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It was Thanksgiving weekend, about a year ago.

My wife went out with some friends to do some early holiday shopping.

I stayed home and got on the computer with nothing better to do.

My wife sent me a text after lunch and told me they were going to the next town over to grab some deals.

I knew she would be gone for a while, so I ran to the bedroom and put on a pair of her silky panties. I painted my toe nails red, and put a perfume behind my ears.

I ran back to the computer and found my secret email. I logged in and found a few responses to some forums I had joined. I replied and looked around at some videos.

I decided to write a story about one of my fantasies.

As I shared it, I got an instant response “Tell me more.”

So I replied to the inquiry and provided some great details.

We started chatting and I put my headphones in to use the talk to text feature. I got a lot of information about things I had been lost and wondering about in the past.

My fantasy has been to watch my wife with another man, or two. Just watch.

I always thought it was odd, but then I started researching it more and I found that it is not that uncommon.

Then things got a little deeper for me.

I fantasized about it happening frequently, with more than just one or two guys.

I found it very exciting to think about my wife being known as a woman that is ready, willing and able to put out and do all kinds of kinky things.

I do not want her to do anything above and beyond what she is willing to do, but I know what she has done in the past, so its easy to explore a lot of possibilities.

She likes muscular men.

She has few limits in the bedroom and I have zero complaints.

But this fantasy was consuming me.

I master baited in the shower thinking about her with a muscular man taking her from behind, making her orgasm over and over as he pounds her.

It really “hit home” when I was in the shower and connected the dots with her and a friend of mine, taller and more muscular than I am. It felt real and its ALL that I could think about.

I had the curtains drawn shut so nobody could see in. As I was chatting with this person, I did not see my wife come home. As she entered the office and saw me in her panties with the screen up, she pulled out her phone to take a few pictures.

I never saw her until the flash went off.

Then she switched to video.


She saw the screen and me and started laughing thinking I had done all of this to make a joke.

Then she noticed my toe nails. She smelled the perfume and turned to the computer screen.

“What the FUCK James Robert Conners?” she asked in anger and disbelief.

She pushed her way to the screen and scrolled through the text.

She looked at me, standing in her panties, a hard on poking the material outward and the headphones dangling from my ears.

Then the mood changed.

She scrolled through the text quickly.

“twisted mother-fucker” she muttered several times over.

I started to speak but she held up her hand and extended her index finger without looking at me.

“Peggy, Listen I want to ex-” I started.

Peggy turned and looked at me harshly, “YOU WANT ME TO FUCK SOMEONE ELSE?”

“No ..” I said sheepishly.

“That’s what it says HERE.” Peggy replied.

“Oh look!! Right here you beat off to it a couple times a week!!” she yelled.

“I can explain.” I pleaded.

“You don’t have to explain .. I can fucking read it!!” she yelled again.

I cleared my throat. “There is more to it that just that.” I said rushed.

Peggy stopped scrolling. She looked in my direction.

“I’m listening …” she said as she looked into my soul.

“There is humiliation, a-and the shame. I-i-its a turn-on for someone that fantasizes about this kind of thing.” I pushed out into the open.

“So you can fuck around with someone else?” she barked back.

“NO .. Oh God no.” I said.

“I do not believe you.” she said in the calmest tone yet.

“You want me to fuck another guy and humiliate you about it so you can do nothing in return? Aren’t you happy with me?” she asked tearing up.

“God YES!! I am very happy, I just want you to have more. Part of this fantasy IS the humiliation of a wife that has sex with other men, with permission to do so AND then full disclosure.” I explained.

“Why else would I be wearing your panties and your perfume?” I asked.

Peggy paused for a moment to give the question some weight.

She continued reading.

“This would make more sense if you started at the top … or even the beginning.” I said.

“I come home from a long day of doing holiday shopping and find you in my panties .. talking about ME having sex with other men and telling you about it – which makes no fucking sense at all. I am supposed to be excited about it?” she asked, angry all over again.

I had zero credibility at this point, but I did have a counter argument.

“I can bursa escort bayan prove this is a common and scientific frame of mind if you let me. If I show you two different web pages and you don’t feel differently, I will NEVER speak of this again.” I offered.

“I don’t give a flying fuck about your web sites or your “perverted proof”. Peggy replied. “And if you think this is going to come up for discussion again, you are SADLY mistaken, James.” she said in a matter of fact tone.

“Or should I call you Jane?” she teased.

“Fair enough … but all I ask is for you to allow me to prove this is a common fantasy, nothing more.” I pleaded.

Peggy paused with heavy thought.

“I need to restore SOME credibility to my character right now.” I pleaded further.

Peggy closed her eyes, pushed back from the desk and motioned for me to close the chat session and find a credible web page for her to read.

I opened the page and then said, “I am going to go change.”

“NO, you are not going to change. You are going to stand RIGHT HERE while I read this horse shit and nonsense.” she ordered.

I did as I was told.

She read it and acted like it meant nothing to her.

“Is that it?” She asked roughly.

“I have one more page, the others are just stories other men and women have written about these kinds of experiences.” I said.

“So there is a cult of wife fuckers and husbands that would rather watch than fuck their own wives?” she asked condescendingly. “How wonderful for them.”

I offered all kinds of scientific studies, psychological papers and other evidence that it was in fact a popular fantasy that benefitted the wives and husbands, but it did not matter at this point.

I was semi-prepared for this reaction, but not the explosive reaction my wife gave me.

Peggy read through all the pages I offered. The fact that she made it through four of them was “promising” to me but not the deal maker I needed to move forward with everything.

It was best to wait and let things circle around to me.

Thanksgiving weekend ended and we were not intimate at all.

Christmas came and went but it was not as warm as I had hoped for.

New Years Eve, we stayed in and watched romantic movies.


Valentines Day I planned a get away for us to a friend’s cabin. We drove for a few hours. There was very little conversation. As well pulled into the driveway, she looked at me and said, “I hope you brought a fishing pole, because its the ONLY way you are going to smell like fish this weekend.

I had REALLY fucked up.

I avoided master baiting in the shower completely for fear of getting caught and having to relive the Thanksgiving conversation.

I had roses on the table of the cabin and it didn’t matter. I built a fire and she read a book. I thumbed through a bunch of magazines and then went outside to split firewood.

Later that evening while she was in the shower I picked up her book and read some of it. Very graphic and very dirty.

I took it on faith that it was a positive sign for us to heal.

We had some wine that night and she passed out on the couch.

It was a horrible weekend, but I didn’t dare cancel.

On the drive home we stopped to help a group of college Seniors that had broken down on the side of the road. They were in their early 20s and broke. Their car needed parts to be repaired, so we gave them a lift into town.

One of them was over 6’5″ so Peggy offered to let him have the front seat and she sat in the back with the other two.

We made small talk as we drove into town. My wife rubbed their inner thighs and they returned in kind to what they were getting from her.

As the taller kid and I talked about basketball, my wife was getting felt up in the back seat, and having her pussy stroked through her pants while she rubbed both of their stiff cocks through their pants.

We got to the nearest repair shop with a tow truck and I went in with the tallest of the boys while the other two and Peggy stayed in the back seat. The boys took turns French Kissing my wife and keeping watch for us to return. The three exchanged cell phone numbers before we returned.

We were about an hour away from the house and we rode home in silence the rest of the way home.

After we pulled into the garage, my wife got out, grabbed the mail, and then went inside.

I unloaded the all the bags and brought them in.

“Can you come back here to the bedroom please?” Peggy yelled down the hallway.

A thousand different thoughts raced through my head as I walked to the bedroom. I walked in and found a couple of surprises.

“I need you to strip naked and lay on the bed.” she commanded.

I started to get naked and stopped.

“Are you going to get naked too?” I asked.

She shook her head no.

I got naked, and laid on the bed.

She pulled out some handcuffs and cuffed me to the head board.

She pulled a couple of neck ties out of my dresser bursa bayan escort and tied my ankles to the foot board.

She left the room and came back with a couple of towels.

She sat down on the side of the bed. She looked at my cock. It was hard.

“How many times have you beat off since Thanksgiving?” she asked bluntly.

“Three times … Middle of December after your Christmas party, New Years, and two weeks ago.” I said.

“That’s all?” she asked.

I nodded yes.

“So I imagine you are pretty worked up, huh?” Peggy said in a softer voice.

Again, I nodded yes.

She leaned in closer to my ear and moved her hand over my cock. “I used the pink dildo on myself three to 5 times a week ever since Christmas.”

My cock spasmed and jumped, hitting her hand.

“You like the idea of me using a dildo on myself, huh?” she asked.

I nodded yes.

She pulled a bag of frozen peas out from between the peas and placed it on my hard stiff cock. The cold pushed the blood out of my cock and it was a little painful but I had to play along with this if I was going to heal our relationship.

Peggy sat and watched as the peas did the work and made my cock soft again.

She removed the bag and held my cock by the head. She let go if it and let it drop.

She pulled out her cell phone and held it on the pillow over my head. She was able to see my cock and the recording was able to hear our voices.

What happened next was completely out of character and a turning point for us both.

“So I want you to listen to my story and I want to answer honestly when I ask you questions. Is that clear?” Peggy asked,

I nodded.

“I need you to answer, Dear.” she corrected me.

“Yes, I understand.” I replied.

“What is your name?” she asked.

I replied, “James Conners.”

“Good.” Peggy said.

She continued, “Where do we live?”

I replied with our address.

“What did we do this weekend?” she asked.

I replied, “We spent Valentines Day weekend at the cabin.”

“Good.” she replied again.

She asked, “Something happened on the way home. Something unusual. What was that?”

I answered, “We gave some college boys a ride back into town because their car broke down.”

Peggy replied, “That’s right.”

She continued, “Where did everyone sit in the car for the drive back into town? Be specific.”

“Roy was over six foot tall, so you let him sit up front with me and you and the other two guys sat in the back seat.” I said.

“Where did I sit?” Peggy asked.

“You sat in the middle between the two guys.” I said.

Peggy cleared her throat. She moved the camera closer to my cock.

“Did you know those two guys groped me most of the way back into town? They rubbed my married pussy through my jeans and felt me up through my shirt while you were just inches away?” she said slowly.

My cock gave me away instantly. The blood started to surge inside of me as she told me how those two men touched her and felt the heat from her pussy through her clothes while I was seated in front of them.

“They pinched my nipples and got me really worked up.” she continued.

“W-what happened next?” I asked eagerly.

“We got to the repair shop and you and Roy went inside. The guys took turns French Kissing me while the other watched the door … the whole time you were inside.” Peggy concluded.

I had a full hard on, twitching and aching for release.

Peggy had recorded the entire conversation and included the reaction my cock gave when she described how she made out in the back seat with a couple of college guys in their early 20s.

Peggy shut down the recording.

“I have a little evidence of your true state of mind about how you feel when other men touch me now … Dont think I wont use it to get what I want!!” she said sternly.

She pulled her pants off. She removed her shirt.

She unclasped her bra. Her nipples were rock hard.

She turned her ass toward me and peeled her panties down her legs. She lifted them up and dangled them above my nose so I could smell them.

“That’s just what they did by touching my clothes.” she added.

Peggy walked over to her night stand and pulled her pink dildo out of her drawer.

“OPEN YOUR MOUTH.” she ordered.

I opened my mouth and she stuck it inside. She worked it in and out for what seemed like a long minute or two.

“That’s it … get it nice and wet for me.” she hissed.

Without warning, she pulled it out of my mouth, turned it around and shoved the base of it into my mouth.

“Hold it in place and DO NOT let it slip.” she ordered.

Peggy climbed on top of my chest and lowered herself onto the dildo. I watched as her pussy wrapped around the pink shaft and took it all the way in. I could hear her grunt and moan with pleasure. Her pussy lips would hit my face as she lowered herself onto the dildo and her ass would hit me in the nose.

I bursa merkez escort could feel her hot breath on my cock and balls as she worked herself up and down on the dildo.

Within a few short minutes, she cried out and had an orgasm on my face. She lowered her hips to take in as much of the dildo as possible and she ground her hips against my face.

She made herself come this way three times before she stopped.

She raised herself up, turned around and pulled the dildo out of my mouth.

“Now that I have been fucked, its time for you to eat my pussy.” she teased.

Before I could say anything, she sat on my face and fed her clit to me.

I ate her pussy until she came three more times.

My cock was aching. I wanted to fuck my wife more that anything else. I would have been happy if she would have beat me off. I would have been content if she would have LET me beat off.

“I want you so bad right now …” I blurted out.

“NOPE. You cannot have your cake and eat it too.” she replied.

She stood up and grabbed the bag of peas again. She held them on my cock and waited until my hard on went away.

“I have another little surprise for you. Close your eyes.” she said.

My mind was racing as to the possibilities.

She took her moist panties from the trip home and put them over my head. She used the elastic to hold them in place.

I felt the bag of peas lift off of me. She put a pillow on my chest so I could not see.

I felt her warm hands lift my balls up and then I felt the cold plastic hasp of the chastity device slip over my soft penis and around the back side of my balls.


That click was deafening.

Peggy pulled her panties off of my face pushed the pillow aside. She looked down at me, like I had just been demoted. In many ways I had been.

“Surprise.” she said.

She reached down to the floor and pulled out a small brass lock. She fed the jaw of the lock through the eyelet of the chastity device and squeezed it shut.


Peggy stood up, still naked and reached down on the floor by the bed again. She dangled a small key on a gold chain over my face.

“Kiss it.” she demanded.

I kissed the key and then she placed it around her neck.

“From now on, I am in control of YOUR orgasms.” she ordered.

Peggy untied my ankles and opened the handcuffs.

“I am going to go take a shower and get ready for my date.” she announced.

I looked at her funny. “Your DATE?” I asked.

Peggy looked at me funny. “This IS what You wanted, Right?”

I smiled broadly and nodded.

Peggy looked at me, “I need some extra blankets in the back of the SUV.”

I nodded again.

“While I am gone, you are to unpack the bags, dust, take out the trash, do our laundry and make a grocery shopping list for tomorrow.” she ordered.

“Oh … and I almost forgot … don’t wait up.” she smiled.

Peggy’s phone chimed. She smiled at the message and walked away.

I did all the chores as she asked. I did not text her at all that night. As agreed, she would text me around midnight and let me know how things were going.

Her response:


Peggy got home at 5am the next morning.

She had hickys on both shoulders, on both breasts, and on both thighs.

She reeked of sex and sounded exhausted.

She crawled on top of me in bed and straddled my chest. She was naked. She pointed at her pussy, still red from all the activity she had put it through. “THIS is what you wanted?” she said to me.

“More than anything.” I replied.

Peggy moved forward and straddled my face. Her married pussy filled with someone else’s come, dripping all over my face as I opened my mouth.

Peggy lowered herself onto my mouth and purred with deep satisfaction as I cleaned her up.

Peggy detailed the night she had, “They met me at a hotel and as soon as I got there, they were all over me. Their cocks were hard as soon as I got in the room and they tasted so fucking GOOOD. I took turns sucking them while I stroked the others in my hand.”

She paused while small orgasm passed over her.

“I made each of the boys eat my pussy until I came in their mouths. Danny was the first to fuck me while I sucked Chris and Roy off. Danny came first, filling me up with a huge load. Chris shot a load down my throat and it was yummy.

Then I turned to Roy all alone. He was hung and the head was huge. I wanted to feel him shoot down my throat, but it was not meant to be.

He put my ankles on his shoulders and pushed his way into me with a gentle firmness that cannot be taught. It FILLED my pussy up and made me wild.

Roy fucked me for a few minutes and then I had to encourage him to go harder. Boy did he GO HARD-DER …” (another orgasm). “When he came, it shook me.”

“Then the boys switched ends and Chris fucked me for what felt like 30 minutes. Danny sucked on my tits and I must have orgasmed 10 times. Roy watched. Danny let me suck his cock and I came really hard while Chris was fucking me with my ankles on his shoulders.”

My own cock was straining against the cage as she spoke.

“I slipped into the shower at this point and just let everyone rest and reset. Then I texted you around midnight.”

Peggy slide off of my face and felt raw.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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