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In the morning I pulled Marge out of the bed and led her to the shower. We washed each other without much comment until I touched her pussy. “Oh, that is a little sore this morning.”

I backed her into the cold tile and knelt in front of her, “I’ll kiss it and make it better.”

Marge propped one foot onto the edge of the tub and said, “Get me off quick, I’m starving and I bet all the girls are waiting for us at the table.”

“My little sub is giving me orders this morning.”

“Yes, I am and I know you will make me pay and have me begging you to fuck me by noon.”

I laughed, pushed a soapy finger up her ass and started to suck her clit. That was an abrupt approach for her. It took a few minutes for her to begin to respond. When she rolled her hips to give my tongue a better angle at her button, I slipped a wet finger to her g-spot and set up a three-way assault rhythm. Marge’s little humming sound let me know I had been forgiven for my direct approach and that I had a winning combination.

Humming gave way to grunts and hip thrusts that tried to crush my nose. She squirted from deep inside. I drank most of her. Lost some and saved some for her. Her knees shook and were weak when I pulled my fingers from her cunt, ever so slowly slipped the one from her ass and rubbed at her little sensitive ring. I stood towering over her. She knew and tilted her head up to me. I let her juices slip from my mouth. She wiggled against me until she could catch them on her tongue and let them trickled down her throat.

Her eyes dreamed into mine. “Let’s forget breakfast, I need you to fuck me again and now.”

“No, you didn’t want me before. Now, I’m hungry.” I slapped her on the ass after I toweled her dry.

“Will the mean man spank me later and do horrible things to me?”

“You bet your sweet ass, he will.”

She pranced away and looked over her shoulder coyly, “O goodie.”

I was only three minutes behind Marge making it to the kitchen. I had missed a lot. Three of her daughters were around the table. Marge was pouring our coffee. The entire group was in cahoots to try and embarrass me. When she saw me, Marge said, “I guess, we were a little noisy last night. Addie and Vanna want to know if there is a video.”

Even Lil was beaming at me smiling. “Well, I’m sorry we didn’t set up the camera last night. You should have come in and watched like Lil did.”

Addie and Vanna looked shocked; they hadn’t known. Lil was bright red. Marge just smiled at me. Lil would have a lot to answer and tell her sisters.

About one, it was apparent the fun was over for this weekend. A knock came on the door to remind Marge that her painter had to be out by three. Soon after that Alice came bounding through the door, full of things to tell about her weekend retreat. The looks from her sisters made her wonder what she had missed. Marge just looked satisfied; I wanted to eat her out right then and there, on the coffee table, squealing in front of all her daughters.

Well maybe someday. For now I had to return to being an undesirable, less than equal almost human.

My apartment seemed very quiet. I had gotten used to people, voices and laughter around me again. It had taken less than two days. Vanna didn’t live in the complex any more. I was anxious for the next three weeks to pass and then move to Marge’s house. The evening news brought a cold chill of reality down my spine. Two more men were killed last night. Here I am dreaming, fantasizing, enjoying a wonderful afterglow of sex and my growing harem. I’m loosing it. I’m not being careful. I could be the next body on the news. I started talking to myself, bringing myself down, “Don’t stand to straight, don’t smile, don’t look like you just had sex, don’t swagger, don’t use any three syllable words, don’t daydream and don’t hope for a better life.”

After three days, Vanna called me right on cue. “The baby is moving now. Mom let me hear his heart beat last night. Tom, I’m so happy. Thank you.”

“I’m happy too. I wish I were there with you and could put my hand on your stomach and feel him kick. Don’t be mad at me, Vanna, but I want to tell you something.”

“I won’t.”

“I know you have always kayseri escort talked about “your baby.” I understand. I know my place and how all this happened. Still I want the baby as much as you do. I hope you will let me be an attentive dad and not feel threatened by that. I hope we can be a little family. I enjoy our time together. I have a hope that you at least like me, want to spent time with me, be silly, be serious and have sex. I imagine us sharing life, even after the baby comes.”

Vanna was very quiet. The phone seemed dead.


“Tom, I thought you had moved on to my mom and Lil; that you had left me behind. I did not know you were so interested in the baby.”

“I am trying to learn how to act and who I am. I was a one-woman man before I started to hide. The most wonderful things in my life were my girlfriend and the baby we were going to have together. I lost them both.”

The phone was dead again.

“I do not know how to live and act in my new world. I love it. What man would not. When I spend a day with your mom, please don’t think I have forgotten you. You, your family and I have talked a lot. For all that you are giving me, I believe it is my place to use my unaffected gift to return what your sisters and mother want from me. I am very afraid that jealousy and feelings of rejection, will destroy what we are trying to do. I’ve already discussed my concerns with Marge. My concerns are so serious that I almost said “No” to the arrangement. A few angry words and we could all loose a lot.”

She was slow to respond. I just waited on the quiet phone. “Before I was pregnant, I wanted a baby and I wanted each of my sisters to have one too. When you and I had some time together and I got pregnant, my thoughts have been about the baby and you. Mom knew how to please you and the two of you had so much fun together. I was jealous.”

“If you do not want me to move into your mother’s house, I will honor that for our baby’s sake. But I will want to see him and at least let him think that I’m his uncle or something.”

“No, I want you to come live with us. Let us girls talk some. You just keep working to get here with us.”

When Alice, Marge, Addie and I had all my stuff moved from my apartment and storage shed and unloaded in the house, we took a break. Marge called in Vanna and spoke very seriously to us all. “Tom, we have had several family meetings over the last week. We have faced that our storybook fantasies needed to be tempered by reality. We have faced our priorities and how we must compromise to get what we want in our lives. I think all of us can be open with each other and share our feelings for the benefit of our family. Women are naturally jealous, we promise to face those demons and protect you. We understand what you are risking and what you are doing for us.”

“I thank you for that. I have to tell you all that I am naturally playful when I am at ease. I do not want to cause problems by flirting with one of you and seeming to ignore another. I think you are all beautiful and desirable. If we can learn to live this alternative lifestyle, we can contribute some to the recovery of the gene pool and to making our own lives more happy and fulfilling.”

That conversation bounced around the table for a long time. I was becoming comfortable when Addie rushed from the table. In a few minutes, Alice followed her. Marge started to go to them.

“Marge, let me go. If I’m part of the problem, I want to be part of the solution.”

Through a gallon on tears, my knowledge of the gene problems grew, even beyond what Addie’s and Alice’s mom knew. Addie had been saving to undergo invetro. The initial testing showed that her eggs were not normal. They were wrinkled and leathery. The doctors did not know what that meant. Also, she was a three-quarters. She had low probability of having an unaffected girl and an even lower probability of having an unaffected boy. She had talked to Alice. After testing they had discovered that Alice had exactly the same problems.

They were so devastated when they got the information about Alice, they had sort of given up. But this was my first day hearing any such thing, as a male, I had a problem to solve. “How about Lil? What is her situation?” They looked surprised at my question and viewed me as some kind of genius.

“Stay here. I’ll be back.”

I went to corner Marge. “Marge what is the gene situation for each of the girls?”

She was obviously hesitating.

“What, were all of your words bullshit?”

She flinched a little. “You already know Vanna is a one-half. Addie and Alice do not know it but they are three-quarters. Lil is keeping it quiet, because I asked her to, but she is as pure as you are.”

Go get Lil for me, please. Meet me in my room.

We made a space among the boxes and I explained my discussion with Addie and Alice. “Lil, if it came to it, would you let some of your eggs be harvested, fertilized and implanted into your sisters?”

She looked puzzled. Marge explained the procedure; the risks and that she had hundreds and hundreds of eggs.

“Yes, I would do that.”

“OK, no more family secrets. Agreed?”

Marge and Lil, knodded. Now, let’s get everyone back into the dinning room.

I took the floor, “If we get our heads together, we will usually be able to come up with possible solutions. They might not be the solution we hope for but they are solutions.”

For the next thirty minutes, I shocked Addie and Alice by disclosing their secret and telling them that their mother had known it for years. I shocked, Marge and Lil by disclosing the secret they kept because they did not want to hurt Addie and Alice. Vanna just sat quietly, enjoying the soap opera. The solution did not have to be spoken. Everyone saw it at once.

“We do not need or want all of you pregnant at once. Let’s learn how to be parents with Vanna’s boy and decide who will be next.” My intent was to stop the tears. I was not successful. Now, more tears. Women get us both ways, sad and happy.

The next day was a whirlwind of getting the house back in order from my moving in. I got a chance to talk alone with both Addie and Alice during the day. I told each of them, “I like you and am looking forward to learning more and more about you. I find you lovely and desirable. I hope when the time comes and a fertilized egg is implanted in you that you will let me make love to you so that will be the memory both of us have when the baby is born.”

Alice was about five-foot four, twenty-three, seemed happy in her elder sister’s shadow and seemed shy because she was quiet. Addie had joined us and was very near her sister, when I finished my speech. Alice said something I did not hear, Addie gasped, “Alice!”

I wanted to know, “What did you say, Alice?”

She was quiet and turned a little away from me.

I reached out, held her chin and turned her face to me. I kissed her squarely on the mouth and held my lips there, until her lips parted. I licked them. “What did you say, Alice?”

“I asked if we could practice first.”

“With a hot, demanding body like yours, I certainly hope so. Lots of practice. I would love to watch you cum on my fingers, my mouth and my cock.”

She had gotten in over her head. Her eyes and her sister’s eyes were big as silver dollars.

“But, if I’m the lucky guy, we practice only when you are sure and only when you are ready. It is so much better that way.”

Again she spoke under her breath. Addie was holding her breath not believing this was her shy sister.

“Whisper to me, what you were afraid to say out loud.”

“I’m ready now.”

I reached out closed my right hand on her left breast. My fingers toyed with her nipples while I bent and kissed her again. This time, her mouth opened. She shared her tongue and sucked at mine. Addie watched. I slid my hand from Alice’s breast and rubbed over her belly. I pushed into her belly button with my index finger and rubbed my thumb into an ovary. Addie was too still, too uninvolved. I reached over, took her hand and put it on her breast.

I returned my hand to Alice, pushing it between her legs. I had to guess where her clit was. Her jeans were thick, damp and hot. Her scent was intoxicating. Addie could smell her sister. I pulled Alice to me. She straddled my legs and we kissed; making out like teenagers. I lowered my head and kissed her nipples through her top. I blew my hot breath through the material and suckled her. She moaned and rolled her head back.

I waited for her to recover. While Alice still sat on me, I reached over and pulled Addie to me. She had kissed before and was not afraid to show her passion. Her mouth was hungry. I matched her. Alice’s small hand reached between us and she felt her first hard cock. She paused and then squeezed. I moaned into her sister’s mouth and then pulled away.

When I got Alice off me, I was uncomfortable. Both women could see the twisted bulge in my pants. I stood, unzipped and then put Alice’s hand into my boxers. “Pull him up, straighten him out, so he will fit back into my pants.”

I was wet with my own precum. The hand lingered, feeling, testing the slippery fluid and measuring. As I pulled her hand away, she said, “Will that fit into me?”

“Very easily, my beautiful woman.”

Her palm was wet. When she looked at it, I pushed her hand to her lips. “Taste me Alice. I want to spend hours tasting every inch of you.”

Her tongue flickered out. She did not resist my hand slipping down the front of her pants. She gasped when I touched her clit, rubbed and continued down to push a single finger into her slit. I pulled slowly up, teasing her clit again. She watched me bring her wetness to my mouth, suck it and lick it from my finger. “God, Alice, you taste wonderful.”

I think she came from the play. Her eyes were closed as I zipped up. My hand smelled of Alice when I reached out and turned Addie’s face to me again. “Promise you will play with me also? You all take my breath away. Which every candy I touch or taste, I yearn for the other.”

I trailed my hand down Addie’s body and let it rest over her abdomen. “You will be extra beautiful when you are pregnant. I hope you will be extra horny when you are pregnant and I can touch your belly each night and feel the baby kick inside you.” This was Addie’s fantasy. I did not need to say anything else. She was miles, events and months ahead of my thoughts.

I was near madness that evening. Marge, Addie, Lil and Alice had gone out to shop for groceries. I heard Vanna come in visiting her female friend three doors down. She was hungry, tired and her feet hurt. It was fun to serve my little mother-to-be. She had not suffered morning sickness but was having trouble controlling her body’s temperature. I wiped her with a damp cloth and let the room air cool her flushed skin. I make her the snack she wanted, leaned her back with her plate and massaged her feet. Her stomach was keeping her from bending over easily now. Her nails needed work.

I cleaned and rubbed her feet. At first she was embarrassed but then relaxed and let me cut, file and polish her toenails. I slipped out from under her feet. She was dozing. I had finished cleaning the kitchen when I heard her gasp. She had been kicked hard and it woke her up.

“Let’s see if he is ready to play.” I pushed her dress high to bare her rounding belly. I found a little foot and put my hand on it and pressed softly. Soon there was a kick to make me move. I pushed where the other foot should be. Nothing happened. I pushed harder. In a few moments there was a kick. Back and forth it went. I pushed until he kicked. Vanna laughed out loud when I first could move my hand back and forth and be kicked before my hand even got settled.

She looked at me and almost panicked, “What is wrong Tom, why are you crying.”

“This is so beautiful. My father taught me to play this game with my fiancée and my son three weeks before they were all killed.” My tears dropped near her bellybutton and trickled down. Should I run away? Should I stay and defend her? How could I best protect my son and his mother? I did not know what to do. Bad things happened so quickly; you never see them coming. Then you have lost those you love. I lay my head down on my son and let him kick at my ear.

I took Vanna with me to my room. We never spoke. She was sad looking at my face. Her sadness did not keep her from cuming on my tongue or again when she sat on me and rode my cock. I did cum but it was not the carefree, playfulness that I had felt with her sisters or her mother. She was still awake when I dozed off with my hand on her tightly stretched skin.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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