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The Ticket XVI

Sandy called the cops while her crew watched the rest of Deeds crew of ruffians. By the time the Police arrived they were singing. It was sure they were facing years in prison.

Madame La Foy had herself convinced that no one would come after her. She was very surprised when her maid told her there were some rough looking people were asking for her. She said, “ Tell them to come back later I need to get these new girls set up.

Her door crashed open and the three young girls still manacled lay at Madame La Foy’s feet. They were very frighten and could barely speak English.

Madame La Foy was angered by this lack respect, stood up and demanded to know what was going on. The leader of the group of men lined up outside her door told her to shut up. He grabbed her gown and ripped it off of her. There was also a lady with them and she took charge of the three handcuffed crying girls. The leader lifted Madame La Foy up in the air and slammed her down on to the bed, He turned to the men lined up outside the room.

Okay two at a time. In a few minutes the Madame was being raped by fifteen homeless men. When the rest of the homeless community became aware that there was free pussy to be had. The line tripled and no hole was left alone. The Madam was screwed so many times I think the final count was 63. Then the Police was called regarding the girls that were kidnapped and that they could be found at 34 Rosecrantz. And the person responsible was on the bed all fucked out.

Other girls that had been kidnapped in recent months were found in the rooms of the house of Madam La Foy. The police were taking bets as to how long she would be in prison. That is if she ever made it out of the Hospital.


Moses Marcus was beginning to get worried it seemed everyone was gone except for Jonas. For awhile he thought that Reyes was just hiding out. Then it was announced he had been dumped at the Hospital suffering from a drug over dose. They tried to save him but it was too late. He died that same night.

Marcus sent out the word for all the soldiers of the Sheriff, Reyes, La Foy and Deeds. Garcia & Judge Riley were independent and had no followers. Then he contacted Jonas. It was too late to maintain secercy. He gave them all his address figguring his stronghold was the best place to hold out and to use as a base of Operations.

When they had gathered there was close to a hundred men. Albert Lopez had taken over the mexican mafia. Deeds and La Foy’s groups were leaderless. Marcus appointed two of his trusted lieutenants to lead them. Jonas still had not arrived with his men.

Jonas had his hands full, there was at least three snipers around the Pool hall he used as his headquarters. Seven of his men were lying outside his front door and three on the ground at the rear.
The phone rang and he answered it. It was M telling him that ten men was on the way to help out.
Again the tapped phone paid off by the time the ten men arrived the snipers were long gone.
The war games being played by the Army and Air Force was coming to and end. We timed our attack on Marcus’s home with that thought in mind. They would be pulling out tomorrow morning thus we were taking advantage of them being their tonight. The General had already set up guards and constant patrol around the little house and the guest qtrs.

We pulled out a few at Sex hikayeleri a time hopely no one was suspicious Just as I was going to pull out of the driveway the big British guy suddenly appeared in front of the truck. I rolled down the front window.
The Giant bent down and shoved his right hand in the window. Instinctively grasped his hand , he smiled.

“Hello nephew, your Mother was my older sister. Mind if I ride along.?”

I smiled and said , “Get in, I think we have a bit to talk over, Don’t you? “ Donald just smiled and walked around to the passenger side.

“ By the way my name is Donald Murphy, I arrived here before you did.”

“Samuel Night Walker, but you already knew that. Are you the guardian angel that has been watching over me.”

“Your Grand father asked me to look out for you. Plus I was investigating your parents death. I never believed it was an accident”

I pulled out of the drive for the trip to Amarillo “ and what have you found.”

“Sheriff Jones caused the wreck by direction of Moses Marcus. I assume that is where we are going now.”

“Yes it is showdown time. We estimate Marcus has over a hundred and twenty five men available. What he doesn’t have is the training we have, most of our men are ex military.”

We drove in silence for a while then a thought occurred to me. “What happened to the real Scorpion did
you kill him too.

” You have it part right. I did kill the Black Scorpion But…” He told me the full story including there being two girls … identical twins and how he felt about Maria.

“Well I have no doubt it is safe between us and I will never tell.”
“Thank you, Night.”

We finally reached the house off of Tascosa Rd. I divided them into 4 groups led by Charles, Donald, Al Sims(the Dav which would run support in jeeps and motorized wheel chairs) and the fourth group led by Rose, my ranch foreman would be at the HQ house loading clips and taking care of the wounded. I would be in my truck which was doubling as the command vehicle.

I was passing out orders, when two of Charles group walked up. The taller of the two spoke first. “Mr. Walker my name is Thomas Fremont and I am a Texas ranger. As much as I would like to take part in this little excursion I am afraid I can’t.”

The second man spoke, “ I am Able Baker, FBI and I have to agree with Tom I can’t take part either.”

“But If it is okay with you we will help the ladies, Doctor Demp might need a couple of assistants? “

Next problem was, Donald’ he complained that he was a field man not a leader and he pulled another man forward and said.” This is Conrad Means ex special forces SGT Major he will lead and that will free up Homer, Eagle, and me to scout the area.”

I agreed and briefed the group leaders who in turn briefed their group. One thing was emphasized that if a leader fell next man in line takes over.

I released the scouts with the aim of finding a path to the house. I also stressed that the house may contain women and children. The time was 2300 we jump off at 0000.

Eagle followed a natural drainage ditch that curved with 40 feet from the garage. He radioed back to HQ he was setting up a listening post. Send a man with a radio.

Donald began working his way toward the garage. Often he met a guard and often he slit their throats. He notified HQ..

Homer wired the main gate then moved Sikiş hikayeleri along the fence searching for weak spots. But first he notified HQ the gate was ready.


Marcus was becoming very upset, his listening post were failing to respond. His intel, which had been good so far indicated that they were clear until tomorrow night. His new people he had hired would not arrive til then.

One of his men reported to him that he had found a guard with his throat cut. Before he could finish his report his head exploded. Sniper round. Marcus hit the floor, a wet puddle formed around his waist and groin…. He had pissed his pants. For the first time in his life he was truly scared… Because he was not in control…

Jonas was shaking in his boots, he sent three of his men out to get his limo. No shots were fired by the time Jonas was in his limo he began to get his confidince back. He had one car leading and two following.

He was throwing orders as per usual not realizing we were all ears … His Limo was bugged also. Before he reached Marcus’s gate the leading cars hood blew off and it crashed into the bar ditch. Four men survived Jonas crammed them into his Limo. Before they could move a man stepped into view, he smiled, raised a Bazooka and the last vehicle desentigrated…will not really but it blew up, no survivors.

Jonas yelled at his driver to get him out of there. Now just the Limo and one following car. Nothing else happened and they reached Marcus’s gate. The driver rolled down his window to punch in the activation code to open the gate.

A pinging sound was heard, a round hole appeared in the drivers forehead and he slumped forward.
Jonas and his men were going wild when off to the side loomed a monster truck.

( for you who have followed this story all the way.. Earlier some readers question my motives for delaying the reason for the ticket they also was upset because the extensivee description of the truck. Well…..)

Jonas looked out the window but all he could see was Rail road rails that formed the bumper of my truck as it crashed into the side of the Limo. I had the truck in 4 wheel drive and it was steadily pushing the Limo up against the brick corner post supports for the gate. The sides were so crushed that there was no exit from either side. The occupants were trying to crawl through the drivers compartment.

The tailing vehicle had backed up and drove off at a high rate of speed only to be met by the blade of a very large bulldozer. No one left alive.

Charles opened his door and one at a time picked off the men trying to exit the limo. When Jonas tried Charles shot him in both shoulders then drug him out and slit his throat.

Now only one bad apple left.

At one of the housing additions a lady and her kids started out of the addituon only to find the road blocked by a pick-up and men in cammo suits they told her it wouldn’t be long they were just clearing some rats and other vermin. With fear in her eyes she returned home.

Moses Marcus had quite a lote of trees and shrubs which had been sculpted in the form of animals. His guards moved among them wit alertness… or so they thought. The scouts seemed to infiltrate this Floral Menagerie. The guards passed once to often, then they passed no more.

Marcus sat in his office wondering where he went wrong. He couldn’t understand, Erotik hikaye he was rich and controlled every thing in three counties.. One man dies and another comes to town and… everything falls apart. He looked around and began to wonder… It had been a while since he had had a report.

He began calling on the radio… the answers were sporadic but it seemed like his Estate was being over run. He could hear occasional gunfire it seemed like individual fights rather than a repression. Of troops.

He began to wonder how his sneak attack on Night Walker’s Estates had faired. He chuckled when he thought about twenty toughs assaulting a bunch of helpless women….


Amber had the girls well placed in case there was an attack on the Manse. She and Betty were concealed in the shrubs near the front Porch. Both were carrying silenced pistols, 9 mm. The other girls were scattered around the Manse, Barn and other out bldgs.

As Marcus’s men attempted to infiltrate the ranch, they were picked up by the girls. Before they got past the Barn Five were down. Three entered the Horse barn… none came out. Five made an assault on the garage only to find themselves on their stomachs and feeling a pistol at the back of their heads. Then they were bound and gagged.

The last five had reached the front of the Manse, after sending two toward the kitchen who found the cooks awaiting with very sharp knives. The five slipped on to the porch and the leader reached for the front door. That was when he heard the slide engaging on multiple pistols. They turned to find themselves facing fifteen armed women all smiling and daring them to move.

Amber called on the walky talky and soon a squad of Soldiers arrived and offered to take the trash off their hands and to deliever them to Jacob Littlestar.


The assault on Moses Marcus Estate was laughable. It was dountfull that a tenth of his men had any experience in less than twenty minutes after it had begun it was over they had given up I called Able Baker and Tom Fremont and had them meet me at the front door.

We entered Marcus’s office together. He looked up somewhat startled and both of them serverd him with siezurer warrents. Five feds entered behind us and began bagging everything. No one was paying attention to Marcus. He pulled out a derringer shoved it into his mouth and pulled the trigger. Donald had entered about that time and said he saved the State a trial.

They went over Marcus’s Papers and decided the state would be very busy with all the evidence they contained..
I shook my head and said it is a shame that we have cleaned up this part of the state with the knowledge that it won’t be long till some one else moves in.


I gave the Manse and the larger portion of the ranch to Amber and the girls. I kept the Little House and the Guest house. Charles and Barbara married soon after and they reside in the Guest House.

Donald and Maria went back to Ireland and with the additional funds I gave them they was able to purchase the Family Ancestoral Home.

Mary took it on her self to be the cook at the little house. Lila works for my legal firm . Nancy from the school comes out every Saturday to swim at the Guest House and stay the night.

Through out the incident many friends were made and have all been made welcome all they have to do is show up.

I also gave the security service to Sandy Sixkiller.

Almost forgot seven of the girls were pregnant including Yoko. Even so the girls still do me the Honor when we happen to meet. OH what a wonderful life.

The End

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