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Being a taxi driver can be a boring job during the day, but at night time it all changes and my cab becomes a seething travelling hotbed of lust. Let me tell you just one of my many stories.

It was getting towards the end of my shift and I was looking forward to getting home, making surfing the Internet and having a nice slow hand job when I saw the couple. They were stood at the bus stop and he had his hands all over her and I could see her hands were playing around his groin area. As I pulled up next to them they didn’t even stop and I took my time, looking them over.

He was around 50 years old, and had grey silvery hair and a Kenny Rodgers type beard. She looked a little young and had short blond hair and a figure to die for. I pressed the horn and they finally broke apart long enough to look at me, her lips were swollen with all the kissing and I could already see the outline of his cock in his tight jeans.

“The last bus has gone, so you can either wait here for the first bus in the morning, or you can pay the fare”

Almost before I had finished speaking they had climbed into the back seat and given me a location fairly near my drop off point, so it could be a good finish to the night. I pulled away from the kerb and slowly moved along the road. Almost before the wheel had started moving they were in each other’s arms again. He was kissing her hard and I could see his hands were lifting up her pale blue tee shirt and sliding under her black bra. Her nipples abidinpaşa escort quickly became exposed and his head sank down as he started to kiss them and she just lay backwards on the seat and stroked his head as she softly moaned.

It was at this moment she saw me watching her in the rear view mirror but she didn’t seem worried, she just smiled and blew me a kiss. I watched as they stoked each other, her hand caressing the bulge in his jeans and his hands moved all over her, stroking pinching and probing,. I could see a wet patch forming on her white linen trousers, so she was obviously aroused, I don’t know about him, but I was already aching for some form of release and had adjusted myself twice. I stared to look away, hoping they wouldn’t stop when she pushed him away for a moment, leant forwards towards me and gave me a new location to drive to, a well known spot for courting couples to make out. I sped up and quickly drove there all the time watching as the action on the back seat got more hot and heavy and my balls seemed to fill up and ache for some of that action.

As I pulled into the lay-by and cut the engine the silence seemed to start them off again. He pulled the tee shirt over her head and unclasped her bra, her breasts shone in the moonlight and I could see her nipples all hard and firm, and I ached to touch and suck them, but forced myself to just sit and watch. He started to suck on them, then I could see his mouth altındağ escort moving and she started to moan and then softly pant and scream, she pulled away from him and I could see all teeth marks on her and she just smiled and offered herself to him again.

They obviously knew just what turned each other on because she unzipped him and his cock was finally exposed. He was about six inches erect and he was oozing precum, so that made two of us as I was aware of a large damp patch in my trousers. She pushed him backwards onto the seat and slid downwards, taking his cock into her mouth. His eyes closed as she started to softly hum as she slid her head up and down, covering his cock with saliva for the head all the way down to his balls.

I was watching so closely that it was a moment or two before I realised that she had placed one hand behind her back and was waving her open palm at me.

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing but I quickly unzipped myself and facing backwards between the two front seats I slipped my cock into her hand. Her palm closed around me and she slowly started to wank me as she continued to suck on her mans cock. She then released my cock and pulled her head up from his, and she smiled at us both, looking at the two hard cocks, both aching for more of the same treatment from her. She slowly peeled off her linen trousers, exposing a sweet neatly trimmed pussy and facing me, she offered herself to him.

I watched bahçelievler escort her face as he slid into her from behind, it was a mixture of pleasure and pain and her face was so beautiful and ugly and full of passion and that’s when it happened, that’s when she leaned forward and captured my cock in her mouth.

I pushed hard and deep into her mouth and she welcomed me fully, my cock made her cheeks bulge as she worked her tongue all around me and all the time she was being pushed forward as he slammed into her, he was going deeper and deeper, she was grunting with each stoke as he bottomed out inside her and I suddenly found my hands holding her face and I started to copy his actions. We were both slamming into her, using her, abusing her, treating her as a slut, but she was winning, she was taking us both and wanting more, more cock, more sex, more cum.

I could see him move faster, could tell he was getting close and that just excited me more and more and suddenly she started to caress my balls, slowly moving them around in the palm of her hands. That was it, that was the moment I had waited for, my cock suddenly swelled up and my cum came bursting out, I watched her eyes as she took it all, cum fired into her wet greedy mouth and she didn’t let a drop go to waste, she took it all, she sucked and sucked and sucked, her hands caressing my balls as she drained me totally.

As I finally emptied myself she lifted her head up, smiled at me and leaned forward for a kiss.

I kissed her back, and for the first time in my life I tasted my own cum as she forced my mouth open with her tongue and all the cum that I had filled her with, she just gave it all back to me, and as we swapped my cum in my first ever french cum kiss, I vaguely heard him swearing as he came inside her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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