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Several readers have asked how I first became involved in lesbian sex. Well, although I’ve been bi-curious for a long time, it all started with an internet friend and fellow-writer, Adele. I mentioned to her that I rather fancied Paula, our local vicar’s wife, and she persuaded me to see if she was game. Adele gave me some advice on how to approach Paula. This is our exchange of emails – well most of them – which I hope readers will find of interest, though I have not included Adele’s messages. Copyright and all that stuff!

Sunday 21st Jan

Listen Adele!

You won’t believe this! I do believe Paula is up for it! I took your advice. I singled her out for a short chat after the service … you’re looking well … good turn out … that’s a nice coat you’re wearing … you know the sort of pleasantries… cold weather … need winter wooly underwear to keep the cold from your private treasures in this weather! (That was me) She laughed. ‘I’ll bet you have some more attractive lacy things at home.’ (or something like that) ‘Well, ‘ I said, ‘as a matter of fact I do. And you too?’

That’s when our eyes met, and lingered. She just smiled at me. I stammered, ‘look, why not come up to the house for coffee one morning and we have a longer chat about things – I might even show you my frillies,’ I added with a laugh.

‘Thanks! I will.’ Our eyes were still exchanging that special look.

Then she said ‘As a matter of fact I was going to invite you to the vicarage for a natter – but couldn’t think of a good enough excuse.’ So we both laughed and promised to get in touch on the phone when she had checked her diary – and I could make sure George would be out of the way.

I might direct her to The Vicar’s Wife story on Literotica – or would that be pushing it a bit too quickly do you think? I can’t afford to balls this one up Adele!

So!! Do you reckon I’m in – at last!!! It’s so thrilling!

Monday 22nd Jan

Darling angel! Look at me in a white basque! Take a look at the attachment. There – wouldn’t you just like to sneak your fingers into that crotch piece? It’s lovely and wet for you! Of course it’s not me, but I can dream!

Of course – filth (as we call it) is just in the mind – it’s certainly in mine. You have a vivid imagination, you know, Adele. I wondered whether you watching your hubby shafting me over the desk, whilst I was licking you out, gave your orgasm an extra flip? Did he ejaculate into me – or did he pull out at the last second, and splash all over my bottom? You could then lick it off, and kiss me with the juices still on your lips. Did he know he was fucking me by the way?

I’m plucking up courage to phone Paula.

Tuesday 23rd Jan

Thanks Adele. A lovely long email. Ah! You’re interested in Paula as well, are you? Well, she’s about 5’8″ I guess, but wears ‘sensible’ shoes. If she wore heels she’d be nice and tall and sophisticated. She has dark hair – though not a total brunette, but wears a beret!! Her clothes are usually fairly plain – she had on a three-quarter coat over a two-piece navy blue with a white blouse underneath. I’ll look out some lingerie for her and see what you think. I might be able to get a photo if I play my cards right, then you can see her!! Let your imagination run riot. Like the Bishop’s wife, though, I suspect she wears saintly underwear – St Michael cotton briefs! If I do manage to get into her knickers, I’ll pass on all the details! I can’t stop fantasizing about her crotch – trying to visualize it! It haunts me!!

Thursday 25th

You’re very kind Adele!!

But that pic of me you like so much was taken a few years back now!! Well, four years – I was 43 then I think. And, yes, I do get the odd god-I-could-fuck-you look from time to time!! Anyway, I might just order that white basque… heck! What larks! At least it helped your masturbation activity!

Taking about pics, he guys reading my stories wanted photos of my pussy, but the internet is chocabloc with graphic pics of genitals of both sexes! So what’s so special about mine?? Anyway, I managed to take one with hubby’s digital camera – not very good and, of course without his knowledge – but they all wank off to it!! I was very nervous about sending it, I must say, but who could possibly recognize my vulva if they stumbled across it in the ether? Ah well, if it helps to bring them off, what the hell?

We had a girl called Janine at school we called slippy knickers… for obvious reasons. We were five in the dorm and Janine was a raving sex maniac! I’ll mention her to Paula… take it from there. Yes, that’s it Friends Reunited on the internet! Start the ball rolling.

You’re quite right though – I hadn’t really rationalized it before – there is a certain look in our eyes that encourages us. Can’t quite describe it, but now you mention it. I’d better take a more careful look at the ladies as I shake their hands and look into their eyes!!

Thursday 1st Feb.

Well Adele! It happened!! Wowee!! Gosh – it was so thrilling. Why have I left it so late in life?? I was dead nervous as you might guess – and so was Paula hd porno I think. But I sat her on the settee as I poured the coffee, and started to chat about Friends Reunited and this girl Janine I mentioned, how she liked other girls and how we called her slippy knickers … lots of laughs … and it just happened!

Paula was looking at me rather intensely, then suddenly leaned forward to kiss me! Just a fairly brief friendly kiss, then she sat back and looked at me a bit nervous. That was it! I knew for sure… so I leaned to her and kissed her fully on the mouth, pushing my tongue at her lips. And we both sat there smiling at each other. We both knew! We didn’t speak just then. Paula put her arm round my shoulder, leaned over me and really kissed me… a French job! She eased me back into the corner of the settee, lying half over me.

I felt her fingers unbuttoning my top before slipping into my lace bra to scoop my right boob from the bra cup. Then she lowered her head to take my nipple in her mouth. I was flooding my knickers like crazy!! Oh angel! It was absolutely wonderful!

Well, from there on, Adele, you know the score. She pushed her left hand up my skirt, caressing my thigh, until she decided to feel me properly. Gosh! As soon as her fingers found my clit I recoiled a mile!! My juices were pouring out of me! Then, she stood me up, before undressing me. She still had her clothes on but I was stroking her boobs as she undressed me, and fingering her bottom. Then she got me on the settee, legs apart and kneeled between them.

Her soft breath on my vulva was mind boggling. She brought me to a slow peak of arousal – her kissing and licking was so warm and tender – so soft and gentle. So… womanly! She could gather my full cluster of labia lips in her mouth and suckle them for what seemed ages! When my orgasm finally overwhelmed me, I was crying with ecstacy! And do you know what – I was thinking of you Adele!!

Anyway, I returned the compliment and made love to Paula – oh, for what seemed like hours… but about 20 minutes I guess. I was in a seventh heaven – it was fantastic. She has such a wonderful vulva – but then so have most women I suppose – but sweet and soft and… oh I don’t know – chewy? Not at all as I envisaged it – her hair growth wasn’t too thick and was shaved away from the vulva itself. Dark wrinkled labia at the upper part of her vestibule with a cluster of fleshy lips round the vagina which opened to welcome my tongue.

I licked and chewed, flicking her clit and stabbing tongue in her vagina. When I started to run the pad of my middle finger round the rim of her anus, she loved it! Trembling and groaning. Her tension was mounting until she came with lots of moaning and thrashing about!

When she eventually had to leave – our coffee had gone cold of course!! – we promised to meet again next week at the vicarage!! Can’t wait.

After she’d gone, I sat down on the settee again, hardly able to believe it had really happened. And, Adele, I masturbated, thinking of that lovely vagina!!! Another sweet orgasm!

Ooh what a beautiful morning! Love you darling – I’ll give you a long close cuddle in bed!

Friday 2nd

Hi Angel

You asked me more about Paula. She’s such a pleasant, uncomplicated lady. Looks a bit younger than her age – mid – late 30’s perhaps, but I know she’s turned 40. More of the girl-next-door type. Though I could see she goes to a manicurist – fancy white nails. Not what you’d expect of a vicar’s wife, but there. Perhaps she just wears them for special occasions – like meeting with me.

You clearly know how I feel. Did it really happen, I ask myself? It was so… well, you said it… indescribable. Yes – my life has changed overnight – I’m a different person. I was just gobsmacked. Being kissed passionately by a smooth, sweet soft mouth, rather than a piece of rough sandpaper, for a start. Paula was very gentle and supportive. She brought me to a stunning orgasm!

Sure George is okay – I don’t think he’d really mind if he knew – not with another woman – but I’m not going to let him find out! He’ll still get his sex when he wants it. I have to keep him sweet, and he is kind and generous to me. And I still enjoy the feel of a solid large cock sliding in and out of my vagina – and his will be the only one for me Adele. But it’s different! I don’t think I realised just how different it would be. You know, I think I nearly did pass out when the orgasm finally overwhelmed me. Gosh, I’m oozing just thinking about it!

I’ll see if I can get some photos of Paula for you. I phoned her this morning just to make sure she was comfortable with it all. Well, and to reassure myself that she was still keen to repeat the experience. She certainly is, Adele. The sooner the better.

Tuesday 6th

Oh Adele.

You say the sweetest things! You are really so kind to me darling! Oh massages. That’s a good idea – I’ll put it to Paula. It’s a while since I last had one – I usually go to sleep during them though! They’re so relaxing. Mind you, I was usually fairly wet when I came to – do you brazzers porno think the masseur was feeling me up whilst I was dozing? It never occurred to me to try feeling her up! She’s an attractive girl, if a bit on the plump side.

A most enjoyable and unusual morning! When I got there, the doctor’s wife, Samantha, was with Paula. She’d called round with a prescription for the vicar, since she was passing, and stopped by for a coffee. Sam is around 38, I think – another brunette not at all unlike Paula to look at! And before you get all excited, no – she didn’t join in. HOWEVER, I got the distinct impression that she was interested. That look between us – you know?

Behind the casual chit chat about hairdressers and shoes, Sam looked at Paula and me in a sort of bemused way once or twice – or so I thought. It may have been my guilt of course, but there was definitely something inquisitive behind the look. I’ll have to check her out! Paula poo-pooed me of course, but is willing to be involved in a threesome if it’s true. (Gosh! Adele – the three most respected women in the village – what would people say for god’s sake?! If the papers found out… doesn’t bear thinking about!)

So! When Sam’d gone, Paula was in a playful mood, rather than romantic. We got into a long embrace – phew! I waited all that time to feel those soft lips Adele! I could kiss them for ever. And her eyelids and neck and ears and … oh, everywhere!

Then I told her about George making love to me as I woke up that morning. Her face lit up. I apologized if there was still some remains of him in me … but her eyes were alight with interest! ‘I do hope so,’ she said. She was a bit surprised that I allowed him to fuck me without using a condom. I explained that I couldn’t have children and that I had read somewhere that sperm has a certain ingredient in it which is a feel-good factor for the woman (probably written some male doctor who prefers to ride bareback! And as long as George doesn’t come back from London one of these days with something nasty – I prefer it. And I know he uses condoms away from home – I’ve come across them!).

Anyway we went into the kitchen, when she put away the milk etc.. I’d taken a camera with me and surprised her by taking a snap of her at the fridge – and lo and behold, she did a strip for me to photograph! But alas – strictly not for publication. I promised faithfully. I asked her if I could send any just to you – and she panicked!!! On the internet? NO!! But she said I could send a mug shot!! So I took a close up – not brilliant, but it caught her mood. I had told her about you and me, by the way, and cyber sex. She’s fascinated!

Well, now that was she was stripped naked, I got her over the kitchen table and really made love – and I MEAN made love, to her body – licked her oozing pussy. The hair round her vulva was a bit stubbly. Did I tell you she trims and shaves round the pussy, but last week, she’d agreed to let it grow for me. She said Peter would never notice!! So I now have to put with a bit of stubble until it does.

Then she undressed me. She had a smirk on her face all the time. She played with my sensitive bits, ran her fingers through my pussy hair as she removed my clothes and, it seems, had plans to fuck me with a carrot before peeling it for their evening meal!!!

Well, there was one each! So we frolicked around with the large carrots – well I don’t need to spell it out, they got covered with our private secretions to add to their flavor – but that only got us really wound up. Paula took me into the lounge where we got on the floor and did a sixty-nine for ages!

This was serious stuff now, Adele, That soft tongue of hers! She had me writhing and moaning. And I made a meal of her vagina as well. It was so wonderful – and the orgasm was really something else. What is it that makes an orgasm with another woman so different from a man, Adele?? She said that she could taste George’s sperm mixed with my juices – it give her an extra kick she said, to be tasting us both at the same time. We both came twice – very, very satisfying!

Anyway, afterwards, when we’d dressed, over another cup of refreshing coffee, I mentioned that I wrote erotic stuff. She was taken aback rather – so I left her with a booklet copy of The Vicar’s Wife. I wonder what she’ll make of that? I’ll soon find out no doubt!

And yes, Adele! I saw you smiling down at me from above the fridge and the television in the corner of the lounge! You were peeping!!! I think you were quietly masturbating as well!

I’m going to start the ball rolling with Sam on Sunday! Invite her to the house. I think she’ll come.

Monday 12th Feb

I wouldn’t have believed it possible. What an interesting morning! Sam came as I said she would. And? I hear you ask. Well…

I suppose she was here about an hour altogether – though she spent a good fifteen minutes of that in the loo!!! She was too nervous. I sat her on the settee and poured coffee for us both. I was a bit tensed up myself. I asked about Peter – the usual chat. Then I looked at her steadily. seks filmi I told her that I found her very attractive. She colored a little. Then she asked about Paula. I admitted that she and I were having sex together. The look in her eyes told me that she, too, wanted sex.

We kissed, I’ll admit – and after a lengthy session of fondling and kissing, I eventually got my hand down her knickers into her pussy lips. (Gosh Adele! She’s very hairy. Lovely!!) But she was so nervous, thinking she was being unfaithful to James, she admitted later, that she pulled away and ran into the loo. Then she left hurriedly without saying very much, other than thanks for coffee. But she phoned me later to apologize.

I’m still pondering over Sam. Paula says she doesn’t really mind, but… It’s a bit early for threesomes – even if Sam should agree. I mean, she hasn’t agreed to a one on one yet with just me! But I think she will. I’ll phone her later, though I should see her at church on Sunday. I don’t want to rush it.

Thursday 15th

Paula was rather aggressive yesterday and was too eager for sex to notice the underwear at first!! After taking all that trouble to dress nicely for her! We were soon rolling on the floor fighting to get to grips with our boobs, bums and pussies! She was in a striking, biting mood!! Thank goodness she didn’t bruise me! But boy … she soon brought me over the top – a bit noisy as well! She was groaning and grunting and growling. The problem with 69 though, is that I can’t see her face all screwed up in ecstatic agony! So, after her first one, I moved round so that I could see her reaching for the second one. I lost count, but we were rolling around for around an hour! Then I loaned her a dressing gown to sit at the table for lunch. We started off with a chilled Noilly Prat and a bottle of Polly Fuse with the avocado and prawns. M&S fruit salad for after! So, after that, we went into the bedroom for a more leisurely session – til George phoned!! Good job he didn’t walk in on us!

She told me about Cynthia over lunch and I talked about Sam. I think she thought I’d had a full session with her, but I assured her that I’d only managed a quick feel of her pussy before she got overly nervous. I guess that might be why she was in an aggressive mood. She said she was sorry about that! I told her that if she wanted some entertainment with Cynthia, yes, I would feel a bit jealous, but I wouldn’t really mind if it made her happy. Variety is the spice of life they say. She said she’d be happy for me to have sex with Samantha … providing I told her every detail of each encounter!! With Illustrations!!

Wednesday 21st

Yes Adele!!

Paula wanted me very badly this morning, but we didn’t have long to play together. She ushered me into the conservatory with our coffee. We made love among the ferns!! I wonder if that reminded her of her choirboy?? She was very impatient and possessive – so hot and wet as well – when our lips met she couldn’t keep her hands from groping up my inner thigh to get at my pussy – she dragged off my knickers quickly and roughly and her kisses down there were so very emotional, passionate and eager. She almost ate my whole vulva! I don’t think she wants to leave any for anyone else to eat!! Paula has a lovely pussy!! Mmm!

She lay back in the wicker settee with her knees in the air – my tongue and lips I brought her to her private bliss – twice in succession. Gosh she was so randy! Then me again! But that’s all there was time for. I do think she’s getting anxious about my meeting Sam – she’s got so jealous, Adele. She kept asking when I was meeting Sam – although she knew already! Oh dear! Is this getting a bit too serious I wonder? Perhaps she needs another diversion – Cynthia? A MAN? No, I can’t recommend that – perhaps Samantha? What do you think?

Thursday 22nd

Well, Paula did call round for a short time! She wanted to reassure me that she wasn’t feeling jealous about Sam – but she is, Adele! She was quite hyperactive and talkative, though she wanted to make love. Well, there wasn’t much time really, but she looked so helpless – so we had an intimate twenty minutes! She’s really lovely. I told her she shouldn’t get too emotionally involved (listen who’s talking!) and she agrees! Oh well! We’ll see what tomorrow brings!

Friday 23rd

Well, Sam was all I hoped for. Not a bit nervous this time. I took her through to my office to look at the photos of Michele before sitting down with her for coffee. I think the pics wound her up and got rid of any embarrassment. She asked if she could kiss my lips. When I asked which ones, she said ‘all of them!’

Well, we were soon into each others bra’s before removing them altogether. Then I sneaked between her thighs and got her knickers off. She was extremely very wet! Dripping with honey!! Adele – she doesn’t shave!! Oh what a glorious sight! You know I like hairy women! A wonderful long gash with lots of labia (lower down than Paula’s) and a thick clitoris, all framed in a glorious mass of dark hair spreading over her groin and inner thighs. We ended up on the bed for a wonderful half hour exploring each other in a delirium of excitement and mutual discovery. After a 69 session for the first orgasm, I used my fingers for her second, so that I could watch her facial reaction to it. With closed eyes, open mouth, what a look of sheer bliss!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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