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Collecting her dressing table chair, Casi put the seat in front of her so that she could rest her hands on it later, but for now she smiled wickedly and sat down facing the large erection. Opening the other cupboard door afforded her with a view of what she was doing from a side on perspective as well as head on. “Time for a little lubrication me thinks.” Casi giggled to herself and opening her mouth wide, sucked the head of the cock in. Running her tongue around the glans as if this was a real cock, before inching slowly forwards. Though she had not done this before, she knew she could manage to swallow this cock quite easily, as it was not too dissimilar in size to Alex’s.

It wasn’t long before she had deep-throated the whole shaft and found that one of her hands had already slipped back into her juice laden vaginal lips and was rubbing her clit vigorously. She needed this beast inside her before she made a real mess of her chair. Getting up and turning around, she could see that she was already a little too late on that one. A wet patch lightly glistening in the morning light bore evidence to her copious sex juices. Casi tutted but was too turned on to worry about that now. She reversed up, putting one hand on the chair to steady herself. The other slipped back between her legs and into her swollen, dripping labia.

As her fingers brushed her clitoris, her legs almost folded. She parted her fingers, splaying her lips and looking back at her reflection, she reversed back onto the head of the cock, her wet valley now parted wide and ready to accept it. As the large bulbous head contacted her vulva at exactly the right place she moaned at her own reflection, “Oooohhh my God…”

Casi pushed her lovely firm pear-shaped arse, back further and felt the silken head on her fingers, “OOOOOhhhhhmyGodddd, ohh, owww yes baby, ugh, ugh. You know what I need so give it to me. I want your entire throbbing, hard length inside me. Yes, baby, yes, oooohhh please, stick it in me now!” Casi moaned as she watched the entire penetration in the mirrors, inching the head of the cock into her tight vagina. Her vaginal muscles accepted it in and grasped upon it as though in a feeding frenzy, having not been fed for weeks. Casi had engulfed the entire eight inches uttering more expletives. “Fuck, oh fuck yeah! Oooohh yes, ohh, ohh, oh fuck me please! Oooooh AleXX, I need your cock inside me now.”

It Büyükesat Escort was at that point that Alex arrived at the walk-in wardrobe door and witnessed the display his wife was giving herself. His first thought was, ‘thank God there is not another man in here’, the second was one of disbelief. He had never seen his wife masturbating as she was now, and didn’t even know that they had a big black dildo? Casi’s unadulterated lust however, dispensed with his small amount of anger, for now at least and as he watched his wife impale herself again and again, his cock began to return to the vigour that it was in when he entered the house.

He continued to watch the wet cock slipping in and out of his wife as she bore hard down upon it. So busy staring at herself fucking in the mirror was she, that she had not noticed Alex standing there. Her noises of sexual gratification had certainly drowned out any noise that he made in his arrival. She continued with the verbalisation of her lust, “Yeah fuck me, fuck me with your big fat, hard cock. I’ve been holding on for weeks now I need to feel a cock inside me!”

Alex’s cock was now back to full strength and bobbed upwards towards his waist. Witnessing his wife getting fucked from behind by a big black cock was a surprising turn on for him. “Oooohh, uuummmm,” Casi whimpered with each thrust onto the cock and each slow withdrawal from it. Alex realised he could not miss this opportunity and silently nipped back downstairs, returning with his phone. He set it to video and started to film his wife’s sexual antics. The air was full of sexual squelching sounds as Casi’s juices, copiously in full flow, dribbled from her pussy down her legs into the stocking tops. Some juice just dripped from her lips to the floor.

Casi now had her eyes shut and was biting on her bottom lip, so Alex moved in closer to get an angled shot from above her bum, as if he were watching himself fucking her. Then he ran his hand round beneath her and filmed the copulation from there for a minute, trying very hard not to touch his thrusting wife, but also trying to get as close to the penetration as possible. As he filmed a dribble of her juices dropped onto his phone and fingers. He finally took video of his wife’s screwing in the mirror so that he got her in double. ‘Doubled fucked’, was the title that sprang Elvankent Escort to mind for this little home-made porno. He knew what he was doing was wrong without Casi’s consent, but he had already stepped over that mark with another video? Besides he could not miss out on this thoroughly raunchy display that Casi was putting on for them both, albeit she didn’t know he was there.

Casi’s rhythmic trusts seemed a little more urgent now, her panting, heaving breasts, swung beneath her body, backwards and forwards with her motion. “Oh God Alex,” she moaned, “Touch me right there, make me come please!” Alex thought the game was up and she was speaking directly to him, but realised his mistake immediately as Casi’s hand slipped between her parted legs and started to fondle her clitoris with a wet smacking sound. “Yes Alex, yes, right there, ooohhh you certainly know where to touch me. I love to feel you in me fucking me from behind.” Her thrusting enhanced her panting as she neared her orgasm. “Ooohh, mummmm, huh, huh, oh fuck… Yes Alex, yes, I’m coming, uuggghhhh awwww yes…” Alex knew the signs of Casi’s orgasms well. Her legs went into spasm and she nearly collapsed over the chair, her breathing sharp ragged intakes of breath as she succumbed to her climax. “Uuummmm, that was… oh my God Alex, what are you doing back?”

Casi stood up, but remained impaled on the rubber cock. Her breasts and body were covered in sweat, or her juices. Her nipples were the largest he had ever seen them. It was evident that both had been caught in the act; him filming her, her masturbating in a way that somehow was not a solo activity? “You, er, you were filming me?”

“Well,” he said, “After your texting and the video you sent me, I thought that I needed to come home and perform a few husbandly duties, that to be fair I have been slacking on for the last few weeks. But it seems that that is no-longer necessary?”

“Video I sent? I don’t understand?” Casi looked a little confused, but then her body was still recovering from one of the most intense solo orgasms she had had for a while. Admittedly she was fantasising about her husband screwing her, but it was still masturbation however you wanted to label it. Alex turned his phone around and played the video. “Oh, that video, I… I didn’t realise I’d sent it.”

“No,” Alex replied, Beşevler Escort “I’m not surprised, as you seemed a little pre-occupied at the time!” Casi began to blush. She felt more than a little guilty about being caught masturbating. It was a subject that they hadn’t really discussed between them, and although each other assumed that they did masturbate, it had been something that was somewhat kept behind closed doors. It was out in the open now! Certainly, for her part.

“I’m sorry Alex, but I was getting desperate, besides,” Casi pointed at Alex’s cock which was straining at the bit, “He seems to have enjoyed my little er… display?”

“I’m not saying we didn’t enjoy it Casi,” Alex looked down at his cock which was bouncing as if seeking attention, “Far from it in fact,” He held up his phone as if bearing witness. “I will enjoy going over this in the editing process. It was just that I, that is to say, we,” he pointed down at Herc, “Had been expecting to… well you know?”

“Fuck me?” Casi asked, with a little hunger returning to her eyes. “You came back to give me a good fucking? Oh God Alex, you don’t know how I need that. Please…”

“But surely you have just satisfied that er… shall we say need? By the looks of your shaking legs and panting, you have just about finished yourself off?”

“OH GOD NO!” Casi replied. “Masturbation with a rubber cock is one thing. Being screwed by your lover with his gorgeous pulsing, long, thick, spurting cock, is something completely different. This has satisfied nothing really other than a quick release, I’m sure you understand that? Oh, come here and give me a shafting with your cock please!”

“Ummm,” Alex replied, suddenly something slipped into his mind. “Yes I need to ask about that rubber cock and where it came from, but for now…I’ll tell you what,” His smile had turned to one of wickedness, “If you really think you are up to some more, then that is what we will do, but it must be on my terms, agreed?”

“Now Alex, what are you planning?”

“AGREED?” Alex raised his voice slightly.

“Yes,” Casi responded, “Yes, of course yes. What do you want me to do?”

“I want you to take off those wet stockings, and your suspender belt and I want you to have a shower so that you are nice and fresh. Whist you are doing that, I will lay out some clothes for you to put on. Then I want you to wait in here until I am ready for you, OK?”

“Of course.” Casi responded with a wry smile, “Your wish is my command.” She extricated herself from the rubber dildo with a sigh and a squelch, and as she started to remove her stockings, heard the wardrobe door close. ‘What is he planning?’ she thought to herself as she got into the shower for the second time that morning.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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