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The conclusion to this three part series.


The girls had planned to go out on the town that night, and Mark and I were thinking about going to a party with some friends. All those plans were cancelled when a summer thunderstorm rolled in shortly after sunset. The sky opened up, heavy rain began to pour down, and there were occasional booms of thunder. I had been taking a short nap in Mark’s room when I was awakened by the first boom. We all decided to stay home for the evening. Although no one was really happy with the plan, at least the grocery shopping had gotten us a lot of food and a lot of alcohol. Most of the booze was boxed wine, thanks to Carly, but it would do.

Sam and Jenny worked together to cook a surprisingly tasty dinner. We feasted, with ample servings of beer and wine to wash it all down. Feeling full and all buzzing a little, we moved to the living room and tried to find something to watch on TV. With nothing good on summer television, Brenda and Carly suggested we play a drinking game involving a deck of cards. The girls apparently all loved this game and claimed they played it all the time in college. The rules were somewhat complex, with each person taking a turn pulling a card from the pile. Some cards meant you had to drink a shot of wine, some meant everyone had to drink, and some meant you could make another person drink. All I remember today is that the three big cards were the two, the seven and the ace.

Pulling the two meant you could make someone do something. If you picked someone of your same sex, only that person had to do it. If you picked someone of the opposite sex, everyone had to do it. If you pulled an ace, a player of the opposite sex became your slave. When you pulled the ace, all the players of the opposite sex had to touch their thumb to their nose and the last to do it became your slave. If you were a female, your male slave had to take all of your shots and drinks for you until the next ace was pulled. If you were a male, your female slave had to go into a closet with you for “seven minutes in heaven.” The card that didn’t seem like a big deal to me until we played the game was the seven card. If you pulled lucky seven, you kept it until you had to go to the bathroom. You couldn’t go and pee unless you had a seven to trade in, and it was highly encouraged that you make people work for your seven if they wanted it. And the game didn’t end until the final card was drawn. For some reason, you had to play at least two back-to-back games, although you got a long pee break in between.

As you can see, the rules were fairly complex. The only thing you really need to know at the start of this game is that I’m either really lucky at card games or really unlucky. Vegas must hate people like me. When I’m hot, I get all the cards I need for long stretches. When I’m cold, I walk away immediately because I stay cold.

This night would be no exception. Mark and I were still trying to remember all the rules when Carly pulled an Ace with the second card of the game. I quickly touched my thumb to my nose, but Mark was much slower. Unfortunately for him, he had to start taking all of Carly’s drinks for her. When a card was pulled where everyone had to take a shot, Mark had to take two. With my first card of the game, I drew a seven. And with my second card of the game, I drew another seven. The rest of the players began loudly alleging that I cheated.

“How could I have cheated?” I yelled back with a smile. “I didn’t shuffle and I just learned the rules of this game!”

Not much happened after that for a while, except Mark had to take a lot of shots for himself and Carly. Fairly early in the game, Mark stood and started to walk away.

“HEY!” Brenda screamed. “Where are you going?!!”

“I have to piss,” he replied.

“No!” screamed all the girls together.

“You know the rules,” Carly said, taunting him. “You have to have a seven to trade.”

“I would have gone to the bathroom before if I had known the rules,” Mark grumbled.

“Too bad,” Sam shot back. Mark sat back down and played through his turn, but when he didn’t draw a seven he stood again and walked over to me.

“Can I borrow one of those sevens?” He asked. “I’ll pay you back if I get one.”

“Lame!” shot Carly. “Don’t give him a seven for a lame offer like that. You make him earn it,” she teased.

Mark leaned in and whispered in my ear. I could smell the wine on his breath as he said, “Fine, I promise I will let you watch me fuck Carly later if you give me one of those sevens. You have two!”

I whispered back, “There’s no way anyone is going to let you fuck them.”

“I promise you, dude,” he returned. “Give me the seven and you’ll get to see her getting fucked.” I SERIOUSLY doubted he was getting anywhere with Carly, but I nodded in agreement and gave him the seven.

“He better have earned that,” Jenny grumbled as I handed over the card.

Shortly after Mark returned from the bathroom, çayyolu escort Brenda pulled a two and blurted out, “The guys have to strip to their underwear.”

“Seriously?” Mark exclaimed. “THAT can be a rule?”

“It’s a common one,” Carly replied. I caught Sam rolling her eyes at that comment.

“Whatever,” Mark replied with a shrug, lifting his shirt over his head. I was a little more nervous, but if Mark was doing it, I couldn’t chicken out. I also realized that, if the guys could be forced to strip to their underwear, the girls could too. I just really wished, as I dropped my shorts, that I hadn’t worn tighty-whities to the game. All the girls’ eyes were on me as I dropped my shorts, and Carly giggled when she saw my white briefs. I’m sure I would have been much more embarrassed if I hadn’t been buzzing from the alcohol.

When it got back to my turn, I pulled a third seven. The chorus of complaints was immediate, loud, and universal.

“Well that’s what you get for making me play naked,” I shot back.

“Oh, we can make you get naked,” Jenny threatened. She was all bluster during this game, and it was fun to watch her being fiery and combative. On her next turn she pulled an Ace and again I beat Mark to putting my thumb next to my nose. Normally, another Ace would have freed Mark from having to take another player’s shots, but now he had to take all of Jenny’s. He was getting good and drunk fairly quickly.

Jenny’s bluster faded when Brenda drew the final seven on her turn and lept to her feet to run to the bathroom. Everyone could see we were barely more than half way through the cards, and all the pee cards were gone. While we waited for Brenda’s return, Jenny stood and walked straight over to me. She locked eyes with me as she approached, swinging her hips in an exaggerated gait as she sauntered over. Carly giggled watching Jenny’s approach. Jenny bent at the waist as she leaned down to whisper in my ear, her loose blond hair falling over my face.

“Cookie,” she whispered, “I will do ANYTHING you want sexually and promise to get you off later tonight if you give me one of those pee cards.” I couldn’t hand the card over fast enough.

As Jenny quickly bounded towards the bathroom, Sam said, “Geeze, I wonder what she said to get that pee card so quickly.” I nervously looked over at Mark, but he either didn’t care or was too sauced to have caught the implication.

Brenda was surprised to find Jenny gone when she returned, but looked over and smiled at me when she realized what had happened. Shortly after Jenny returned, I pulled a two. “Ridiculous, this kid,” Sam said in disgust.

“All the ladies can join us and strip down to their underwear,” I ordered.

Although they grumbled as they shed their clothes, I enjoyed every second of watching them strip. Surprisingly, Sam was the quickest to get down to her underwear, stripping off her clothes without hesitation. Unsurprisingly, Sam was wearing a utilitarian looking matching set of black bra and panties. With all the other gorgeous women around, I hadn’t paid much attention at all to Sam. Her personality definitely did not invite feelings of lust. But now that I was tipsy and she was in her underwear, I had to admit that she looked pretty good. She was tall and thin, I could just make out some of her ribs at her side. But she also had an athlete or dancers curves. Her legs were long and shapely, and her arms were toned and firm. She had the smallest breasts of the group, which her choice of bra did nothing to hide, but they fit her lithe figure. I had to say, I was impressed with her fitness.

Brenda was next to get naked. She must have known this was a possibility because she was wearing a matching set of nice, green underwear that complimented her fiery red hair. Her pale skin was smooth and dotted with a few light freckles on her shoulders and down the center of her chest. The bra pushed her B cup boobs upwards a little, leaving a lot of exposed cleavage sticking out of the top. Jenny was wearing a matching set of pink underwear with some black lace over the cups of her bra. Her ample cleavage was on display, with a nice, deep valley between her smooth tit flesh. Jenny clearly had the biggest backside of the group, but it wasn’t huge. Her firm bottom also seemed to fit her frame and her curves. Carly had the hardest time getting down to her underwear, which appeared to be because she had to be careful taking off her t-shirt. Her matching blue underwear appeared nearly as utilitarian as Sam’s, but it seemed to barely contain her huge breasts. I could see Mark also ogling Carly’s chest and the big, smooth globes that seemed to spill over the top of her bra.

“Are you pervs done staring?” Sam asked with a hint of a smile, and the game resumed.

A few more cards were drawn, shots were taken or given, and I had another round without pulling a major card. Then Mark pulled a two. The girls held their breath, but Mark shot cebeci escort an evil look at Sam. “Sam has to sit for the rest of the game in Kevin’s lap.” Everyone registered surprise.

“Just Sam has to do something?” Brenda asked.

“Well you all can’t sit in Kevin’s lap, can you?” Mark shot back.

Sam looked uncertainly at me, but I was just as surprised. “That does comply with the rules,” Brenda said.

Sam had been sitting next to me and just stood and plopped herself into my lap. I spread my legs just a little and she wiggled her tight bottom to settle into her new seat. After admiring her toned body and now feeling her smooth legs resting atop mine, I could feel my cock beginning to stir. I was also uncomfortably aware that the only thing between my cock and the heat of her pussy were the two thin pieces of fabric comprised of our underwear. Sam tried to lean forward a little so that she wasn’t resting against my chest, and that ground her ass against my growing pole. Suddenly my cock was rapidly swelling to full blown erection. There was absolutely no way to hide it from Sam.

To her credit, Sam tried to be discreet as she turned around and whispered, “Geeze, Kevin, settle down,” but the way she said it sounded more like she was teasing me rather than genuinely upset.

A few more cards were drawn, and my cock refused to deflate. I really couldn’t help it. I was surrounded by beautiful young women in their underwear, and the one in my lap kept shifting as she moved. Almost every shift rubbed her firm ass against my pole. Finally I had to spread my legs a little so she wasn’t rubbing against me so directly. The shift in position caused her to sigh and turn around.

I could smell the wine on her breath as Sam whispered, “I REALLY have to pee, and you poking me with your thing is not helping. If you give me that final pee card, I will let you do anything within reason to me during the break.”

“Sounds good,” I agreed, handing over the card.

Shortly after Sam returned from the bathroom, Mark drew an Ace. Carly was somewhat suspiciously slow getting her thumb next to her nose, and she and Mark were soon heading for the coat closet near the front door.

“Seven minutes!” Brenda shouted after them with a laugh. “No telling how long Carly would let him have if the rest of us weren’t here. Hope that doesn’t bother you, Jenny.”

“Nah, let them have their fun,” Jenny responded, giving me a knowing smile.

I thought I might have been imagining it, but it seemed like Sam was grinding herself against me while we waited for Mark and Carly to return. Sam also seemed to wait until Jenny and Brenda weren’t looking at us before she would grind slowly back and forth in my lap. With that going on, there was no fixing my erection. We heard Carly moan, but that was quickly followed by one of her giggles, so there was no telling if she was just messing with us. But when she moaned, I was almost sure Sam ground downwards on my dick.

When Carly and Mark finally returned, Mark’s hair was all messed up. Carly looked flush and her blue bra seemed askew, but everyone just laughed at their appearance. A few more cards were drawn and then on my turn I drew the final Ace. This time, it seemed like Jenny might have been a little slow getting her thumb to her nose. Without a word, she rose and began walking towards the closet with her exaggerated hip swinging. In an attempt to hide my bulging erection, I tried to make a comic show of running after her. I’m not sure if my display worked.

As I turned the corner towards my “seven minutes in heaven,” I thought I heard Mark say, “He better not mess with my sister.”

“Oh please, you just had YOUR fun,” Brenda retorted.

My heart skipped a beat when I glimpsed Jenny, wearing just her underwear, waiting for me with a smile in the closet. I stepped through the door and Jenny closed it behind me. I was struck by how completely dark and quiet it became in the closet. I tentatively reached a hand out to where I thought Jenny was standing and felt my palm slide across the warm skin of her smooth waist. I drew her body gently to me until I could feel her breath just inches away from my neck. I leaned down and kissed her, our lips softly meeting as she pressed her full lips tenderly against mine.

“Awww, that was sweet of you,” Jenny whispered in the darkness. “I wasn’t sure if you’d jump in here and maul me.” She wrapped her arms around my neck and I felt the firm tops of her bra pressing against my bare chest. “You sure you’re not disappointed it’s me and not Brenda in this closet?”

“I’m sure,” I said, planting another quick kiss on her soft lips. “I’ve wanted to kiss you like that for a very long time,” I responded.

“I’ve wanted you to kiss me like that for a long time,” Jenny replied, pressing her lips against mine once again. Her lips parted and our tongues danced briefly. She pressed herself against my crotch, rubbing up against my swollen çubuk escort cock.

“You wanted me to kiss you?” I asked after I broke away.

“Well, sure, Cookie,” she replied, nibbling on my neck. “I already told you I was always slipping into my tiniest bikini and sunning by the pool whenever you came over. I wanted you to kiss me ever since these tasty muscles of yours came in.”

“You don’t think I’m to skinny?” I asked, half teasing.

Jenny laughed heartily at that question, her stomach tickling mine as it moved with her laughter. “You don’t think I’m too fat?” she shot back.

I realized something. “You liked looking out the window earlier because you enjoyed the thought of me jerking off while thinking of you.”

“Of course,” she said, “It made me feel better. Sometimes when I played with myself, I thought of you and those piercing eyes of yours.”

I leaned down and kissed her again. “FIVE MINUTES LEFT!” Brenda yelled, which caused Jenny to break our kiss.

“How about I see if I can remember those skills Brenda showed me earlier?” she asked.

“You sure?” I replied, “I don’t know if I can make it in five minutes.” My hand slid up from her waist and over the swell of her firm breast.

“Yes,” she replied, sinking to her knees. “You’re just going to have to help me out and cum quickly.”

The complete darkness made the physical sensations of her touch even more thrilling. She kissed my stomach as she dropped to her knees, and I felt her hair brush across my abdomen and then tickle the inside of my thighs. I felt her delicate fingers groping for my cock, her fist giving my manhood a gentle squeeze as it closed around it. Jenny’s delicate fingers were warm when they made contact with the skin of my dick, pulling my eager erection through the front of my underwear. My cock head was almost immediately enveloped by the warm wetness of Jenny’s mouth. Her full lips closed over the tip of my shaft and her tongue circled the full head. I gasped as she began bobbing her head up and down my shaft, her hand joining her lips to milk my cock as she slid up and down. Her hair was tickling my inner thigh as her head rocked back and forth on my hard pole. She released my cock from her mouth and began tonguing my balls as her firm hand pumped up and down my slippery member. Turns out I was pretty turned on from all the evenings activities, because I could feel the familiar tingling in my loins that meant I was close to orgasm. Jenny returned my cock to her mouth and resumed slipping her lips up and down my pole while she simultaneously milked me with her delicate fingers.

“ONE MINUTE LEFT!” Brenda called.

“Oh, so close Jenny,” I moaned softly as she suckled the fat head of my cock.

She released my rod with a pop to say, “I want you to cum for me, Kevin. What do you want to feel?”

“Oh, use your hand, baby,” I whispered, needing to feel her firm grip if I was going to get a quick release.

Her fingers closed around my shaft once again and began sliding tightly up and down my slippery meat. Jenny resumed tonguing my balls as her fingers swirled around the crown of my cock. That dual sensation sent me over the edge, and I felt the intense pleasure of orgasm burning its way out of me.

“Cumming!” I managed to warn. Jenny slid her mouth up to the tip of my dick and began flicking the underside of my cock head with her tongue as I came. The sensation was amazing, her fingers continuing to milk my wet shaft as her tongue lapped encouragement for the cum exploding from my tip. I shot two or three fat globs of cum straight into Jenny’s mouth, never even seeing her face in the darkness as I tried my best to stifle my scream. My toes curled and her tongue never stopped lapping at my dick while I came in her mouth.

“TIME’S UP!” yelled a voice just outside the closet door, seconds before the door opened just slightly. For a split second a sliver of light entered the closet, illuminating a dim image of Jenny on her knees, her full breasts thrust out below her as she held my dick in her hands and lapped at my cock head with her tongue. Reflexively I managed to grab the inner door knob and pull it firmly shut.

“HEY ASSHOLES!” I yelled, not sure if it was Carly’s voice I had just heard outside the door. “We’re coming out, just give us a second.” Jenny scrambled to her feet and must have swallowed my cum because she was soon yelling expletives with me. I managed to stuff my deflating dick back into my underwear as Jenny adjusted herself in the dark, but there were no further attempts to open the door. When we emerged out of the closet, there was no one there, and everyone was in the seats where we had left them when we returned to the living room. Everyone laughed at us as we walked back in, but no one said anything further about our time in the closet.

When I sat back in my seat, Sam plopped herself back on my lap. She wiggled her ass for a second before turning around and whispering to me, “Guess Jenny took care of that.” Only a few more cards were pulled. Carly got the final card, which allowed her to assign three shots to any person. She assigned them to Jenny with a laugh. As soon as Mark was done, everyone but Sam jumped to their feet and ran from the room, racing for the bathrooms.

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