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I’ve written stories on many aspects of the erotic dimension but since you really liked my last story, “My Beautiful Blond on the Beach,” I thought I would continue in that vein. I seem to have a predilection toward younger woman, some younger than my daughters. So here’s another basically true story about a mature man with a horn and the younger woman who loves to blow it.

I have a lot of idle time. While it is definitely the devil’s tool, at my age, I don’t mind it one bit. And sure, while I sometimes get into trouble, it’s okay. I’m not hurting anybody. On my daily trips into the village, I often hang out and shoot the breeze with the help. I stop at the hardware store, the local market stand, the post office and finally the pharmacy. I know several of the employees outside of their jobs. Some are kids of townsfolk I know, some are fellow boaters and some are neighbors. When Juana first came to work at the pharmacy, she immediately caught my eye and I immediately began to chat her up. She had a low voice and a lovely accent. ‘N she sure was purdy!

Over a period of a few weeks, I learned that she was a Colombian immigrant and had been in this country for seven years during which time she had bounced from menial job to medial job. She’d come out to East Hampton because friends had moved out here to open a restaurant. She had been trained in Colombia as a chef and had come to take the job (and a stake in the business) they offered. The restaurant was not due to open for a few months and so she jumped at the pharmacy job in order to make any money she could. She was 33 and quite beautiful in an exotic Latino, sultry kind of way. Her deep skin, long black hair and dark eyes graced a lithe, small frame. I had to have a taste of this even though our age difference was more than twenty years.

Over the next few months, I became more and more familiar with her. Her nickname was “Jay” but naturally I called her “Mari” and told her that she made me high. I hit on her regularly, telling her that I would take her to dinner but she always fended off my flirting and kept me at a distance. Not that she didn’t flirt with me, she did. She’d frequently bat her dark eyes at me or lean over and let me peek at her cleavage. The little tease knew what she was doing. One afternoon, she bent over to get something and gave me a full view of her delightfully small ass. I could see the line of her thong rise out of her crack up to the top of her jeans. Her perfect little ass was framed by the pants caught between her cheeks. I did everything I could do to keep from grabbing it and let me tell you, it was very, very tough. When she stood and looked at me, I was certain she was aware of my burning eyeballs and bulging crotch. She smiled.

One day, I walked in and didn’t see her around. I bought my allergy pills, some toothpaste and mostly just dawdled for a while. As I neared the back of the store, I saw her leave the employee’s room and she looked awful. She looked drawn and pale.

“Jay, are you alright? You look awful.”

“I’m not feeling so good today. I don’t know if I need a break from this job or if it’s just that time of the month or what but I’m working this shift fast and going home early. I need to lie out in the sun. I’m glad I saw you. Can you do me a favor, please?

“Sure, Jay. What do you need?”

“My car is in the shop for a few days and I need a lift home to Amagansett when I get off. Can you take me?”

“Sure. What time?”

I agreed to pick her up in an hour which was enough time for me to take my dog down to the beach for a romp. When I pulled up to the employee’s entrance, she was just walking out. I offered to take her for coffee but she only wanted to collapse at home. I offered to be her nurse, or if she was so inclined, to play doctor. This got a laugh and a “no-no-no” headshake. I asked her if, on her day off, and if she felt up to it, I could take her down to the beach for some serious sun. She liked that idea and suggested that she would call me on Thursday morning to let me know. I dropped her off in front of a modest house in the Clearwater section where she rented a room. I watched her ass sashay toward the front door, and I wanted it.

Early Thursday morning, she called and asked if my beach offer was still open.

“Of course, it is. Is there anything I can prepare or take?”

“No but I’ll tell you what. I’ll make us lunch and you take care of everything else. And can I ask you which beach we’re going to?”

“I thought maybe Wiborg Beach because it’s kind of deserted now before the tourists come out for the season. And because I have a Village Beach Pass. Why?”

“That’s good because I’ve never been on any of the private beaches, only the town beach on Atlantic Avenue. I don’t mind the busier, family beaches. I mean all the beaches here are beautiful. But I prefer it a bit quieter, you know? I’ve always wanted to see that beach, Wiborg, too – where the fancy people go.”

“Today’s your lucky day. I’ll pick up at 11. That will set video porno us up for the best rays.”

An hour later, I was on my way to get her. I couldn’t have asked for a better day for mid-May. It was a perfectly blue, no-cloud sky and it was about 85 degrees. I drove my old Land Rover that I keep in the garage and use only when four-wheeling on the beach or on the old dirt roads up in the Northwest Woods section.

She came out of the house laughing at the site of me in the Land Rover – no top, no windows – and hopped in. She was wearing a long beige caftan and looking very “Hamptons.” She looked much better. In fact, she looked radiant.

“They’ll think you are a movie star.”

“Oooh, maybe I’ll be discovered.”

We drove down to Wiborg and I stopped at the edge of the parking lot, Jay started to get out and I waved her back into the car. I lifted the yellow-knobbed shift and turned it several times to lock it in place. Then I went to each wheel hub, pulled out the center rods, turned each ninety degrees and locked them. Then I folded down the windshield, locked it to the hood and jumped back in to my now four-wheeled Land Rover. We jumped into and through the sand, bouncing down the beach. To the west, toward Georgica Beach, we could see small umbrellas way off in the distance. To the east was a vast nothing and that’s the direction I took.

We ran along the tide’s edge and danced with the rolling waves. About a mile up, I pulled toward the dunes and parked.

“Here we are, your Highness, you’re own personal beach.”

She took no notice of me as she slowly walked toward the water. My dog was already playing in the waves and peeing on the clams. I set up camp.

First was the super large Army and Navy Store blanket, big enough for four. Then came this small wind and sun shield I keep in the car but rarely use. It’s sort of a half-tent that blocks the harsher aspects of the elements. I put the lunch basket and the beverages under it. Then I got my Times, a pencil and some lotion. As a final touch, I placed a small vase with fresh lilacs in the center of the blanket. I took my wine bag from the car, poured two glasses of Pinot Noir into plastic goblets and looked up to see her walking back. God. I loved the slow and languid way she walked with just a slight sashay of her hips. She was a dream, my Hispanic Girl from Ipanema fantasy.

She smiled when she saw what I had done.

“You have such style. I am so impressed. And to speak honestly, I really am impressed with you. You are a good guy…and classy, too.”

I loved the little Latino accent, the lilt in her voice.

“This is the most beautiful beach I’ve ever seen. It really does feel like it’s my very own. Thank you for taking me here.”

She continued as she pulled the caftan over her head revealing a dark chocolate bathing suit. It was a thong bottom which was striking for its minimalism but also for her light mocha skin against it. The bra was also a small affair just covering enough of her pretty 34B breasts to hide her nipples. I found myself staring as she turned to the lunch box and bent over exposing that sensational ass to me. Oh, that thong! It was as smooth as a babi…well, you know.

“I made some easy to eat snacks. First, I have ceviche. Then I made some cuban sandwiches…hello, hello! Are you there?”

I snapped out of it.

“I’m sorry. But maybe I’m not sorry either. You are sooooo beautiful…your body…that thong…”

“You like? I wore this suit for you. Special,” she said as she stuck a pose. I thought my dick would snap in half.

We sat opposite each other, me in my baggy shorts and Jay in a half an ounce of material, sipping wine and eating ceviche and crackers. She smiled at me.

“So, let me ask you,” she said between bites, “I can be topless on this beach, right? Atlantic Avenue Beach has lots of families and kids and you’re not supposed to – but here it is alright?”

“Yes. Topless is okay. I sometimes skinny dip by taking my suit off in the water. Sometimes, I lay nude behind the windscreen. I can hear if people are coming and anyway, the dog barks. Nude, you’ll get a ticket. Topless is legal.”

“Good. I’ve been waiting to do this. And you want to see my breasts anyway.”

She slipped off the bra.

“Ok, stare. Get it out of your system.”

I stared. Indeed, I stared real good. Her nipples were larger and browner than I had imagined. I assumed they were small pebbles but I was wrong. Her breasts had no sag and were firm hand-size globes. Like the rest of her, they fit.

“Ok, enough already! Your eyes will fall out”

“You know, Jay, I’m sitting here looking at you naked and I’m doing the best I can to stay calm. You have a model’s body and you are so casual with it. You’re a lot different in the store and I am a little taken aback.”

“Yes, I am different than in the store. I am more outgoing and I am not very modest, especially with my body. I like my body. Don’t be mistaking sex izle my enjoyment of being naked with sex. I have not had good sex experiences so I don’t know about that. But I do like to be naked and I don’t ever remember being naked on the beach like this. I like the way this feels.”

I moved to stand up and it was very obvious that my dick was rock solid and pushing my shorts out. She giggled.

“I’m so flattered that I have such an effect on you!”

“Jay, you’re killing me. I like being naked, too but seeing you is surely uncomfortable,” I said this as I straightened my dick in the shorts. She giggled some more. I walked over to the car and got my stash out of the glove compartment. I filled the bowl, lit it and walked back to her.

“Juana?….Mari?…I’ve been waiting a long time to say that!”

I lit the bowl and passed it to her. It went back and forth like this for a while and we were quiet. Jay stretched out in the sun and began to smear lotion over her body. I noticed her shiver when she ran her palms along her breasts. Oiled and slick she looked more exotic. I put a towel under my head and lay down in the sun. I began to apply lotion to myself.

“I’m very different from the person you know in the drug store. I’m smart and I know how to do things. I’ll have my chance soon but the wait is driving me crazy. I’m tired of waiting. I want it.”

We spoke about the restaurant and her version of The American Dream. It was enlightening and it was thrilling to hear her excitement. We spoke of her childhood in Colombia and her upper middle class upbringing. After about fifteen minutes, it was time to turn over. Jay looked at me sternly.

“Now, if you can keep it in your pants, I’ll let you put lotion on my back.”

“Okay, I’ll tie the rascal down but I can’t be held responsible.”

I liberally smeared lotion over her shoulders and down her back, using my best erotic massage hands. I sat behind her head and once, she lifted her head and stared into the leg of my shorts where the head of my dick was neatly tucked and peeking at her. She didn’t think I noticed but I did.

I moved down to her feet and began to work on her toes, sole, and ankle. I moved up her legs and worked both inside and out. I got to her ass, filled my palms with oil, and oiled her ass like I was born to. As I got close to her best parts, she made a noise and shifted her hips. I stopped and, as gentlemanly as I could, I went for me drink and my bowl.

After ten minutes of so, I declared that it was time to take a dip. I ran into the surf with a whoop and a dog at my heels. We played at the edge of the surf until he tired and ambled back to his shady spot under the screen.

Jay passed the dog on her way into the water. She jumped and squealed as the surf splashed over her. As she swam up to me, I lifted my hand out of the water showing her that I was not wearing my bathing suit. I waved the suit around my head.

“Ooh. Is that a dare?”

She lifted her hand to show me her thong between her fingers. Laughing, we were like two little kids frolicking nude in the surf on a deserted beach. We caught some waves and rode them. Finally, she waved me in and I chased her, naked back to the blanket.

We were both naked and laughing. We were stoned. We were having fun. I handed her a towel and we began to dry off. I got a good look at her pussy. It was small and pretty with her soft and silky black pubic hair trimmed low to accommodate her bikinis.

“You have a very nice penis. It looks nice like in pictures. Not that I am an expert but it seems big enough; it hangs nice on your thigh. Esthetically, it’s pretty. There, I said it. You have a pretty penis.”

“Thank you. I’ve never been told that before. And you have a very handsome vagina. How come you just don’t shave it? I mean there’s hardly any hair there anyway?”

“I don’t like the way it feels. It itches too much and it bothers me. So I wax a line and leave the rest and it feels better.”

“I suppose it’s better than putting your hand down there and scratching it all the time.”

“Puh-leeeze, I do enough of that anyway. But I’ll be right back, don’t go away.”

She ran up and behind the dune and I could just see enough to see that she was squatting and peeing. What a girl. I put my little black gym shorts on and sat in the shade, filling the pipe and the wine glasses.

Jay returned wearing her thong.

“There’s someone coming this way in a car.”

“Don’t worry. Come over her and sit in the shade as I pushed the dog over.

Within a couple of minutes, the beach patrol pulled up. Officer Don saw me, waved and drove on. Not a word was spoken but I saw his eyebrows lift as he ogled Jay. He drove off smiling. I knew that he would not be back my way until later in the afternoon.

“Do you know everybody in this town?”

“Yes. Everybody. By first name. And I’m surprised Officer Don didn’t get out and take a puff!”

We sat in the shade and ate small bedava porno bite-sized and very delicious cuban sandwiches. The wine was gone but the cold beer worked well.

“I’m really enjoying this. You are so much fun. I trust you, too. I feel comfortable with you.”

“Isn’t that the way it’s supposed to be? Aren’t we supposed to enjoy each other as a way to be happy? But I will admit to a lot of self-control today, Jay.”

“I’m sorry. I don’t want to make you uncomfortable. Shall I put more clothes on?”

“Don’t you dare. I love looking at your beautiful breasts and while I would love to caress them. I love looking at the rest of you and your fine line. I love your thong and while I wish I had it between my teeth, I’ll be okay. I have looked at your thong line for months and now let me feast my eyes. If I have to go home and masturbate later, at least me get my money’s worth!”

Jay giggled and stood up. She struck poses in front of me playfully and then sat back down next to me very close so we were touching. She placed her arm around mine and pressed herself against me.

Vet quietly, she said, “I’ve had a difficult background with men. You’re the first man I feel okay with in a very long time. Your penis is the first I have seen in many years and it didn’t frighten me like the last one. Pardon me for being so bold but I’m telling you what I feel and I think you understand.”

“It’s all good, you know. Penises can be nice too. A penis can be your best friend.”

She laughed and it lightened the mood. I slipped my cock out of my shorts and held it in my hand for her inspection. She was fascinated by it. I felt her nipple harden against my bicep.

“Seriously, Jay, I think that you’re a good and strong person. And you have an opportunity to make a good life here and I respect that beyond words. You have to trust somebody sometime but…more specifically, men have to work to earn your trust and when they do, they have the “real” you. Do you follow me?”

“Yes, you’re exactly right. I’d rather withdraw than suffer jerks and liars…or violent men.”

“You have to find a middle ground, especially in the restaurant business. You have to be friendly as well as political, you also have to show off your art and all the attention that comes with that. Some will be jerks, some will be liars but all will be customers and that’s how you maintain your equilibrium.”

She liked that as she lay down on her back in the sun. Holding the lotion, she waved me over.

“Come,” she said, “lay down here and let’s talk more. And oil me.”

“Yes, Your Highness.”

I started on her forehead and sensually traced my fingers along, around and amongst her face. She cooed. I ran the oil over her shoulders and down her chest encircling and circumscribing her breasts. She cooed again. I lotioned up and moved down her stomach, just under the thong to the top of her pubic hair. She cooed again.

I continued the process from her feet up along her thighs. Now she parted her legs slightly to give me access to her inner thighs. I moved my hands up her thighs and along the sides of the thong. Oh, that thong!. She was very wet. I stopped and started to pull away.

“No, don’t leave. Come over here where I can see you.”

I moved to her side by her head and blocking the sun.

“I am excited. I want you to show me your penis again.”

I loved that accent.

“It’s been a long …”

I pulled my shorts to the side and it popped out all happy and alert. It was like they were both gazing at each other – her dark eyes and my one-eyed monster. I took her hand and placed both on my dick. I slowly stroked it and it got harder. Jay gasped and took her hand back. Something told me that this was my chance.

“I have an idea. What do you say to this? Since it’s getting pretty hot out here, why don’t we take another dip and then go back to my place, take a hot tub, drink some more, smoke some more and then I make YOU dinner. I’ll teach you how to make red beans and rice the real way!”

“Louisiana? I can probably do it better than you. I spent a year in New Orleans with Susan Spicer!”

“Ok, I’m impressed. Let’s compromise – we make a meal together.”

“You’re on. Let’s go. Last one in..”

I chased her into the water. This time, we playfully swam together sometimes rubbing our nude bodies together. It was no accident when I swam up behind her and ran my cock between her butt cheeks. It was no mistake when after a wave knocked us over, she grabbed my crotch.

I chased her out of the water. I chased her into the car. Then I chased her into my house.

I took her by the hand and led her to the deck and the hot tub. I folded the cover and turned on the bubbler. I filled the wine glasses. I dropped my suit and walked into the tub. Turning to her, I held out my hand. She stripped down to her thong and slid in next to me. Oh, what a sweet body.

“House Rules.”

I leaned over and peeled her thong down. She stepped out of it and I lifted it to my face. She laughed and we slid into the tub. I lay in my favorite spot where the jets blow up your ass and around your lower back. She moved from place to place around the tub looking for the right spot. Meanwhile, I still had the thong in my mouth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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