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[A standalone piece, separate from my longer-form series. It features some returning characters — Jamie and Tamara from my Moments anthologies — but you can read it on its own without any knowledge of those stories.

Be aware, this story contains scenes of group sex, pissing/watersports, lesbian/bisexual sex, free use, humiliation and degradation. Avoid if those themes trouble you.

All characters involved in sexual situations are aged over 18.]


It’s well after midnight when Tamara hears the key turn in the lock. She’s curled up in bed, naked except for an outsized pyjama tee on this humid late summer night. She’s been waiting for Jamie to return from his night out. He said he was just going for a quick beer with his friends. That was six hours ago.

Tammy has tried futilely to get some sleep, but has found it impossible to relax. Some of it is separation anxiety; Jamie has become the most important person in her life, and she misses him on an almost visceral level when he’s not around. Most of it is horniness. They had a quick hard fuck in the afternoon before he went out. But she wants, needs, more. She’s been tossing and turning with sexual frustration all evening. Masturbation has failed to satisfy her. She won’t be able to sleep until she’s had Jamie inside her again.

Their casual fuck-buddy arrangement has deepened into something much more intense in the past month. He now comes over to her apartment multiple times a week to make use of her. She got a spare key cut for him so he can walk in on her any time of day or night. She no longer dates other guys alongside him. Her pussy, mouth and ass are for Jamie alone.

And he uses them relentlessly. Whenever he stays over at Tammy’s place, he fucks her awake, fucks her to sleep; she drinks his morning piss and goes to work with his cum leaking out of her. Sometimes they meet up in the city on their lunch breaks and fuck in his car. A mutual friend of theirs walked in on her sucking his dick at a house party a couple of weekends ago. Jamie didn’t let her stop — not that she wanted to stop, of course.

In between all the rough, degrading sex — the hard choking, the head-yanked-back doggystyle, the casual pissing on her face — there are occasional moments of remarkable tenderness. Jamie still gives Tammy those lovely back massages, makes her the best coffee, idly kisses her cheek when they’re watching a movie together. Tammy lives for those moments, which seem to grow rarer by the day.

She knows, wrenchingly, that Jamie still sees her as just his friend and fucktoy. If anything, now that he can use her any time he likes, she’s becoming less and less special to him. And, unlike her, he still dates other people from time to time. But she’s been stupid enough to fall in love with him, and it’s indescribable torture to have everything of him except his love.

A braver woman would come clean and admit she wants to be his girlfriend. Even if he turns her down, at least the awful ambiguity would be over. But Tammy doesn’t know if she could handle that rejection. So, out of cowardice, she has stayed silent, day after day, week after week.

When she hears a loud female giggle, she realises her mistake.

She can’t believe it. And yet it’s true. Jamie has brought a girl home. Someone young, chatty and fairly drunk, by the sound of it. Tammy can’t make out much of what the stranger is saying from behind the closed door, but she sounds very flirtatious. Jamie laughs and mutters something equally flirtatious back.

This can’t be happening, Tammy thinks, in a fever of dismay. This is my place. I thought he was just seeing his friends.

The half-heard conversation turns quickly to loud, breathy, smacking kisses. The kisses grow more muffled, and Tammy realises Jamie is taking the girl to the spare bedroom.

Tammy’s heart almost stops in her chest. He knows I’m here, she thinks. He wouldn’t fuck her right next door to me. Would he?

She hears footsteps through the wall, a rustling of clothes and sheets, hushed voices. A brief, tormenting silence. And then it begins. The creak and groan of the bedsprings, steady and rhythmic, getting faster. Jamie’s familiar grunts of effort. The mystery girl giggling and sighing, until she starts to moan. She moans louder and louder as the fuck gets faster and harder, until she’s practically screaming her pleasure through the walls. Tammy always thought she was a loud girl herself, but this slut has her beaten.

Tears start to brim in Tammy’s eyes as she listens to the man she loves fuck another woman. Ever since she realised she was in love with Jamie, she’s been tortured by thoughts of him with other girls, imagining what he does with his random hookups. She never thought she’d have to hear it firsthand. A terrible, toxic brew of jealous anguish bubbles inside her. How could he do this to her? In her own apartment, no less?

But worst of all, her pussy is soaking wet. The sounds coming from the spare bedroom are sending a çukurambar escort wave of confused, humiliated arousal through her. She isn’t sure if she wants to sob into her hands or send them down to play with her pussy. Which makes her feel even worse.

The fuck goes on agonisingly long. It sounds like Jamie is giving this girl the night of her life. Tammy tries to drown it out by burying her face in the pillows, to no avail. She can still hear the girl screaming Jamie’s name, again and again and again.

Finally, mercifully, it’s over, and the moans and cries of orgasmic joy fade away to indistinct post-coital whispers. Tammy wipes away a couple of rebellious tears and tries to collect herself.

When, a few minutes later, she hears quiet footsteps approaching her door, she considers pretending to be asleep. She has no idea what Jamie’s going to say to her. Is he coming to apologise? To beg her forgiveness? To tell her their friendship is over?

The door creaks open, throwing a rectangle of light from the hallway across Tammy’s darkened bedroom. Jamie walks in, naked and grinning drunkenly. Tammy gazes forlornly at her best friend, the man she loves. His tall, well-built rock-climber’s physique, his cute boyish smile, his endearingly scruffy dark hair. His long, thick uncut cock, the cock Tammy has sucked and fucked hundreds of times. Her heart aches and her pussy throbs at the sight of him. She sits up in bed, looking at him in anxious silence.

“Hey, Tam,” he greets her, bending down to kiss her on the lips. He smells strongly of sweat and sex, the rich scent of the mystery girl’s pussy coming off his dick. Tammy’s stomach lurches in dismay. She forces herself to smile back at him.

“I didn’t know you were gonna bring someone home,” she says.

“Yeah, I met her at the Black Leopard,” Jamie replies matter-of-factly. The Black Leopard is a nearby bar, a mutual favourite of theirs, and a notoriously popular spot for casual hookups. “I was only gonna feel her up a bit, but she wanted to fuck. I figured, your place is way closer than mine.” He doesn’t make any attempt to apologise; probably, in his mind he’s done nothing wrong. Something about that easy arrogance, mingled with the smell of another girl’s cunt, makes Tammy even more shamefully wet.

“Is she staying the night?” Tammy asks, dreading the answer.

“Well, that’s the thing,” Jamie says sheepishly. “Me and her were talking about you. See, she swings both ways, and I told her you’ve done stuff with girls. I said you’d come join us.”

Tammy looks at him, stunned to silence. How could he make that decision for her? How could he think she’d be okay with it? Does he really imagine she wants to do anything with him tonight, after he’s just treated her with the most ludicrous contempt?

But, of course, she does. Because being treated like that turns her on in ways she doesn’t even understand. Because he’s gradually trained her, a grown woman, to debase herself for him like an animal whenever he wants her to.

“You want a…a threesome?”

“Yeah, I guess. I know you’ve done it before.”

Tammy has indeed had threesomes before. In fact, she once let a whole house party of guys run a train on her, getting more dick in one night than she usually did in a month. But that was back in her university days of being an absolute, shameless, carefree slut. She’s twenty-nine now, and she thought those days were long behind her.

Apparently not.

“Come on, Tam,” Jamie urges her. “It’ll be fun. You’re gonna really like Julia.”

Julia. The name brands itself in Tammy’s mind like a curse.

Tammy knows she has no choice. She wants so badly to please Jamie. And she’s so horny now, she needs to be fucked, one way or another. Even if it’s in front of some other girl.

“Okay,” she mumbles.

Jamie grins happily and kisses her, his tongue stroking against hers. As always, kissing him feels so right, she doesn’t want it to stop. She doesn’t even care that his breath is heavy with alcohol. But then he turns away, and Tammy rises to follow him like an obedient puppy, wearing only her baggy tee. Her heart beats quick and anxious in her chest.

They go through to the warmly-lit spare bedroom, where the air reeks sweetly of sex. Tammy’s anxiety reaches a fever pitch as she crosses the threshold. Then she sees the girl Jamie has brought home, and is immediately overcome with a rush of despair, jealousy and self-loathing, so strong she nearly has to bite back a groan of dismay.

Julia is sprawled out naked on the guest bed, still recovering from being fucked. She is very young, maybe twenty-two or twenty-three, and absolutely gorgeous. Tall, slender, long-limbed, with the lean thighs and toned abs of a hardcore gym fiend. Her skin is nearly as milky-white as Tammy’s, but flawless and unblemished where Tammy is heavily freckled. Her breasts are small, symmetrical and perfect. Her short hair gleams in a stylish pixie cut, dark roots fading demetevler escort into dyed silver-blonde. She’s also seriously inked; Tammy has never seen so many tattoos on a girl. Thorny roses twine around her forearms, spiderwebs mark the backs of her hands, intricate scrollwork decorates her pretty shoulders. A bird of prey, executed with exquisite detail, spreads its wings across her collarbone. A — very sexualised — mermaid lounges on her lower belly, just above the smooth-shaven mound of her vulva. The overall effect is half punk rocker, half Olympic gymnast.

A happy, drunken smile forms on Julia’s face as she sees Jamie and Tammy come in. Her features are impudently beautiful, her eyes a cold, pale blue. Cruel eyes.

Looking at this young goddess that has been brought into her home, Tammy can only feel profoundly inferior. Her brain runs its hateful, automatic comparisons — she’s younger, she’s taller, she’s slimmer, she shaves her pussy, she’s so much prettier, oh God Jamie won’t want me now he’s had her — and she tries her best to keep a neutral expression as she approaches the bed. It’s difficult, especially when she sees Jamie’s cum spattered thickly over Julia’s delicate pink pussy lips.

“Julia, this is Tammy,” Jamie announces. “She’s my…friend with benefits, I guess you could say.”

“Hi, Tammy,” Julia drawls, wiggling her fingers in a lazy wave, without rising from the bed. Her voice is smoky, almost harsh, incongruous with her prettiness. “I’m the girl your friend with benefits just dicked down.”

“Yeah, I could hear you guys,” Tammy says, trying to sound nonchalant. She finds it difficult to meet Julia’s frosty gaze.

“He’s got a great dick,” Julia sighs contentedly. “I haven’t been fucked like that in ages.” Her pussy drools white strings of Jamie’s cum, gleaming in the light.

“I’m…glad you enjoyed it,” Tammy mumbles. She can feel her cheeks prickling with humiliation. “Sounded pretty hot.”

“I told Julia the kind of stuff we do together,” Jamie says, stroking Tammy’s back with his fingertips, as if to comfort her. “She said she’d like you to join in.”

“It sounds like you’re pretty much down for anything,” Julia says, looking at Tammy quizzically. She sits up on her elbows, her pert little breasts looking even more lovely front-on. Her tone is friendly, but Tammy can read the subtle contempt between the lines. “And you’ve been with girls before, apparently?”

“A few,” Tammy replies. Most of her lovers have been men, but she’s hooked up with several girls over the years, and even briefly dated a female colleague at her previous job. She enjoys the gentleness of girls, their sensitivity and consideration in bed, as a contrast to the rough fucking she likes from her men.

She doesn’t think Julia will be gentle or considerate with her, though. The blonde bitch is looking at her like she’s an insect, something to be dissected. Or squashed underfoot.

Fuck, why does that turn me on? Tammy thinks to herself.

“I’ve got a girlfriend,” Julia says, as if that doesn’t matter at all. “But we’re on a break right now. She’s been a fucking bitch to me lately. So I’m in the mood for some fun.”

“How about you, Tam? You in the mood for fun?” Jamie asks. He has that cute, mischievous smirk on his face that Tammy usually loves, but right now it makes her desperately uneasy. She doesn’t know how much he’s told Julia, or what they’ve agreed between themselves. This is her home, but she already feels like she has no control over the situation. Her instincts scream for her to back out. Her traitorous pussy, which so loves to be used and degraded, compels her to stay.

“Sure,” Tammy says. She can hear the uncertainty in her own voice.

“Great!” Jamie enthuses. “Let’s get you out of that shirt. Hey, Julia, check out Tammy’s rack…”

Before Tammy can react, Jamie steps behind her, grabs the hem of her tee and yanks it up, baring her ginger-furred pussy and her heavy, pillowy, snow-white breasts.

“Wow. Those are huge,” Julia giggles. Tammy almost feels proud, but then she notices Julia looking at her curvy belly and soft, plump thighs, and the sense of inferiority comes rushing back. She feels fat and saggy compared to Julia’s elfin slenderness.

“They’re good, huh?” Jamie says. “What was your high school nickname, again, Tam?”

“Um…Big Tits Tammy,” Tammy replies, in a small, embarrassed voice. Jamie nudges her, and she lifts her arms over her head to let him pull the shirt off her. She’s left totally naked, bared to Julia’s unsympathetic eyes.

“I didn’t have a nickname in high school,” Julia says archly. “I was too much of a good girl.” She lets the implicit criticism of Tammy hang in the air.

“You can’t have been that much of a good girl,” Jamie leers. “You learned how to ride a dick somewhere.”

Julia offers him a sly smile. “Maybe I was a little bit bad.”

The two of them share a smouldering look, making Tammy feel like a complete demirtepe escort afterthought. Even when Jamie turns his attention back to her, there’s a look in his eyes that tells her she’s going to be the punchline to the joke tonight.

“So, I wanna eat Julia’s pussy,” Jamie says casually, patting Tammy’s bare ass as he does so. “But since I just fucked her, it’s all full of my cum. I don’t wanna taste that. I’m gonna need you to clean her up for me.”

Julia smiles at Tammy, but the smile doesn’t reach her chilly blue eyes. She undulates her hips, pushing her well-used cunt out provocatively. “Mmm. I’m very messy.”

“You always give me fucking great head, Tam,” Jamie continues. “Reckon you can give Julia a good time?”

Tammy knows this is her chance to say no, and walk out of the room. They can’t force her to do this. Why should she pleasure this strange girl who has come into her apartment uninvited, who so clearly holds her in absolute contempt?

Because Jamie wants me to, she thinks. And — worse — I want to, as well. “I’ll try my best,” she says meekly.

“That’s what I wanna hear,” Jamie smiles. He kisses her encouragingly on the cheek, and gives one of her tits a quick, offhanded squeeze. She yearns for him to touch her properly, to hold her and caress her, to throw her down and fuck her brains out. But then he nudges her towards the bed, where Julia waits with her long legs spread wide.

Tammy climbs onto the bed, nervously crawling towards the younger girl, who watches her with a thin, emotionless smile. She can smell Julia’s perfume, and a faint whiff of cigarette smoke, mingled with sweat and cum and wet pussy. Her heart pounding, she positions herself between Julia’s thighs and starts to lower her head.

“Hey, kiss her first, Tammy,” Jamie says with a chuckle. “Where are your manners?”

Tammy forces herself to look up into Julia’s intimidatingly beautiful face. She’s even prettier up close, her elegant bone structure accentuated by her short dyed-blonde hair. Tammy is reminded of every mean, bitchy hot girl she knew back in high school, but with an edgy punk twist that makes Julia look simultaneously hotter and more hostile.

Julia purses her lips. “Come on, then,” she tuts.

Their lips meet. Julia opens her mouth, but otherwise is very passive in the kiss, letting Tammy do all the work. Tammy tastes beer, cigarettes and — of course — Jamie’s cock on the younger girl’s breath. Surprisingly, Julia does reach up to caress Tammy’s breasts while they kiss, and her touch is remarkably gentle, kneading those big heavy tits with her slim fingers. The one thing I have over you, Tammy thinks, as she strokes Julia’s cute little tits in turn.

Then Julia pushes Tammy away from herself, breaking the spell, and the illusion of her gentleness. “You gonna go down on me now?” she asks flatly. It’s more of a command than a question.

Tammy nods, finding herself unable to speak. She kisses her way down to Julia’s perky breasts, tentatively sucking one erect nipple, which makes Julia exhale with muted pleasure. Tammy rests her hands on Julia’s thighs as she licks down the girl’s sleek, flat belly, a painful reminder of her own curviness.

Tammy’s eyes focus momentarily on Julia’s mermaid tattoo. The image is as slutty as can be, with huge tits, a tiny waist and a come-hither expression. The fluked tip of the mermaid’s tail points down directly at Julia’s clit, a surely intentional design choice.

“You like that one?” Julia asks, noticing Tammy’s gaze. “I got it when I was nineteen. Got a discount, too, ’cause I was fucking the tattoo artist. Him and his girlfriend were my first threesome,” she adds proudly.

“Nice,” Jamie smirks.

Tammy doesn’t say anything. She looks at the pussy she is about to taste. Julia’s vulva is porn-star perfect — pale, hairless and smooth with the neatest little labia and a tiny gem of a clit. Tammy thinks of her own thickly-furred cunt and meaty lips, and again feels a stab of jealous inferiority. The sight of Jamie’s semen dripping out of Julia’s vagina compounds her misery, and also makes her own pussy pulse with frustrated lust.

“What are you waiting for, Tam?” Jamie says impatiently. “Eat that pussy. Make sure you clean out all my jizz.”

Tammy inhales the musk of Julia’s pussy, layered with the scent of Jamie’s cum. The smell is exciting, transgressive, irresistible. Tammy knows it’s crazy that she’s letting this happen, and yet she can’t deny her own arousal. She opens her mouth to kiss that sweet, slutty young cunt.

Julia gives a sharp, surprised gasp as Tammy starts to lick her. She lies back on the bed, drawing her sleek legs up to give Tammy more space. After a few moments, the inevitable happens, and she grabs Tammy by the hair, pushing her face deeper into her pussy.

It’s been a while since Tammy last ate a girl out, but she finds it all comes back to her easily enough. She sucks lightly on Julia’s aroused clit, cute little thing that it is, and gently licks the semen from her silky labia. She feels Julia’s legs flex in response, and is emboldened to go deeper, penetrating the younger girl’s vagina with her tongue, lapping at its warm sensitive walls. The taste is rich, musky and delicious. It’s a real pleasure to have such a pretty pussy under her tongue.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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