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Not as much character development in this one as you might expect if you’ve read my other works, but we’ve got lots and lots of sex. If random public sex, interracial sex with the gratuitous ‘big black cock’, feminization, glory holes, or gang-bang activity bother you, then this is not for you. I wrote it so there’s some romance and a happy ending. You would expect no less, right? But mostly this is just sex disguised behind a pretty thin story. I hope you enjoy the ride.

All participants are 18, yada, yada, yada… Enjoy and please leave a comment.


I had been dancing back and forth from one foot to the other for what felt like forever, waiting for the current occupant of the only restroom in the dingy convenience store I had tried to find relief in. The roadside breakfast tacos I had picked up earlier were ravaging my intestines and if I didn’t get in soon, it was going to be very messy.

Finally, the door opened and the petite woman with two toddlers in tow gave me a meek, apologetic smile and shuffled her little ones toward the door; I guess there are more dire needs, but not by much.

Bursting inside, I didn’t even bother to lock the door; I dropped my pants, sat on the toilet, and let loose. It was as disgusting as I thought it would be.

“Oh, crap, sorry man, I didn’t know anyone was in here,” the door opened and a nicely dressed gentleman with slightly graying temples hurried in, “look, I can use the sink if I have to, but I’m about to wet my damned pants,” I could see from his face, he was in as bad a shape as I had been just for a slightly different reason. Fortunately, the bathroom also had a urinal–on the wall to my right, about three feet in front of me. There was nowhere I could look and not watch this guy pee. Great, just great, I thought to myself.

“Yeah, come on, and I apologize for the smell,” we both laughed.

Now, most guys would have at least tried to look away, but when he unzipped his pants and pulled ‘it’ out, I couldn’t, it was magnificent, I had seen plenty in locker rooms playing sports in school and had even experimented a little in college but had never seen such a perfect specimen, not huge like some porn star, but full and thick, heavily veined with a nice head.

My mouth agape, the toilet paper I was holding hanging from my fingers. I just watched as the clear, slightly yellow liquid streamed from his cock.

“Shit, I’m sorry man, I don’t know what to say.” I fumbled for words when I realized he had caught me staring.

“No problem, I actually get that a lot,” he chuckled and smiled as he turned toward me, not even pretending to put his dick back in his pants, “but you can make it up to me if you’d like,” he stepped toward me, and I froze.

I knew what was happening and didn’t do a thing about it. He stood right in front of me, his cock in his hand inches from my face, his eyes locked on mine, a sly grin on his face. “It’s not even your first time, is it?”

I shook my head no and swallowed, dropping the toilet paper on the floor, slowly reaching up, replacing his hand with mine, stroking slowly as I opened my mouth and slid the tip of his cock in my mouth. I had done nothing like this in years, but it all came back, the feeling of the soft spongy head on my tongue, the warmth, and the slightly musky aroma that filled my head as I twirled my tongue around his glans and my other hand gently fondled his balls, even the acrid taste of the last few drops of his piss.

“That’s it,” he let out a moan and placed his hands on my head and started thrusting lightly as he quickly hardened in my mouth, “but I don’t have a lot of time for you to play,” he got a little aggressive and I struggled to keep up as he hit my gag reflex once and then twice, his grip on my head getting firmer and firmer until he forced his way into my throat and started fucking me for all he was worth.

It was both terrifying and wonderful; I didn’t truly know if it was him in my throat, the feeling of his cock sliding across my tongue and the growing strength of the musky aroma, or if it was the way he was just using me for his pleasure. I focused on my breathing and on fondling his balls, noticing how warm they were and how heavy they felt, catching myself wondering if he was going to explode down my throat or if I would get to taste his juice when he finished.

Faster and harder he drove his shaft into my mouth as I gurgled and slobbered all over him, shifting my weight forward to get him deeper inside me. I lost myself in wanton lust. Some stranger was using me, fucking my face, and I was loving it.

His balls tightened and his thighs clenched as he drove himself as far down my throat as he could go, filling me gullet with his seed, pulling his softening shaft from my mouth and allowing me to lick the last vestiges of his cum from his slit with my tongue.

“Phone.” He reached out his hand, and I handed it to him without question. “I’ll text you.” he handed it nevşehir escort bayan back, fastened his pants and left me there in a daze.

Cleaning myself off, I finally wiped my ass and washing my face; I had to jerk off twice to get my cock back in my pants.

Just one more thing to process, I thought as I made my way home. The interview I had been at earlier had been a total bust, the third in a row. The supposedly hot job market just wasn’t manifesting for me and then I let some stranger face fuck me in a public restroom; I hadn’t even locked the damned door. I could feel my sense of control slipping away, my direction gone. I didn’t know where I was going or how I was going to get there.

I stopped at my favorite watering hole for a burger and a beer, logging on to my laptop to see what other jobs I could apply for and to review for the two interviews I had tomorrow, both had promise, but so had the three I had already been on.

I had almost finished with my burger and had sent two more resume’s out when my phone buzzed, “MegaPleXXX, room 4.” It was from a number I didn’t know, someone named B.J., I could see the steel-blue eyes that had mesmerized me and my mouth watered at the thought of his cock, so I waved at my waitress, dropped forty bucks on the table for my check, packed up and headed for the door not exactly sure why I was doing what he asked other than the thought of disappointing a man I didn’t even know seemed like something I didn’t want to do.

According to Google Maps, the MegaPleXXX Adult bookstore was twenty minutes away depending on traffic. I had never been to a place like this but knew what to expect, porn, sex toys, that kind of stuff, the ‘room 4’ thing, though, what did that mean? I guessed I’d find out when I got there.

The girl at the door didn’t even look at me when I walked in just pointing to a curtain on the far wall when I asked about room 4. Through the curtain and down a short hallway, I found it, room 4, a small dirty room that smelled like stale cigarettes and sex. There was a small tv screen on one wall, a smoked glass mirror on another, and a backless stool positioned in the middle of the room. I went in, closed the door; I tried to open it, it wouldn’t budge.

My phone buzzed again, “have fun,” B.J. again. I didn’t know what he was talking about.

I had been there for about five minutes when I heard a knock on the wall behind me. Turning to investigate, I understood completely; someone had stuck an average looking cock through a hole in the wall. It was obvious I was the star attraction in what I had heard was a glory hole.

“Well?” my phone buzzed again, this B.J. guy was obviously watching me, so I got on my knees and started sucking the strange cock wondering what I had gotten myself into and what it was going to take to get out of this disgusting little room.

This had to be a cruel joke, a cosmic test, something. Maybe I was hallucinating, or this was a very vivid dream. When the guy on the other side of the wall knocked again, I didn’t understand what he meant, so I just kept going. When he spewed in my mouth, I figured it out; two knocks to get my attention, three to let me know when they were going to cum.

I checked the door again only to find it locked.

It wasn’t more than a minute later than someone else knocked on the wall and a much nicer cock came through the hole, understanding the process, I took it in my hand and stroked while I kissed and licked up and down the shaft before taking it as far in my mouth as I could, finding that it slid past my gag reflex easily, I guess this B.J. had opened me up a bit.

“Oooh yeah, just like that,” the voice from the other side of the wall moaned. I smiled to myself and kept working, enjoying what I was doing, finding that I liked the feel of a cock in my mouth and, just after he knocked three times, that I liked the salty slightly bitter taste it left in my mouth when they came.

I checked the door again, only to find it still locked and then to have my attention drawn back to the hole in the wall by another knock. It went on like this; three, then four cocks, five, six, seven, eight; I stopped counting or checking the door. I just wanted another cock to suck. Small, large, average, big loads or small. I didn’t care. I wanted them all.

It finally happened, the mythical Holy Grail, a true BBC, ten inches at least and so thick I could barely get it in my mouth, hungrily I attacked it, kissing, and licking and trying to work the monster further into my mouth, finally getting the head and a few inches of the shaft inside me. Stroking the shaft with both hands, alternating one and then the other on his massive balls, I sucked and licked, moving him in and out as best I could, resting my aching jaw by running my lips up and down the shaft, taking one of his testicles in my mouth and sucking hard, and then repeating with the other.

I knew he was going to drown nevşehir escort me when he finally came, and the image that raced through my mind had me rock hard in my own pants.

Taking him back in my mouth, I tried to shove him down my throat, pressing again and again against the back of my throat while I released my cock from it prison. The owner of the massive cock had thrust to match me. I knew he was getting closer and closer. Focusing on him, I left my cock to flop in front of me, pre-cum leaking out onto the filthy carpet, mixing in with what others just like me had left before me. I giggled, or tried to anyway, at what the carpet would look like under a black lite and almost choked, coughing, and then swallowing and finally claiming victory over the massive beast that was assaulting me, the huge black cock slid down my throat.

“Yeah bitch, take all that,” he cried, pounding on the wall three times, and exploding down my throat at the same time.

Falling back on my heels when the pulsing stopped, I licked and kissed his balls, sliding my tongue up his shaft, sucking the last few drops of seed from his softening cock, and smiling to myself as If I’d won a marathon; in a way, I had.

I had been so lost in what I was doing, I didn’t even realize that I had painted the wall below the hole with my spunk. How could I cum and not even know it? Was I that far gone, was I that into sucking that monster? I just laughed, taking my finger, and catching the last dribbles on my juice and licking them from my finger.

I put myself back in my pants and reached for the door one more time, only to realize the door locked from the inside. I could have left whenever I wanted. Someone knocked, and I turned to see another cock in the hole. “What’s one more?” I thought to myself.

Dropping to my knees, I went back to work. I would suck two more after that one before I finally left the room.

“Somebody had a good time.” the girl behind the counter gave me a big smile. I couldn’t help but blush and smile back because I honestly had.

“This is for you, by the way. Guy left it for you, said you might want it. Don’t worry, it’s already paid for. Have a good night,” she smiled at me again. I took the package and left without a word. Checking the time, I had been in the glory hole for three hours.

It was after one in the morning when I finally got home. I dropped the package on my dresser, stripped and took a shower, letting the hot water rinse the day from my mind. My phone had died during the evening, so I plugged it in to charge and make sure I set my alarm. When it came back on, it exploded with alerts, “17, I’m impressed.” The text from B.J. a series of videos followed the text. He had filmed every blow job I had given, even the eight-minutes of me worshiping the massive BBC, spewing on the wall when I took him balls deep, and then eating my cum.

I tossed and turned for a while trying to force all the negative side effects of what I had done from my mind, finally succumbing, and watching the eight-minute video of me and the huge black cock from start to finish, exploding again at the same time I did in the video, catching it in my hand and hungrily licking it clean finally accepting what had happened.

As I faded off to sleep, my mind drifted back to my college days, the first time I had sucked a cock, I had gotten plastered with my fraternity big brother after a football game and we were commiserating the long dry spell we were both experiencing with the ladies, and it just happened. I didn’t know why I slipped my hand into his shorts; I didn’t know why he let me. When I tried to pull his shorts down to get better access, he just lifted his hips and let me. When I took him in his mouth, he rolled his head back and moaned. I had made him feel better and then gone to my room and jerked off fiercely; neither of us ever spoke of it again. There would be a handful of other opportunities to experiment before I graduated and one or two after before I put it all behind me, or so I thought.

My alarm went off at 7 and I hit the snooze when I noticed I had missed a couple of messages, intrigued, I sat up and opened the first one, it was B.J., “did you like your gift?” Shit, what now?

The second was from someone called BBC. How did he have my number and how did his name get on my contact list? B.J., I shook my head. The second text simply said “8:30 and had an address.” My first interview wasn’t until ten, so I probably had time. If it was what I thought it was and I was positive it was, I just had to make sure I didn’t soil my pants.

My gift was an enema bag, a butt plug, and a bottle of lube, taking them all with me into the bathroom, following the instructions provided, cleaning myself out, and working the plug into my ass, I felt a part of my soul collapse. Who was this guy that was taking over my life and why couldn’t I just say no to him? Yeah, I had sucked his cock, and it has been escort nevşehir nice, but 17 more in a skanky glory hole, a butt plug and what that implied, and my upcoming meeting with BBC, was I that little of a man, was I really that easy to manipulate?

A quick breakfast from Mc Donald’s, no roadside tacos this time, and I was on my way. At 8: 25, I arrived, “I tell you man this bitch has serious skills and my man said it was all good,” I heard a familiar voice on the other side of the door.

“We’ll be the judge of that,” someone else answered.

“We’ll?” I repeated it in my head. There were at least three of them, shit; I cringed and knocked.

“Oh, fuck man, check it out, the bitch is a skinny white dude,” they laughed and hooted, calling me all kinds of names and I stood there and took it. In my defense, I wasn’t skinny. I really had a nice athletic body. I just wasn’t close to the same size as these three guys. They could have been the interior line for any NFL team.

“Do you mind if I undress? I’ve got a job interview later and, um,” I smiled weakly.

“Shit, I got your job interview right here,” the largest of the three grabbed his crotch and laughed.

“Nah man, we don’t care about nothing but your sweet little mouth and what you’re going to do with it,” the third grinned at me. I quickly stripped, folding my clothes neatly and setting them out of the way before I took my position on my knees.

The ‘Job Interview’ guy was first, nowhere near as large as BBC, I gobbled him up, taking him all the way done my throat right off the bat, squeezing his balls and making him moan loudly before I started bobbing on his cock, his hands found my head and it wasn’t long before I let him take control and face fuck me like B.J. had done in the convenience store bathroom, gagging and fighting for breath, I fondled his balls and worked my tongue over the bottom of his shaft as he thrust into my throat again and again.

He tried to pull out, I had a feeling he wanted to give me a facial, and I wasn’t interested in being painted like that, so I grabbed his ass and pulled him back down my throat, pressing just behind his balls and relishing the feeling of his hot seed pulsing into my stomach. As he softened, I slid him from my mouth, milked the last of his cum from his cock, kissed the tip and smiled up at him.

“Oh, shit man, you weren’t messing around. This bitch knows what she’s doing, fuck that was fine.” He backed away and pulled his pants back up.

“She” I laughed to myself.

BBC just smiled and watched as number three stepped up and pulled out his dick. They were in size order I guess because he was bigger than ‘Job Interview’ but not as big as BBC. This guy had been more decent to me that ‘Job Interview’ so I took my time, running my tongue and lips up and down his shaft, sucking on his balls and slowly stroking him until he started moaning softly.

Just the head, I twirled my tongue around the soft spongy meat enjoying the subtle taste of the pre-cum that had leaked from its tip, slowly moving him over my tongue a little at a time, looking up into his deep brown eyes, making sure he knew how much I was enjoying what I was doing.

His body trembled a little, and I knew he was enjoying it, too. Never breaking eye contact, I took him deeper and deeper until my nose found the base of his cock and his balls rested on my chin. I stroked the bottom of his meat with my tongue, holding him there until I had to take a breath.

“Fuck, this bitch is amazing,” he muttered.

I smiled and started working him in and out of my mouth, all the way to the tip, teasing him with my tongue and kisses up and down the length of his cock and all the way down again and again, never letting him get quite close enough to the edge that he would lose control, I had discovered the power I could exert by doing this, he was putty in my hands, or in my mouth, and I knew it.

“Come on, please,” I had made him beg for his release, and that was my victory.

“Why don’t you take over like your friend did? I like it like that?” He smiled at me and pushed into my mouth, taking my head in his hands, and started thrusting. He only lasted a minute or two longer, shoving his meat down my throat and giving me my second serving of hot, thick goodness.

“What time’s your interview?” BCC stepped up.

“Ten,” I smiled up at him.

“Yeah, you should be good, cuz you know how I like it; don’t you bitch?”

“Just like I like it, hot stuff, now come over here and fuck my face,” I let out a little laugh as he undid his pants. He was even more glorious than I remembered. His two friends were amazed when I took all of him and openly gawked as he drove his massive beast down my throat again and again. I found my cock and started stroking with one hand while I fondled his balls with the other, doing everything I could to time my orgasm with his.

“Oh, yeah bitch, get ready,” he moaned as his body clenched. I needn’t have worried. Just the feeling of his cock pulsing in my throat was all it took, and I filled my hand with cum as he spurted rope after rope of thick hot juice down my gullet.

After sucking the last of his seed into my mouth and kissing the tip of his cock, I licked my hand clean as number three helped me to my feet.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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