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The pictures on my PC screen were of European monuments and castles, but not a Rubens among the photos I had taken on my last trip to the British Isles. From over my shoulder I could feel the presence of building body heat. I knew before I looked, that my workstudy, Candy was at the back of my chair. “Hello, Candy. Are you ready to work?”

Candy Lynn was a college student who was earning a few extra dollars by serving as a filing clerk in my office. The work study program is used in nearly every United States college and university. It is a cheap and easy way for the college to employ office staff, and get reimbursed by federal programs. Candy thumped the back of my chair. “Whatcha got doctor B?”

I turned in my chair and pointed to a stack of papers on my side table. “Filing Candy, get that done and you can sneak out early.” The thought of Candy sneaking out anywhere was an oxymoron. The young lady was as round as she was tall; additionally, Candy missed the train when face construction was loading. She looked like a bulldog on two feet. Other than being abrasive and outspoken, she was an adequate clerk.

“Shessh, doctor B, I’ll be here till summer.”

“Thirty minutes tops Candy.”

“Yeah, right.” She picked up the first half of a stack and turned to my file cabinets. “Say doc, you shoot all those pictures?”

“Yes, ma’am, they are pictures from the last literary trip we took – we went to Europe.”

She pulled a file drawer open hard enough that the whole cabinet shook. “Yeah, someday I may have money do that. Livin’ off work study and Pell grants doesn’t give me any spending money.”

“Oh.” I continued to edit the pictures, trying not to pay attention to Candy or her work.

“You know doc, I need some pictures taken too.”

“Of what Candy?”

She slapped the back of my chair. “Of me of course.”

“Go to Wally World.”


Can’t or won’t “Okay, I’ll bite, why not?”

“Had a run in with the manager. But, it wasn’t my fault that the conveyor belt broke.”

I turned in my chair. “This I gotta hear. The conveyor belt broke?”

She put her hand on her hip and dropped the papers on top of the file cabinet. “Yeah, kinda. The clerk wouldn’t take my coupon so I punched the belt.”

“Well that’s better than punching the clerk. How come they wouldn’t take your coupon?”

She büyükesat escort turned back to the file. “It was expired.”

“It was expired so you punched the conveyor belt?”

“I was irated.”

“Remind me not to make you mad.” I turned back to my computer.

“The stupid thing just kinda collapsed.”

I tried to suppress my chuckle. “I don’t wanna know, continue filing.”

“Anyway doctor B you could take my picture with your camera.”

I cringed. “Right.”

Her body heat came back to my chair. “Really, I need to send some pictures to my boyfriend.”

she’s got a boyfriend?” Candy there are a lot of places where professional photographers would be happy to shoot a few portraits for you.”

She shook my chair. “Cost too much. Besides, they won’t do what I want.”

I turned toward her. “And I will?”

“I know you will, cause you’re a good guy.” She lightly punched my arm, I think I still have the bruise.

She had my chair pinned with her large legs. I suddenly realized that if this large woman did not cry when I said ‘no’ she might punch me out like the conveyor belt at Wal Mart.

“Okay, when and where?”

“You find the place doctor B I will show up with just a smile.”

“Why a smile?”

“Oh, didn’t I tell you. Bobby wants nudes.”

I sank back into my chair. Oh shit.

For the next few weeks I pulled every book in Library that mentioned Paul Rubens or any of the artists who specialized in big beautiful women. My exception was that beauty had long since flown in the case of Candy. My next process was to find a place to photograph a large naked woman. Finally, I mentioned my problem to an old friend. He was the head of the theatre department at our college; and, other than being quite gay he was a likable, fun loving gentleman.

“You know Dusty, I can give you a chaise lounge and a number of backgrounds, this should be a ball. I want to help.”

Well, if a photographer was to pick anyone to help photograph a naked woman the ideal would be a gay man. “Great, when can we use the stage?”

“Oh, that will be easy. We can do it Saturday afternoon. We will be locked down tightly, and I’ll tell Sammy in security that we are not to be bothered. I gave him a marvy blow job last Friday, and he owes me.”

“I didn’t want çankaya escort to know that Robert.”

My friend laughed and left the room.

Two o’clock Saturday afternoon. Robert and I stood on he stage of the central theater. Our model showed up a few minutes after we had pulled the chaise onto a small platform. Robert wrapped the floor and the chaise in dark blue velveteen, then lit the area with several of the theatre lights. The whole thing looked decadent.

She stood at the foot of the stage. “Oh, doctor Browne and Mr. Smith, cool, I didn’t know that you two, you know.”

Robert offered her a hand up the steps. “Oh, don’t you know, the good doctor comes to see me between each of his sexual conquests.”

Candy giggled. “You’re so silly.”

As she stepped into the light I could see that she had been to a free makeup demonstration somewhere, and probably, her sister had done her hair. “You look nice Candy.”

“Betcha didn’t even know it was me, didya?” She twirled around

Not a lot of change in the face. “Let’s get started.” Let’s get it over with. She was wearing a silk jumpsuit which kind of made her look like a giant blue balloon tethered to the ground.

Candy walked toward the lounge and peeled off her jacket, then tossed the jacket toward a side chair. In a clumsy motion she stepped out of the nylon pants and then sat on the edge of the chaise. “It’s chilly in here.” The mountains of flesh making up her breasts peaked in scarlet nipples.

The air conditioning blowers were going full blast, so I guessed that a nude might find the air a little cool. But, what I noticed was that her nipples were erect. “Helps keep your skin tight. Mr. Smith is going to pose you, I’m going to set up the camera.” I had my tripod already sitting with the camera mounted. I scooted in closer, while Richard arranged a shot right out of an art book.

“You want my back side?” Candy turned her head toward me.

“You are going to slant your head, don’t worry he will see your face and a hint of your breast.”

“Cool, drive him nuts.”

Richard worked to place her in such a way that her rotund body twisted a few degrees, then he tilted her head up slightly. The straight line actually took away the fattened features of her whole face. When Richard moved out of the way I snapped two photos. cebeci escort She jumped from her lounge and bounded in full nakedness to the back of the camera.

“I wanna see, I wanna see.”

I showed her the two pictures on my tiny screen. With both she screamed with delight. And so the poses went for several minutes. I was rather proud of my Rubenesque photos. One in particular had her holding grapes, a single breast exposed. We had to use double sided tape to hold the other breast in place. Finally, I had shot over a dozen photos

“Hey doc, how about something a little more daring. Like maybe a cock shot.”

I looked at Richard, and he shrugged his shoulders. I felt no emotion toward a twenty year old obese woman, especially Candy. Finally, I called Richard to the camera.

“Listen, this time only, you can play with my cock, will that get you up?” Candy watched us.

Richard almost danced. “I’m up already at the very thought, let me see it.”

“Candy, Mr. Smith will let you do your thing with his cock, is that all right?”

“Doesn’t matter to me, I just want Bobby horney.”

Richard and I pulled off our shorts, he immediately gasped when he saw my embarrassment of the locker room. “Such a nice puppy.” He teased it with his finger tips till it responded slightly. He, on the other hand was in full salute.

He bounced over to Candy who immediately took his cock in her hand and mouth. Richard kept his eye me, and I focused the camera in on Candy’s head.

“Doctor B, now I want cum on my tits.” She rolled on her back on the chaise.

Richard looked at me. “Beat me off.”

I began to stoke Richard’s cock while he was still standing near the head of Candy. She in turn reached up and gabbed my cock and stuck it in her mouth. She had an incredible sucking mechanism, at the same time she began stoking her own clit; minutes later Richard came with an outpouring of shouts and expletives, at the same time a stream of cum shot out on Candy’s exposed tits. Candy took my cock from her mouth and pumped the skin until I too ejaculated with a full quantity across her tits.

“Shoot it now,” she cried.

I limped back to my camera and began shooting tight shots moving out wider. Then suddenly she began a raging fit of ecstasy. Her face turned crimson and a curious smile passed over her lips. I caught the emotion with three frames.

Richard finally sat on the edge of the chaise totally exhausted. “Can I put you down for Tuesday?”

I pulled the photo chip from the camera, and carried it to Candy. “Use what you want.”

Candy purred like a large kitten. “Beats filing.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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