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(Or Dani Finds Her Muse)

[Content Warning: This story contains examples of emotional manipulation and gaslighting.

Author’s Notes: Before you get invested in this very long story let me give you the heads-up for the kinks so you know beforehand if this is worth it. This is a cheating girlfriend revenge fuck story, with a happy ending for her. There’s hate-sex, lusty sex, and loving sex: and as normal for my stories this is deliberately over the top smut with bodily fluids galore and little need for rest between rounds. If you’re interested then read on, otherwise check out any number of the amazing stories posted to Literotica on a daily basis – there’s probably another author writing stuff you’ll love more than my works!]

The UK county of Eroshire is a land of mundane features; mostly flat fields marked by colossal wind turbines and divided by old canals now used only by tourists in their plodding canal boats (though what happens on those boats is anything but ‘plodding’!). Only the route marked by the river Eros is different; winding a picturesque path up a gently sloping valley from the coastal city of Coytoss, up past the university near Clinterus, to the sleepy town of Myle Hye.

As she sat at the small table on their patio enjoying the early morning rays of a lazy March sun Dani Cohen sipped her morning coffee and endured the silence of a typical Myle Hye morning, as it seemed its inhabitants never woke up before ten. Dressed in baggy sweatpants and a blue sports bra that only barely held her large fake tits, with her long black hair tied up in a simple bun behind her head and her long pale neck exposed to a sun that somehow could never tan her skin, Dani was five feet and eight inches of home-grown Eroshire beauty (and when she opened her mouth sounded every bit the Eroshire lass).

Sipping her coffee, Dani mused on how much she hated mornings here in Myle Hye.

No traffic outside to wake her with the car horns of angry drivers; no screaming matches in the early morning with accusations of cheating being hurled at the highest of volumes; no drilling into old water mains in an endless, futile effort to discover why people’s pipes kept exploding; no bed posts slamming against walls as someone slammed into someone else in a fit of lust-fuelled coupling. Oh no: out here as far west as one could go before leaving Eroshire for its neighbour Cambridgeshire there was little noise save for the birds, the bees, and the odd car traversing the street on the other side of the house.

It was peaceful.

And Dani fucking hated it.

Yet it had apparently been her choice to ‘join the Myle Hye Club’, as moving to the town was often called, or it might have been her boyfriend’s, Jacob Cook – Dani couldn’t recall which of them originally came up with the idea. What she did recall was that Jake did not like living in the city: he had made it clear many times that he hated the noise, hated the bustle, hated the smell and the sights, and he hated the couple who had lived next door to their expensive flat, and who would often wake Dani with the sound of their fucking in the early hours of the morning.

Jake hated it; hated everything about that spacious flat, while Dani had loved every moment in it; being so much larger than any place she had ever called home before meeting Jake. Yet Jake had made it clear every day after she had moved in with him that he planned to move to a much quieter place someday, and just been looking for a reason to, and Babe: You Are the Reason.

After everything he had done for her Dani couldn’t so no when Jake began talking about options, and one of them (her memory was a little hazy on this) suggested Myle Hye, and before she knew it Jake had bought a small two-bedroom house in a town on the other side of the world (OK, county) and they had bagged all their shit and moved out within the span of a week.

Dani’s best friend, Zehra, had positively lost her shit about all of this.

The house was gorgeous, and Dani loved its rural aesthetic – good old-fashioned English abode with mock Tudor beams – and spacious garden, but what she wasn’t a fan of was turning an easy twenty-minute commute (from Jake’s old flat) to a gruelling ninety minute long journey on the train; travelling from Myle Hye’s single station into central Coytoss, where they both worked: Jake at the law firm Hills where there was life, love, adventure; where something was always happening just around the corner.

Her friend might have a point.

But it had been Dani’s choice, and she had made it for Jake: he definitely had cheered up since the move. Not having those moments of frightening anger from him made her days easier; Dani found she could concentrate on her art, and while Myle Hye was maddeningly quiet at least there wasn’t any chance of one of Jake’s ‘dark moods’ to disturb her attempts to sketch bursa escort bayan new ideas. Her boss had been on her case for a while now; the company struck gold several years back with a creation of hers, and she had had trouble coming up with anything quite as good.

With her art pad on her knees, Dani continued to sketch random ideas that popped into her head, as she listened to Jake’s phone conversation: he was just inside the house, pacing up and down the kitchen with his mobile held to his head; the kitchen sliding doors wide open to allow the pleasantly warm March morning air to waft through the house, especially after the disaster that had been this morning’s attempt at breakfast. Dani felt embarrassed about it, and more so that she had almost caused another dark mood in her boyfriend.

She should have listened to him when he had said not to get distracted.

“I don’t think you understand what’s at stake here,” Jake was saying as he paced the length of their modest kitchen. “No! You fucking listen to me, Theo! I don’t fucking care how much we’ve got on them; none of it will hold up in court. No… stop being an arrogant piece of shit… we need more if we’re to build a case… no you *will* listen to me: I have more experience on this than- I don’t fucking care, Theo. Fine… run to Ewa like the mummy’s boy you are. Yeah… fuck you too.”

Dani winced as she listened to her boyfriend talk with his colleague. After accidentally burning the breakfast this conversation definitely won’t put Jake in a good mood. She needed him to be in a good mood: she couldn’t draw when he wasn’t in a good mood, and she needed to come up with something good; her art pads were full of shit these past few months.

“Fucking entitled cunt,” Jake declared as he walked out to stand beside her.

“Was that Theo?” Dani said. She’d met none of Jake’s colleagues; he always said, when asked, that none of them were good people. Liars and cheaters, who would use her for their own means Jake told her. ‘It’s best if you don’t get exposed to the shit I have to deal with,’ he had said. Still, Dani had managed to learn the names of a few people through listening to Jake’s conversations on the phone, whenever his work called. Theo [last name unknown] was a recurring name.

“Don’t worry about it,” Jake said. Not answering her question about his work, as normal. Jake never liked talking about his job; preferring to listen to Dani talk about her work at the Blue Ball instead. “I tell you: my life would be so much easier if people listened to me to begin with.”

Dani nodded; it was always best to agree with him when he was like this. “Why aren’t they?”

“Because Theo thinks he knows better, despite working for the company less than I have,” he said. Jake had been working at Hills at thirty-seven he was almost ten years older than Dani. She always preferred older guys, and Jake had ticked all her boxes on their first date, some three years ago. Now she was living with him in a quaint Eroshire town.

Funny how that worked out.

“Sounds like he’s a difficult man to work with,” Dani said. Moments like this – where she got to find out more details of Jake’s life at work – were rare, and she enjoyed seizing the opportunities when presented.

“Yeah… him and Mark: the two are fucking inseparable,” Jake muttered. Then frowned, as if he suddenly realised he was talking about work; a subject he generally avoided. Glancing down at her, Dani had a brief rush of fear as it looked like he was going to chastise her for getting him to talk about his colleagues. Then Jake smiled: “don’t you worry about it. How’s the art?”

“Oh… erm… coming along,” Dani lied. She actually hated everything she was drawing. Nothing was working out how she imagined it in her head. What had happened to her art? Ever since she had moved here she just couldn’t get into the right vibe! It was so easy back in the city…

“See, babe: I told you moving out here to the country would help you,” Jake said. He kissed her on the neck. “You couldn’t concentrate with all that noise going on in the city.”

Had she said that? Sometimes it was hard for Dani to remember what she had said to Jake. He always said it had been her suggestion to move out here; he’d just acted on it. Though she didn’t recall having a moment of frustration where she might have angrily suggested moving out of the city. She loved the city! Though maybe she had… Dani wasn’t sure anymore.

“I guess…” Dani said, her voice trailing off. “But this used to be easier…”

“Relax, babe,” Jake said, kissing her neck again. “You’ll kill it. I know you will. This is the best place for your talents. You know I’m right.”

“Yeah…” Dani reached up behind her to scratch the back of his head affectionately. He liked it when she did so. Dani could tell that the conversation gorukle escort he had with Theo had annoyed Jake, and she wanted to placate him; it was too early in the morning for one of Jake’s moods, and despite the suffocating silence surrounding their little slice of Myle Hye it was nonetheless a pleasantly warm morning; maybe, if she really tried, Dani could somehow reconnect with how she used to feel when she drew. “You’re right, babe. You’re always right.”

He kissed the top of her head. “Moving out here was the best thing for you,” he said. “You look so much more refreshed than you used to.”

“Do I?” Perhaps she did; but Dani didn’t *feel* refreshed these days. “Maybe…”

“If you could see yourself how I see you now,” Jake said, gently stroking her long black hair. “I see a beautiful, talented woman, who one day will be a fantastic mother.”

She smiled: Jake did love to talk about their future. They had only been dating for three years – twice as long as Dani’s average, to be honest – but Jake loved to talk about raising a family with her. He said he’d never thought about having children with any of his earlier girlfriends; she was the first with whom he felt a genuine connection (so he said). Dani found it flattering at first; she had since grown used to it and treated it as just another way Jake told her he loved her.

Just as she loved him: Jake was so unlike her previous boyfriends. Growing up with a friend as wild as Zehra Sydin had introduced Dani to many men who were, with the benefit of hindsight, not great boyfriend materials: from the loudmouths to the addicts, Dani had slept with guys who she had later regretted fucking. Too many.

So Jake had been a refreshing change of pace for her. A high-flying lawyer at the most elite of firms in the city – Hills doodles on spare bits of paper between shooting up in the grimier pubs of the city; graffiti on the walls of underpasses in the centre of the city; using all manner of random sauces, foods and the like when, in the grip of drug-induced madness, she had created wild, elaborate works of art on the cum-stained walls of her current boyfriend’s bachelor pad.

That last one had seen at least two relationships end quickly afterwards (but not before Dani had managed to capture her work with her phone camera, when the drugs wore off).

In short, Dani was a fucking artist, and so joining a company like Blue Ball was just what she needed in her life. Being a company that specialises in taking on all manner of jobs for anyone who wanted to hire their team, Dani found herself bouncing from TV adverts to sports logos; the artwork adorning daycare centres and playgrounds, to helping re-design the map of the Coytoss train, rail and tram systems. Dani had frequently found herself at the University of Eroshire – a place she never thought she would see – working with art students on a range of projects.

In short, it was a dream job, with people she loved working with; especially the new guy…

“What are you thinking of, babe?”

Dani tipped her head back to look up at Jake. “Just thinking how much I love you,” she said. Jake didn’t like to hear her talk about her work, and he especially didn’t like the new guy. Dani didn’t know why: Gareth was a warm, friendly man, six years younger than her (and fresh out of university!). Dani enjoyed working with him, and it was knowing that she would be back in the Blue Ball offices tomorrow that had brought the smile to her face that Jake had commented on.

“I love you too, babe,” Jake said.

They kissed: their heads in different directions.

“I’ve invited the Farrows round tonight,” Jake said. “I’m thinking of pasta.”

Dani forced her features to remain neutral: the Farrows were their neighbours. An older pair – the wife was on the town committee – and they were both filthy rich; and Dani was certain that was why Jake insisted on them coming round for dinner almost every week.

Not that she minded them: Albert Farrow was nice enough, although possibly old enough to be her father (and Dani wasn’t sure about the way he’d look at her), while Felicity Farrow was… exactly who Dani would think of as being on a town committee: the type of older woman who considered it her business to have her finger in every pie in the town.

They weren’t distasteful company, by a long margin, but not the type of people Dani wanted to hang out with.

No, *her* type of people were several miles away in the city. No doubt waking up to a day full of noise and activity; feeling the hustle and bustle of life in a large urban environment.

“Babe, try and be on your best behaviour tonight.”

“What do you mean?” Dani said, frowning. She was normally cordial with the Farrows.

“I know you mean well, it’s just… Felicity says you’re a little too forward bursa merkez escort bayan with Albert,” Jake said as he stroked her hair. “It’s not your fault, babe: you’re naturally warm and friendly, I get it. It’s what I love about you. Just remember Albert is a little old-school and what you might consider appropriate he might not.”

That wasn’t how Dani remembered the last time the Farrows came over: Albert had squeezed her leg under the table when he thought his wife had been engrossed in conversation with Jake. Dani hadn’t said anything: she didn’t want to upset Jake, but the experience hadn’t been a good one. She had mentioned it to Jake afterwards, and he had laughed and told her that Albert was just being friendly, and she shouldn’t take offence to it. He was a product of his time, after all.

Dani didn’t think so, but she hadn’t said anything, and the next day wondered if Jake was right after all. Albert did seem such a sweet old man.

“I’m sorry if I caused you any trouble,” Dani said. She didn’t want to give Jake aggro: if only so she didn’t have to endure one of his dark moods. It wasn’t that he became violent or anything – Jake would never hit her, Dani was sure of it – but he did shout a lot, and there was an air to him when he was in one of these moods that reminded Dani of her past; of times spent in dark dens, with a needle in hand. It was when Jake was in one of his moods that Dani thought about when she had last hit up – almost four years now – and made her wonder… maybe… just one more.

But then he would smile, kiss her, and the Jake she knew and loved would return, and with his reappearance in her life the strength she needed to make it through another drug-free day came back, and Dani knew her life was better; and it would get better every day.

Moving here, to Myle Hye, was one step on that wonderful path, she was sure of it. Jake would turn out to be right, as always: she needed the peace and quiet to reconnect with her art, to find within herself the talent she knew was hiding deep inside her. It used to come to her so easily; it would again. Dani was sure of it.

She just needed to get used to this silence.

She just needed to trust in Jake. He had never let her down.

“You never cause me trouble, babe,” Jake said, stroking her hair. “I love you.”

“Love you too.”

Their tender kissing turned more passionate, and Jake stepped around to straddle the chair; a quick and effortless move on his part to lift her skinny frame and settle her on his lap. Their lips danced and their tongues slashed. Jake pulled down her sweatpants just far enough to reveal no underwear beneath (Dani often went commando when at home – it gave Jake easier access!) His own trousers were unbuttoned, and Dani helped him release the behemoth that made her feel so good.

In addition to being the best boyfriend a girl could ask for, Jake was hung like a fucking horse! At just over ten inches he was by far the largest she had ever taken, and he was definitely thicker than most guys she had fucked. As she helped him guide that monster inside her Dani moaned as she felt her pussy spread wide open by Jake’s colossal girth.

“Hmmm… oh fuck… oh you feel so good…” Dani moaned as she began to bounce her hips onto Jake’s thick cock. So fucking thick: he spread her wide like none of her previous boyfriends had. Dani felt so full of Jake’s cock it was unreal! He went deep inside her, reaching places she didn’t know even existed, and when he made her cum her vision almost blacked out. She saw fucking stars! “So fucking good… oh fuck…” Dani moaned as her hips rocked against his. His huge cock pumped up deep into her.

They always fucked without protection. Jake had told her that first night they had fucked that he never used condoms, and Dani, being on the pill, was fine with that. With a cock like this one why the fuck would she make him use rubber? She wanted to feel every thick inch of Jake’s huge dick as it plunged up again and again into her moist, warm pussy.

Right now, here on the patio of their spacious garden, secluded by the tall fences that Jake had installed the moment they moved in (replacing the ones that Jake, being 6′ 5″, could see over, no issue), they fucked with more fury and passion than one would expect from a couple three years into their relationship.

The sex saw them move from one position to another, as Jake held her face-down on the table between the patio chairs and fucked her ruthlessly from behind. Dani bit her tongue as she came hard, before Jake picked her up and carried her inside. In the kitchen he fucked her against the counter. Dani leaned back on the fake marble surface, knocking over jars and pots left lying out from dinner last night. Jake kissed her hard when she came, then lifted her into his arms again, carrying her over to the kitchen table and planting her on her back.

Spreading her legs wide Jake grinned at Dani as he pistoned his dick, and she came hard again and again until it felt like her pussy was about to explode – it had been just over an hour and she had cum a dozen times! Jesus Christ, her boyfriend was a sex machine!

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