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[Honest critiques are greatly desired. Thanks.]

“Don’t move.”

And like the good girl that you are, you don’t. I rest my wine glass right in the small of your back, then sit back a bit to get a better perspective. I want to take it all in, absorb it and internalize it, like a Vermeer masterpiece.

Your ass is gorgeous. Perfect. Round and sumptuous. A curve that leads my eye to infinity, that teases my mind and straightens my cock. I can almost see its warmth and softness, the comfort and pleasure that it will bring to me. But that is for later. I’m not quite done enjoying the view.

Right in-between your cheeks is your lovable, puckered, little asshole. It’s so dainty and small that I feel ashamed at the ideas that it brings in to my head. But, perhaps another day. I’m still enjoying the view.

Just ever so slightly below it is your pussy and all of its magical parts. I may very well live all of my life and never feel as though I’ve mastered all of its intricacies. What a wonder of a gift to both woman and man is this thing, a work of art as much as an organ with a role to fill. Almost superstitiously unwilling to overlook any one part of it, I examine your labia, your clit and the opening of your vagina, just a slit now. I silently congratulate myself Çankaya Escort for having told you to shave yourself clean; the view is much the better for it.

I sit back, having become aware of my reverie and yet having lost all track of how long it has been. Good as always, you have indulged me, quiet and still, and my heart fills with happiness and gratitude.

“Don’t spill my wine, ” I say as I get out of the chair that I have been in and kneel on the floor. You are on the bed, resting on your elbows with your back arched to push your sweet bottom out at me even more. I note this, appreciatively, and proceed to lick up-and-down the slit of your pussy with the very tip of my tongue. You shudder ever-so-slightly, and that’s to be expected, but I have to admire the restraint that you demonstrate; my wine glass is still upright. I inhale deeply as I continue licking, enjoying your taste. At last, I can’t hold back any longer and I let my tongue plunge in deeply, letting it thrust and fuck you. The tastes are more intense and compelling now, and I get a mild head rush. After the vertigo passes, I move my slick, wet tongue to your clit and kiss it in the special ways that I have learned from much practice. I feel your Keçiören Escort belly hitch in and out, and the muscles of your legs are twitching and quivering. It must be taking all of the self-control that you have to keep my wine glass up right, and soon I will relieve you of that burden.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the taste of you — for tonight, at least. I stand, lift my wine glass from your back and drink deeply. The combination of flavors is almost mystical. I leave a little in the bottom for you to enjoy. I lean over to bring it to your lips. You sip so carefully, not missing a drop.

I put the wineglass down on your nightstand and stand directly behind you. Now, we are going to fuck, but I’ve never been one to rely on brute force or suddenness. Teasing and drawing-out is more my style. I start by grabbing my cock and sliding the tip up-and-down and all-over your pussy. From the slit of your vagina to the very top of the hood of your clitoris, I rub and tease and flourish. Your breathing is getting deeper and your skin is flushed, as is mine. And then, like the first light of dawn, it is there, the need must be answered and I guide my penis inside you. It goes in smoothly and easily; my tongue and your arousal Etimesgut Escort have left it ready, waiting. I thrust in as deeply as I can, and I linger there, awash in the sensation of being surrounded by you, held by you. oon I am thrusting again, driving relentlessly in to your softness.

It is not long before we are both rushing towards orgasm. I see your head bowing toward the bed, and your back is flexing with your panting breath. Inside me, the tickle is becoming something greater, but I don’t want it to just yet. I stop thrusting and slap your ass with the flat of my hand. Your whole body shudders with the shock of it, and I can see that your mouth is a silent but dramatic O. Your inhalation makes mixed sounds of pleasure and pain and surprise. I wait until your breathing has returned to normal to begin fucking you again.

This time, there is no holding back, no teasing, no subtlety, just simple, animal sex. I pound inside you as deeply and firmly as I can; you thrust back at me, tilting and wiggling your ass to make me hit different places inside. I restrain myself just enough to let your orgasm arrive, but it’s powerful, clenching waves send me flying over the edge, pumping my cum in to you, almost without end, as if I were trying to satiate a bottomless hunger.

I never want to leave this. I want to stand engaged like this forever, feeling at one with you and at peace. But soon, we will start to ache, our joints protesting the position held too-long, so I pull out. You roll over on to your back, and I get to enjoy the best view yet, your sweet, flushed, ecstatic face. And I must kiss it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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