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Greetings and salutations dear readers. The story you are about to read is a narration of one of my most cherished memories. The incident happened when I and my wife took a vacation to Las Vegas. Now I know what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, but this experience was something worth sharing. Well before I get too ahead of myself, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Sameer and I am the Non-resident Indian counterpart of what American’s call the Average Joe. I was born, raised, and education in India. I received my Undergrad education from IIT Delhi, a very well renowned college, and then came to the US for my Masters Degree. I majored in Computer science from UT Austin and upon completing my degree was soon employed as a Software engineer.

As is with us Indians in the US, I lived as bachelor for a few years making my money, partying the nights out, and saving a few dollars for later. After tiring of my bachelor life, I went back to India for the traditional arranged marriage. My parents had selected a few girls for me to see, and during this trip, I met Sanjana, briefly courted her and got engaged. I came back to the US and this was when I helped raised the AT&T stock price by making hour to two hour long international call almost on a daily basis.

Sanjana was a typical Indian girl though she was educated with a BS degree in engineering. An educated wife was one of my requirements. She was good looking, with sharp features; her figure was right about average with curves in the right places and a slightly bulging tummy. I thought and still think that she’s beautiful. The way I see it, I’m no Tom Cruise either, and I still got a better deal. Out initial phone calls were formal ones, with us still trying to break the ice. Trying to make her more comfortable, I started joking a lot, and even sharing dirty jokes, and she would laugh. After a few calls, she started sharing them too. As our wedding date got closer, our calls got more and more intimate. We talked about our wedding night, what we wanted to do to with each other, and we even had some really hot and intense phone sex sessions. I would be stroking myself at my end and she would finger herself at hers describing to each other what we were doing in detail. Imagining Sanjana masturbating and hearing her voice get throaty while she played with her pussy made my cock swell more than normal, and our manual stimulations made our simultaneous orgasms even more intense as we encouraged each other to cum harder. Sometimes we would make each other groan loudly into the phone as we came. So by the time the wedding season actually approached, we were extremely horny for each other.

I flew back to India for my wedding, and during the long flight every time my mind would wander and I’d imagine my wedding night, I would get an instant hard-on. For those who don’t know, Hindu marriages are very elaborate and often take days. Now I respect my culture and beliefs as much as the next Indian, but believe me when I say this, those were the longest moments of my life. When her parents finally brought Sanjana to sit next to me, I turned my head to look at her and was stunned. Sanjana looked like an exotic beauty and I couldn’t believe my luck. I had hit the jackpot! During the ceremony, every time I would touch Sanjana’s hand, my cock would twitch. Our wedding time, i.e. Muhurat or Auspicious time was early in the morning, so rather than drag out the events, we held our reception that same evening.

During the reception, Sanjana and I were seated on an open stage for the most part so we really had to behave ourselves. But whenever we got the change I would whisper naughtily to her and she would break into a shy smile. I would tell her what I was planning to do with her, and every time I mentioned something really explicit, she should shudder. I was able to see the goosebumps form on her jewelry laden henna covered arms. Just being around her in anticipation was intoxicating for me. During dinner, I made Sanjana sit on my left side on purpose, since we always eat with our right hand; my left hand was free to be naughty. Sanjana was dressed in a very heavy Saree tied low that left the side of her belly uncovered every time she lifted her right arm. So every chance I got, I would brush my fingers on her bare skin, and being a demure bride, she could do nothing but bear it. I even placed my hand on her lap and simply moved it over her Saree when no one was looking. Sanjana was certainly feeling the effects that much was evident to me and I knew I was having a good time at her expense. So you can imagine my state that by the end the day, my cock felt like it had been experiencing a permanent erection.

After the reception, we came back to my parents’ house where we had to endure some more ceremonies after which we were finally escorted to our honeymoon sweet at a Hotel. Traditionally, the wedding night is celebrated at home, but I was not going to have this night interrupted by my naughty and nosy cousins (which also happens unfortunately, but it’s all in good humor). The elder women of the family then helped beypazarı escort Sanjana remove bulky jewelry and the heavy flowers she was wearing on her head. My aunts then quipped that the other tit-bits of jewelry and flowers were my job. Something I’m sure they knew I was looking forward to judging from the controlled impatience of my face.

We finally left the house as bride and groom and were escorted by a couple of my older cousins and their wives (the bride and groom are rarely left alone in India, outside the bedroom). The check-in arrangements had already been taken care of prior to our arrival and so we went straight to the honeymoon suite. We checked out the room, and the men stayed in the sitting area for a while chatting comfortably while the ladies were in the room. Being very understanding of our situation, the ladies came out in ten minutes and announced that my bride was ready. After a few good natured jokes and advices, the escorts departed and finally I was alone with my bride. It was the time we had been waiting for, for a very long time!

I turn off the sitting room lights and walked into the room. The sight that beheld me was breath taking (well I am biased after all). Sanjana was sitting on the bed with her feet up and pulled in. Her arms were wrapped around her legs and her head was down under a veil in a very shy and demure pose very typical (and Bollywood) of new Indian brides. We had been talking and fantasizing about this night to know that this demureness was just part of a pre-conceived plan so I played along.

I walked in and slowly approached her. Stopping next to her, I bent down and gently kissed her veiled head before sitting across from her. Again in Bollywood fashion, I reached out with both hands and slowly pulled her veil over her head. I gently moved my hand under her chin, and slowly raised her face. Her eyes were still looking down when I simple took a deep breath and whispered “Beautiful”. Sanjana finally looked at me and smiled and our eyes had the look of want and desire that had been controlled and suppressed for too long.

Both leaned forward at the same time, our eyes closing, and mouths slightly open. Our lips met tenderly for a second, and then as if our lust had reached some sort of flashpoint, we immediately wrapped our arms each other and started kissing each other aggressively. Our mouths opened up and our tongues were darting into each other mouths. The experience was so arousing that I felt my neck burn under my collar. Not really caring, I pulled Sanjana on the bed and started kissing her neck. She was dressed in a traditionally Indian Saree, and we both lost no time is relieving each other of our clothes. I had heard that wedding night is slow and awkward. But ours was nothing like that. It was fast, hard, raw, and purely lustful.

Wanting to get her out of the confines of her bulky Saree, I pulled put the clip that was holding the Saree to her waist and rather than unwrapped it, I had Sanjana lift her hips so I could pull the Saree down. Sanjana in turn helped me take off my Jacket, tie, shirt and pants. Soon I was in my boxers and Sanjana was in her blouse and Petticoat (it’s a thin skirt worn under the Saree). I spent a few minutes of kissing her chest and exposed cleaving and rubbing my hands on her exposed belly before unhooking her blouse revealing her gorgeous bra covered breasts. I caressed them gently and squeezed a few times as I kissed her neck. Sanjana was busy running her hands all over my back and moaning incomprehensible words.

I reached down and untied her skirt was totally thrilled to find that she wasn’t wearing panties. During our phone calls, I had teased her (almost dared her) to not wear a panties under her Saree especially during her wedding. At that time she had laughed it off, but now seeing that she actually did it, drove me even wilder than I was. I rubbed my hand gently between her legs to find her pussy getting wetter. Not wanting to be out done, Sanjana pushed my boxers down and as my cock sprang up, she wrapped her hands around it. Her touch caused a new wave of blood to rush into my already hard dick and it swelled even more. Now I was naked and she wasn’t, so I immediately slipped my hand under her, and after a few seconds of fumbling, unhooked her bra and literally yanked it from her body exposing my new best friends!

I massaged her breasts and sucked her nipples. At 34C her breasts where quiet a handful for me. We kissed each other all over. My cock just stayed hard throughout our foreplay and every time her pussy touched any part of my body, it left a wet mark behind. Her every movement made her breasts sway, and I would move my eyes following her nipples like a hunter pouncing on them over and over again and licking them, sucking them, and leaving “Sameer was here” bite marks. During our phone sex sessions, I would often ask Sanjana to lick her wet fingers for me and then describe the taste, now it was time for me to find out for myself.

I got between her legs and admired her very wet pussy with her büyükesat escort juices slowly dripping out and down her ass crack. Her pussy was quivering, beckoning me to come and devour it and I was all for it. What really caught my eye and amazed me was the size of her clit. It was almost a centimeter wide and sticking out, what a sight it was! I flattened my tongue over her lips and lapped the entire length of her slit. I still remember clearly, the deep guttural moan that Sanjana managed out. It was almost an out of body experience for her, and she tasted even better than how I thought she would. I wrapped my lips around her clit and then sucked even harder. It was like I was sucking on a fingertip and it was very sensitive. My sucking was causing her pussy to gush out more juices which I was more than happy lapping up. It only took a few minutes of my mouth on her pussy and Sanjana had her first orgasm for the night.

Not wanting to be left behind, Sanjana also wanted to explore my cock which I had been raving about for so long on the phone. Now I’m no porn star material, just an average size even in this department. Fortunately I am good enough for Sanjana, who’s never complained about my size. She started by using her fingers and hand on me, gently stroking it. She kissed my tip and after stroking me a few times, I started oozing pre-cum. She rubbed it all over my cock head and then kissed it again, licking her lips after. While not her favorite flavor, she liked the taste enough to take my cock in her mouth and started to suck me off. Wanting to please me, she got a little too eager and used her teeth, and after a few painful moments and winces she got the hang of it. After fantasizing for months about this, there was no way I was going to last and I think after about two minutes of her mouth and hand, I announced my impending load. Sanjana took her mouth off and continues to stroke me and when I came, my first load shot up almost a foot high before landing in her hair. I shot a few more loads (not as high) while she kept pumping and covering her hand and my cock with my cum. Once I was done, she tentatively licked a little bit of cum from her hand and again didn’t seem to mind the taste. But rather than licking her hand she wiped it off the bed sheet before I pulled her on top of me.

We kissed again, enjoying our wedding night to its fullest. I made her lie on her back before visiting my two new best friends again. Within moments of my onslaught of her breasts I felt the life come back to my cock and soon I was saluting in attention. It was now my moment of glory. I got between her legs and her pussy was still oozing juices so I wasn’t worrying about lubrication. I rubbed my cock over it and my precum and her juices mixed together lubricating my cock. I looked into Sanjana’s eyes and then gently pushed my cockhead in. Oh god, oh god, I thought to myself as I slowly shoved my cock deep into her pussy. I heard her moan and groan in both pain and pleasure and when I stopped, she encouraged me to keep going and soon I was all the way in her. She was wet, she was hot and her pussy was milking my cock even without me moving. We had wanted to fuck each other for a long time now and our lust and desire for each other was evident and obvious.

I lay on top of her feeling my chest crush her breasts and nipples. As my cock surged in and out of her pussy, I felt her wrap her legs around me which made me go even deeper in her. In this position I could feel my cock hitting her cervix and my pubic bone was grinding on her big clit. While this was our wedding night as a brand new couple we should have been making love, but we had been so horny, that it immediately turned into pure hot raw passionate and sweaty sex. She was soon fucking me back just as hard as I was driving my cock into her. It felt great, too great almost and for an instant I fear I would come before her. Fortunately she was just as horny as I was and again within a few moments of our intense fucking, both of us screamed our orgasms

So this was our first sex session and we had two more before calling it a night. We were in India for ten more days and of course every night was another adventure. Since we were back in my parents’ homes, we had to keep our voices down. However, back in the US, our sex sessions were in full swing again. For the first few months, its was every night (expect the first few says of the monthly cycle). Some times, Sanjana would call me at work and tease me, or leave a sexy voice mail, and my commutes home were never more agonizing. Once we had a marathon from Friday night till Sunday night when all we did was eat drink, have sex and sleep. We didn’t go out, answer any phone call, or check any emails. We played sexual games, used chocolate syrup and whip cream on our bodies, and Sanjana did a striptease for me. We watched porn and fucked along with the actors, mimicking their positions, and we tried various positions of the Kamasutra, though not all of them worked for us. So all in all it was great!

Now what makes all this çankaya escort interesting is that Sanjana by nature is a very shy and demure person to the world. No one would ever in their wildest dreams thing that Sanjana was as sexually adventures as she is. To everyone from family to friends, Sanjana is a simple traditional Indian wife, with a demure and pleasant personality. Little did they know!

Our sex life wasn’t really limited to hour home. I am lucky enough to have a wife who is open to new ideas. Whenever opportunity allowed we’ve had sex outdoors such as the beach, or in the woods (while taking a small detour from the hiking grounds), swimming pools and hot tubs, etc. Sanjana had a fantasy of having sex in a car while over looking the city lights like she had seen in the movies, so I was more than happy enough to find the perfect stop for that. We often teased each other in restaurants and theatres when we knew we couldn’t have sex, but it aroused us enough to have a good time as soon as we got home.

This went on for a few years and as with everything in life, our sex life also got a little sidelined. Both of us have high stress careers and since we neither had the time or the energy, the desire of sex also waned. We even tried making sex appointments with each other, and while that was good, it lacked the intensity. We just needed to get out of the rut, out of the routine of life that while very lucrative for us in one way, was depriving us in another.

So this is where the real story starts. Once after a pretty decent sex session, I have Sanjana lying over me, she causally asked mentioned that I haven’t really shared any fantasies with her.

“Well, honestly speaking, you have always been so supportive and adventurous I really don’t feel that I’m missing anything.” I replied to her query.

“Come on, don’t be so boring.” Sanjana chided kissing my lips.

“No really, I’m very content.” I said again.

Being a woman, she didn’t give up saying “There must be something. We can’t have fulfilled all of your desires.”

I was silent for a long time and knowing me well enough Sanjana knew that something was going through my mind.

“What, just say it honey, I love you and I really want to know.” She said

Holding my breath and hoping that Sanjana won’t kill me I said, “Well, I’ve always found the idea of you with another woman to be very erotic.”

This time it was Sanjana who was quiet and just as I was about to apologize and beg for mercy, she kissed my chest and said “sounds interesting, but can it actually happen? I mean it is possible?”

Thanking my lucky stars that she didn’t reject the idea I said, “Possible I’m sure, feasible I don’t know. You know, we’re Indians, and if anyone in our community here found out then you know the consequences.”

“Yea I do, that’s why I asked if it’s possible.” She said. “Honestly I don’t know if I want to do this with anyone outside the Indian community. That just might be too foreign.”

“Hmmm,” I nodded. “Yea I’d much rather see you with an Indian woman. But I don’t think we’re ever find anyone as sexy as you though” and smiled.

I was rewards with a hot passionate kiss for that comment and another round of some hot sex. Even though we had just had sex, this new idea that had been planted in our heads had given us a new spark that made this round almost as intense as out earlier sex sessions.

However, this proved to be a lot harder than we thought. Like I said, my wife and I have a certain reputation in the community and tarnishing that was absolutely not at option. We aren’t swingers either and didn’t want to join a club or website. Locals clubs were not really an option due to the off-handed chance that we might be spotted there. So we decided to take it in stride and if and when such an opportunity came, we’ll avail it.

A few months after our bedroom revelation, Sanjana and I decided we need a break and decided to go out of town for a dew days. We took a couple of days off from work to avoid the weekend rush and flew to Las Vegas. Sanjana had always wanted to see it, and this was a perfect time. We wanted to stay on the Strip to experience Las Vegas in all its glory and picked the Luxor. This Casino/Hotel is shaped like a pyramid and filled with Egyptian-style architecture. We check the internet and found it had a lot of amenities so we booked our room, and made reservation at the Oasis Spa. They had a number of restaurants and a Dance club as well. We also bought tickets for the various shows and looked forward a very relaxing few days.

We landed by early evening, took the shuttle to the hotel. Since we didn’t plan on leaving the Strip we didn’t bother renting a car. We checked into the Pyramid Deluxe room which was overlooking the Luxor’s sprawling atrium. The room had a warm, welcoming sense with soft and rich colors. It had the regular hotel amenities and the Deluxe room came with an over sized double shower, a hot tub/Jacuzzi, a big screen TV and we had a bottle of Champagne being chilled in the ice bucket when we entered our room. There was a note next to the bottle that said, “Legend has it that Queen Nefertiti was pampered and spoiled all her life. You deserve at least one evening”. Sanjana and I read the note and both smiled that thinking the exact same thing. This trip had all the makings of a great and memorable vacation.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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