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Chapter 5

Seamus woke up around 7:00 am and climbed out of the bed. The two ladies stayed asleep in the bed but moved toward each other’s naked bodies as he moved. He went and cooked up some eggs, bacon and toast and brewed a pot of coffee. Cleo would pass on the coffee but he was sure Annette would take some. By the time he was done making breakfast and took it in there the ladies were awake.

The room still smelled of sex and he could see his dried cum on their pussies and thighs. His bare body revealed a stiffening cock but he resisted the urges of the flesh to pass out breakfast in bed. The three ate their breakfast then laid back down, Seamus was once again in the middle, Cleo and Annette were leaning over him and the three would occasionally kiss. His cock had sprung fully to life and he felt a hand on it, stroking the entire shaft. He quickly realised this was Annette’s hand and he leaned his head back and began to smile. It was a bit of a tease though because she proceeded to tell the married couple that she had to get home. She thanked them and excused herself to the bathroom for a shower.

Seamus sat there with a pulsing cock and his wife stroking it slowly. She asked if he was getting his hair cut today and he replied yes. His wife coyly replied that kayseri escort she didn’t need to suck his cock then that Katrina could take care of it. She then told him that she knew that he had fucked his hairstylist and that she was ok with it as long as he belonged to her. She gave his cock a small kiss then went to the shower with Annette. Seamus got the distinct feeling that he was not part of the shower plans.

Seamus messaged Katrina, “Hey for my haircut today can we just do what we did last time…”

“…what part of last time?” was the message he received.

“I’m down for the whole thing, but at least the haircut ;-)!!”

Katrina replied “we can make that happen, meet me at my house.”

After a shower and a clean up down south he dressed and headed to the address she had sent. Her house was nice and he rang the bell to the door. Katrina answered wearing one of the low necked shirts she was famous for showing her beautiful cleavage and a tight pair of pants. The midriff of the shirt was short showing a nice toned stomach. She cut his hair and they went to the shower to rinse off the hair. In the shower Katrina knelt to the floor and began to suck his already hardening cock. They dried off and found their way to a comfortable but firm queen sized bed. Seamus got between Katrina’s legs and began to kiss and suck on her perfect pussy lips. He nibbled on them and then moved to the inner lips which he rolled between his lips. He showed her piss hole some love which made Katrina moan and she grabbed his freshly cut hair and held his head there. From there Seamus could lick from her opening of her pussy up to her clit. Katrina let go and grabbed the sheets and Seamus stuck his tongue into her pussy. His nose nudged her clit and her pussy began to contract around his tongue.

His cock was throbbing at this point and her pussy was soaking wet. He moved up between her legs and lined his cock up with her pussy, grabbed one of her nipples between his fingers and shoved his cock all the way in. She began to grind on his cock and he began to fuck her furiously. He ran his hand up her chest and rested it on her throat, she looked at him pleadingly as he tightened on the sides so as to block the blood not the air. He saw her starting to pass out and felt her cum on his cock and promptly let go. She came hard and begged for more. He pulled his cock halfway out and settled down further so he could rub the head of his cock on her gspot. He felt fluid pool from her body and as he moved in and out rubbing the head of his dick on her engorged love zone.

He pulled out of her and picked her up, turning Katrina over. She was now on her knees in doggy position. He slid his cream covered cock into her pussy and lubed up his left thumb with pussy juice. Next, he rubbed her asshole as they fucked, once it was ready to receive he slid his thumb in rubbing his dick through the thin membrane. He fucked her until he felt as though he was going to burst at which point he drove his cock all the way in and dumped his load in Katrina’s warm, wet pussy. He pulled out and saw his dick covered in a mixture of their juices and as he pulled his boxers and pants on, he watched as his cum dripped from her pussy.

When Seamus got home Cleo complemented his hairstyle then grabbed his dick. It hardened in her hand and she immediately went to her knees. She unzipped his jeans and pulled his cock out. Cleo confessed she wanted to taste Katrinas pussy on his cock and proceeded to blow the fuck out of him. She teased and teased running her lips up his shaft and licking the underside of the head until his cock was swollen and almost purple. It was at this moment that he blew another load. His cock spasmed and shot stream after stream of cum into the air. Cleo finished by saying “I like the way she taste, we should bring her home! Now get between my legs and eat me the fuck out because now I’m horny!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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