I laughed along with him.

“Your offer is so eminently reasonable that I could not possibly refuse, King Alexander,” I answered.

With that, I could feel the heat of my father’s disapproval and rage begin to dissipate. Having secured my compliance – at least for the moment, he offered his English counterpart a formal farewell. Soon after, I did the same.

As King Alexander stood to leave, I noticed Gwen out of the corner of my eye. She had been hiding and listening to our whole conversation. The King of England made his departure, and as he left I approached Gwen.

“Oh, so you say you’re in love with a woman?” she said, knowing full well I had meant her. “Then tell me, Michael; if you are already in love with someone, why did you agree to go on a date with a foreign Princess?!?” I was shocked to hear genuine hurt in her voice.

“Mom…” I began patiently, “the King…”

She didn’t let me finish, or respond to me at all. She just walked away, leaving me alone with my thoughts.

Cursed, evil jealousy had infiltrated my mom’s heart. I supposed it would be a normal reaction for a normal couple, but we were anything but. We were royalty, mother and son atop that, and both oppressed by a vicious and calculating king.

Little did we both know that I had already impregnated her with my seed. In hindsight, perhaps her jealousy had come from a place deep within her – one that knew that I was already more olgun gaziantep escort than just her lover.

I departed from the courtyard, my heart pounding, trying to act as the calm and collected Prince I was expected to be. I still had the rest of the day to get through. With my mind swimming, I went to the indentured servants’ quarters to look for Jennifer; I had forgotten what other duties demanded my attention, and required assistance. Jennifer was the first person I thought of.. As expected, I found her downstairs.

She greeted me with the usual bow and honorific. After that, I barely had to ask the question. She was ready with the answer.

“You must attend the meeting of the royal advisors with the King now, my Prince,” she said. “Afterwards, you must visit the royal strategy room to discuss the state of the pre-war with the English.”

“Pre-war with the English?!?!” I exclaimed in shock.

“Yes,” Jennifer responded. She leaned in conspiratorially and lowered her voice to a whisper. “I overheard King Alexander and King James speaking as Alexander was leaving. I don’t know how he was with you, but as he was leaving, I swear I heard him say something along the lines of ‘… Our countries won’t find peace should my daughter not get what she wants.’

Hearing this stunned me. My vision blurred, and sounds became muffled. Jennifer might have said something else, but I couldn’t make it out.

War? So much for one polite date.

“Jennifer, I must go to the meeting of the Royal Advisors,” I said. Even my own words sounded odd in my skull.

Jennifer handed me the paper schedule for the day. I took it and left the room.

The advisors’ meeting was in the council chamber. I found it rather easy to get to from the servants’ quarters; I knew this castle like the back of my hand. I made my way there quickly, even though I was distracted by thoughts of war and thoughts of Gwen alike. I walked up to the round table and sat down. The advisors were all sitting in their assigned seats. I recognized most everyone in the room. I took the seat at the end of the table, and noticed the seat at the opposite end was empty.

“I’m not late, am I?” I asked nervously.

King James responded, taking the last available seat.”No, my dear Prince. You are precisely on time.”

I smiled and nodded.

The senior advisor to my far left said, “We were discussing a situation regarding the border dispute between the English and the Welsh.”

“Yes…” A different, softer voice to the left of me responded.

At least they weren’t discussing the Prince’s and the Queen’s incestuous infidelty, I thought to myself.

“Oh, well, how can I be of assistance to you then, my King?” I asked, trying to imitate the soothing tone of the advisor to my left.

“No, it’s fine, I’m just here to observe. We’ll talk more about it another time.” James replied.

“Fine, thank you, Father.” I turned towards the advisor to my left – the one with that soft, soothing voice. “And you, advisor, what is your name? I haven’t seen you around here before.”

Suddenly, the advisor lifted the hood of their cloak to reveal two long, pointed ears, pale white skin, and a beautiful face. The rest of the council seemed unsurprised, but I was in shock.

Elves were one of the few magical races I had read about in my studies that still existed, and this was the only one in our kingdom that I had met till this point. The advisor smiled at me.

“My name,” the elf sheepishly replied, “is Oasis.”

Oasis looked at me and smiled. I smiled back at her and nodded.

“I am here as a gift, to be a life companion and tool of pleasure for the life of Prince Michael, courtesy of the King of England.”

“A companion for life? For me?”

I didn’t really know much about elves, but I knew they were known for being promiscuous with men. Oasis nodded her head in the direction of the other cloaked figure sitting at the table. The cloaked advisor to the right of me suddenly threw off her robe and revealed herself to be a beautiful, blonde elven woman as well.

“My name is Madelina,” she said, in a tone so seductive it could have stolen a man’s seed from his jewels by itself. “I am Oasis’ older sister, and I too, am here as a gift from the King of England, to you, Prince Michael. For your pleasure…”

I looked at the beautiful women in disbelief. I panicked, and shouted,

“What?! You’re both for me? Does that mean you’re both here to have my babies?!?”

Seemingly out of nowhere, my father jumped back into the conversation. “No, my dear, they are merely gifts. They are here to teach you about the ways of women and the Elven world.”

I was amazed.

There I was, a horny eighteen-year- old who had just unknowingly impregnated his mother the night before, been approached by a foreign king and offered his daughter’s hand in marriage, and been gifted two sexy, elven sluts by that same king.

I was shocked. gaziantep olgun escort I was confused. I was horny; it’s worth mentioning twice. I was full of so many conflicting emotions that I couldn’t think straight.

What came out of my mouth was perfectly reasonable, though. “So you mean there are two elves that want to bang me… as a present… from the guy who wants me to marry his daughter? I think I could cry out of happiness. I think I might pass out…”

The two elves nodded.

“Yes,” Oasis said. “We elves have a saying: ‘One elf is never enough.'”

“One elf is never enough, huh?” I echoed, thinking about just how lucky I was. “So you, too, then, Madelina? You’re here to have sex with me and teach me about elves?”

“Of course,” Madelina answered. “The King of England will spare no expense to ensure a happy and fruitful union between his family and yours, my Prince.”

“Well,” my father said, “It seems you have some learning to do. I’ll excuse you from the Royal Meeting.” He sounded amused, but I swore I also detected a hint of respect – for me. I’m not sure I’d ever heard that before.

“Thank you Father…” I said as I quickly rose from the table. “Madelina, Oasis. Would you accompany me?”

“Of course, Master Michael,” the elves replied.

“Before you leave, Michael,” my father began, to which I silently cursed. I should have known it was all too good to be true.

“You must know,” he continued, “that your acceptance of such amazing gifts from the King of England send a message. You will honor your agreement to date his daughter, Ophelia – not just by mere deed, but in spirit. You will put your best foot forward. You will make every effort to find common ground and find a spark. Your country requires it, and your king demands it.”

Left unsaid was, … and we cannot possibly hope to defeat England upon the field of battle. Old King Alexander must die, or be satisfied, before war breaks out.

Every advisor at the table, including me, knew the truth of it. In the presence of Oasis and Madelina, however, my father would never make such an admission. He surely assumed they were spies. I cursed myself for not assuming the same immediately, but there was something special about these girls. They seemed like they had the purest intentions. As for my father, sometimes, what makes a man terrible is precisely what makes a king great.

I nodded, communicating that I understood both what he’d said and what he’d left unsaid. I motioned for Oasis and Madelina to follow me. As I left the chambers I turned and caught a glimpse of my Father before the door closed, and he was shaking his head at me. As the firstborn, I’d been expected to seek out advantageous relationships with highborn, or even royal, women. Suddenly, however, that responsibility had come to weigh heavily indeed. On top of that, I was to juggle my new ‘relationships’ with two elven sluts who might just be spies for a foreign king. “Are you hungry?” I asked the elves dumbly. By my reckoning, it was close to dinner time.

I felt their eagerness even before I heard it.

“We are!” Oasis exclaimed. “What a perfect first lesson about elves, Master Michael. Don’t let our petite figures fool you. We have voracious appetites – of all kinds.”

“Mmm,” added Madelina, “and I can tell you very much like those petite figures. So don’t fret, my master; they’re not going anywhere.”

She was right. Even clothed as they were, I could tell they both had amazing bodies.

“You are both quite lovely,” I said, trying not to sound too eager, “but I cannot say how much I like them just yet. You see, I am but eighteen years of age. I lack experience – even sufficient experience to know what I most prefer.”

Madelina smiled at me. “Fret not of that either, my master. We two are here to provide all manner of assistance.”

“Such as?” I asked coyly.

“Well,” Oasis chimed in, “our first priority is to make sure you know how to put a baby into a woman.

Madelina vigorously nodded her agreement.

Oasis continued. “We well understand that a young Prince needs outlets for his urges. So long as you don’t sire any children out of wedlock, our assistance can be rather unlimited. We can give you hands-on experience ourselves. We can find willing human partners – again, as long as we supervise, and ensure there are no bastards. We can even teach you how to charm and seduce human women all on your own.”

“Wives do appreciate being charmed and seduced anew, my master,” Madelina said, “and I believe both kings are expecting you to be extremely charming during your dates – er, date – with the princess.”

This time, Oasis was the one to nod vigorously.

“But,” Madelina added, “so long as your queen’s belly becomes swollen, and you produce several healthy heirs – a son, first and foremost – you needn’t feel yoked to a single woman for the rest of your life.”

I stood there, speechless. My jaw gaziantep olgun escort bayan was surely on the floor. My attempt to play coy had backfired rather spectacularly.

“And now, to dinner!” Madelina exclaimed. Her eyes flashed at me. So did Oasis’. They were hungry – for the moment, literally hungry, for food.

As we continued on to the royal hall for dinner, I spared a thought for Gwen. If this was how Princes and Kings were treated, and allowed to behave, her jealousy suddenly made much more sense. Even as a queen, perhaps she’d spent most of her life as nothing more than a brood mare for my father, forced to be faithful while he was allowed to do almost anything, and almost anyone, he pleased.

When we arrived at the hall, the rest of the court was already sitting down to eat. I noticed Gwen was there, sitting at the right hand side of my father. We made eye contact for a brief moment. Unfortunately, Mom’s conflicted gaze soon twisted into one of disdain as she noticed my arms around the waists of two beautiful elven women.

The three of us took our seats. The King said, “Cheers!” and the feast began. The jester made his way around the table, performing little ditties, telling risque jokes, and doing some light physical comedy. The music, supplied by a company of bards, was very loud.

I must have consumed at least three glasses of wine before the meal was close to over. The conversation with the elves was easy, and they hadn’t been lying about their appetites. They taught me about how they controlled their magic and how I could use both of them at my discretion for eternity. Of course, they would outlive me. Elves are immortal creatures, unless they are killed. I wasn’t sure why they felt so eternally indebted to me, but I hid my confusion well behind the third glass of wine. I felt like I was being drugged. I supposed I was, and that I was doing it to myself.

Even in my increasingly-drunken state, all I could keep thinking about was Gwen. Was she mad at me? When were we going to have sex again? I knew it was going to be nearly impossible to soothe her ire over Madelina and Oasis. I still knew I had to try.

As dinner ended, the court cleared out and our servants began to clean the hall. I arose from my chair with the elves and bid my staff adieu. Before it was time to leave the hall though, I made an effort to go pull my mother aside from the King, so we could have a conversation before bed.

“How are you?” I asked softly.

She stared back at me in silence. She was still upset – nervous too, considering that we were hardly alone. Oasis and Madelina had withdrawn a mere foot or so to allow me a quick moment with my mother – a completely innocent moment that I couldn’t possibly need to keep private. Gwen avoided my eyes, and it was then that I noticed a few tears in hers.

“I’m fine, love.” she said. She leaned in, kissing me on the cheek.

The sorrow on my mother’s face genuinely shook me. I knew our conversation could not end right there.

“Umm, Oasis and Madelina?” I called out. “Would you mind heading up to my private quarters and waiting there for me? I’d like to have a longer conversation with the Queen.”

Oasis and Madelina nodded and smiled at me. They bid me goodnight and left the hall. I was surprised it had been so easy to get rid of them; I supposed the innocence of a mother talking with a son cut both ways. Now it was just my mother and I, like it had always been, amongst the bustle of our busy castle full of servants.

“So, why do you want to talk to me?” my mother asked.

“Well, I didn’t like how we left our last conversation. I just want to talk with you! I mean, I do love you, you know…” I sounded pathetic – even a bit childish. I was basically begging her to accept me.

“It’s just…” Gwen trailed off, though I detected desire in her voice.

“I want to be with you,” she blurted out. Her face reddened as she did, and she glanced around nervously, scanning for anywhere a servant might be. “And only you. Now I have to sleep in a bed with your father all night, and all he wants to talk about is setting you up with a foreign princess! Don’t you know how hard that is for me to hear?

“It’s just as hard to live through,” I said naively. “I’m tired of him trying to pair me up with someone. I want you to be with me. I love you, and I want you to love me.”

I’d clearly said the wrong thing. Once again, my mother was incensed.

“I can imagine what’s going to be hard about dealing with those two…. elves,” she spat out. “How naive of me to hope that navigating the situation with Ophelia would be the most of my concerns, now I hope you could just even manage that.

“I need you,” she said. The whiplash was taking its toll on me. “I need you all to myself. You’re my son. You’re mine.”

“I love you,” I replied, “and I want you by my side. I don’t want anyone else the same way I do you.”

Gwen sighed. I could practically see her gears turning.

“Well then,” she asked, “what are you going to do about Princess Ophelia?”

Apparently, Mom had decided to deal with one problem at a time. Oasis and Madelina were simply too much for her to deal with, or rage against, when the threat of my marriage to someone else loomed.

The truth was, I had no idea. I was in over my head; both my father and Old King Alexander had me completely outmatched.

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