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Big Tits

Sometimes I dream that I’m seeing a therapist to talk about my weekly sins.

After telling him about a few of my exploits he informs me that he thinks that hypnosis may help with my nymphomania.

I am reluctant but I agree to let him hypnotize me.

He puts a metronome on his desk and taps the arm, starting a smooth swaying motion accompanied by a ticking noise.

After a few minutes of meditation on the device, my therapist is able to give me some suggestions that relax me enough to put me into a hypnotic slumber.

In this slumber, I feel aware but I have no control of my body or mind. Like watching myself in a movie, I was almost like a vacant vessel, a living doll.

I watch as my therapist slowly begins to undress, folding his clothing in a neat pile on his file cabinet.

“Take off your clothes.” he said.

I stood up and undressed myself sleepily. Unbuttoning my white blouse and sliding it off my shoulders letting it fall to the ground. I slide my fingers under the waist of my skirt and pull it down slowly over my hips revealing that I hadn’t worn any undergarments to my appointment aside from black lace garters that were holding up my silk stockings.

My therapist began to fondle my tits as I carefully undid each garter, releasing my stockings with a SNAP!

I sat back down on the couch and pulled my black silk stockings off one at a time, baring my smooth creamy legs. All of my clothing was now in a pile on the floor while I was sitting naked and complacent on the couch.

“Get down on your knees in front of me.” he said firmly. I knelt in front of him and waited.

“Open your mouth,” he said as my lips opened. He put himself in my mouth and simply said, “Suck.”

I complied, wrapping my mouth around the length of his shaft gently sucking.

“Lick me too.” He growled through the pleasure of me sucking him, “And stroke my cock with your hands baby.”

I swirled my tongue around him, slurping up and down his shaft while stroking him.

“That’s right. You love this. You’re getting really wet right now and you just want to fuck escort numaraları don’t you?” He said in a harsh whisper through gritted teeth.

My mind hummed with his words, his hypnotic suggestion controlling my every thought. I gave in to every word he said, my mind echoing his words as if they were my very own thoughts.

‘I love this,’ I purred around his cock, ‘I’m getting really wet right now and I just want to fuck.’

He moaned and grabbed the back of my head shoving my face down hard on his shaft. He thrust into the back of my throat over and over until I thought I couldn’t breathe.

‘Yes,’ my mind said, ‘I love this.’ With one final thrust I felt something hot explode into the back of my throat as my therapist shivered a few times before pulling out of my mouth.

“That’s a very good girl. Now I need you to lay down on my desk and spread your self wide open for me.” He said as he pushed his files aside and set his desk phone on the floor.

‘I’m a good girl.” I purred. I laid down on the desk, spreading my legs wide for my therapist. I felt so warm and fuzzy being a good girl for him.

He stroked his hard on and said, “See this? I’m not through with you yet. Not until I’ve filled your sweet little honey pot with my hot cream.” He knelt in front of the desk with his head between my legs and began to lick me front the top of my slit to the bottom tasting my sweet juices. Flicking his tongue back and forth on my clit, he slid three fingers inside of me stretching me completely out.

I moaned loudly as my body responded to the intense sensations crashing against me like the waves of the ocean. He moved his fingers in and out of me slowly as my body gently shook involuntarily.

“Your cunny wont be this tight for very long.” He said “How about I give you a proper fucking and stretch that little hole out?”

I laid still, unable to answer a question in a hypnotic state. But oh how I needed him to stretch me out. I needed him to hurt me good.

“Oh that’s right,” he laughed remembering that I was still under hypnosis, escort pornoları “Get ready for me baby, this may hurt a bit but I think you’ll thank me later. I don’t want you to cum until I tell you to. Even though you are not allowed to cum, you can still feel the pleasure and pain I give you. Tell me if you understand.”

‘I understand.’ I purred as I pulled my knees up and rested my feet on the edge of the desk, spreading myself even more for him.

He climbed on top of me and thrust deep into me hard making me cry out loud in pain as my pussy felt like it would almost rip.

“That’s right you little slut. You felt that didn’t you?” He thrust once more and I cried again, tears beginning to form in the corners of my eyes.

I felt him become harder inside of me as my body began to shudder from sobbing. He started to thrust fast and hard.Tears flowed freely, causing my mascara to run down the sides of my crying face as he fucked me relentlessly like a machine, gaining momentum with every sharp thrust of his manhood.

My cries soon turned from sobs to moans and laughter as my honey pot started to get used to the feeling of being fucked hard. Tingling chills enveloped my entire body bringing me completely to the edge, but with no release because I was not allowed to cum. I was trapped in ecstasy with my therapist ravaging my body.

He grabs my tits hard, digging his fingers into my GGcups. He leaned forward as he continued thrusting and kissed me hard on the mouth, his stubble scratching my face as he kissed a trail of liquid fire down the side of my neck. He bit and sucked my neck almost knocking me out of the hypnotic state, driving me wild and almost sending me over the edge.

I could feel his cock getting even hotter and harder inside of me, I knew he was going to give me his seed. He kept biting and sucking on my neck giving me multiple hickeys. He pushed hard against me and let go of my tits leaving behind angry red looking fingermarks behind.

“Now turn onto your stomach so I can fuck you like a proper bitch.” He growled escort portalı “I wanna shoot my seed right into your fucking womb.”

Panting so hard that I almost couldn’t catch my breath, I slowly turned onto my stomach…dangling my long legs over the side presenting my ass to my therapist.

“What a perfectly round milky white ass you have baby. I think I’m going to have to fuck that too. Then when I’m done with you, maybe I’ll let you cum.” He grinned wickedly.

I felt him spread my cheeks and begin to rub my juices from my pussy to my ass to make me nice and slippery for him. He stuck his cock deep into my ass. I let out a low groan of half pain and half rapture as he moved in and out of me slowly letting me enjoy his throbbing cock deep in my most secret of places.

I held onto the desk as he penetrated me over and over making me squirm and squeak uncontrollably. Just when I thought my ass couldn’t take any more he pulled himself out and slid into my pussy.

He felt so hot and hard that all I could do was gyrate against him as he fucked me from behind. His cock went deeper and deeper until I could feel him bottoming out against the entrance to my womb. I cried out with pleasure and pain with every thrust until finally I felt him shoot deep inside of me, over-filling me and flowing out onto the floor.

He fucked his seed into me good and hard before saying, “Ok baby, you can cum now. I’ve given you all of my hot cream.”

Reeling from the power of the hypnotic suggestion, my body rocked and convulsed hard as my cunny began to spasm and grip his cock hard, pulling it gently deeper inside me.

My therapist collapsed halfway on top of me, breathing heavy as he squeezed out the last couple drops and pulled out.

“Put a couple fingers inside your pussy and taste us. It’s the best thing you’ve ever had. You can’t wait to taste it again.”

I reached behind me and fingered my pussy a little, pulling my fingers out after and licking them clean, and sucking all of his juices and mine off of them.

‘Mmmmm’ I purred ‘This is the best thing I’ve ever tasted, I can’t wait to taste it again soon…’

“That’s right,” he said, “Now get dressed and go home. When you get there you’ll take a nice bath and remember nothing of this encounter. What you will remember is drinking too much and having a night of rough fun. See you next week!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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