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Please note: The story is fiction. However, things I say about myself like a general description, how I perform sexually, good or bad, is true. I am not a good writer, I admit, but, I do enjoy writing erotica. Generally, my stories are all true. This story is a fantasy. Thank you.


We climbed out of the bed and I took you into the shower. I turned the spigots on and adjusted the temperature. Then, before we climbed in, I leaned to you and kissed you softly…letting my hands roam over your incredible ass!

We got in the shower and I soaped you all down! You did the same with me, pausing to run your hands all along my shaft!

“I want to suck it…so bad…Hoot!” you said.

“Soon, Amber…soon!” I responded. Then, I directed the warm water all over your body and we stepped out where I dried you off. I kissed you again, making sure to tweak your nipples just a little! Then, I directed you into the bedroom.

You helped me make the bed with clean, fresh, silky sheets! Then, I told you to get settled, and I rushed down to the wet bar and got us a couple of drinks! I came back upstairs, laughing at myself the way my cock bobbed as I moved. I came into the bedroom and you were spread out on the bed…your finger gliding over your clit!

I handed you your drink and we tapped our glasses and gulped it down. Then, I put the glasses on the nightstand, and, asked you to get into your half-slip! You did, and, you saw my breaths coming in a rush! You KNEW you had me.

I climbed on the bed, lugging this big, hard cock with me, and, I leaned to you and kissed you…and…soon our kisses were passion- filled.

“I want to sink this meaty cock in every area of your body,” I said to you.

“You are always ready to fuck…aren’t you Hoot!” you said.

“Yes…I am when I am with you.”

You had climbed into your half-slip and your beauty took my breath away. You had no tan lines…and…you were completely shaved. Oh how I wanted to swirl my tongue all over your clit and drive it into your wet, tight depths, but, I remembered what you told me…that a woman can only please you that way.

Instead…I moved and worked my way up over your lovely body, dip- ping my head and dragging my tongue over your nipples…first one.. then, the other! I would suck them…then…I would open my mouth wide to take in as much of your tit that I could!

By this time, you were squirming magnificently! How I loved it! I loved your nipples being so sensitive and even wished they could give milk. I always enjoyed sucking a woman with lactating tits!

I flipped the tip of my tongue over each nipple…taking my time and doing them both! I would even press both of your tits together and try to fit both nipples in my mouth at the same time. I would flick my tongue between each one…adding a lot of saliva to make it nice and wet and slippery! My hand was fondling your tit that my mouth was not on. You squirmed more and more and I suspected you were getting close! Meanwhile…you reached between our bodies and I felt your fingers close around my cock! I pumped… were guiding the most unusual tip to your tight, sweet pussy!

“YESSSSSSS!!…A nice, big cock for Amber! Fuck me, Hoot!! God!! Fuck me!!”

I pressed my cock to your pussy and with your hand close to the tip, you guided it…and…soon…you felt your nether lips being spread, and, being spread wide! You pulled on my shaft, while my tongue continued to lave your nipples! By now, you were very, very wet and I was hoping you would cum all over my cock!

I pumped…and…you gasped as you felt the big tip paving the way for the remainder of my shaft, as it opened and opened and opened you wide!

“GOD!!…You have such a nice, BIG cock, Hoot!! Fill me with it! OH YES!!…Fill me!!”

Slowly, gradually…you felt my length sliding into you! It was divine! The walls of your cunt was sooooooo tight…and…how you knew to work them all along my cock…squirming…pulling… massaging…that part of my length that was in you!

We had progressed to the point half of me was in you!

“GOD!!…It feels like a big, thick log is going in me!!” you moaned! My tongue lapped and licked your hardening nipple. First one, then, the other…while my hands worked your full, firm breasts! We grinded against each other and each time I pumped forward, you would respond by pumping back at me!! When I pulled would pull back, and, soon we were establishing a rhythm! My tongue and mouth were noisily, lapping and sucking your nipples and tits! I couldn’t stop! I just wanted to…eat them up!!

I was better then half way in you when I began to…corkscrew…my cock in you! You could feel the tip methodically pressing and rubbing all the walls of your hot, wet depths!

Deeper…deeper…my cock slid into you, and, soon, both of us could hear as well as feel the ‘slurp, slurp, slurp’ of your juices all along my thick, veiny shaft!! Deeper yet, I pumped my big prick, and, it wasn’t very long and Çankaya Escort I was…buried…in you, right up to my big, huge, filling balls!!


I certainly did not want to hurt you, but, I began to pump it in just the way you wanted! Soon…our bodies were going ‘bump, bump, bump’ as our crotches came together and as I pumped in you, furiously, how you so loved it when my huge balls swung and pounded against your pussy and ass!

Soon, the bed spring began to creak and the bed ‘walked’ along the floor from our writhing bodies! I would draw back, all the way to the tip, then, real hard…drive my length in all the way! The air was being expelled from your lungs, in rushes, each time our bodies came together!

“OHHHHHHH!!…YOU FUCKER, HOOT!! YOU LOVELY FUCKER!! HOW YOU CAN FUCK, HOOT! HOW I LOVE THE WAY YOU FUCK!!” you hollered out and you knew I LOVED dirty talk during sex!

You raised your head, resting your chin on my shoulder as you looked in the mirror at the foot of the bed!

“GOD!!” you hollered as you watched how wide I had spread you open…and, you watched my long, veiny length driving into you and each time I pulled back, you could see my thick meat lined with your juices! How you loved seeing your legs spread so wide apart and my legs together, my feet close together, it’s toes bent as you noticed I was using them for leverage! My little ass rolling and puckering as I moved and how you wanted to rim it with your tongue!

You looked in the mirror at the side of the bed noticing my long shaft as I pulled out of you…loving how it looked, lined wetly with your juices!

I shifted you so that your legs were on my shoulders, then, I rooted in…lodging my knees against the bed, pushing your legs back over your head and I drove my long, thick, meaty cock into you…right to my big balls! You cried out, “OHHHHH GOD!! I…I…I…FEEL…SOOOOOO… …FULL!! OHHHHH…HOW…YOU…FILL…MEEEEEEEEEE!!” Your arms went up and around my back and you trailed your nails along my back, giving me blood lines! I pumped and pumped…saying…”NICE, BIG COCK FOR AMBER!! TAKE IT!! TAKE IT ALL!! EVERY INCH!!” and you responded, “YES!! YES!! YESSSSSSSSSSS!!” and tears of joy began to run down your face! OH…how the walls of your pussy milked and squeezed and pulled and massaged my entire length! Almost brutally, I pounded it to you knocking the breath from your lungs and you loved it, more and more!

I felt, for an instant, your teeth dig in my shoulder as you took a big bite! Then…you worked a hand around until it was filled with the silky slip and you began to fondle and rub my big balls with it!

I groaned, over and over, and, you knew the slip would help provoke yet another monstrous load from me!

“FILL MY CUNT, HOOT! FILL IT WITH CUM!! FILL IT!! SHOOT!! SHOOT!” you hollered as, faster and faster, you rolled my huge balls with the silky slip, loving it’s weight…knowing they were now full…again… with the cream you wanted to spurt deep into your sweet, hot, wet pussy!

‘Slurp…slurp…slurp,’ were the loud sounds of your juices along my meaty shaft each time I pumped it in and drew it out!


Your legs were over your head, your toes almost touching the headboard as I drove it into you! Long, full sweeps…I pumped..not stopping until you felt and heard my big, heavy balls, swinging…pound…against your pussy and ass!! You couldn’t get over how every inch of the walls of your pussy was exacted upon by the pressure and force of my thick cock!


You came…as the result of your clit being agitated each time I drove in…and…add to that…my cock was rubbing your g-spot… over and over again! Between the two, it made you cum, and, now it was time for me to cry out as I felt your juices running all along the length of my shaft until your juices poured from you and began to soak my big balls and your silk-filled hand!

I pulled back, allowing you to place your legs on either side of me, but, you didn’t! Instead…you wrapped those long legs around me and with your heels kicking my ass, you drove me, over and over, into you! Content ONLY when I was buried in you!! I folded my arms around your incredible body…sliding the flat of my hands down on your ass cheeks where I gripped them mightily and, resoundingly, and drove my full length hard, hard, hard, into you…each time, my huge, over-packed balls banging your body!!



I pumped and pumped and the walls of your tight, sweet, hot, wet pussy was now really working all along my length! I knew I was getting close, especially since you were fondling and rubbing my balls with your hand full of the silky slip!

“OHHHHHHHH…GOD!!…IT…WON’T…BE…LONG!!” I promised you as I felt all the hot gism churning and whirling in my big balls, anxious to be released and to slip along the vein in my cock and burst from the big, large tip, now filled with an incredible amount of pre- cum! As I worked it in and out of you…you could actually feel my pre-cum rolling out of the large, open tip…and..starting to coat your depths so very high and deep in you!

Faster, faster…your silk-filled hand whipped on my balls…your legs clenching and unclenching around my waist and hips! Your hot, wet depths and pussy walls worming all along my shaft! You were apply- ing everything you knew to make me explode and your efforts were very soon to be rewarded! You could tell by the way my body was reacting that, very soon…the hot, long, wet columns would blast…very deep and high…into you…which is what you were waiting for!

“UH! UH! UH! UH! UH! UH! UUUUHHHHHHHHHHHH!!” I groaned aloud, my body stiffening…my head rearing back, my jaw clenched as the first column flew along my length…nearing…the big, open tip which would allow it to…gush…like a firehose…into you!! It came…two seconds apart…each column, like clockwork, blasting from the tip…forcing my cock to jump, kick, and, buck, inside of you!

“OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!” you screamed as you could feel every drop fly into you…coating your depths…again and again…and, my cream, with the help of your juices and the both mixing together, began to work it’s way along your depths until it actually…poured…from your pussy lips…coating your silk-filled hand…and, coating my huge balls…now losing it’s weight and burden housed inside of them!

20 seconds…25…and…unrelentingly…the cream gushed from me…the baby-making fluid, enough to impregnate 20 women…left me, soaking your insides as never before!

My body stiffened each time the release took place, then, relaxed the 2 seconds it took for the next one…making my body stiffen…over and over!! And…your climaxes came…non-stop…one after the other… multiple climaxes…virtually tiring you to the bone!

32 seconds…35…and, still it came…one long column after another…virtually non-stop! How you so LOVED so MUCH hot cream spurting into you! 37 seconds…39…then…at the 41 second mark, I released the last of what was in me! Your silk-filled hand…STILL… fondled my balls as you were trying to squeeze out every drop!

Both of us collapsed on the bed, taking deep breaths…and…again you looked up…at my cock…moaning, “I don’t believe this, Hoot! My GOD, man!…No matter how often you are drained, that thing just stays up there! My GOD!!” you said, looking at me incredulously!

I just laid there, shaking my shoulders as I couldn’t answer you!

“I imagine you still want me…right?” you asked.

“Of course! I am ready to slip it into you again…this instant!”

“Okay…because I’m ready too!”

I marveled at you! I knew you are as insatiable, if not more so, then myself. I told you to get on your hands and knees. You did and I moved behind you! I poised there, on my own knees, admiring your incredible body! Not a tan line anywhere…and…your long hair flowed down your upper back sooooo deliciously!

I worked my way up behind you, moving in close! I lodged the base of my cock in your crack…between your ass cheeks!

“Yes…yes…Hoot! Fuck my ass cheeks just like my big tits! Oh fuck them!!”

Slowly, I pumped…looking down, seeing the tip slip up between the fullness of your cheeks…then…my length…my long, meaty, veiny length…I slid up, up, up…watching the tip slide through and high above your crack! I pumped until I felt my filling balls lodge against the bottom of your crack!

How I loved your legs being sooooo long and shapely! Your exquisite ass…shaped like a heart…very firm and full! I placed my hands on your hips, and, rocked! Sliding, up and down, through your crack, my long length…slightly curved in the middle! Up…down…up… down…up…down…and…I heard soft moans from you!

Then…holding my shaft just behind the tip…I placed it against your pussy lips! I pressed…rolling ahead slowly… took a deep breath as the tip…opened and spread…then, entered your hot cunt…still dripping with your juices and my cum! I pressed and pressed…and…you bit your lip as you felt my long shaft slide into and separate the walls of your grand pussy! Deep…deeper…and, in- stinctively…you lowered your upper body…your big tits mashing Etimesgut Escort against the bed…and…your head…resting on it’s side on the pil- low!!

You, sexily and erotically…jutted your ass back at me…offering me your prize…wanting me to take it and fuck it! And…fuck it, I did…slipping my entire length into you, right to my fast-filling, big balls! It was Heaven!

“OH GOD!!…YOUR…PUSSY!!…IS…SOOOOOO…SILKY, AMBER!! GOD!! SOOOOOO SILKY!!” I groaned. I could feel the walls of your cunt already milking me along my entire length!! Pulling on me!! Squeezing and unsqueezing my shaft! God! How expert you are!! If you only knew how your actions were so quickly filling my balls!!

You loved it in the doggie position because you always felt new things you didn’t feel the other way, and, with me…there was no exception! I pumped and pumped…and…you…your head resting on it’s side… were able to look in the mirror on the side of the bed…marveling and loving how my cock looked as you saw it disappear inside of you…then.. reappear…as I drew back…seeing my meat…coated and lined with our juices!! Seeing the side of your hip jutted back and up toward me… seeing the flow of your curves…and…narrow waist as your body moved and grinded! Your nipples and tits felt soooooo good mashed against the cool silky sheet, but, you wished my fingers and hands were working all over them!!

I pumped and pumped…making sure my length was dripping with our juices! Then…I withdrew…and…the big tip came out of you with a ‘pop!’ You felt me move the tip up a little, then, you felt me pressing my shaft against your small, puckered, brown hole!

“You need a stiff cock to fuck ass, Hoot!” you observed, but, I was up to the task!

With my hand on my shaft, just behind the tip…I worked and maneu- vered it…and…you felt the sides of the tip…begin to…spread and spread and spread your small entrance! I worked it in circles… then, up and down…letting your small hole start to get used to me! Your sphincter muscles reacted…at first..fighting…to keep me out, but…soon…you relaxed…and…the tip…slipped in…opening you as never before!

“I swear to God, Hoot…you will split me in two!!” you hollered with tears in your eyes!

“The pain will pass, my pet,” I assured you!

My precum was already flowing…and…as I worked the tip…the friction caused it to roll out of the big tip…easing the way, some- what! There was so much…to you…it felt like I had exploded! How you loved it!

Deeper…I plunged my shaft…and…you could feel it spreading and separating your bowel walls as it worked it’s way deeper and deeper into you! You wiggled your lovely ass side to side, encouraging me to continue! I had a good hold of your hips while I rotated my own, send- ing my shaft much deeper into you! You had extended your arm under your body until your fingers reached your sweet pussy! You began to diddle your clit, your eyes squeezed shut…as the ecstasy started to sweep through you! Now, I was better then half my length within you and you could feel the tip entering areas heretofore having never been entered before! I stroked and stroked…pulling your hips back to me each time I drove forward!

“OOOOHHHHHHH!!” you cried aloud, loving this more then life it- self! Soon…I was giving you complete thrusts, and, ‘bang, bang, bang,’ you felt my huge, now-full balls, pounding against your sweet, dripping pussy! Your fingers moved faster and faster on your clit, and, you would insert a couple of them into your depths from time to time!

Then…holding you, I rolled backwards until I was on my back and you were above me…your knees settling in on both sides of my hips! I lifted you…higher and higher…and as your ass rose up, you could feel my shaft slipping down out of you right to the big tip! Then, I would ease my hold of you and you felt yourself being impaled once again! How you loved this so! I maintained the pace…letting you come down on me…then…raising you up…and…I did this over and over!

Your fingers were still rubbing your clit and sinking into your very wet depths as my thick shaft sunk and re-sunk into your backdoor depths! Up…down…up…down…up…down…over and over, and, you felt yourself getting close!

And…it was time for me to cum! Forcefully, I drove up into you and settled back down, letting my long shaft come out of you right to the tip!

Then, I spun you around so that you were facing me! I put my hands up and began to tweak and pull and rub your nipples! You squirmed, loving it! I put my hand behind your back and pressed you to me! Your upper body curled and you settled down on me, your legs still spread on both sides of me, and, you whipping your lovely ass up and down on me! I kissed you with lots of passion, and, you returned it! Then, I lowered my mouth un- til it could reach your luscious, full tits! I put my teeth on your nip- ple, and, bit lightly! You moaned, again and again…and…I sucked and licked it! I filled my mouth completely with your breast, taking as much of your breast meat I could fit in my mouth allowing my tongue at the back of my throat to milk, and, rub your nipple! My hand worked your other full breast and…you came!! Your body shook and shivered, then, stilled and I could feel your juices running out of you!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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