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It’s in the eyes. Sometimes you just see the blank look of someone who’s going through the motions. Sometimes you see the eyes with edges of fright and fear. Sometimes eyes are cheerful and bright. But with Felicia her eyes said one thing, “fuck me hard.”

Felicia was the kind of girl a man might overlook if he didn’t look into her eyes. She had beautiful red hair and pale skin but her figure was often hidden under oversized clothes and gaudy scarves. If you look carefully though he could see the soft round hips, soft generous breasts, and a belly made to ride. She wasn’t a young girl with a hot body anymore; she was a woman. A woman that brings all the wonderful charms to the bed where she fucks your brains out.

I travel a lot in my job and Felicia is a professional woman. Years ago she lost her husband to cancer and I never really settle down. Sometimes when I was in town I’d give her a call and we go out for dinner, maybe a show and we always had a great time. Many times when I went to pick her up and I would see that look in her eyes and whatever reservations, tickets, or plans we altyazılı porno had were thrown out the window. It’s in the eyes.

Thursday was in town and went by to see Felicia opened grab a quick bite to eat. She opened the door dressed in a frumpy sweatsuit. Her hair was up and in a mess. Instantly she looked at me with those eyes and I knew that we were not going out for anything. She gave me a quick kiss and told me she needed to get cleaned up and helped myself to drink. I opened her fridge as she headed off to the bathroom. I barely got two swigs of beer down my throat when I heard her call out that she needed help washing her back. Beer be damned. My dick got hard as I walked to the bathroom. I couldn’t get my clothes off fast enough. The bathroom is little bit steamy but the bathroom wasn’t the only thing that was hot. She was covered in soap bubbles teasing her skin and partially hiding her puffy nipples before they gently ran down her belly to that deep red bush of hers. I pulled Felicia into my arms and her body slipped against mine.

Some kisses her sweet. Some kisses zenci porno are perfunctory. Some kisses say goodbye and some say hello. Her lips and her eyes said one thing, “Fuck me hard and make me come.” I planned to do just that. I kissed her on the lips; full, rich, deep, moist lips. After a hot exchange I slid to my knees and spread her rich, red hair to find those big puffy soft lips I so loved. One thing about Felicia she loves me go down on her and I’m only too happy to please her. I gently spread her lips and pressed my tongue to her clit. She shuddered and grabbed the back of my head pulling me in ever so softly. I started with slow, long deep licks up and down her pussy. She got wetter and wetter and I sucked down every bit of it.

She pushed my head deeper into her moist fragrant pussy. I began to lick harder and harder. Felicia began to ground her pussy against my tongue. she started gasping for air. Short, urgent moans came from deep inside her. I glanced to see that she was working hard on those wonderful puffy nipples. She was really riding my tongue aldatma porno now and I was licking up every bit. Suddenly a loud gasp she came. Shudder after shutter ran up and down her belly. Her pussy oozed that wonderful nectar.

When Felicia comes really hard she almost passes out. It’s kind of a small faint. Her eyes rolled back in their knees gently give way. I quickly hold her up. The other thing about Felicia is that she is super sensitive after she cums that hard. I quickly and effortlessly slide into that waiting smooth warm haven. That immediately throws the switch for Felicia and she comes again harder this time than the first. I glanced into her face and see those eyes so pleasingly screaming at me that she wants more dick. I start the pound her and she continues to come hard. Wave after wave comes crashing over her as I pound deep inside her. It only takes a moment when I am this worked up. Felicia urges me on screaming at me to feel her pussy with cum. One, two, three, four, hard thrusts and I explode deep inside her cunt. Spurt after spurt of hot cum splashes her cunt. And there are those eyes urging me on. I step back and Felicia reaches between her legs and fingers a large wad out of her hot pussy. She puts to come in her mouth makes a small cooing sound. Those eyes tell me that she is not done yet. But that’s a story for another day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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