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I walked into the church that the youth group I go to is held every Thursday. I usually get there an hour or two early to help out. My friend Anah startled me by giving me a big hug as I walked in.

“Anah, what are you doing here so early?” I asked hugging her back.

“Well, you usually get here before anyone else does, and I didn’t have anything to do, so I thought I’d come and hang out. We don’t nearly spend enough time with each other,” she said looking up at my withbig soft blue eyes that were complimented by both her long blonde hair and bright orange high school sweater.

Nodding my head in agreement, a gently moved a loose strand of hair from her face, “Have I ever toldyou how pretty you are?”

“Yes, everyday, but I told you I’m not interested in a bf/gf relationship,” she said releasing herself from the hug.

“So what, would a friends-with-benifets relationship work?” I asked jokingly.

Anah softly punched my arm, “Jesse we’re in a church.” She then kissed me on the cheek, and whispered in my ear, “So you finally figured it out.” She then grabbed my hand, “come on, let’s go watch the movie they’re playing tonight. We have to start it our self though.”

I went along with her thinking to myself, “did she really just say that? Well let’s put that to the test Sex hikayeleri shall we.”

We reached the end of the hall where the game room is at, which half of is the movie theater. The theater consisted of a dvd player connected to a projecter pointed at a pure white wall, a three seater couch against the right wall, a chair against the oppisate wall, with another couch and two beanbags in the middle.

Once we got the movie going, I sat down at the end of the center couch, with Anah laying her head on my lap. I placed my hand on her shoulder, planning on making a move as the movie progressed.

Know that the movie we were watching was a horror movie, and one that I have seen many times, I know exactly when to jump. When that part came, I used the opportunity to move my hand down onto her boob. Starting to squeeze it, I looked down to see her reaction. SHE WAS MOANING!

“I take it you like this Anah?” I asked with a big smirk on my face.

“Yes, it feels so good. Please don’t stop,” she pleaded.

” I would have better access if you took that sweatshirt off,” I said kinda greedily. She seemed to happily oblige as she sat up and stripped off her sweatshirt, and lieing back down on my lap. I then went down to the hem of her shirt, where she stopped me from pulling Sikiş hikayeleri it off.

“Where we are at, we have a high chance of getting caught. I don’t care that we still have an hour till youth starts, but we don’t know when PK might show up,” she said being the rather reasonable person she was. “I’m just as interested in doing it here as you are, but you have to find a better spot to do it at in here. Then we will.”

Just after that pk walked in and asked, ” hey can I get some help?”

Standing up, I asked “sure, what do you need help with?”

“well Jesse can you help me get something out of my truck, and Anah, can you stack the chairs in the sanctuary?”

“Yea, no problem pastor ken,” said Anah.

“what are we getting?”

“We are getting a fifty foot inflatible obstical course,” said pk with a hind of excitement in his voice.

“well what’re we waiting for, I haven’t been on one of those in years,” I said with anticipation that was near uncontrollable.


“hey Jesse, get down, you’ll fall,” called Anah from the side of the course, to me who was lieing comfy ontop of an arc that was a part of the course. I was in the middle of a nap, when Erotik hikaye Anah’s call startled me, causing me to fall between that arc and the one next to it head first, and landing in a way that caused my face to go right into my crotch.

“Oh my god! Jesse are you okay?” Asked Anah, beginning to flip out.

“yea, I’m fine, just stuck,” I said mumbling because of a facefull of crotch, and thinking to myself, “do I really smell that strong?”

“What do you want me to do?” Asked Anah frantically.

“I want you to grab ahold of my feet and pull. Cam you do that?”

“I should be able to.” Anah then grabbed my feet and started pulling them, and after a good hard tub, they came flying out, causing me to land on my feet, with the momentum pushing me forewords, falling on top of Anah. I stayed there for a minute just starring into her liquid blue eyes that have captivated me since the day we met. Out of the blue, I kissed her. It was a passionate kiss that she both accepted and returned gratefully.

“That was well…….great,” Anah mumbled after we broke the kiss. “What brought that on?”

“All I was doing us thanking my savior,” I said in a romantic tone.

“But I was what caused you to fall,” she said guiltily.

“No, you were just looking after me. You said I would fall, and I fell. You were there to get me out, and for that I thank you.” Then I kissed her again.

“Keep it PG you two,” said pk, “we need to finish setting up. The bus will be hear any minute now.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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