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Sexually sated, Doug had fallen asleep immediately upon falling into bed the previous night. He must have looked a little haggard as he entered the Cordero kitchen. Mama asked if felt well and placed her hand on his flushed (blushing) forehead. He told her he felt O.K. still a little groggy from yesterday’s tour.
From a corner, Maria grinned impishly and said, “We’ll probably take it a little easier today. Rome will be a little less strenuous than Pompeii.” Little did Doug know what she had in mind.
As they had the day before, they went to the small grocery. Maria made a few more purchases than usual saying I want to cook a real meal for us and we may have some company. In the small apartment Doug asked “What company, I was hoping to spend my last day with you?”
“Don’t worry, you can have all of me you want – I have a little confession to make. I have not been completely honest with you, I do have a lover. She was a student of mine a few years ago. At that time I still had no desire for any man other than my husband, (who was killed early in the fighting for Naples,) During a private tutoring session I let (willingly I admit) Sonia seduce me. We have been lovers every since. She has no aversion to men and if you behave you can probably enjoy her as well.
Doug was a little aghast, but quickly recovered saying – “I really don’t need anyone else.”
“Well silly you may change your mind.” She smirked
Doug let the subject drop and they were enjoying sweet pastries and Maria’s strong coffee, when a knock was heard at the door.
Moving toward the door, Maria remarked “That is Sonia, I hope you two get along.”
The tall robust women swept into the room with an almost haughty air of confidence, Doug at first mistook for distain. Looking at him she impishly inquired, “So this is your new pupil, Maria. Maybe he should have his final exam before he has to leave.”
With her sly smile, Maria said, “That sounds like a marvelous idea, but first we have some catching up of our own to do.”
The two women turned to face each other and embraced, kissing. Doug could see their eager tongues exploring each others mouth as their hands roamed over ample breasts, and buttocks with more than a few passes over pelvic areas. In only a few moments they began to disrobe each other. Sonia’s large breasts with their long fat nipples and huge aureoles were fascinating to Doug. They stood in sharp contrast to Maria’s almost pert nipples and puffy aureoles.
Sonia lowered her mouth to Maria’s firm breasts and alternately sucked one then the other until they stood like reddish mini mountain peaks. Maria groaned as Sonia skillfully massaged her sweet pussy and ravished her beautiful breasts. Drawing away, Maria engaged Sonia in another passionate kiss before taking one of the woman’s large nipples in her mouth sucking it and nibbling – it was Sonia’s time to moan as Maria deftly let two fingers slip between her puffy lower lips and into the depths of Sonia’s pussy.
Doug was fascinated, he had never been witness to any such behavior by two women. He was also fascinated and had begun to become aroused.
It was like an eternity before The two women disengaged themselves. Maria smiled at Doug and said. “I think we can adjourn to the bedroom where we can be more comfortable, Doug, why don’t you remove your clothes while you watch.”
On Maria’s large bed the two women embraced, and caressed each others bodies with intimately familiar movements. Their tongues intertwined and their pelvises ground one into others. Maria licked Sonia’s face, neck and full breasts, pausing there to suck the swollen nipples, before moving lower across the soft smooth underbelly flesh to the intended target – the now swollen lips of Sonia’s leaking pussy.
With her thumbs, Maria spread these protective gates to reveal the purplish, glistening clit therein. Sonia’s long clitoris was proportionately large for it’s length and stood guard over her inner depths like a miniature cock. Maria was quick to capture this sentry. Sucking deep into her mouth as she plied her talented tongue to her willing prisoner.
Doug watched as Sonia bucked her hips in orgasm and pulled Maria’s face even tighter to her hot opening.

Maria, releasing the throbbing digit,. tented her fingers and thumb began to insert them into the quivering girls gaping pussy. Sonia lifted her hips to meet the assault. Slowly Maria pushed her hand into the depths of Sonia’s hot pussy a slow inch at time withdrawing briefly only to dip even further with each pause. When her wrist had fully impaled her partner, Maria leaned forward to lick the swollen clitoris, gently nibbling as Sonia convulsed in a series of orgasms, pinching her hard nipples and moaning as the talented Maria attended to her lust.
Watching this most erotic display of his young life, Doug had become unbearably hard. His cock throbbed for release. His testicles had withdrawn into a tight knot in his scrotum and had begun to throb painfully.
Seeing his obvious condition, Maria smiled and beckoned him to join them on the bed. Doug was quick to comply and kissed Maria passionately. She withdrew from their kiss and she held out her hand, wet from the depths of Sonia’s Sex hikayeleri hot pussy, saying, “Taste her”. Doug lost no time in sucking the long finger into his mouth and was surprised the pungent taste was somewhat different from that of his Maria. While not unpleasant Sonia’s pussy had a more alkaline taste and a discernable odor that too was not unpleasant.
Spreading further the legs of the supine girl, Maria told Doug she wanted to see him pleasure her with his mouth and then she wanted to watch him as he fucked her. Laughing she said “Sonia will give you a final grade.”
With some reluctance (desperately wanting to fuck Maria), he moved his face to the gaping orifice before him and captured the erect sentry in his hot mouth – Sonia’s moan of pleasure validated the actions of his mouth – he was doing something right. Three of his fingers had moved into her depths and were beating a tattoo against the inside if her pelvic bone when he felt Maria’s hot breath on his painfully hard organ. She wrapped her soft lips around the crown of his cock and sucked it deep into her throat. Holding him thus she massaged his throbbing cock for only a moment before he exploded sending his seed deep into her eager throat. Doug’s cock was still as hard as before.
As she lifted her head, letting the hard appendage slip from her lovely mouth, she said “I wanted you to fuck her a little longer than that, perhaps you will have better control now.”
His long tongue, hot mouth had elicited several orgasms from Sonia when Maria pulled him from her. “Fuck her now.” She said and taking his stiff member placed it at the open mouth of Sonia’s leaking cavity. A large wet spot on the sheet was evidence of her lust. Using his cock like a one of her dildos, she stroked it up and down of the hot channel before guiding it into the inferno awaiting it.
Doug began to fuck the girl with long slow strokes hers was the hottest channel his fortunate cock had ever encountered – not a grippingly tight as Maria but with a heat he felt could not be extinguished by mere intercourse.
As Doug drove his hard organ deep into the depths of Maria’s lover. Maria straddled Sonia’s flushed face and lowered her sweet pussy to the girls mouth. Grasping her hips Sonia pulled this paragon of sweet nectar to her mouth and began a voracious feast.
Maria ground her hot opening into the girls eager mouth erupting several times in orgasm.
At the sight of Maria’s beautiful ass before him with Sonia’s thick tongue probing her pussy. Doug began to stroke his cock faster and harder into the liquid fire of Sonia’s pussy. His efforts were shortly rewarded by the sharp up thrusts of Sonia’s hips as she met each stroke with vigor. Her body had begun to tremble as her orgasm overtook her while at the same time, Maria grasped Sonia head and pulled her face into her own flowing pussy. As the contractions of Sonia’s orgasm milked his cock, Doug within seconds pumped his seed into the impossibly hot pussy that was the girls.
After a delicious hot meal, (Maria had made pasta while Doug and Sonia were left to their own devices in the bedroom – much fondling and kissing had taken place) of pasta , pungent red wine and dark bread, the three returned to the bedroom where Sonia watched as Doug licked Maria’s sweet pussy and probed with a sharp tongue the depths of her hot pussy. Occasionally sucking her beautiful breasts with their pebbly aureoles and pert nipples.
As the afternoon waned, Maria turned serious and said “Doug I want to fuck you, fuck you like you’ve never been fucked.- Sonia, you just watch this time is mine alone. Doug lifted his face from her sweet pussy and lay on his back. Maria took his near flaccid cock in her hot mouth and sucked it teasing it with her tongue. It was soon standing strong awaiting her further attention. Maria lost no time in straddling his torso and guiding his erection into her anxious pussy. She lowered her lovely frame until his cock was deeply entrenched in her steaming hot pussy. Resting there she used the strong muscles of her talented tunnel to massage and squeeze Doug’s hard member before beginning a slow ride – lifting her lovely ass until only the crown of his cock remained inside her, followed by a slow sinuous descent until his hard cock was again fully imbedded inside her hot passage.
Several time during this sinuous game she would pause, bring her beautiful breasts to Doug’s mouth for his further pleasure. As he suckled the stiff nipples and lavished the pebbly aureoles with his tongue, she would grind her pelvis into his and shiver in climax.
At this lavish attention, Doug’s cock had begun to throb in anticipation of release. Sensing his approaching climax, Maria would cease all movement and while holding his cock in the tight embrace of her hot pussy, would bite his ear – holding it until she knew the immediacy of his release had passed. This scenario was repeated numerous times as Sonia watched and stroked her own hot channel with one of Maria’s long dildos.
After several episodes of long pauses and painful nip to his ears, Doug’s passion was beginning to overcome the painful bites to his ear, his testicles were tight knots in his scrotum as he gripped Maria’s firm ass cheeks Sikiş hikayeleri and pulled her close. Her reaction was immediate, she began to ride his stiff member in wild abandon, lifting her ass and slamming down on the stiff intruder in a blur and at last with a final thrust, she ground her pelvis into Doug’s. Wrapping her long arms around his neck she lavished kisses on his face and mouth as her beautiful body trembled in orgasm and Doug’s hot sperm pumped into her.
Lifting her lithe body from Doug’s torso letting his flaccid member slip from its hot prison, she looked at Sonia and said, “I really needed that, and I hope you didn’t mind our private time”.
Sonia had been stroking in and out of her pussy with the long dildo, now removed – and answered, “I didn’t mind, it was fun to watch, but now I want to taste”. With those words, she rose from the chair, approached the bed, leaned over and took Doug’s flaccid member in her hot mouth. After a moment she looked at Maria and said, “I can taste you both here. However, I think you have exhausted this boy.” With an impish grin she said, ” I think a nice bath would do much to revive him.”
Maria laughed and said, “it’s been along time since I gave a man a bath and I think you are right, we can both bathe him and he will recover twice as fast.”
Doug, in a near stupor, heard this exchange and left the bed for a trip to the bathroom where he first relived himself and prepared to enter the large tub. He was surprised when he heard Maria’s call from the bedroom. “Come back, that’s not the bath we were talking about.”
Not knowing what to expect, Doug returned to the bedroom where the two women bade him lie on his stomach with his legs spread and his arms outstretched above his head.
Sonia and Maria each took a hand and placing his fingers in their mouths sucked them and his thumbs. They licked the palms of his hands, his inner arms to the fine hair of his armpit – no inch of his arms was untouched by their hot, wet tongues. Their sensuous journey continued to his shoulders and the back of his neck. Down his back their hot tongues licked every inch of his skin tasting the dampness of his perspiration. The taunt mounds of his hard ass were licked and sharp tongues probed his anus as hot hands massaged his scrotum before it was sucked into hot mouths. Their talented tongues traced a path down the inside of his legs to his feet where his toes were sucked and hot tongues probed between them.
Their journey had continued back up his muscular legs to his hips when they urged him to turn upon his back. As Doug lay on his back the two women each took an ear in their mouths and teased the tender shells with their tongues before moving to his face and neck. Alternately, passionate kisses were exchanged their hot tongues exploring inside his mouth. Long wet passes were made over his face and neck before they each sucked the hard nubbins that were his nipples. Doug felt his cock twitch, (he had thought it would never be hard again).
The two women lavished his chest with their wet tongues and moved to his lower belly. Lifting his semi erect penis, Maria licked it from crown to scrotum before taking it in her hot mouth and sucking gently, letting her tongue wander up and down the length of his shaft. She then held it for Sonia to do the same.
Doug’s cock had come alive under the expert attention being given it. The two wantons alternately sucked his cock and scrotum while gently probing the tight sphincter of his ass with their fingers. Though he could not believe it, his cock was beginning to throb and he knew he would soon cum. No effort was made on the part of the two to curtail this happening. They gleefully watched as his hard member began to spurt weak streams of his viscous expenditure over their hands and into their eager awaiting mouths. They sucked him dry and licked remnants of his release from his scrotum before engaging each other in deep tongue probing kisses to exchange juices they had captured.
The two women cuddled one on each side of Doug and all three fell into a sleep of exhaustion. A near frantic Maria, “It’s nearly nine o’clock, – you have to be back at your ship by midnight” awakened Doug. She exclaimed.
Doug was devastated at the thought of leaving her, but knew she was right. He sleepily left her bed and went into the bathroom where he took a tepid shower before returning to the bedroom to don his uniform. He held her in his arms and kissed her feeling the familiar urge to go further and knew he could not.
Maria told him there would probably be a taxi waiting, or would soon be, at the corner near the small wine shop they had visited – it would take him back to the docks.
A taxi was waiting for a fare and Doug returned to his everyday life as a sailor – his Three Day Leave had ended.
Nearly two years later, Doug found himself again in the port of Naples. Conditions had much improved in the city. He had promised Eric, who had recently transferred to shore duty, that he would visit the family. Doug did not need to make any promises he fully intended to see them and especially Maria.
Upon arriving at the Cordero household, he was welcomed with warm embraces, timid kisses and inquires Erotik hikaye as to Eric’s new post. Anxiously, he inquired as to Maria’s whereabouts. He was told that she had been married since just after his last visit. She now lived in Milan with her wealthy husband they had a son; He was the joy Maria’s life and that of her proud husband.
Doug asked if they ever heard from Sonia and to his surprise was told that she had moved into Maria’s apartment after Maria’s marriage. She was on her holiday vacation and would probably welcome a visit from him. She could bring him up to date on Maria’s life since they visited several times a month.
The buxom Sonia answered his timid knock on the familiar door. Dressed in a near transparent gown a look of surprise crossed her smooth features. Taking his hand she beckoned in. “I often think of you and have wondered if I would ever see you again”. She said as she pulled him to her soft body and kissed him deeply letting him taste the sweetness of her tongue.
In only a second, Doug forgot the original purpose of his visit, remembering only the passion of their last meeting. He probed her mouth with his tongue, squeezed her large breasts and let a hand wander to her lower mound – her wetness aroused in him a hot desire and he dropped to his knees to pay homage to her sweet pussy. Lifting a stout leg over his shoulder, his tongue parted the puffy lips of her vagina and probed her hard clit. She held his head in both hands as she thrust her pelvis into his face rotating her ass and coaxing him deeper into her hot channel. After a few moments, Sonia began to tremble and moan incoherent ramblings in Italian. Doug could feel the flow of her release, a hot liquid upon his tongue.
Standing, Doug took her hand and said, “I want to fuck you, fuck you now.”
Smiling she said, “Fuck me you will, but not before I have tasted your cock”

So saying, she took his hand and led him to the bed in which he had once been so ravished. She helped him to quickly disrobe and gently pushed him to a setting position on the bed. Lowering herself to her knees beside the bed and between his legs, she stroked his hard member for a few seconds before running a hot tongue over the crown of his hard cock and down the shaft to its base. She sucked his scrotum into her hot mouth and massaged his testicles with her tongue before retracing her path to purplish swollen crown. She deftly licked pre-cum from his cock before opening her mouth and lowering her head to let his stiff member penetrate the depths of her throat his scrotum resting tight upon her chin. The stimulating contractions of her tight throat continued as she slowly lifted her head caressing his cock with her tongue as she sucked a tight vacuum around the invading member and began a methodic rhythm that would soon bring Doug to climax – she was a magnificent cock sucker.
As she sensed the impending urgency of his climax, Sonia began to move her head faster and faster, sucking harder while manipulating his tight scrotum in her hot hand. As the first spurts of his seed began erupt, she pressed her face tight to his pelvis and let the contractions of her throat milk his throbbing, spitting cock. As the last spasms of orgasm subsided, she lifted her head letting his still firm member slide from the depths of her mouth and throat. She gently sucked the crown of his cock and licked the hard shaft. With a wicked grin she looked into his face and said, “If I remember correctly, you fuck better the second time around.”
Doug helped the large girl to stand and pulled her to the bed, he spread her legs and plunged a tongue into her hot pussy and sucking the swollen clit until Sonia’s moans reminded it was really time to fuck. His hard cock slipped easily between the fleshy lips of her hot pussy and into the inferno therein – he had almost forgotten how hot her pussy was.
His second orgasm came and his cock still remained hard enough that after a few moments of respite and with his cock still buried in her hot channel he continued with long strokes into the contractions of Sonia’s sweet pussy as she trembled in her own orgasms – brought on by his onslaught.
Sweating profusely, and slipping over each other’s bodies, the two writhed in their lust. With a final hard plunge; Doug virtually slammed his cock into her depths only to be met by an equally strong upward thrust of her hips. He could feel the slick, hot flow of her climax as his cock jumped and pumped sperm into her depths.
Lying in the afterglow of their prolonged union, the two talked about their lives since their last encounter. At last the subject turned to Maria. Sonia said she and Maria were still lovers and that she saw her once or twice a month. Maria had resigned her position at the university (one that she, Sonia, now held), and married her fiancée only a short time after Doug’s last visit. She now lived in Milan. Her son Roberto was a little over a year old and was the delight of his father and mothers life.
Reaching to the nightstand, she showed him a photograph in which the lovely Maria stood beside a staid older man dressed in stiff business attire. Between them they held the hands of a beautiful child, tall for his young age. With his blond curls and broad smile it was easy to see how he could captivate anyone.
With a wistful smile Sonia gently kissed Doug on the lips saying, “He doesn’t look much like his father, does he? – Or maybe he does”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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