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Author’s note: This is half of the story being told, you must read HER SIDE if you wish to know her side of the story/account. I would GREATLY appreciate and welcome any comments on this or any of my written works, but as this is a work in progress, I greatly encourage comments (public or private) as they will help decide if I will finish this story. Thank You!



George (a.k.a. Georgie) walks along to the terminal hoping she will be there waiting. He rested as best he could during the flight in anticipation of the long weekend ahead, if she actually showed up. He stands there by the luggage carousel trying not to let his concern show on his face. Lyn is a number of years younger and though she has seen his picture before, this was going to be very different. He tries to appear a casual traveler as he watches for his bag to arrive while looking for her. He feels her eyes on him before he actually sees her. She is standing in the shadows of a flight of stairs wearing a long jacket and heels. He lets himself drink in her general appearance before looking her in the eyes. Her hair has managed to grow out a good deal since she cut it last August, the blonde tips now brushing her shoulders. The sparkling black heels almost make her as tall as he is and accentuate her very sexy legs to his total satisfaction.

His eyes lock with hers and slowly a smile creeps across his features, lighting his eyes so they sparkle. His bag now in hand he starts walking her way.

George slows a little when he sees uncertainty flash in her eyes; he isn’t going to push if she isn’t ready for it. Sure, he wants her-has for a long while-but not if she wasn’t ready to give herself to him willingly.

“Hello, Handsome,” Lyn smiles.

“Hello, Sweetheart,” George says softly to her, almost scared that by speaking she will vanish. Up close he sees she has worn make-up-not something she usually does-and is even more aroused. The light scent of her perfume is in the air around her, or he thinks it is perfume. It isn’t a strong overpowering scent like most…it is light, sweet…beautiful. He wants nothing more than to take her right then and there, but knows they would probably get arrested for trying it even if she did go for it. He can barely contain his hunger. Then she is kissing him, gently, but he drops his bag and slides his arms around her. He doesn’t want to wake from this dream.

When bursa escort they finally break the kiss, she steps back and asks, “Shall we go?”

George is excited by the depth she kissed him with there in public. It caught him off guard as she had always claimed to be a rather reserved individual when it came to public displays of affection. It turned him on more that she had responded so deeply to him. He had simply touched his tongue to her lips and she had parted then quickly allowing him access. Her tongue slipping into his mouth with the same fevered desire he felt.

“Sure, Baby; where did you decide you wanted to go for supper?” He asks bending over to pick up his bag. He slips an arm around her waist and they head toward the nearest exit. Outside is cool, but comfortably so. He is used to the New York City spring temperatures so the warmer Texas ones are welcome in his book. He follows as she leads him through the rows in the parking lot. The setting sun is an amazing sight, almost as beautiful as the lady beside him.

“I thought I’d let you decide that. I have a few suggestions, but no clue what you are in the mood for; past the obvious… umm… desert.”

George is fully aroused when she mentions desert that way and is almost laughing when he notices the blush that has come over her. He smiles a naughty little boy’s smile and tries to catch her eye as she rattles off a list of places they might go to eat. Finally he stops, causing her to stop both walking and talking to make sure he is ok. The blush that covers every visible part of her being when she sees his face was breathtaking. She rushes to a nearby explorer and begins unlocking doors. He places his bag in the back seat and holds the driver’s door for her; catching a glimpse of those long sexy legs hidden under her long jacket. He almost skips around the vehicle with excitement.

George chooses Jasper’s, a restaurant that sounds like it should be quiet and afford them some privacy while they ate. It turns out he chose well, and they are seated in a small booth in a darkened corner. He orders a beer for himself and a wine cooler for her, knowing she doesn’t normally drink and has an aversion to beer. He helps her remove her coat to find she is in an almost knee length black dress. “She isn’t paper thin like a supermodel but then super models look anorexic. Her curves are well proportioned-she is beautiful,” He thinks to himself. He bursa escort bayan smiles broadly when she sits down and he notices how it barely covers her lap. They sit there looking over the menu chatting idly about their children and everyday lives. When the waiter arrives he places the order and turns his attention back to the attractive 34 year old beside him. He sees her starting to crawl into her shell, the one she warned him of, and decides he won’t let that happen, not now. He reaches over and slides his hand up her thigh and thumps her square between her legs. He head spins as his hand tells his mind, “She isn’t wearing any panties, not even a thong!” Her eyes sparkle brightly when she sees his look of realization. He enjoys watching her squirm as he plays and she tries not to draw attention to herself. “You will NOT cum until I say. Is that clear?” He watches her nod, but stops all play and pinches her lips together getting her full attention. “Is that clear?” He asks again holding her there until she has answered verbally. “Good girl.” He continues slipping fingers in and out and making her wiggle until their waiter appears at the corner heading their way with their food. He lets the waiter deposit their plates and leave. He then withdraws his fingers and brings them to her lips saying, “Be my good girl and clean them right.” She looks him in the eyes and takes the first one into her mouth, sucking and licking so that it shouldn’t be obvious to others what is going on, at least not at first glance. She proceeds to do the same with every finger he puts to her lips. “Good girl, Baby,” he tells her and then places a gentle kiss on her lips before turning to his food.

They begin eating in relative silence, both thinking of what had just happened and wondering what the rest of the night would actually hold for them. He orders her a strawberry daiquiri after she finishes the wine cooler, remembering she has tried a virgin daiquiri in the past and wanting to help her enjoy her night out. She keeps her hand on his thigh most of the meal, moving it only to pick up her napkin. Once, when she doesn’t return her hand there, he reaches over and brings it back. She blushes and starts to apologize for not putting it back on her own. He puts her at ease telling her not to worry, that he just likes having her hand there. They finish the rest of the meal laughing over stories he thinks bursa merkez escort he has told her before but she doesn’t seem to mind hearing again. He helps her into her coat, slides a very possessive arm around her waist and they leave Jasper’s behind.

She asks what he wants to do next. He smiles and says, “What ever you want, Sweetheart.” She suggests they go for a walk. He agrees to a short walk after they reach the hotel but before checking in.

He walks with an arm around her waist, listening to her chatter on about the stars, all the while just watching her. Wondering if she really is going to go through with this as he wants her with every fiber of his being, he watches her closely for tell tale signs she is about to run. She had surprised him several times already, first with her kiss at the airport and then at Jasper’s letting him play with her like that. He is still watching her when she stops chattering and begins looking at him, searching his face for something. Unsure what exactly she is looking for, he holds his breath for a few moments, before slowly letting it go steadying himself. “She is deciding. She still has doubts. What can I do to convince her?” He asks himself again. Would they both be disappointed if they gave in? He had questions as well. He didn’t doubt her ability to please him, but he was realistic. He was 50 years old and had raised his kids; she was young, had a young family-hell, she had a 34 year old husband at home. Would she want more than he could give her?


After a few minutes, she turns and appears to be about to walk away, her hand sliding down his arm. But when her hand reaches his, she firmly grasps it and pulls him toward her truck.

“Damn it,” His mind begins churning, “she is going throw my bag at me need to be buried deep inside you. It won’t be long this time.” He positions himself between her legs as he speaks and she responds by rolling him over and climbing on top of him. She slides her wet pussy up and down his hard penis taunting him. He growls at the same moment she seems unable to stand it any more and slides herself down hard on his cock. They screamed in unison as she rides him, and as predicted they both cum very quickly. She starts to slip off him, but he holds her there in place. “I want to enjoy this feeling a little longer. Please?” He moves the pillows behind them to better support them both. They adjust themselves so she is able to remain where he wants her and she was perfectly comfortable.

“Thank you,” her whisper so soft he isn’t certain she has spoken.

“No, thank you!” He kisses her forehead and breathes deeply her scent; thinking only of his need to hold her while he can. They both drift off to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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