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The train came to a stop and we left the carriage and walked out into the fresh night air, it was just a short walk to your home. We had to walk up a flight of stairs to your flat, you opened the door and invited me in, I was quite nervous going into a complete strangers home, yet I felt safe.

Literally as the door closed behind me you, you pulled me towards you and kissed me with some urgency, your tongue explored every part of my mouth, your hands began to feel my curves for the first time that evening. You were horny as hell and I loved every moment of it. Whilst kissing you were pulling me towards a doorway. Pausing briefly to open the door holding my hand you pulled into the bedroom, just gazing at me.

In your bedroom at the end of the bed you began to undo my blouse, button by button, admiring and taken everything in, pushing the blouse over my shoulders you leant forward and nuzzled at my neck, whilst your hands felt their way over my arms and cupping my breasts, my blouse fell to the floor. You pulled your shirt off revealing a slightly hairy chest, your hands made their way to my skirt and you undid the button it fell to the floor also. I was stood there in my matching pink thong and bra.

You told me to lie on the bed you had something planned; instinctively I did as I was told. With that you leant forward and whispered to me to trust you, the adrenalin that was rushing through my body now was intense, you got some kind of scarf and placed it over my eyes tying it slightly, I was scared yet I trusted you. You gently took hold of my hands and told me to hold onto the headboard rail, I could feel you tying my hands to the headboard. I became aware of my other Eryaman Escort senses; I could feel my heart pounding and my heavy breathing. You took hold of my other hand and did the same thing.

My hands were holding onto the rail, you began you stroke your hands down my arms so softly, as you brushed your face near mine I could smell your aftershave, your breath against my lips as you moved about.

Running your fingers further down my body you came to my breasts roaming your hands over my bra just gently caressing as you went, you undid the clip of my bra and pulled the bra off, I heard it being tossed to one side. My nipples were fully erect; I felt your fingers just brush over them, sending pulses through me. I felt your tongue on my stomach just licking me I wonder what you were going to do next, eager to be touched. Your hands felt inside my thong and you began to tug swiftly yet with ease at my thong, I lifted my bottom slightly helping you remove it, you took hold of my ankle and tied it to the bed pillar, and did the same to my other ankle.

I was totally at your mercy. My heart was pounding.

I heard you leave the room and was rummaging around, I then heard some soft music being played, I sensed you had return to the room and felt you climb onto the bed, your legs brushed near mine and bare skin was felt. You knelt forward, your lips touched mine kissing me so softly. Again you spoke softly I think you could sense my fear you told me to trust you and relax, I did, my breathing started to ease slightly.

Next I felt something touch my nipple, the freezing coldness made me jump I felt my hands Sincan Escort grasp hold of the rail. You teased the ice all over my nipple making my erect nipple expose more before moving ice over my chest, and down toward my belly button you seemed to like watching me flinch as you moved the ice about. I then felt you suck some of the moisture from my tummy, my pussy was eager to be touched, moving down my body I felt your tongue getting nearer my pussy, the feelings I could feel were intense, your tongue just touched the lips of my pussy sending my body into overdrive I wanted you badly. Just licking the outer part of my lips juices were already expelled from our earlier encounter your tongue just licked the exposed part of my pussy. You stop, using your fingers your parted my pussy lips slightly then I felt the cold ice on my pussy making me really moan. The ice on my pussy I cannot even begin to describe, you moved the ice around making water drip. You placed your hand on one of my thighs the coldness from you holding the ice on your fingers I could feel.

I then felt you lick the whole length of my pussy, wriggling slightly I wanted you, using your fingers you spread my pussy lips and licked deep into my clit, I wanted to lift my leg up so you could lick deeper but couldn’t. My swollen pussy was so wet you began to suck my clit I knew I wouldn’t be able to delay myself from cumming the sucking and licking of my pussy was really good, you were exciting every sense of my body, holding onto my body you buried your head deep inside my clit, my throbbing clit was expelling its juices into your mouth and you were sucking like Etlik Escort mad to capture as much as you could.

Being blindfolded I could hear the sucking of you on my clit like I’ve never really heard before and the intensity of my breathing and my moaning echoing in the room.

My hands holding tight onto the rails you knew I was about to cum, your fingers wanked at my pussy whilst you sucked, my orgasms was so explosive the noise from my groaning displaying the pleasure and excitement I had felt.

Moving on the bed you placed your lips onto my nipple and began to suck hard, resting your body onto my body as you grab my breast and held it whilst sucking it, you other hand run its over my face, I then felt for your fingers with my mouth and began to lick and suck on your fingers. You moved up to face and began to kiss me so lovingly whilst still caresses my breast nipple. I could feel your hard cock against my skin, wriggling I wanted you inside me. You lifted your body of me and released the tie on my ankles and return to me; your cock began to enter my very wet moist pussy and deep thrusting began.

You continued to kiss me whilst deeply penetrating me, I wrapped my legs round waist so I could feel you deeper inside my pussy, pounding me your thrusting began to speed up, I could hear you begin to groan, your throbbing cock fucking me, I knew it wouldn’t be long before you would come inside me, I let go of my grasp on the rail and realised my hands were and had been free all along, I run my finger nails over your back hugging you tightly whilst you were making love to me, a few more thrusts and then I felt your warm cum expel inside my pussy. Pulling the blindfold off my eyes and quickly accustoming to the lighting I looked into your face and saw the expression of pleasure on your face. I kissed you lightly, we stayed together locked in that position for ages just looking touching and kissing, before you pulled out of me and I then nuzzled and fell asleep in your arms, our legs still entwined.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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