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Jessica was finally alone in her bed after a late night. She had picked up her sister, Lisa, and her sister’s husband, Rob, at the airport and it was past midnight before the three of them made it back to her house. Now that she was alone she could finally catch up on her reading, or so she thought. Her houseguests had gone straight to bed.

“Must be exhausted after that five hour flight,” she thought to herself.

As she was settling into a particularly gripping novel, she began to hear a peculiar noise that seemed to come from her guest room. At first it just sounded like usual night sounds; a little heavy breathing, someone rolling over, a creak in the bed in a space otherwise devoid of noise the way a house is during the night. But as time went on and Jessica began to listen more carefully there seemed to be a rhythm to the noise. The creaking bed had begun to do a one-two pattern. Jessica dismissed this as restless sleepers but her imagination pondered the possibility of something more. Something much more carnal.

It was not the first time Jessica had found herself in lustful daydreams. She was estranged from her husband, a military man, and as such had not had the touch of another person for a long while. Too long.

The creaking had picked up pace. It was like a metronome which had been set to an even faster tempo. Heavy panting could be heard in between the evenly spaced creaks and it was no longer just in Jessica’s imagination. Her sister and brother-in-law were engaged in the most primal of acts and all within just a few feet from her.

Jessica found herself enthralled with the commotion. She thought herself something of a voyeur, despite the fact that she had no choice in the matter.

“What do I do? Where do I go?” She thought to herself. “I can’t leave. And why should I? This is my house. My room.”

Jessica found herself dealing with mixed emotions. She was slightly annoyed that her sister had decided to subject her to this against her will. On the other hand, this was the most excitement Jessica had in some time. She decided to allow herself to continue to listen. As she did she noticed a very familiar feeling but one with which she had grown apart. There was a definite warmth and wetness growing between her legs and she felt the urge to satisfy herself.

“I shouldn’t be listening to this. I can’t believe I’m letting myself listen to my little sister get pounded,” she thought.

Her thoughts were becoming more obscene and lustful. She couldn’t help it. Under the covers she removed her clothes. She could feel the front of her panties soaked through as she wriggled out of them.

Jessica considered herself all-around average. She was quite stunning and was the object of many male’s attraction. She was about 5’7″ with wavy brunette hair. Daughter of an Italian mother and Polish father, her skin was white with a hint of olive complexion. Her breasts were one of her features she was most proud to show off as they were all natural, perky 38Ds.

Having removed all her clothes and feeling ready to satisfy her urge she began to prepare her fingers for their work. She liked to lick them first to make sure they were sufficiently wet although she was sure this wouldn’t be a problem tonight. She reach down and felt the top of her pubic mound, directly above her vagina. She kept her hair quite neat and had only a small landing strip, about half of an inch wide. Her fingers inched downwards and she finally stopped when she reached her clitoris. Engorged from the auditory stimulation it was not hard to begin a rhythm of her own as she rubbed circles around her sensitive little nub. She was beginning to dry out a little and she moved her fingers further down as she plunged them inside herself. Now coated in her velvety secretions she moved her fingers back up to her clit and began rubbing with increased furor.

It was obvious to anyone in the house at this point what was happening in the guest room. The rhythm of the two bodies meeting had reached maximum speed and it wouldn’t be long until everyone climaxed. Jessica could hear her sister moaning, exhaling deeply on each powerful thrust from her husband. Jessica had switched to using two hands now: one on her clitoris and one to thrust her own fingers inside of herself which she unconsciously did at the same pace as her brother-in-law’s thrusts I to her sister. Suddenly a much lower, much more masculine grunt could be heard coming from the guest room. The low noise carried through the house and Jessica was sure she could feel it vibrate inside her. Rob had just erupted inside Lisa and simultaneously in the room next door Jessica’s back arched as she had a tremendous orgasm, squirting out of her with force which covered her sheets in her womanly juices. Rob and Lisa fell asleep, coated in each other’s orgasms. As for Jessica, she too fell asleep immediately after that, not caring to get up and change her sheets. Everyone slept soundly that night.

The next morning was more than a little awkward, but only for Jessica. Rob and Lisa were sure that she was asleep already and had no idea that she had gaziantep escort kadın overheard the whole event. Jessica made no mention of it and tried to go about business as usual.

“Did you two sleep well?” Asked Jessica, wryly.

“Oh yes. Just fine.” Answered her sister.

Jessica paused. She desperately wanted to talk about last night. She and Lisa had never been very close. She didn’t know how to breach the subject.

“So… Um… Did you two have any plans?” Jessica asked.

Lisa shook her head. The conversation was one-sided. Jessica couldn’t stop thinking about the night before. Jessica looked at her sister. There was definitely a family resemblance. Lisa was a little taller, and had a larger frame than Jessica even though she was the younger of the two. Lisa also was a brunette, and despite Jessica’s impressive bust Lisa had her beat with a pair of 38 DDs. Jessica had never seen her sister naked except when they were children. She wondered if Lisa shaved her pussy or went all natural. As she drifted off into yet another daydream Rob entered and sat next to his wife.

“Good morning,” he said to Lisa as he gave her a kiss on the lips.

“And good morning to you too, Jess,” he said. “I haven’t slept so well in a while. Maybe it’s the dry air here.”

“Maybe it’s the fact that you slammed your cock into my sister last night,” Jessica thought but did not say aloud.

“I’d like to take Lisa shopping today. You’re welcome to join us,” Jessica said to Rob.

“No thanks. Shopping bores me to death. I’m sure I’ll find something to keep myself busy.”

Jessica eyed her brother-in-law. He was a handsome man, about 5’10” with brown hair and bright blue eyes. He had broad shoulders. Lisa said he had played football in school. Jessica could see why he was so good at it. His low voice carried as he spoke and Jessica liked having a man in her house. She couldn’t resist eyeing him up and down and wondered what he must look like in bed with her sister.

“Enough,” she thought to herself. “I’m going to drive myself nuts thinking this way the whole time they’re here.”

Everyone had a quick breakfast. Rob went off to relax and watch some TV. Jessica and Lisa got themselves ready and were on their way out.

“Bye, Rob. See you in a few hours,” said Jessica.

“Bye, handsome,” Lisa said to her husband and gave him a quick peck as they walked out the door.

Jessica brought Lisa to all her favorite shops. She was determined to spend some quality time with her sister. The two lived on opposite sides of the country. Visits were rare. She wanted to make the most out of her sister’s visit. The two women went shoe shopping first, then had lunch at Jessica’s favorite bistro, and finally ended up at a lingerie store. They walked around holding up various items and giggling at the silliness of some of them.

“Cheetah print thong?” Said Lisa.

“No, not exactly my style,” responded Jessica.

“Oh is this more like it? Super granny panties?” Lisa said holding up a pair of rather large and plain cotton underwear.

“Probably. Not like anyone cares to look right now so sweatpants and a t-shirt are pretty much my de facto bed wear these days,” Jessica said with a depressed tone.

“Maybe we need to find you something new. Something sexy,” Lisa responded.

Lisa took Jessica by the hand and led her around to another section. Now she wasn’t kidding around. She could tell her sister was depressed and knew it had been some time since she had been with a man. She was determined to boost her self confidence, and thought a sexy outfit would do the trick.

Lisa scoured the aisles of the store. She was on a mission. She held up countless items, some of which Jessica liked, but most of which were given a definite thumbs down. Finally she came across a devilishly sexy outfit. It was a set of a black lace thong with garters and a matching black lace bra. Lisa checked; they had it in Jessica’s measurements. She urges her sister to try it on.

“I’ll look silly. I have no business wearing that,” Jessica said sheepishly.

“C’mon. You’ll like it once you see it on you,” Lisa said.

“Okay but only if you try on something with me.”

As she said it, Jessica picked up a very similar outfit. It was almost exactly the same except in bright red. She shoved it toward her sister.

“If it gets you into that, I’ll do it,” Lisa said.

The two women took their clothes to the dressing room. The store employee stopped them before they got there.

“I’m sorry, there’s only one dressing room free at the moment. Someone will have to wait.”

Lisa looked at her sister and then back at the store employee. “That’s okay. We’ll share,” and she led Jessica into the room with her.

In the dressing room Jessica had a nervous anticipation about seeing her naked sister. She knew it was no big deal and that Lisa hadn’t given it a second thought when she suggested it but for some reason Jessica couldn’t shake the nervousness and excitement about escort gaziantep kadın the situation.

“Well, here we go,” Lisa said as she began undressing. Lisa had casually turned away from her sister but with mirrors on each wall it didn’t really obscure anything. Jessica slowly removed her shirt, folded it, and put it down on the bench all while looking through the corner of her eye at Lisa.

Lisa was naked now and began putting on the bra first. Jessica watch as she did the same having only removed her top. Lisa’s nipples were larger than her own, she noted. Lisa’s pussy had more hair around it than Jessica’s. Trimmed, but not to the degree that Jessica’s was. Lisa was almost done. She was just pulling the panties on. Jessica realized she was standing there, still in only her bra and quickly pulled her panties on too. When the two were done they spun around and admired each other.

“See, you’re a hottie” Lisa said teasingly to her sister.

“You’re not half bad either,” Jessica replied. “I can see why Rob was so eager to get into your pants.”

“Shit,” Jessica thought. “Did I really just say that? God I’m so stupid. Maybe she didn’t hear me.”

“Oh. Um. I guess you weren’t asleep last night, huh?” Lisa responded. “I’m… Look, that was probably inappropriate of us. It was just a long flight and we were a little… Uh… Worked up. I’m sorry.”

“It’s ok,” Jess responded calmly, “I didn’t mind at all. To be honest with you it was really hot. I haven’t heard good sex like that in, well, a while.”

“Rob is a good lover, without a doubt,” Lisa said blushing.

“I’ve been trying to come up with a way to talk to you about it all day, Jessica said, “and now that we are I’m dying to know… Is Rob hung like a horse? What did he do that had you wailing and moaning so much?”

“He’s pretty average. About six inches or so. Nothing huge. But he knows how to use it.”

“I have to admit, I envy you. My ex was bigger than Rob. Much bigger. But he may as well have been poking me with a stick for all I got out of it.”

“We’ve been going at it pretty regularly lately. Rob is determined to knock me up.”

“Oh that’s so great. I could be an aunty. I hope he can.”

“At the rate we’re going I’m surprised I don’t have a litter going by now.”

“Ah it’ll come. Let nature take its course. Hey we should probably change back into our normal clothes. Don’t want to make all the guys in the mall crazy.”

“Ha ha. Yeah. Probably.”

Lisa and Jess began to undress. There was much less tension about the situation now. They didn’t bother to face away from each other.

“I noticed you shave a lot more than I do,” Lisa said to her naked sister.

“Yeah I like the way it feels when I rub myself. It makes it much easier.”

“Rub yourself? Well well well. Aren’t you a little deviant. Wait… You didn’t rub yourself last night when Rob and I were having sex did you?”

“I’m caught. Why do you ask?”

“I thought I heard some heavy breathing and it wasn’t coming from us.”

“What’s a girl to do? I couldn’t help myself when I heard you two getting busy in my guest room.”

The two women stood opposite each other in the dressing room. Both were completely naked. In their discussion they had forgotten completely about clothes. Now here they stood, two sisters laying out all their sexuality to each other.

“You know, I’ve got some really good toys you can try out if you want,” Lisa said.

“Toys? Sounds fun. Maybe when we get back you can show me some of them. I always just use my fingers,” Jessica replied.

“You… You want me to show them to you?” Lisa nervously said back.

“Well I haven’t used them before. You might have to demonstrate,” Jessica said with a wicked grin.

“I’ve never masturbated with another girl before,” said Lisa.

“Well there’s a first time for everything I guess.”

“Wait, have you? Have you masturbated with another girl?”

“A few times. In college I was… Curious. I mostly dated guys but there were a couple girls.”

“I had no idea,” Lisa said, shocked at this side of her sister she had never seen before.

“How do you… I mean… Do you just do it front of each other or do you actually do things to each other?”

“It depends. Both, usually. It usually starts like this…”

Unexpectedly, Jess leaned over and kissed her sister. Lisa was in complete shock. She had no idea what to say or how to react. Lisa had never been kissed by a girl before, let alone her sister. She liked it. It felt dirty but it was so sexy.

“I can’t believe you… You just kissed me!”

“Not so loud; you don’t want everyone to know do you?”

Jess moved closer to her sister. Still naked, she felt her nipples brush up against Lisa’s. They hardened almost instantly. Jess knew that despite her shock, Lisa enjoyed the experience. She wondered how far she could take it. She had never really thought of her sister in that way. The idea was supposed to repulse her, and yet there was something so gaziantep kadın escort erotic about that kiss.

“Do you want to do it again?” Jess whispered into Lisa’s ear.

Lisa slowly nodded and Jess pressed her naked body against hers. This time Jess made it a longer, more sensual kiss. The two women remained with their lips together for nearly a full minute. Tongues danced between mouths and the two shared the most erotic kiss either had ever received.

Jess knew that this was turning her on. She was naked and could smell her pussy. It was a good musky smell that drove men and women alike crazy. But mixed with her scent there was another. Strangely familiar but slightly different she realized it was her sister. Lisa’s pussy was just as wet as hers. The two finally broke their kiss and stared at each other. Lisa hadn’t idea what to do next, but Jess was not so timid. She reached for Lisa’s breasts. Fondling them, she leaned down and began sucking on Lisa’s left nipple. Lisa moaned, quietly, in that dressing room.

Suddenly, a knock. It was the store employee.

“Is everything okay in there?”

“Yes. Just… Um… Fine,” Lisa nervously replied, “Be right out.”

For now their encounter would have to wait. Lisa and Jessica quickly grabbed their clothes but not before Jessica swiped a finger over Lisa’s vagina. Coated in her sister’s juices, Jessica took the finger and licked it.

“Mmmm…” Jess purred.

“C’mon we have to go,” Lisa hurries her.

The two dressed and exited the store.

Back at home, Rob had been lazily watching TV. Suspecting nothing he had no idea that his wife and her sister had just shared a sexual experience. He had quickly become bored and took to wandering around to check out Jess’s house, which he had never been to before. It wasn’t a large house, but he liked to see where everything was so he decided to give himself a tour since he hadn’t seen any of it the night before. He found the usual closets and bathrooms until he came to Jess’s room. He wasn’t one to snoop too much but he was curious. He opened the door and stepped inside. It was a completely normal bedroom, but he did notice as he walked around that there was a rather large stain on the sheets.

“Curious,” he thought to himself.

The women had had enough shopping for one day and decided to head home. Besides, they had worked themselves up quite a bit and were anxious to get some relief. Jess was fully prepared to show her sister what girls could do for each other bit there was the problem of her brother-in-law.

“What will I do about him?” She thought and decided she would have to figure out something before she could proceed.

Back at home now, Lisa decided to go straight to her room. She was thinking about Jess and she felt extreme curiosity and guilt at the same time. She felt as though she had cheated on Rob, even though she hadn’t actually had sex and it wasn’t like it was with another man. Either way she was itching to orgasm and she went immediately for her favorite toy. It was a large pink dildo, the kind that spins around with a vibrating bunny atop it to provide pleasure to the woman’s clitoris as well. She needed no preparation. Her pussy was dripping and her panties were soaked through. She rammed the toy inside her and began to furiously masturbate. Lisa was too busy pleasuring herself to notice Jess walk into the room.

“Ah so this is where you ran off to,” Jess said, surprising Lisa.

Lisa stopped and sat up immediately.

“No no… Don’t let me stop you. Keep going.”

Lisa say back down in bed and resumed her previous course.

Jess walked up and watched intently as Lisa thrust the dildo in and out of her body. Lisa moaned and arched her back as her orgasm hit her. Lisa turned the vibrator off and slowly pulled the dildo out, panting. Without warning, Lisa suddenly felt a different sensation. This was a sensation she had felt many times before but never quite like this. This was more delicate. Lisa realized that Jess had begun to lick her pussy. Lisa could feel Jess’s tongue inside her, licking all the juices from within Lisa’s entrance. The warm tongue moved up and began doing circles around Lisa’s clitoris.

“No,” Lisa said, “what if Rob comes in here?”

“It’s ok,” Jess said in between licks, “he’s in the other room watching TV.”

Jess continued and Lisa felt another orgasm fast approaching.

“Maybe you could help me while I do this,” Jess said.


Jess momentarily removed her mouth from Lisa’s vagina. She spun herself around on the bed so she was facing Lisa’s feet. Then she lifted one leg over Lisa’s body and positioned her vagina directly above Lisa’s mouth. She didn’t have to say anything else. Lisa knew what to do. She had done this with Rob many times before. Jess resumed licking g and Lisa began to lick her sister’s vagina simultaneously. The two women were both approaching their orgasms. Both women moaned and, together, their vaginas erupted a sea of womanly juices onto the other’s faces and mouths. They lapped at each other like thirsty animals, both thoroughly enjoying the scent and taste. The moaning was loud now, so loud that it prompted Rob to investigate the noise. They heard him coming but couldn’t get away quick enough. Rob opened the door to find the two women, naked, with the sheets pulled above their breasts and their mouths covered in each other’s juices. Rob had no idea what to say. Lisa broke the silence.

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