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Monica turned the key in the backstage door, letting us into the darkened theatre. I flipped on the lights, and the two of us moved onto the set. We didn’t come here to fool around. Honestly. We were here to go over some blocking for a few of our scenes together.

The play is a hilarious comedy about infidelity and murder (trust me; it’s funny), by a Canadian playwright, and I landed the lead (Peter) for our community theatre group’s production. Monica is my leading lady (Kate), and she’s perfectly suited to the role. She is a little too thin for my taste, but I still find her quite attractive. She’s a hot little number, with super-wild fiery red hair, a cute little round butt, small but pert titties, and a pretty elfin face.

I won’t go into all of the details, but basically, the play involves a cheating wife (Kate), and her nervous lover (Peter), who accidentally kills her husband when he comes home unexpectedly. Hilarity ensues (as hilarity is wont to do) as they try to figure out what to do, and how they will get away with it, without breaking a scandal, and without any of the many visitors figuring out what happened.

Things were going normally, at first. We made some progress with our scenes, and worked out many problems with the movement.

Then, we got to the bedroom scene.

We went over this scene several times, to get it right. Really! Just to get the movement and timing right. Not because it felt spectacular to be rolling around on a bed with a gorgeous half-naked redhead. In this scene, we were supposed to be just about to make love. Kate, dressed in a frilly nightie, climbs on top of Peter — in walks her husband — freeze — curtain down — next scene. That’s what’s supposed to happen.

We’d rehearsed this scene many times before, without anything stirring. Of course, that was with several other actors in the room, and the director interrupting us every third line to tell us how she wanted this line delivered, or that cross made. But now, we were alone, and on our third run-through, something happened.

A quick glance at our scripts, to remind ourselves of where we were in the play, and we got to work. Chasing me around the bed, Kate played a little game of cat and mouse, before grabbing me, throwing me down on the mattress, and pouncing for the kill. Straddling my hips, she delivered her line, “now you’re mine!” and pressed her lips to mine for a passionate kiss. Remember, this is when her husband was supposed to walk in. But we were alone in the theatre, so there was nothing to interrupt us. The kiss lasted perhaps a half a second longer than it would have, if we’d had the actor playing Kate’s husband. And she was straddling perhaps a half a foot lower on my body than she usually did during rehearsals. It’s amazing kayseri escort how a small shift in timing and position can change a scene so dramatically.

Breaking the kiss, Monica looked at me in shocked surprise. I was blushing furiously, as my cock had grown to full rigidity, and there was no way she didn’t detect it, considering she was straddled right over it. Fully expecting her to get angry, or at least embarrassed (as I was), and storm offstage, I tried to think of something to say that would diffuse the situation. But she didn’t storm off. She didn’t seem the least bit angry or embarrassed. Looking into my eyes, her expression changed from shock to mischief.

Leaning down to me again, she kissed me. She kissed me deeply and passionately, and it wasn’t Kate kissing me this time, but Monica! Her tongue probed my mouth wetly, and she slowly ground her pussy against my hard cock, dryfucking me. It took me a moment to realize that her reaction was not the one I’d expected, but eventually, I did figure it out. I kissed her back with equal passion, meeting her probing tongue with mine, and cupping and squeezing her lovely ass with trembling hands.

Holding her close to me, I gently massaged her back and buttocks, and she ran her fingers through my hair, while kissing me hard on the mouth. Unbuttoning my shirt, Monica kissed my chest, and flicked her tongue over my nipples, while I helped her out of her nightie. We undressed each other carefully, so as not to rip our costumes, and piss off the Costumer (we were mad with passion, but we weren’t stupid), and caressed and kissed each tantalizing bit of flesh as it was revealed. Stripped down to her silky blue panties, Monica pulled my face to her perfectly shaped little tits, and I took one of them into my mouth. Sighing a little sigh, she encouraged me to suck harder, and to bite her perky nipple. And as my teeth sank into her breast, she clawed at my back with her long nails.

Tugging at my boxer shorts, Monica soon had me completely nude, and she kissed the tip of my rock hard penis. Kneeling in front of me, and looking directly in my eyes, she licked my dick from the base, all the way up the shaft, to my engorged cockhead, flicking her tongue along the way. Mmmmm, it felt so nice, and my cock twitched at her touch. She climbed on top of me again, this time her position reversed, and lowered her panty-clad pussy to my waiting mouth. I breathed in her fragrant woman-scent, and kissing her panties, and tasting her salty wet desire through the thin material, I felt her mouth engulf my stiff prick, and slide her tongue all up and down the shaft. She took me all the way into her mouth, as far as it would go, before very slowly slipping it out again, and scraping the head with her teeth. I gasped, but I sure as Hell didn’t complain!

Monica continued to suck my cock, and suck it so nicely, while I pulled her panties to one side, to taste her sweet nectar. And her pussy-juice was certainly worthy of the gods. Slurping noisily, I drank deeply of her cream and honey, sliding my tongue over and between her nether-lips, and flicking it over her clit, making her writhe in pure delectation. With my cock in her mouth, she moaned, and I felt the vibrations in my shaft and balls, and I couldn’t help but thrust upwards, fucking her mouth. She didn’t seem to mind, and she sucked harder and faster, and moaned lustily.

Tracing circles around the hood of her clit with my tongue, I slipped a finger between her dripping wet cunt-lips, and squeezed her ass with my other hand. I pushed back her hood, and gave her clitty direct stimulation with my tongue, while fingering her quivering cunt. I could have licked her pussy for hours, if it took hours to make her cum. It’s something I simply love to do. But it didn’t take hours. After a few minutes of licking and fingering, Monica was suddenly bucking like a wild mare. She was thrashing about, and I had to wrap my arms around her waist to keep her pussy in my face. Clutching her tightly, I pushed her that last inch towards rapture, and she came in waves, washing my face in her love-juice. Bless her, she tried her best to keep sucking my cock through all of this, but in the end she had to take her mouth off of it, to allow her screams to escape. And I’d always thought she was so quiet.

Dismounting from my face, Monica tackled me, covering me with kisses, and lapping up her juices from my face. She grabbed my cock, and I groaned in pleasure, as she kissed her way down my chest, and licked my nipples while stroking me gently. I helped her out of her panties, while she jerked me off, and kissed and nibbled on my sensitive nipples.

Leaving my nipples, Monica moved down my body, planting a tender kiss every inch or so along the way, finally kissing my penis again. She licked it like an ice-cream cone, and then slipped it into her mouth, sucking hard, and using her tongue wonderfully. I sat up, with my back to the headboard, so that I could get a better view of my cock moving in and out of her pretty mouth. She obviously loved sucking cock as much as I love eating pussy, and she was good at it. Grabbing a handful of her wild red mane of hair, I pushed my cock deep into her mouth, and told her with my moans what a great job she was doing.

Fucking Monica’s mouth was fantastic, and I was soon on the very brink of climax. I truly wanted to fuck her pussy, and if I came in her mouth, I couldn’t guarantee that I’d be up to it, so reluctantly, I pulled out of her mouth. It was just in time, too. I felt my orgasm building, tightening my ball-sack, and I think one more stroke would have driven me to the end. As it was, there was a large drop of pre-cum dribbling from my hard dick. Smiling sexily at me, she licked up my semen with the tip of her tongue, and then climbed onto my lap.

Wrapping her legs around my waist, Monica slid her pussy up and down on my cockshaft, kissing it with her pussylips as she kissed my mouth with hers. “You want to fuck me, don’t you, Keith?” she asked rhetorically, as my cockhead rubbed her clit.

“I want to fuck you until you scream again,” I answered.

“Mmmmmm! Sounds good to me!” she said, reaching down to guide my cock into her cunt. Lowering herself inch by inch onto my hardness, Monica began to bounce up and down on my lap, and I met her hips with powerful thrusts, fucking her hard and fast.

Reaching down between our bodies, I rubbed her clit with my fingers as she impaled herself on my stiff prick again and again, and I kissed her chest, and licked and nibbled her breasts. Our bodies were drenched in sweat from the heat of the stage lights, not to mention the heat of our passion, and locked in our ardorous embrace we lost ourselves in primal lust. “Fuck me harder!” she hissed in my ear, and I did as she requested, fucking her with everything I had, and she clawed at my back like a jungle cat taking down her prey. And roaring like a lion, I came inside her as she milked my cock with her pussy.

Her orgasm followed right behind mine, her thrashing nearly knocking us off the bed and onto the stage floor, and she screamed even louder than before. Every muscle in her body (including her pussy, which gripped my cock like a fist) tensed up, and in a sudden burst of energy, she came, and went limp, sighed heavily, and collapsed against my chest. Holding her close, I left my cock inside her as it went soft with great satisfaction, and I kissed her tenderly.

After a few moments, I looked around the theatre, almost expecting an audience to be applauding our “performance”. But the house was just as empty and silent as when we arrived, and we just sat and held each other for awhile longer.

Taking our time getting dressed, exchanging kisses and embraces as we did so, we took a short break for coffee and soft drinks, and rehearsed the rest of our scenes.

We both agreed later that what happened was out of the blue, and that it was probably fueled by the passion that our characters had for each other. Who knows what might happen after the run of the show? It could be the start of many wild times together, or we might find that we don’t have the same chemistry off-stage. Either way, we’ll live with it, and remain friends.

I just hope that when we perform the play in front of an audience, we don’t forget that we’re just acting again! Of course, we’d be guaranteed a standing ovation.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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