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Big Tits

Steve was a computer programmer from the bay area. He was sort of fat but was just so sweet. When my mother and I had had issues last year he had PM’d me, sorry, private messaged me nearly every day with little quotes and pictures, he was always so supportive. He was usually online late at night. I had been bored and had actually gone looking for him, just for something to do.

“Like this?” There were some things I said so often in chat I had scripted shortcuts. Holding the control key while pressing L and T made “Like this?” appear in the chat window. I had a voice recognition thing I could use too when I didn’t want to type but the real geeks, I think they got off on the fact that I actually reached for the keyboard. I could type pretty well with one hand, my fingers were short and fat but they spread far enough I could pretty much get both corners at the same time, at least on the laptop.

“Y! Y! Pinch your clitty. i wish I could lick you.” I used my left hand to do what he asked. I watched the screen as he stroked his cock. He was actually pretty well endowed. Everything was covered with curly little red hairs and that was kind of gross but I could have done him. You know, if he were like, really my boyfriend and all. “I’m comma come here. Yes. Come here with me.” I mean, I could tell he wasn’t typing from the screen so I guess it wasn’t a surprise he was using voice recognition, still, the weird words were off putting. Whatev’. I liked to watch them come.

I almost came when he finally got there. “No, don’t wipe it off Rub it in.” I imagined the sticky salty mess on his belly. I imagined bending over him and licking it off. Even when they were kind of icky, I always wanted to lick the come off of them. It was my thing. His timing was good, he was telling me had to go right when the notification popped up.

“did you come?”

“Steve, you know I always come when you do. It is so hot.” I wasn’t totally lying because I usually did and I probably could have this time but the little notification was just waiting. I had to go. “GTG! Thank you for chatting! SYS?”

I disconnected before he responded. I didn’t want the other notification to go away. I closed the video chat window and clicked on the notification.

“Hi.” I said. In my head it was casual and non-chalant and I was being coy. On the screen it was just two letters and I felt silly.

“You busy entertaining?” he knew what I did all day.

“of course, you caught me.”

“Tell me about him.”

“Fat, geeky, ginger. Nice dick though.”

“He come for you?”

“Of course.”

“You are such a slut.”

“You love me though.”

“You come for him?”


“Good.” I liked his possessiveness. I had lots of followers. I had lots of little cyber affairs going, like with Steve, but he was special. “Are you naked?”

“No. I have on that little purple chemise you like so much.”

“No you don’t. don’t lie.”

“I don’t. I just have on socks. See. pic 001245”

“Take those off. That looks ridiculous.” I had intentionally folded my leg up and taken the pick looking down so that it wasn’t just my socks but also my pussy. My pussy was also kind of open because of how I had to bend my leg. The screen was all chubby little leg and pussy and red and white striped socks. I quickly posted it to my feed. I had almost 25,000 followers. I didn’t want to disappoint.

“That’s better.” Usually I was in charge of my chats but not with him. He was always in charge. “how was your day?”

“Good. You get any word done?”

“I got a couple of chapters.” I proofread for a living. I proofread his stuff. He was really bad at spelling and that sort of thing. He wrote really quickly. It was okay, I liked to read his stuff.

“where are you.”

“The dog died. That was cold.”

“He deserved it. He wasn’t paying attention.” His writing was kind of scarry. They were all normal people but they always had these supernatural events happening. He had a regular editor but he used me for proofing. He could have used me for more. Yes, I mean it like that.

“I liked the T-shirt pics this morning.”

“Thank you! I knew you would when I took them. It’s cold here this week, I think my nipples have been standing straight up all week.

“I love your nipples. Show me.”

He never went on cam. I clicked on the video chat request and it connected us. He was showing a picture of two dogs humping. He always had some sort of crazy image. I adjusted the angle on my cam so that it was catching me tits and my chin.

“Pan out.” He wasn’t big on closeups. I touched the down arrow and the camera pulled back until all of me was showing.

“God, look at my hair.”

“I love your hair. Play with them for me.” I rolled my nipples in my fingers. “harder.” I pinched them “come on, harder.” I pinched them harder. I knew he was looking more at the grimace on my lips than my nipples. He was kinky that way. It was okay. I liked kinky. I spread my legs and stared at the camera.

I told him things as I bursa sınırsız escort rolled my nipples in my fingers. They kind of hurt but it was doing the trick. I wondered if he read lips. “lick my pussy, lover. Oh please make me come. Tell me what I can do for you. Please lover. Make me come. See how wet you get my pussy.”

“God you are a kinky little slut. They are turning purple. Let them go.”

I let my nips go and reached back to the keyboard. I made sure they were still on cam and teased him. “I wish you were here to kiss them and make them feel better.

“So do i. Do you need to get that?” I had seen the chat notification pop up . I was ignoring it.

“No. I’d rather chat with you.”

“No, take it. It’s a paying customer.”

“I have no idea how you even know that.”

“This isn’t the first time we’ve chatted.”

“yeah, but how do you even know I had a pop-up. Are you some super hacker?”

“No. it’s really very innocent but never mind that now. Go take your call. I’ll watch.”

So I guess I have three lives. The first of course is the most boring. In real life I am a chubby little proof reader working for a publishing house in San Francisco. My name is Rose. I grew up in Idaho. Like, rural Idaho. I was too short and chubby to get a farm boy. Or I guess, I just never gave in when they tried to bang me in the back of their pickup and get knocked up so I had to leave.

I tried college and it wasn’t for me. Too much going to class. I looked for work with books because I love books but I make barely enough to live in the city. It was all fine and everything when I was twenty but after ten years I haven’t gotten promoted to editor and living in a studio and eating Ramen gets old. I love the work though.

I would change jobs but then I couldn’t sit here in front of three 32 inch monitors. Living the life that may not be real but it is really who I feel like I am.

I am theladyrose. I have been online since before anyone was online. I had an online diary before they were called blogs. I have been on chat since it was all IP to IP. I bet most people don’t even know what that is. I tweet and I facebook and I track my followers. At the moment, I am primarily on tumbler. It is good for pictures and I take lots of pictures. Sometimes they are of what I see in the city but mostly they are me in my room. I get really good responses to shots of my big old round titties and my fat ass. That is fat ass in the good way, by the way. It is juicy! You would want to lick it if I let you. When I am in a particularly good mood or a really bad mood, I post pics of my pussy or of me masterbating. I know, gross, creepy fat guys jacking off to my pussy but its nice. I get lots of nice people too. Like Steve, creepy, sure, but he is sweet.

All the online stuff led to an offer. A dirty filthy offer. One of those online porn things. I didn’t even know this shit went on but its quite a market. For 12.99 up front and 4.99999 per minute. (yeah, all those nines. It rounds up.) I log into my webcam and people pay me to do stuff. I am Thorn in the porn world. Sometimes people are online for an hour or more. Do you know how much they are paying for that shit. I don’t know but I am pretty sure they could have a hooker come to their house for that. It isn’t all dudes either. I get an occasional lesbian. They are usually this big old Jabba the Hut looking women, and yeah, I know I sound hostile but they are the really filthy ones. They like me to like, shove carrots up my ass. They better be logged in for a good long time to ask ffor that shit. I don’t get any of the 12.99 but I get 4 of every 4.9999 they pay for being online. It adds up fast.

Thorn shows her face. That was hard at first.

theladyrose is anonymous. I guess people know what my tits look like and my tattoo would be a dead giveaway but for the most part, no one knows what I look like.

Rose, well, I am pretty certain even my boss doesn’t know what Rose looks like. The last time I was in the office it was for a meeting with him and I was actually sitting there in the chair by his cubicle when he came out bitching about how I was late. I was like “Hi.”

He knows what I look like. He works with Rose. He follows theladyrose, I see his IP pop up on my traffic reports. He also knows thorn. Right now I can see he still connected to his life feed. I can still see the pictures of the dogs humping. He is watching me be Thorn. I am stroking my pussy while this Mexican looking dude is getting sucked off by his wife. Crazy how many couples I get. I guess the other girls don’t get as many. My friend, thorns friend, Destiny says its because plumpers go Bi and like other plumpers. I was like, fuck you, I’m not a plumper, but I know I am. I also am Bi. At least, I want to be.

“Are you there?”

it took a moment for him to respond.


“did you jack off?”

“not all the way.”

“your wife walk in?”


“K. did you like it.”

“You are so gorgeous.”

“now bursa üniversiteli escort you stop. Why wont you meet me?”


“seriously. Please. Just lunch. I know you live here.” The connection went dead. I could tell because my begging was a line of red text.

Shell is my friend at work. That is so weird because I say “at work” when we have never actually been at the same place at the same time. She works in Phoenix. She is this tiny little southern thing. I’m not sure she has ever even read a book. I think that is some grand plan by the Editor in chief. She is the one that gets all the drafts from the writers, sends them out to the proofers and the editors, sends them back to the writers. She knows who everyone really is. We handle some major authors and I guess if she wanted to, let slip details about upcoming books. She could know shit like, voldemort dies in the next book if she wanted to but she doesn’t. Mostly we talk about how behind I am and the freaky group sex swingers orgy she went to last weekend. I don’t know if she really does but she says she does and I like the stories.

“Who is Delano?” We were on video chat.

“Do you have a shirt on?”

“No. Wanna see?” fuck. I sorta forgot I had just taken a call.

“Hells yes.”

I tipped the camera so she could see. “think I would fit in at one of your parties?”

“Doll, you would rock one of our parties. You come out to Phoenix and I will throw one in your honor.”

“I’d melt. Delano.”

“Did you google him?”

“Of course, that is all crap. I can tell. You know what I think, I think he’s a chick.”

“LOL! Not hardly.”

“No? There are no pictures or anything. Is he like 200 years old or something?”

“Not hardly. He’s kinda cute actually.”

“What the.. . How do you know. You met him.”

“Nope.” She grinned devilishly.

“You’ve seen a picture.”

“I have?” I was stumped. “Is he famous?”

“No, not like George Clooney famous. You would know is name though.”

“Shit! I’ve proofed…”

“There you go. A couple actually.”

“Well hell, how do I find out.”

“lets see… she was looking away to the left so I guessed she was reading something else on her computer.”

“You’ve done his other Delano Henry book. You also did one of his regular books. I thought… No, you got one of his dirty books but you fell behind and we yanked it.”

“No shit! He’s…”

“Fuck. I said too much. I never said nuthin, you hear me?!”

“Shell. I would never say a word.”

“yeah right. Guess I better go apply at the Mak-Donalls” that’s how she said it.

“Shell. Relax.”

“I’m teasin’ take care shell. Get me that proof. You are three days behind already.”

“Tomorrow, I promise.”

I turned off all the chat connections. I patted naked across the room to the bookself. I had one of everything I had ever proofed including the little dirty novella about the divorced woman who gets seduced in Africa. I had been proofing it but spend so much time getting myself off after each chapter I never finished. I was awake two straight nights reading both of Delano Henry’s supernatural thrillers. They weren’t that scarry, more weird than anything. I read the dirty little book by Denise Henri’. By the end I had noticed the similarities. That left 5 other books sitting on the shelf. The one I liked least was the sad one. I knew instantly when I had pulled them off the shelf which one it was. Who he was. I opened David Henrcks’ second novel. It was the story of a man, recently divorced, nursing his mother through cancer. This was a first printing and didn’t have any of the stickers about the book club award or the NYTimes list. I had hated proofing it. I was glad I didn’t have to edit it. Mr. Author, I think you have made this part about bathing your dying mother too sad. I read it and then slept for 12 hours.

I woke up in love. I pulled on a Tshirt and ate a bowl of fruity pebbles. I probably wouldn’t qualify as a plumper if I shopped better but really, there seemed to be plenty of guys that thought I was hot. I think David thought I was hot. Why would he watch so much if he didn’t. I took the book and sat down at the computer. I logged into my regular websites and waited. I was getting a ton of chatter, it was late evening, everyone was home. I crafted a brief update.

I think I fell in love this week. Im not sure yet. Anyone know how this works I’ve never done it before. Probably no naughtiness today. Love ya’, R.

I dismissed most of the windows as they popped up. I talked a little to a woman follower from England. I got the impression she was older. She warned me to protect myself. Most of the girls told me to go for it. A few of the guys sent notes that said, “I love you too, call me!” None of them were the notification I wanted. I went back to proofing his book. It was dark, a man couldn’t tell if his son was evil or not. It seemed like something that had been done. I figured he bursa anal yapan escort probably wasn’t evil, probably just possessed. I guess I would figure it out once I had all the words spelled right and the extra capitals gone.

It was nearing midnight when it popped up. He hadn’t requested a video connection. “Hi.” I responded.

“Hi. Who is it?”

“Now that would be a story.”

“What do you mean?” I was going to be clever. I was going to trick him. At least that was the plan.

“Nothing. Hey. Is the boy possessed. I just asked because didn’t Dean Koontz do that? Maybe Steven King?”

“I think they both did. I had a deadline. It’s crap.”

“What happened with writing the other stuff?” Shit. That wasn’t clever or witty or anything. I just showed my hand.

“What other stuff.”

Fuck it. “Like the first one. Or even the erotica. I would love some of the other stuff. I like the dark ones, don’t get me wrong. I just, you know, the other stuff is really. It’s really good.”

“I really don’t know what you mean.”

I sat there thinking. I worried I was thinking too long. “David, why won’t you meet me?”

Now I was waiting on him. It had gone through. It didn’t say he disconnected but it didn’t always, at least not until I sent another.

I typed it then sat there staring at it. “At least video. Can we video?” I pressed enter and just as I suspected. It was red.

I cried and then went back to proof reading. I was three days past due date. At least I would have it to them by morning.

I was still awake when the chat request popped up. I accepted it and saw Shelly sitting there. It still wasn’t six am yet but I guess he probably had logged on and had seen my proofed draft had dropped in the middle of the night.

“I was supposed to fire you this morning, you know that right?”

“What? Why?”

“You missed another due date. I probably still would have had to do it too, even though you’d sent me your proofs.”

“I’m sorry. I guess, is it good you didn’t?”

“I got a draft last night. The author requested you. I had to send it to Reed to approve since he was the one that said to can you.” I know, how crazy is it a publisher is named Reed. “I read it last night and dropped it in your queue. Reed came back this morning and said you could proof it. “

“Is it his?”

“I don’t know what you are talking about. It’s from Diane. You did one of her noellas before. Just read it and then ping me back. I have some questions for you, girl.” I opened the file, pushed it to my tablet and sat down to read Scarlet Heartbreak.

Scarlett was a young girl. She thought of herself as cute but not sexy. She had dark red hair, pale skin, large breasts, and what was described as a pussy that smelled of honey and tasted like strawberries. Flatteringly she was only 24 and not about to turn 32. She was a barrista in a coffee shop part time and spent the rest of her time online. She was a blogger that wrote etotic fiction, posted nude photos and also was a cyber princess performing for men on a chat website. Devin was the manager of the coffee shop and had been crushing on Scarlett for years when one night, so oppressively lonely and unable to even think about other women, he went on a cyber sex website and searched for a plump, pale red head.

Once her secret was known, she had to quit the coffee shop. To get her to stay he confessed his love for her. She instantly admitted that she had been dreaming of him forever but wouldn’t ever let herself persue it. A torrid love affair commenced immediately and as she read through the chapters of them making love in and around Chicago she had to stop frequently to close her eyes and touch herself as she dreamed of him touching her.

It was of course a wonderful love affair until he discovered she was still working online. He said at once it wasn’t a problem. With the cat out of the bag, she also admitted that she did not have cyber affairs with the men online, she met them, frequently. She would fly all over the country to have sex with them. She nearly cried at the thought. This was what David thought of her.

It al built to a furious end. She was angry as she read it. She was also heartbroken. She had stopped all of her activity online. Scarlet had even shut down her internet service. Of course that didn’t work because the woman Devin loved was a slut, and when Scarlet was no longer a slut, She was no longer Scarlet.

It ends with them broken up of course but still loving each other madly, just in vain.

I sat stewing and then sent a chat request to him. It went unaccepted. I sent an email. It didn’t even have content, just a subject. “You don’t know that’s how it ends. You don’t know anything.”

I logged out of everything except my Cyber Sex line. I took every request. I even made $400.00 taking multiple calls at once. If I was a slut, I was going to be a good slut. It was early morning when I finally just couldn’t even fake it anymore and dropped my last chat. I opened up my email. He suggested coffee at ten that morning. I wasn’t going to wait. I sent my addres. I said that I was up, I told him to come quickly or never come at all. I pulled on the purple chemise I knew he liked. I waited.

I waited less than 20 minutes. The knock on the door was quiet. It was 3:22 am by the alarm clock. I opened the door and let him in.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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