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Author’s Note:

The Village Sluts is a story focused around two women who continue to grow their bond and fall in love as they experiment with their shared fetishes. This story, therefore, contains strong scat and pee play. This includes smearing, tasting, eating, soiling, etc. If you do not share these fetishes, please stop reading. If you do continue to read and are put off by these inclusions, that was your own choice, and please do not rate the story poorly because of it.

I have decided to categorize this set of chapters as Lesbian Sex rather than the usual Fetish category. This is because, while scat and pee play is mentioned briefly, no actual scat play takes place. What is mentioned may still be off-putting to you so, as stated earlier, read at your own risk if you are not into these things.

I personally try to include scat play in each collection of chapters posted, however, I’m also striving to create a realistic setting and characters. I choose to further the bond between Anna and Chloe rather than shoehorn another scat session in. Don’t worry, the next chapters will be extra dirty.

While this story is relatively clean regarding waste play, previous chapters and all further chapters will continue to be about these fetishes. Advice and constructive criticism are always appreciated as it will allow me to further improve my writing. Suggestions can also be left in the comments or sent to me directly is there is something you want to see in my stories.

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoy these chapters and continue to read this series.

Chapter 22: Too Far?

Anna noticed how sweaty her hand was when she banged it against Chloe’s door. She didn’t know what had happened exactly, but it couldn’t have been good. Truthfully, she was very nervous about what was to come next. She even considered not showing up for a brief second, but Chloe meant way too much to her and she couldn’t imagine leaving the stunning brunette. Especially not now, Chloe was probably struggling just as much with this situation, if not more. Anna soon got her answer as a slightly disheveled Chloe answered the door.

Her normally straight and perfect hair was twisted and knotted, left unattended after she had her shower. Chloe’s cheeks were red and puffy, Anna knew immediately that she had been crying. The full wine glass in her hand and almost empty bottle on the table meant she had been drinking too. “Oh Chloe, are you ok?” Anna embraced her girlfriend tightly.

Chloe said nothing at first, just enjoying Anna’s touch. “Come and sit down,” Chloe motioned to the couch as she let Anna inside and closed the door, “Do you want some wine?”

“No Chloe… I… what happened? Was it Sue again? Or another customer?” Anna felt awkward, she didn’t want to get angry like last time, but she was afraid to hear what had happened.

Chloe sat beside Anna on the couch, silent while thinking of an explanation, “No it wasn’t a customer and it wasn’t Sue. I wasn’t even at work.” Chloe paused before letting out a breath and continuing, “It was… It was Jane. I caught her in my bathroom.”

“Caught her? Caught her doing what?”

“I wanted some food while on my break at work, but my wallet was here. So, I came home to get it… And it was in my bathroom but the door was closed and…” Chloe wanted to cry but she couldn’t, she had been crying for the past two hours and now all she felt was a deep emptiness inside her chest, “And I thought she was just going to the bathroom so… so I opened the door to grab it…” Chloe stopped talking.

“Yeah? And what happened? Chloe, I’m not mad, I just need to know what you did.” Anna wrapped her arm around Chloe’s shoulder, trying her best to comfort her.

Chloe choked down the lump in her throat, “She had my dirty panties and she was… tasting them.” Chloe turned her head and looked into Anna’s eyes, “She had pooped herself. On purpose. She came just as I opened the door and she was thinking about me… It wasn’t like what happened with Sur or you though. I opened the door and she passed out… I was so afraid Anna! I didn’t know what was happening, but I felt sick to my stomach.”

“Jesus Chloe.” Anna grabbed the bottle of wine and took a swig directly from it, “Sorry but I guess I did need some wine after all. Keep going.”

“Well… nothing much happened after that. She eventually woke up and was devastated… It made me feel so much worse, but I talked to her. I explained to her that it was ok. I told her about us and… and what we do.”

“What did she say?” Anna was slightly shocked that Chloe told someone about their bedroom activities, but it was clear Jane shared similar interests and wasn’t going to tell anyone.

“Not much. It seemed to help her though. I just… I don’t know.” Chloe frowned.

“What’s wrong?”

“Well, it’s just… I feel like it’s my fault this happened in the first place. Apparently, she started doing these… dirtier things when she first came türkçe porno over and smelled you and the tarp. She said it smelled like a toilet but that… that she started to like it. Jane found my dirty panties and she liked those too… She was sad because she thought liking poop made her a freak. What if I caused her to start liking scat? If it wasn’t for me, would this have ever happened? Did I ruin her life somehow?”

“No Chloe, of course not.” Anna finally understood why Chloe was so upset and she was devastated that Chloe was carrying this burden, “It obviously wouldn’t have started like this, but she probably would have discovered her fetish eventually. When you first caught me, I never had an interest in trying these things, but I had thought about them before. Would I have gone further by myself? I don’t know. But you certainly didn’t magically make me enjoy scat. You didn’t do anything, Chloe.”

“Anna, you weren’t there,” Chloe protested, “I tried to treat it like I was still at my old job. Like I was a guidance counselor helping kids but… it was so hard. I don’t think I handled it very well.”

“From what I heard; it sounds like you helped a lot. I’ve been in her spot; this can be very difficult and having someone work through it with you means a lot.” Anna thought back to when Chloe caught her and how ashamed she had been. That was not a night she enjoyed remembering, but every time she thought about it, she just recalled how understanding Chloe was the following day, “Chloe, this is something you’re very good at. You need to give yourself some credit.”

“But Anna… I… I think I took it too far.”

“Why? What did you do?”

Chloe remembered the promise she had made to Jane, “I wanted her to feel comfortable with her fetishes, not hide them. The only thing I could think of was helping her through it… personally,” Chloe swallowed, “I told her that, if she wanted, she could come over tomorrow and we could show her what we do. I told her she could join if she wanted too. She’s 18 and I…” Chloe sniffled, “I invited her to have scat sex with us, Anna. How could I do that to her?” she rested her head against Anna’s shoulder, feeling the girl’s soft hand rub the back of her neck.

“What did she say?”

“She said it sounded good, but she needed time to think if she wanted to go through with it. I told her that, if she wanted to, she could text me tomorrow.”

Anna kissed Chloe’s forehead, “See, she was fine Chloe. You need to have more faith in yourself.”

“Yeah, I guess.” Chloe paused, “But are you ok with it? Having sex with her I mean. I feel like I volunteered you to do something without even asking first.”

Anna thought for a minute. She hadn’t considered that she had a choice in all this too, “Um… Jane’s cute, I guess. And I remember how hard it was for me to deal with this, I think it would be good to help her through it. But… I really love you Chloe and what if… Jane’s better than me or you realize that… you like her more than me?”

Chloe kissed Anna’s lips, “Anna I love you more than anything. Having sex with Jane does sound somewhat exciting to me, but I will never choose her over you. Every time I talk to you, it feels like we are destined to be together. If you don’t feel comfortable though… I’ll tell Jane and we don’t have to do anything.”

Anna wrapped her arms around Chloe. It felt good, hearing her girlfriend say that she loved her and that they were destined to be together. Every time Chloe spoke Anna felt herself fall more in love with the stunning woman, “No Chloe, you clearly want this and… I do too. I would be lying if I said I didn’t find Jane attractive. And watching her shit? Having sex with us? That sounds… amazing. I love you too Chloe, you make feel so… special.” Anna paused, “So, what are your plans for tomorrow? If Jane does come over that is.”

“Um… I didn’t really think that far ahead. I want her to feel comfortable and enjoy this, otherwise, there would be no point.” Chloe thought about it a bit more, “I think we should just do what we always do. I don’t want to put on some sort of show and give her a false idea of what happens. But that does mean I want to save up for tomorrow, just in case. You probably wanted to have some more fun tonight, but I think I need Jane to see everything.”

Truthfully, Anna was glad that this situation presented itself, “I was actually meaning to talk to you about this. Don’t get me wrong, I love you Chloe and I love the scat play but… sometimes it feels like… I don’t know… like it’s not real. I’ve been thinking about it and we’ve never just had sex. Normal, clean sex that is. And I think I want that. With you.”

“I can see where you’re coming from, but this doesn’t mean we’ll stop playing with our shit, right?”

‘Of course not!” Both girls laughed.

“Then I would love to,” Chloe got off the couch and down on one knee on the floor, really feeling how much wine she drank as she tried to balance sikiş izle on one leg, “Anna Nadish, will you have hot lesbian sex with me?”

Anna giggled, “I would love to.”

Chapter 23: Normal Clean Sex

Anna decided it best to have dinner before they started their promiscuous activities. Both girls wanted to make tonight special and they did everything they could to make it feel like a date. A normal date between two young, innocent women with no mention of bathroom play. They had both changed into nicer clothes although Anna had to make do with what she had kept at Chloe’s house, it was already late and she didn’t want to go home and get changed. Still, Anna managed to find a pair of nicer dress pants and a dark blue blouse she borrowed from Chloe, although it fit quite large considering her smaller breast size.

Chloe, on the other hand, wore a stunning tight black dress that accentuated her body quite nicely. Her ass firmly on display and the tight fit around her chest made her breasts look even bigger. She was looking forward to this night as much as Anna, longing to further their connection and bring their relationship to a deeper level.

“Dinner’s ready,” Anna called to Chloe who was sitting in the other room.

“Do you always cook dinner on your first date?” Chloe sat down at the table while Anna dropped a steak on Chloe’s plate.

Anna hadn’t considered it, but Chloe was right, this was technically their first date. Unless of course, you considered the night they met, which Anna did not. “Not usually, but you seem special. I’ve never seen a girl like you before.”

Chloe giggled, “You really know how to talk to a girl,” she winked, “My name’s Chloe, nice to meet you!” she held out her hand.

Anna was a little confused at first, but soon understand what Chloe was doing. Another one of the girl’s games, this wasn’t their first date, this was the first time they were meeting. Anna found the roleplay exciting and decided to go along with it, “My name is Anna,” she shook Chloe’s hand before sitting down at the table herself, “You’re even prettier than you were in your photos.”

“Why thank you,” Chloe grabbed a scoop of potatoes, “You aren’t so bad yourself! Speaking of you, tell me a little about Anna, those pesky online dating sites just don’t give you enough words!”

Anna wasn’t sure if she should tell the truth or come up with a backstory. She eventually settled on the truth with some minor changes, coming up with a whole new life sounded difficult, “Well, I was born here in Westroad and I have lived here all my life. I graduated from college two years ago with a degree in human kinesiology and now work in a research lab.” Anna wished the last part had been true. Working as a research assist sounded way better than her minimum wage job at a café.

“Ooo, human kinesiology, that’s like studying the brain, right?”

Anna couldn’t tell if Chloe was joking or if she actually didn’t know. Anna had told her what she went to school for before, but maybe Chloe didn’t understand. She was also pretty drunk so that could be another cause, “No, it’s actually the study of movement in the human body. I was originally going to school to be a physical therapist, but stuff happened, and I changed my career. It’s a really interesting field, but I won’t keep rambling. Tell me about you, what dark secrets does Chloe have?”

“Well, I used to live in Pacific City a few days drive from here working as a guidance counselor, but I decided to move here when I heard there might be a teaching position available.”

It made Anna slightly sad that Chloe lied about her reason for moving, but Anna understood why she did. Every time Chloe brought up her past it made Anna feel powerless, unable to make her girlfriend happy. She was also surprised that Chloe mentioned a teaching position, “Did you always want to be a teacher?” she asked earnestly.

“Yeah, I guess. I went to college to be an English teacher, but I only ever got as far as a guidance counselor after graduating,” Chloe frowned. “But at least I have a chance here, right?”

“Of course you do.” Anna smiled.

“Thanks,” Chloe paused before reaching across the table and putting her hands on either side of Anna’s head, pulling her in for a kiss. She knew it slightly disrupted the act they had going on but hearing her girlfriend so supportive made Chloe happy. Fortunately, Anna brought their game back on track.

“Woah!” Anna pulled back, “A little early for a first kiss.” At this point, if this truly were a first date, Anna would most likely be walking out the door. However, this was not their first date and that certainly wasn’t their first kiss, so she stayed and continued the roleplay.

“Sorry! It’s just… I feel so nervous around you.” Chloe pretended to pout, looking down at the table, “You’re so pretty and I don’t know how to act!”

“It’s ok.” Anna held Chloe’s hand on the table, “Can I tell you a secret? I got scared because… I’ve porno 64 never kissed anyone before. In fact, I’m still a virgin,” Anna lied, giving Chloe big puppy dog eyes, “You’re so pretty, you must have had sex before! Can you teach me?”

Chloe felt her pussy leak, this scenario was really turning her on, she only imagined what it would be like to take Anna’s virginity for real, “I don’t know. As you said, it’s a little early to be kissing let alone having sex!”

Anna crossed her arms, looking down at the table, “I guess I’ll never have sex.”

“Ok, we can do it, but only because you’re so cute!” Chloe giggled and stood up, grabbing Anna’s hand and leading her to the bedroom.

It was still light outside, but Chloe had closed the curtains and prepared the room for their lovemaking. She wanted to light some candles and set the mood but couldn’t find any and had to settle for a dim lamp in the corner of the room. Still, the soft orange glow felt warm and it meant she could see Anna’s face while they were having sex. Chloe was also looking forward to using her soft, silk sheets. When the two girls had sex, it was usually a messy endeavor and plastic sheets were a must. Chloe had never enjoyed the rough material on her skin, but she also didn’t enjoy throwing out a new set of bedding every day. She did decide to keep the plastic mattress cover on, however, as Anna was a squitter. Fortunately, they couldn’t feel that through the sheets.

Chloe pushed the dress straps off her shoulders before slipping down the tight garment and stepping out of it. She wore no bras or panties and now stood completely naked in front of Anna, “First things first young lady, we need to get you naked.”

Anna undid the first two buttons on her blouse before remembering her role and teasing Chloe, “I don’t know anymore,” She crossed her legs, crouching over slightly and covering her chest with her arms., “I feel nervous.”

Chloe wrapped her arms around Anna’s waist, pressing her large breasts against her and kissing her neck, “It’s ok, let me help you,” Chloe whispered. She continued unbuttoning Anna’s blouse, slowly working her way down until the shirt fell open, revealing Anna’s deep blue bra. Chloe ran her fingers up and down Anna’s chest, her long nails tickling the pale skin and sending shivers down her spine. Chloe used one hand to gently massage Anna’s breast through the soft fabric, feeling as her pink nipple grew harder with each squeeze. She dropped her right hand and began fondling Anna’s perky ass, matching the stroking and squeezing motion she was applying on her chest.

Anna let out a soft moan and bit her bottom lip, even with her eyes closed she could picture Chloe’s tan, smooth body standing in front of her. She arched her back and let the blouse that was clutching to her shoulders fall to the floor. Anna leaned forward and kissed Chloe. Stepping backward away from Chloe’s touching, Anna fiddled with the button her pants before giving up and pulling them down. She kicked the gray dress pants to the corner of the room and moved back into Chloe’s reach, the hungry girl immediately started fondling her again.

The lack of pants allowed Chloe to rub Anna’s clit through her panties, playing with the hard bean as she maintained her handful of ass. Anna matched Chloe’s touch, grabbing one boob in each hand and squeezing them tenderly. Chloe’s nipples hardened, the brown nubs poking out between Anna’s fingers as they were rubbed and squeezed by the girl.

“Ohhhh.” Anna sighed, feeling Chloe’s fingers work expertly on her slit. Distracted by the overwhelming feeling, Anna dropped her hands from Chloe’s breast to her waist, pulling the unsuspecting woman hard against her increasingly sweaty body, “I’m so close.” She moaned into Chloe’s chest but, much to her disappointment, Chloe removed her hand and pulled away.

“I know you want to cum, but not yet.” Chloe cooed, holding Anna’s face and gently petting the girl’s cheek with her thumb. She kissed Anna’s lips once more and ran her nail’s down Anna’s neck and to her back, unhooking the blue bra and peeling it off. Bringing it to her nose, Chloe smelled the bra, enjoying the sweat captured in each cup, “You smell really good, like sweat and sex.” Anna blushed, hearing Chloe return to her usual dirty self, “How about you lie down and we can continue.” Chloe dropped the bra and grabbed Anna’s wrist, kissing the back of her hand lightly before leading her to the awaiting bed.

Anna fell onto her back, laying her arms rigidly at her sides, “Is this ok?” She pretended to not what she was doing.

“It’s fine, but you need to loosen up more. Here,” Chloe climbed on top of the bed and straddled Anna’s hips. Placing her hand in Anna’s, she guided it upwards to her breast, “Hold onto this. It seems you enjoyed playing with it earlier.” After some tentative rubbing, Anna brought her other hand up and grabbed Chloe’s free breast.

Anna enjoyed Chloe walking her through sex. She had plenty of experience with it and needed little help, but Chloe’s tips and ideas made her feel special like she was being cared for. It also allowed Anna to learn what Chloe did and didn’t like. After tonight, she was certainly going to pay more attention to the girl’s tits as they both seemed to really enjoy them.

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