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As I drift off to sleep I’m remembering our lovemaking from earlier in the day….

I’d just got back from an interstate business trip and I remember how you greeted me at the front door.

You were wearing your favourite summer dress. Little did I know you were naked underneath.

You threw your arms around my neck and kissed me hard your tongue pushing hard against mine. You smell fantastic, you’re wearing you favourite perfume. You reach for my tie and grab hold of it pulling more through the door way. I somehow manage to shut the door behind me as you drag me to the couch pushing me down on to it. You straddle my lap, and pull my tie off before ripping open my shirt. It was your favourite, and I wore it today just for you. Your fingers dance over my chest, and I enjoy your soft touch, as you start to kiss my neck, planting soft kisses down to my nipples. You know I love it when you do that, especially when you bite them, first one then the other. I feel your hand moving down my body caressing my thigh before brushing over the bulge in my pants. You place your hand firmly on my cock and squeeze hard. You look up at me with that sexy smile of yours and I smile at you, My cock is hard for you, and you know it.

My hands are caressing your body, and I can hear your breathing quicken. My hands reach your firm ass and I give you a little squeeze. You have such a fantastic ass, and I could go on squeezing it for days. My hands caress your thighs and I slide them up under your dress so I can feel your ass. I smile to myself as I relies you are not wearing any panties. I slide my hand around so I can feel your sweet pussy. My god you’re wet. I tease your inner thigh, before brushing my hand over your pussy, which you have shaved completely. You know I like it like that, all soft and smooth and I can’t wait to taste it. My fingers find your clitoris, which is stiff, and I can feel you shuddering as I tease and caress it. You have managed to undo my trousers and work you hand into them. You are surprised to feel my naked hardness, as I decided not wear any boxers today. I can feel your soft hand begin stoking my big hard cock., which is too big Sivas Escort for you to wrap your hand around completely. I love it when you do that, and you know just how to tease me right.

I stop playing with your pussy, and for a moment you are disappointed. I grab your dress and pull it up over your head, exposing your now fully naked body. Your breasts are amazing, so round and full. I reach out with my hands so I can touch them. I caress them gently as I tweak one of your nipples, which are now fully aroused. I lean up and kiss you hard, at the same time massaging your breasts. I then begin kissing your neck, before making my way down to your breasts, first one then the other, sucking and nibbling on your nipples as I go, my hands caressing your body before I reach your hot pussy. Your breathing quickens and you gasp as I push my finger into your pussy. My god you are so tight. I can feel the walls of your pussy pulsing around my finger, I push another finger into you and this makes you gasp louder. My thumb finds your clit, and I rub it gently, while I finger fuck your pussy. Your eyes are shut and you are in total bliss.

I can sense that you are close to cumming. Your breathing is getting quicker and you begin to grind your pussy onto my hand. I work my fingers into you faster and faster, and I know you are close. I push you over the edge, and you scream out my name as your orgasm rushes through you. You open you eyes, as you cum. I like to watch you when you cum, and I know you like it too. You reach up and kiss me, as my fingers slide from your twitching pussy.

You are still breathing quickly as you climb off me. You reach for my shoes and pull them off, before ripping my trousers off. You are on your knees and you push my legs apart. Hungrily you reach for my cock, with one hand massaging my balls with the other. You work my cock into a frenzy, and it is rock hard. I love watching you play with my cock. It’s all yours to suck and fuck. You look into my eyes and lick your lips. Holding my cock with your hand you gently kiss my inner thighs, teasing me immensely. I can feel your hot breath on my balls. I shut my eyes as I’m Sivas Escort Bayan in heaven. I can feel your tongue as you gently flick it against my balls. You start to lick my hard shaft, your tongue sliding up and down the entire length.

You gently lick the head, and I can fell my cock twitch. You continue circling the head with your tongue while stroking it with your hand. I open my eyes in time to watch as you swallow it whole. You look into my eyes as you start to suck, taking is as much of me into your mouth as you can. I love it when you suck my cock. That’s it baby suck my cock!. You are amazing as your work your mouth up and down my cock. I can feel my balls tingling and I know I can’t hold on much longer. You start sucking harder and faster, knowing you’re about to push me over the edge. I can feel my cum rising and my hips start to buck. Not knowing if you want me to cum in your mouth I try to pull my cock out. You slap my thigh in protest and push yourself further on to my cock. I’m cuming and I feel my hot load shoot into your waiting mouth. My god I love you so much. My cum starts to dribble from the corner of your mouth and I can see your throat working hard as you try and swallow as much of my cum as you can. I am spent as I watch you lick my cock clean, licking your lips to make sure you get it all. I pull you up to me so I can kiss you. I want to taste what you taste.

Wanting to return the favour I push you onto your back and kiss my way down your body. I want to taste your cum as I lick your clit, sucking it into my mouth you gasp. You like it when I do that. Your pussy is on fire and your juices are gushing out of you, and I lap them up eagerly. I push my tongue deep into your pussy and swirl my tongue around enjoying the sweet taste of you. With one hand I reach up to grab your breasts, feeling your heart beat at the same time. You start to breath faster and faster and your heart is beating faster too so I know you’re nearing another orgasm. You push my head down into your pussy with your hands, pushing my tongue deeper into you. I pause for a second and my tongue flicks your anus, you gasp as my tongue Escort Sivas works around it before I push it in. I push a finger into your pussy lubricating it with your juices. As I lick your pussy again I push my finger in to your ass, making you squeal.

You’re about to cum and you wrap your legs around my head, my mouth clamped on your pussy like we are one, my finger probing your tight asshole. You start to cum and you squeeze your legs harder, your anal muscles clenching around my finger as drink the juices flowing from you. I’ve never seen you cum this hard before, as you thrash about, your orgasm flowing though your entire body. I loved every moment of your ecstasy and it pleased and excited me so much that I became hard again and let you know by kissing my way back up to your breasts again on my way to your lovely lips. As the tip of my cock touched your clit, I kiss you fully on you mouth and push into you down below, breathing and becoming one with you.

I move slowly at first, in and out, going deeper with each stroke as your juices help lubricate me. When I am all the way in I rest for a second, letting you feel me throb inside you. I kiss you again, and can’t believe how good it feels as I quicken my pace. As the pressure begins to build inside me, you stop and tell me that you want me to take you from behind. Excitedly I slip out of you and help turn you over on to you knees. You grab hold of the arm of the couch to brace yourself. I move to where you want me and enter your steaming pussy, slamming in to the hilt, pulling almost all the way out, then ramming into again. You groan.’Oh yes. Do it to me harder, fuck my pussy,..harder. I continue pumping into your swollen pussy for as long as I can stand it. Finally I stiffen and shoot my hot juice into. Knowing that you like to have my cock in your ass, I pull out and let the last spurts of cum land on your ass hole.

I am still hard as I press against you. I hear moaning, but I’m not sure if it coming from you or me. Just as I’m about to enter you, you push back, impaling your ass hole on my rigid cock. I feel you muscles squeezing, engulfing my shaft. The sensations are way too much for me, and losing control again I release myself into your loving depths.

We both collapse on the couch, catching our breath. After a while we retreat to the shower then back to the bedroom, to continue our lovemaking before falling asleep in each others arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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