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Standing in the hotel hallway, Manny questioned even being here today. He had thought of simply not coming, but that didn’t seem right either. Not hearing from her, and then the acknowledgement she was at the room had surprised him. While one part of him kept saying they shouldn’t be here, another part drew him to the door like a moth to a fire.

Manny knocked softly on door 312 and waited, then quietly stepped inside the room as she opened the door. Stepping inside his eyes adjusted to the half-light of the small bedside lamp as he saw his daughter Mel standing by the foot of the large king bed. This time she was dressed totally different from before. Gone was the pencil skirt and puffed blouse from the office, in its place was an almost sheer soft blue teddy that accentuated her every curve. It ended right at the curve of her ass cheeks as she turned to face him. His eyes immediately dropped to the dark areoles that were clearly evident through the thin cloth.

“Jesus” Manny whispered as his eyes traveled over her.

Melanie smiled when she saw that hunger flash in his eyes. “You like?” she asked.

“Oh my God” Manny groaned, as he felt every drop of blood in his body rush to his groin, while the evidence of his lust grew thicker in his slacks by the second.

For the last three weeks he had been meeting her here. Every Friday after work they had met in in the same hotel room. He had looked forward to every rendezvous like a child looks forward to their candy at the store. There was something about being with her that brought out a primal need he had never experienced before, and she had made it quite clear she felt the same way.

Melanie had told him that watching her cycle was questionable at best; there was no true way to tell her fertility period. They had talked about meeting more often, to more quickly ensure success, but that quickly dissolved in the logistics between two households, two jobs, and the fear of suspicion it would draw.

While Manny admitted he spent most of the seven days between their meetings thinking of her body under his, he knew his daughter was as logical about this as she was for most things in life. Melanie had always been one to let her brain lead before her emotions.

He watched as she slightly bent at the small table, picking up his glass, then turned and handed it to him. His eyes had been locked to the curve of her ass through the thin material. Fuck, he thought, she isn’t even wearing panties. She wanted this as much as he did he realized, so much for his daughter’s logical mind set, he thought.

“Mel” Manny started to say. His voice was parched and tight as he spoke. He took a drink of the bourbon she had handed him, letting the liquid burn down his throat to warm his belly.

“We need to talk.” He said.

Mel sighed as she took his now half empty glass, and turned to set it on the small table again, she stared at the glass and then slowly took a gulp of the strong liquid, grimacing as it slid down her throat.

“I know” she replied softly. “Why don’t you get comfortable dad.”

When she turned back, she found him sitting on the edge of the bed, she half growled as she stepped in front of him. “That wasn’t what I meant” she said softly. “Get comfortable” she repeated.

Manny knew what she meant; and while he could think of a hundred reasons not to do as she was asking; the vision of this almost nude woman standing only a foot in front of him, made all those reasons minor. Even in the half light of the hotel room, he could see through the thin material of her lingerie as her hard nipples strained to be free.

His eyes drifted down her body, watching her chest rise and fall with her increased breathing. His eyes could see through the thin blue material of her teddy, to her already swollen and moist lips.

Manny undid the buttons on his shirt, and slowly slid the cloth free of his chest. He saw her eyes travel over his chest, hungry and needing. “Honey” he said softly. “You know this isn’t right.”

“I’m aware” she told him, as she took his shirt and placed it onto the chair. When she turned back she locked eyes with him and stepped up until her knees almost touched his.

“Now the pants” She told him.

“Baby…” Manny tried to protest.

“The pants” Mel almost growled down at him.

Even as he raised his ass from the bed and began to undo ad slide his pants down, Manny tried to vainly argue even though it had gone nowhere. As the cloth slipped over his hips and lower, his throbbing cock stood straight from his groin, silent evidence of the effect she was having on him no matter what his logical brain tried to think.

“Honey we agreed until…well the baby…you know.” He stuttered.

Melanie lowered to her knees as her hands tugged the legs of his slacks free. Then, shuffling forward, she slipped between his spread legs. He hand reached out and wrapped around his throbbing cock.

“I know what we agreed to dad” she told him. “God such a beautiful gaziantep escort telefonları cock” she whispered, as her hand slowly stroked up and down his length.

Manny could only look down and watch in stunned silence. Three weeks ago she had been a shy young woman who had all but begged him to give her a baby, now she had turned into a cock hungry woman who knew exactly what she wanted, and planned on taking it.

“Baby” Manny tried to say. “This isn’t talking.”

“No it’s not” Melanie cut him off. “It’s sucking.” Her open mouth descended on his throbbing cock before he could even think to move his hands.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh” Manny moaned, as her hot mouth enveloped him. His hips automatically came off the bed, driving more of his length into his daughters’ hungry mouth. Along with the wet slurping, he could hear her softly gag as his bloated head hit the back of her throat.

“Mmmmmmmmmm” Melanie hummed, sending a shock wave into her fathers’ balls.

“Oh fuck” Manny groaned. “Oh God baby yesssss”

He watched as his daughters head bobbed up and down on him. Obscene sucking filling the room as her spit ran down his shaft. It was the most obscene sight of his life, his own daughter sucking his cock; and it made his balls start to tighten whether he wanted them to or not.

“Oh shit” her father grunted. “Gonna cum, fuck yes.”

Just that quick, Melanie pulled her mouth free of his slick cock. She kept her hand running smoothly up and down his soaked shaft as she rose to her feet in front of him.

Melanie stepped closer, just straddling his knees. Her breasts now only inches from his face. He could smell her perfume and the scent of her sex in the air, without even looking he knew she was wet. He tried desperately to look at her face, but the hunger in his eyes made him drop his gaze, only to have his vision consumed by the swell of her rising and falling chest. He could see her nipples, like two small pebbles, straining at the blue cloth of her teddy.

“Mom told you, didn’t she” Melanie whispered.

“Yessssss” Manny groaned, as he felt her grip his pulsing cock, aiming it straight up in the air.

Melanie slowly stroked him as she stared into his eyes. “Aren’t you thrilled, you’re going to be a grandfather; or is that a father again; it is a bit confusing.”

“Mel” Manny gasped, as he felt her knees begin to flex along the outer part of his thighs. She slowly began to lower herself closer to him, until he could feel her heat was over the engorged head of his cock.

“You said until you got pregnant” Manny gasped, his body shuddering with a need he tried to fight.

“I said I wanted a baby” his daughter smiled back. “I didn’t say how many.”

“Oh God” Manny shuddered as his eyes feasted on her firm breasts.

“Besides” his daughter told him “the terms have changed.”

“Changed?” Manny groaned, feeling her lodge his engorged head between her swollen, wet lips. She crouched above his throbbing cock, suspended above him. He could feel warm droplets of her excitement leaking down his shaft.

“It’s simple dad” Melanie whispered in her fathers’ ear. “Before, I wanted you to impregnate me. She flexed her knees more, and with an obscene sucking sound, pulled his head inside her hungry cunt.

“Now, I want you to fuck me.” The last word came out as a small groan, as his daughter slid down his thick pole. “Oh fuckkkk” she hoarsely moaned, feeling that wonderful fullness filling her belly again.

“Oh Goddddd” Manny moaned as he felt her walls stretch to fit him. Her velvet vise was surrounding his cock like the perfect glove.

“Shit” Melanie gasped. “So fucking good.” Her arms wrapped around his neck as she slowly rose and fell on his lap. Her eyes blazed as she felt her belly heating up. “That’s it dad” she gasped. “Fuck your little girl like the slut she is.”

Melanie tightened her grip around his neck as she began to ride his lap. She pulled his face into her heaving breasts. She felt his mouth open, and suck one aching nipple in. Wet slapping filled the room as her ass struck his thighs every time she drove down. She could feel that sense of fullness in her belly that only her father could do to her.

“Suck my tits Dad” Melanie whispered hoarsely in his ear. She shuddered as his teeth gently grazed her nipple.

“Fuck yessssssss” Melanie growled as she ground her pelvis into him. “Take me, use me. Make me your daddy fucker” she cajoled him.

Something in Manny finally snapped, he reached around and gripped her firm ass cheeks as he rose off the bed. Startled, Melanie wrapped her legs around his waist as he rose up, her grip tightening around his neck. Her eyes grew wide as her body hung there, suspended on his thick cock.

“Oh God…oh fuck…” Melanie moaned as she felt his powerful arms life her body up, then slide her back down. He was impaling her on his beautiful cock again and again like a escort gaziantep telefonları helpless doll. She could feel the walls of her cunt tightening as she grew closer with every stroke. “You bred me before dad” her voice hot in his ear. “Now…fuck me.”

Manny could feel his daughters’ hot juices flowing out of her, soaking his balls and then dripping down his thighs. She wanted this as much as he did he realized, and he figured since they were both going to hell for it, they might as well make the ride worth the punishment. He slowly turned until he faced the large bed, moving until his knees bumped the edge of the bed. Like a tipping tree, he let both their bodies fall over towards the bed behind his daughter.

Melanie’s eyes grew wider as she felt them start to fall, she didn’t know what he was doing and a quick sensation of panic rippled through her body, and then her back hit the duvet of the bed. As the bed stopped her backward motion, Melanie felt the total weight of her father literally slam down onto her body, driving her into the mattress. Her breasts crushed against his bare chest, as her nipples scraped along his skin. The motion drove his cock deeper into her than she had ever felt before, his steel hard shaft driving so deep that the swollen head of his cock jammed tight into her cervix.

“Aaawwwwwwww” Melanie wailed as her body erupted. It was like an instant orgasm erupted in her belly as the bolt from her cervix rippled through her belly while her legs were splayed wide open, accepting her father. Her eyes rolled back as a white explosion erupted in her head. “Daddddyyyyyyyyyyyyy” she screamed as her entire body convulsed in pleasure.

Manny rose up on his arms, looking down at her. He could see her body convulsing under him as he felt her hot cream gush out to soak his cock, then puddle on the bed under her ass. The sweat glistened on her forehead as her face turned into a mask of primal hunger. Her eyes only showed white as they rolled back, and he could feel her nails drag down his sides like claws.

“You want me to fuck you” Manny grunted. His hips pulled back, only to slam down hard into his daughter. Watching her breasts shake as her body bounced on the mattress.

He felt like some possessed animal as his hips rose and fell, trying to drive his cock even deeper into her. He could hear his balls smacking against her slick body with every powerful thrust. He realized, with a sick sense of perversion, he needed this, wanted this. They had gone past not only making love, but even simple fucking had been cast to the wayside, as they rutted on the bed.

“Yessssssssss” Melanie screamed as her cervix was struck by his thick cock again and again. “God fuck me harder Dad” she moaned under him. “Take me…use me” she babbled as her body built rapidly again.

He could hear her heels drum against the bed as he pounded his body down, watching her tits shake every time he slammed into her. Melanie was grunting and cursing with every stroke as he ravaged her. He watched as a small trickle of her own spit ran from the corner of her mouth and down her chin. If she wanted her father to fuck her, then he was going to fuck her like never before.

Melanie could feel him picking up speed as he hammered into her. She couldn’t even form words to describe what was happening to her body as her own father took her to places she had never experienced. Her nails again raked down his side as she tried to pull him even deeper digging into the soft flesh of his ass cheeks until she almost drew blood; all her mind knew right then was she wanted more of him inside her.

“Ohh fuuuuuuuuuck” Melanie screamed, as a another orgasm roared through her like a flash fire. “Don’t stop, Oh God please don’t stop” she begged. She could feel each orgasm rolling together into one continuous wave of raw pleasure.

“Stop” Manny growled above her. “I’ve just started baby” as his hips pounded down into her bouncing body.

Melanie tried to cry out again, but only a whimper came from her lips as her father owned every inch of her. This was what she had come here this afternoon, wanting and needing to be fucked like a raw animal. She could feel her belly tighten and then flex with each wave as he assaulted her body; his pelvis grinding down into her pulsing clit.

“Can’t…take…more” she gasped into his thrusts. “Please…cum”

“You want your daddy’s hot seed” Manny rumbled. He could feel his balls tightening as his cock began to swell inside her.

“Please, I want…unnnnnngggggghhhhhhh” Melanie rapidly devolved into whimpers and grunts as her father drove himself so deep inside her, she could feel the head of his cock pressing through the opening of her cervix. As her eyes rolled back again, her mind numbly wondered how he could be so deep as to fuck her very womb. While another orgasm came tearing through her shattered body, she gave herself to her father.

“Daa…deee…fuck…meeee” gaziantep escort bayan telefonları Melanie grunted out between hammering strokes. “Fill…me…pleeeasseee.”

“Oh fuck, Melanie!” Manny roared above his daughter, as he felt his nuts tighten and then explode. Right or wrong, he knew no one made him cum like this. His whole body vibrated as he could actually feel his hot cream as it sped down his shaft and erupted from the tip of his cock buried inside her.

Melanie felt her mind almost blank as his her fathers’ seed washed her walls then shot deep into her now pregnant belly. “Yes…yes…yes.” she chanted as her body erupted again. Her lust hazed mind not even able to count the orgasms as they blended together. Not even in her wilder days of college had a man made her body respond this way. It was like an addiction, a craving she had to fulfill to survive. The fact it was her own father driving her to these heights, only made it hotter to her.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmm” Melanie cooed, as her body felt that afterglow spreading through it. “God dad can you fuck” she whispered.

“Melanie” Manny panted in her ear. “This is so wrong baby, and we both know it.”

Melanie’s eyes drifted open and she stared up into her fathers’ face. She could see the look of guilt that was written there, and yet watch the lust still burning behind his eyes. She knew it was time they did ‘talk.’

“Roll over” she told him, as her arms wrapped around his strong back.

Like a small doll, the power of her father brought their bodies over, until he lay on his back on the now rumpled bedsheets. Melanie couldn’t help the soft grunt as she settled onto his still hard cock buried inside her. It stretched far up into her belly, and as she looked down at their joined bodies, she could even see the bulge in her belly he created.

“Jesus you’re deep” she looked down at her father.

Manny gave a half smile as he looked up at his beautiful daughter. His hands resting lightly on her firm smooth thighs.

“You’re fucking tight baby” he told her.

Melanie rocked her body, starting a slow and deliberate motion. She could feel his cock slide about halfway out of her pussy before she let her body drift back down on him. His thickness scraping her walls with his veins as pleasure rippled through her.

“Mom’s tight too, isn’t she” Melanie grunted as she drove down onto him.

“Oh God, Melanie” Manny groaned. “Don’t…”

Melanie bent forward until her face closed with his, eyes locked. The sound of her ass slowly smacking against his cum slick thighs filled the room.

“How many times Dad?” she asked softly. She saw the look in his face. “That’s right; tell me, how many times you have fucked mom in the last three weeks.”

“Melanie…I can’t” Manny tried to grunt out between strokes.

Melanie tightened her muscles making the walls of her cunt grip him even tighter and then slowly dragged her tightness up his full length. She felt her father shudder under her as her vise like cunt gripped his cock. She knew he could feel every inch sliding out of her as she rose up.

“Tell me” she growled; then slammed her soaked pussy down onto his raging hard cock.

“Oh shit, five” her father grunted under her. This time she was the aggressor, and what she was doing to his body was driving him insane.

“Five” Melanie smirked above her father. “I’ve fucked Paul’s brains out ten times in the last three weeks.” She grunted. “More than he’s had in the last three months dad; and, he says the hottest sex since we got MARRIED.”

Manny was stunned at his daughters’ admission. His hands reached around and gripped her firm ass cheeks, as his hips thrust up to meet her downward motion.

“We were lucky to make every two weeks before” he admitted softly. “She says I am having my second puberty and she loves it.”

“See dad” Melanie groaned as she felt his full length drive up into her. “We can’t stop. For one, we NEED this, and we both fucking know it. Second, it’s the best damn thing to happen to BOTH our marriages.”

“Do you think about me, when you’re buried inside her” his daughters’ hot breath washed over his face.

“Oh God Mel” Manny gasped. His cock throbbed deep inside her, as she felt his admission.

“It’s OK dad” she whispered. “Every time I cum on Paul, I think of cumming on this fucking monster” as with a wet slurp she jammed herself harder down onto him. She could feel her juices gushing out, knowing they were making a slick puddle under her fathers’ ass on the bed.

“Oh my God Mel, Oh sweet Jesus” Manny’s head lay back as his eyes started to roll upward.

“That’s it daddy” Melanie hissed in his ear. “Cum in your little girl, fill her cunt with your seed.”

“Cummminnnnnggggggggg” Manny roared as his second load of the afternoon jetted out to flood his daughters’ drenched pussy. First one, and then a second thick rope pumped up into her willing body as she rode him. She now had total control of his body as he felt himself empty his balls up into her clenching heat.

“Oh shit yes” Melanie gasped. “I can FEEL you cumming in me”

Manny couldn’t even answer as his body thrashed under hers, forcing his daughter to dig her nails into his chest just to hold on. Melanie threw her head back and hung her mouth open as her belly gave a lurch, while the hottest words her father had ever heard poured out of her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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