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My journey continues. As always all names and locations have been changed to maintain anonymity. My thanks to all who have read, commented, followed or added as a favourite.

Phillip moved in front of his desk, then sat back against the edge telling me to get onto my knees. He spread his legs as he undid his trouser zip using a hand to reach inside and bring out his beautiful cock and balls. Then he leaned back on his hands leaving me gaze at his solid erection. It felt like an age since I’d last looked at it. His balls were so big and hairy and there was already precum leaking from the slightly exposed glans. His thickness throbbed occasionally as I took in the sight.

He told me place my hands on his legs just above his knees. “Don’t touch it David,” he told me. “Just look at it and relish the fact the cock is hard for you.”

He went on to tell me that every man likes his cock sucked differently, but he would teach me to worship a cock. “As a cocksucker, you need to show a man how much you want his cock. How much you love his cock without words but with your actions,” he explained. “When you worship a cock it is your sole focus. He needs to feel his cock is all that matters to you.”

I listened to what he was saying as I stared at his cock. Taking in every detail from the colour of the skin, the veins, the tightness of his balls to the smell.

“Despite what you might think David, when you’re sucking a man’s cock, it’s you who holds the control,” he told me. I looked up at him, but he told me to keep my eyes on his cock. “The more times you suck a man off the more you’ll understand what I mean. With experience you’ll learn how to control when he cums. When you truly worship a cock you’ll want to make him last as long as he can. You’ll want to show him how much you adore his cock in your mouth. You’ll want him to think it’s the best suck he’s ever experienced,” he said.

He continued by telling me some men like to talk or tell a cocksucker how they like it. He told me some men can get extremely vocal whilst other’s might stay totally silent. “Some men will want to literally fuck your mouth David,” he said. “Others will let you work their cock at your own pace. Whichever it is, the more experience you have, the better you will become.”

Listening to what he was saying, it seemed to me he was telling me I should practice. It turned me on immensely to think he wanted me to suck other men off, giving me flash thoughts of him watching me. At that moment it was all I could do to stop myself from tasting his cock.

He told me I should never touch the cock unless I was told to. “You’re not worshipping with your hands,” he told me. “You’re worshipping with your mouth.”

He directed me to start by rubbing my face all over his cock and balls, making sure they touched every part of my face. As I did, I could feel the hair ticking my cheeks, chin, eyes, nose and my forehead. I could feel the weight of his balls and his erection. By the time I finished my whole face was covered with his scent and his precum.

“Good lad David,” he told me. “Now starting with my balls I want you to show me how you think a cock should be worshipped with your mouth.”

I began by kissing them all over before licking them. I spent time making sure the whole of his scrotum was completely covered in the wetness of my saliva. I loved the taste. I loved the way his hair felt in my mouth and I loved the feeling of their weight on my tongue.

I gently sucked each testicle into my mouth. Rolling it with my tongue. Once again I tried to fit both in at the same time but I still couldn’t manage it because of the size. I could feel my own erection throbbing and leaking but my thoughts were completely devoted to his genitals. Occasionally he would direct me but in the main he seemed very happy with my attentions.

When I had spent a considerable amount of time on his balls, I moved to his erection. First of all kissing it from base to tip on all sides, moving my head above it so I could kiss along the top. In my head kissing it like that was a way to show him that I loved his cock. Precum stuck to my lips and face as I moved around him.

Then I moved on to licking it, making sure that I covered every part if it as I had his scrotum. It shone with the wetness and I relished the taste of his skin. Just before moving on to suck him I licked him from balls to tip one more time, his moans encouraging me.

I circled the tip and glans with my tongue before taking him into my mouth. Just helmet at first, softly sucking it. Then I worked it slowly in, using my lips to roll his foreskin back and with each downward movement until it finally penetrated my throat and I was resting my nose firmly against his lower abdomen. I held it there as long as I could without choking, then back up to the tip to begin my downward motion again. I did this as slowly as I could for what seemed like an age, savouring every inch and every twitch. My mouth and throat were coated with his precum.

I Büyükesat Escort began to build the pace moving into a steady rhythm, slowing down, then speeding up repeatedly. I was completely lost in my worship and I can say with honesty that sucking his cock like this was perfect. I had no idea how long I had been sucking him but my jaw and throat began to ache.

I set a steady rhythm now. Phillip’s moans grew louder and he began muttering obscenities, but I carried on. Again, the thought that I was fucking my mouth and throat on his erection came into my head. He didn’t touch me. He didn’t grab my head, just let me fuck my own mouth. I was so turned on.

Without warning I felt his cock swell and then my mouth and throat were filled, his cum flooding out and again this sent me into my own orgasm. I felt it shooting out with such force, my cock pulsing violently. I continued rhythm until I had it all and he physically had to stop me.

I had splattered the modesty panel of his desk between his legs and the carpet was streaked with cum. He had splattered my mouth and throat.

Phillip showered me with praise telling me he really couldn’t believe that I’d never sucked a cock before his. I felt deeply flattered but ashamed that I hadn’t been able to control myself. He smiled at me telling me he took it as compliment, despite knowing he’d have to clean up. “It’s my own fault for not being better prepared,” he said.

As I knelt there, I wondered if I would react the same way with another man’s cock. The act of cock worship was, to me, simply out of this world. It felt natural to me and I knew I wanted more.

Phillip was right too. I understood what he meant. I had felt the control I held over his cock. Almost powerful. If I wasn’t careful, this could become addictive.

“Go and get yourself cleaned up and we’ll get you home,” Phillip told me.

On the journey home Phillip seemed really happy. That made me feel good. In some ways it had been quite stressful for for me, with the worry about Tracey, so I guessed he might have felt similarly. “I’m not just saying this to make you feel good David,” he said. “You are a really good cocksucker. I don’t think you realise just how good you are. It makes me wonder how good you’ll be with more practice.” The sense of pride I felt hearing him say that was almost overwhelming. I wanted to say so much more, but could only manage to thank him.

In bed I thought about what had happened. I imagined it must have been difficult for Phillip to tell me about his fetish with Tracey. It struck me as being strange that a gay man could have such a need to do what he did with her. I tried to think what might have happened in his youth to make him feel that way, but decided to let it go. He said he’d explain it when the time was right. I started to think on what he’d said regarding more practice and that in turn set my imagination rolling.

I masturbated whilst creating a fantasy of sucking each member of my swimming club in the communal changing area one after the other. I shocked myself at how turned on I was thinkng about sucking Lewis. I needed to sleep. I had competition in the morning.

I got up early and shaved myself ready for the competition. I put my swimming trunks on and check myself in the mirror. Fortunately the style of costume back then covered me pretty well. The style was much fuller than today’s skimpy versions. Even so, if I bent too far or let them ride up, the signs of Phillip’s belt could be seen at the edge. So I determined to be very careful that day.

The competition was to be held at a pool in a city about 7 miles from my hometown. It was an officially recognised pool and, having swum there before, I knew it had changing cubicles so I would have privacy whilst I got ready.

Coach picked us all up in a rented minibus at my local pool and off we went.

All went well with no accidental exposures, but I didn’t perform well that day. In fact I swam badly. On the way home coach voiced his disappointment in front of the others and told me I would need improve and do some extra training that week. As he dropped us off back at the swimming baths, he told me to be there tomorrow at 6am for morning training.

I was upset with myself for doing so badly and left the others to walk home.

The next day I woke at 5am. I hated morning training. It was always early because the pool was reserved for the swimming club, before opening up to the public at 8am. When I got there coach met me with a much more upbeat attitude and we went in to get changed. My nerves were rattled as I tried to think of a way I could get ready without him seeing the fading welts and bruising on my buttocks. I chose to face him as I got undressed. That way he wouldn’t be able to see my cheeks. I rushed to get my trunks on, but took the opportunity to have a quick look at his nakedness as he got ready. My frame of mind helped me not to think too much Elvankent Escort though and I managed to keep any erection from happening.

Training went well but I knew coach would be expecting to shower as usual. I got very nervous about that but I just couldn’t think if any way to avoid it. He got out of his trunks with his back to me so I quickly did the same and followed him to the shower. So far I’d managed to hide it from him.

As I followed him I realised I was looking at his buttocks. It was muscular and round. It wasn’t hairy and was pale. Visible tan line from wearing trunks. For the first time I realised how lovely it was and I started to get an erection. Thoughts of our last session came into my mind as I remembered how he’d been openly showing me his genitals.

In the short time it took to get to the shower I was rock hard. There just wasn’t time for me to do anything about it and I had the choice of facing him with an erection or turning my back to him and risk him seeing my bruised cheeks. Red faced I chose to face him.

I tried to make light of it in my mind, telling myself it wasn’t the first time he’d seen me hard, but it didn’t work. I was deeply embarrassed when he turned to face me. He didn’t say anything, choosing to chat to me like before. As if nothing was untoward, but it just seemed to make me even harder. I couldn’t look him in the face and that seemed to make it impossible not to look at his cock, which is what I ended up doing.

He continued talking but I have no recollection as I watched him blatantly wash his cock, pulling back the foreskin and holding it back as he soaped his helmet. It was the first time I’d really seen it. Much larger than my own, bulbous and a darkish shade of pink. He was definitely taking his time too, as if purposely showing it to me. I was acutely aware of my own erect cock as I washed myself. However much he tried to make this seem normal, it wasn’t.

By the time we finished he had a semi erection and my own cock was now leaking precum. His cock was larger now than I’d ever seen, still hanging but now pointing outwards from his body at a low angle.

It was much thicker now too and longer. The thick blue vein that ran the length to the tip looked slightly darker and was swollen. The excess foreskin had been taken up and now just covered the glans. It was, even only semi erect, longer and much thicker than Phillips. I couldn’t take my eyes from it. As he moved to walk out to the changing area it swung slowly from side to side.

I followed him out. I couldn’t think properly now. I’d never seen a cock that large before and this whole situation became surreal to me. I could feel my precum dripping on to my thighs as I walked. I wanted to hide it but at the same time I didn’t. He put his towel on the bench and sat down with his legs open. I faced him and felt my foreskin roll back fully. The only times that had happened before were with Phillip. Prior to him my foreskin had never rolled back on it’s own.

It was as if my cock wanted to be as fully exposed as possible. A long string of precum clung on to the tip, trying to defy gravity as I dumbly stood there transfixed by his semi hard cock.

“So you took my advice about shaving then,” he stated. When I looked up he was staring at my cock. I didn’t understand right away, I was struck dumb. “Have you done everywhere?” he asked. I nodded. I was too nervous to speak so I just lifted my arms so he could see I’d even shaved my armpits. Oh my God, I was automatically showing myself off to him! Reality seemed to leave me. I was certain I saw his cock twitch slightly.

“Everywhere? Even your……?” he asked leaving me to work out what he meant. I totally forgot about the welts as I turned around.

I felt his hands briefly pull my cheeks open then let them go, comfirming I was completely smooth. My coach was now the second man to see my anus. My body reacted by leaking a large glob of precum.

As I turned back to face him I knew what was coming. “Jesus David, what happened?” he asked me. I couldn’t answer, but my embarrassment grew to even greater proportions and my erection bounced uncontrollably. “Is there something I need to be worried about, because that’s no accident. Is someone hurting you?” he asked. I still couldn’t answer him but shook my head. In spite of his concern I saw that his cock was now nearly fully erect.

He leaned back, his hands resting on the bench either side of his body. His legs widened as he spoke. “If there’s anythng you want to tell me you can David,” he told me. “You’re an adult but I wouldn’t want to think someone was hurting you.” I found my voice then and assured him I was fine.

Then in a stroke of what I thought was brilliance, I told him the girl I was seeing was quite kinky and liked spanking me when we had sex. I was sure he wasn’t aware that I was a virgin. He stated he thought it looked more than just spanking but said I should Beşevler Escort be more careful. “I’m not sure the others would understand,” he said. “Maybe ask her to tone things down.” He seemed satisfied that everything was ok

I just nodded my understanding as I watched his cock grow to full erection. I was trying to work out his big it was as he nonchalantly went on to talk about my performance the previous day, what I thought had affected me and how well training had gone.

I vaguely remember answering him but all I could think about was dropping to my knees and sucking his cock. I thought about the things Phillip had said about coach probably just being a bit of an exhibitionist, about how other men would want to see me naked and about practicing. I really wanted to practice with coach. I really wanted to taste him and feel what it was like to have such a thick cock in my mouth.

“Right David,” he said. “Wednesday morning for another session,” he said standing up to dry off and get dressed. I watched as he turned to his locker. His erection jutting out what must have been at least 8 inches from his body. I was actually in awe of his length and girth “Its just shy of 9 David,” he told me incidentally as if he could read my mind.

“You can put your arms down now,” he told me with short laugh. I hadn’t realised I still had my hands behind my head. I didn’t even remember doing so, but I brought then back down and dried myself before getting dressed. We walked out together and he told me he’d see me there on Wednesday morning as if nothing had happened.

I got through the rest of the day and the following day as I usually did. Errands, chores and job searching. I masturbated twice on Monday night and the same on Tuesday night. It was almost a ritual since my first time with Phillip. It used to be 3 or 4 times a week. Now it was at least once a day, often 2 or 3 times. My head full of thoughts and creating fantasies. Often of being exposed to strangers or my friends, especially Lewis and coach.

I remembered the feeling when coach had pulled my cheeks open. I imagined him doing the same thing in front of Lewis as he explained to him how to shave his body. Using me as the model and exposing me so completely to my best friend.

I imagined how turned on Phillip would be when I told him what had happened. Despite all the thoughts I was having about coach and Lewis, he was still the man I wanted most of all. I loved the fact he was so ordinary to look at. Nobody would ever think that he did what he did with me and I often thought how they might react if they ever saw us together.

I shaved my body on Tuesday evening. I was determined to keep up the facade of doing so for swimming. When I looked in the mirror I was pleased to see the marks on my cheeks had almost faded, just a small amount of bruising now.

Wednesday morning I arrived for training. It went as it should until we’d finished. Now that coach had seen my cheeks I didn’t do anything to hide myself, but again I was erect in the shower with him as he put on a similar show. He was fully erect by the time we went the changing area. Again he sat on the bench with his legs open while I stared at his solid cock, trying to burn the sight into my mind so I would remember every detail.

All he had to do was tell me to suck it and I would have been in my knees thanking him.

He talked briefly about our session as my cock throbbed and leaked in front of him. “How often are you shaving Dave?” he asked me. I told him every 2 or 3 days depending on how much time I had. “The more you do the tougher your skin gets. Less chance of any rash. Not that you look like you have signs of much,” he told me. I explained I used lotion afterwards and so far it seemed to be working.

“Turn around and I’ll check the backs of your legs,” he told me. I don’t know why but whenever Phillip, now coach, looked at me from behind I felt more on show than being looked at from the front. Somehow, to me, it felt more embarrassing to know they were looking at my buttocks. Somehow it turned me on more.

He was silent for a moment then told me the backs if my legs looked pretty rash free, before telling me to stand with my feet apart so he could check the inside of my thighs. Then his hands were spreading my cheeks. This time wide open and he held them there while he commented there was a small patch of shaving rash at the tops of my inner thighs. Fuck I was so hard right then as I felt that feeling of complete exposure. A few moments later he let go and my cheeks closed. I turned back to face him, my face burning bright red.

“You told me last week you were feeling a bit confused about your sexuality. Have you thought more about it?” he asked me. I didn’t expect him to ask me that. I fumbled for an answer. So I told him it had been on my mind a lot but I was still trying to work it out. “From what I can see there isn’t much to work out Dave,” he smiled and stood up.

His cock looked even thicker now, but maybe it was the angle as I looked down at it. “Are you still looking for work?” he asked. I told him I was and still only working part time. “So you’re free this morning then?” he asked. I nodded saying I didn’t have anywhere particular to go. “Good,” he said. “Let’s get dressed then. You can come back to mine and we can have a coffee and a chat.”

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