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What a miserable drive this was, she thought as she pulled into the driveway of the secluded beach house. It was a four-plus hour trip after a brutal week at work where nearly nothing went right and her supervisor had been on her ass for two days. What really made it unfair is that she had been doing the supervisor’s work the whole time while that bitch sat around doing nothing. So frustrating, really.

The beach house wasn’t hers. On her paycheck, there was no way she could afford it. What she could afford was two weeks a year as a time-share in the house. She’d heard all the horror stories about time shares and how people were pigs, but this one wasn’t so bad. Everyone who owned a piece of it took care of it and it turned into the perfect place for a romantic getaway.

What really made the whole trip suck was that she was alone on the four-hour drive. Some romantic getaway! But the getaway part was the most important. She had to get the hell out of town for her own sanity, even if she got to the shore after dark. The weekend held promise of solitude and silence, just what she needed.

She just wanted to get out of the car, so she didn’t bother putting it in the garage. She just left in the driveway, grabbed her bags and headed to the door. Great, she thought, someone left the lights on in the house. She shrugged. It just made it easier for her to get inside and relax after all that stress. The beach would be the perfect place to bake away her cares tomorrow.

She went into the bedroom, and put her bags on the floor. The bedside lamp was on. She tried to remember if it was on a timer, then shrugged. It just wasn’t that important, not worth worrying about. The room was spotless, the bed made. She was grateful that the last bunch had cleaned everything up, even if they did leave some of the lights going.


Man, this shower feels good, he thought as he leaned into the spray. The drive down to the coast was brutal, four hours of being alone in the car. Nothing good on the radio, and nothing much to look at, just flat scrub without even any palm trees for most of the way.

He had gotten in early, unpacked his suitcases and put his clothes in the big dresser in the bedroom and stowed the suitcase on the top shelf of the closet before heading off to clean up in the spare bathroom, which was next to the spare bedroom. He preferred the shower there to the one off of the master bedroom because the water flow was better.

It had been a shitty week at work, where he had just completed a big project. Oh, it went okay and his bosses liked how it turned out, but he wasn’t satisfied. It could have been a whole lot better, and he was frustrated with the lack of cooperation he’d gotten all week. A little effort on their part, he thought, and it would have been outstanding.

He was glad it was his week at the beach house. It was crappy that he was alone, but he shrugged mentally. So what? Maybe he should go out and see what was going on. Town was only a couple of miles away. You never know what will happen.

He looked down at his dick. Something better happen, he thought. It’s been a while and I’m so damned horny it’s hard to think straight. He chuckled. Think straight with the big head, that is. The little one is a straight arrow right now. He thought about taking care of his problem, but decided it would be a waste. Might as well see what the evening would bring.

He began soaping his gray hair. Fifty ain’t dead, he muttered to himself. It’s very much alive, and it’s ready to do some partying with the right woman.


She glanced at the clock. 10 o’clock on a quiet Florida night. She thought about changing clothes and making the two-mile drive into town to see if anything was going on. She wasn’t sure if she had the energy, but decided why not.

She undressed and tossed her clothes on the floor and moved to stand in front of the full-length mirror opposite the mobil porno bed. She took a look at her reflection. Not bad, she thought, as she took inventory of her assets. Not bad for someone pushing fifty. Her auburn hair really hadn’t even started graying yet. Oh, a few strands here or there, but highlights took care of that. Could she lose a few pounds? Sure, who couldn’t? But then again, what was there looked pretty damned good. Her tits sagged a little, but they were good sized with prominent nipples and were as sensitive as ever. She traced her fingers around the aureoles and shivered slightly.

As her breath caught, she remembered the empty car. Empty. She hated that word. This was supposed to be a place for romance and love and wild times, not an empty house with an empty bed. She sighed again, and slid her hand down and touched herself. What really felt empty was her pussy. It had been too long since it was filled properly. As she slid her fingers down her slit, she shivered again. She didn’t want the emptiness eating her up. She wanted someone eating up her pussy — right now.

Ah, what the hell, might as well she thought, as she moved over to the big, inviting bed. One of the things she loved about this beach house was that it had a waterbed. It was always warm and inviting, and when inviting someone else to warm places it stood ready as the perfect place to be.

She peeled back the covers and put pillows behind her head so she could see the reflection in the mirror. She laid down on the nice warm sheets and spread her thighs so she could see her pussy. It glistened slightly in the soft light. But that was for later.

She began by tracing her fingertips along her sides, and sliding them up to her tits. She brushed her nipples ever so slightly, and they sprung to attention, waiting for the stimulation she so dearly loved. She closed her eyes, thinking about a lover kneeling over her and sucking on those tits and enjoying them. She pinched her nipples and began kneading her breasts in circular motions, like that lover would. She sighed lightly.

Her right hand snaked down her body, fingertips brushing down her belly to her thighs. She spread her legs a little and her right index finger began tracing the outline of her vulva, touching the soft, sensitive skin. Her left hand joined the right, caressing the other side of her vulva, as her pussy began to moisten further. She reveled in the sensations as one finger slid up and began stroking her clit.

The up-and-down motions of her right index finger were matched by her left hand massaging her pussy lips in a slight circular motion, darting to her pussy opening and then back again. The juices began to flow freely. She opened her eyes and looked at her reflection, as she pleasured herself slowly and felt her pussy lips began to swell and become more sensitive.

Then she took the plunge with her right index finger and let out a soft moan. It felt so good.


He turned off the hot shower and began toweling the water from his body. He walked over to the mirror, again speculating that there was only one reason to have a full length mirror right there in a bathroom. Whoever put it in liked to watch what they were doing. He approved of the idea, and started thinking about how great it would be to use that mirror for its intended purpose. Later, he muttered to himself.

He finished drying himself and combed his damp hair in the mirror, and hung the towel up and left the bathroom, heading to the bedroom so he could get dressed. He walked into the room and stopped in shock, transfixed by what he saw. There was a naked woman on his bed, legs spread as she stroked her pussy and moaned.

He took a couple of steps toward the bed. His dick did more than take a couple of steps — it sprung to life, extending out to its full seven inches. His breath caught, but he did his best to make no noise for fear she would stop — or even alman porno disappear as a mirage brought on by his fevered, horny mind.

He certainly liked what he saw. Her breasts were large without being too big, shivering and quivering as she worked her hands between her legs, her face contorting with her eyes tightly closed. He saw her thighs and thought how they would look warming his ears or wrapped around his hips. And her pussy looked perfect, moist and reddened with desire as her fingers traced the outlines and made an occasional foray to slide into the depths of her. The scent of her excitement was intoxicating.

He silently walked to the side of the bed for a closer look. He knew that this could be dangerous, but the payoff could be oh so amazing. He knew what he had to do as he moved to the edge of the bed.


She was totally lost in her fantasy. Her hands were caressing her pussy lips, and the clit, and the opening as she imagined her lover going down on her and attacking her pussy with his tongue. She could see in her mind’s eye the flickering of the tip of that tongue sliding up and down her clit, around her flamingly sensitive vulva and going deep into her pussy and hitting the right spots. She moaned. But what she really wanted was to feel his dick in her mouth, to begin sucking on that large, thick, and rock hard shaft as he returned the favor with her sopping cunt.

Something touched her lips, and with eyes still closed tightly and the fantasy consuming her brain she opened her mouth and began sucking.


He couldn’t believe it. He had slid onto the bed ever so slowly and thanks to the swirling motions of the waterbed from her fevered digital ministrations, she hadn’t noticed. He had grabbed his dick by the base, and brushed her lips with it. And she opened her mouth and began to work. His head started spinning.

He stretched out next to her, took her hands and pulled them away, and took over the job of satisfying a hungry, wet pussy. He slid his tongue up and down the clit once, twice, three times, and then found her pussy opening and dove into that hot moist hole and began the pistoning in-and-out she obviously craved.

While he was getting started, she moved her hands to his dick and began kneading his tight balls and stroking his cock while she sucked. He managed not to make any noise, despite his need to gasp. He paused briefly and looked up in the mirror and saw her eyes were still closed.


She was totally lost in her fantasy. She couldn’t believe how hot and wet her pussy had gotten, and how good it felt to have a tongue deep inside her, licking then pulling out and stroking the outer lips and clit and then going deep once again. And she couldn’t believe how that dick was the perfect size and width, stretching her mouth ever so slightly and entering but not too deep.

Still with eyes closed she licked the glans and felt a shiver, then ran her tongue down the length of the shaft and licked and kissed each ball. It was such a perfect fantasy and it felt so good. She wished it would never stop. But she also wished to have it inside her pussy so she could come. She knew it would be an epic orgasm.


He couldn’t believe how things were playing out. Here was this totally hot woman in his bed and they were 69ing away. She tasted sweet and the feel of her sucking his dick was off the charts. But he knew that this was just a warmup. He wanted the whole thing, the real deal, the true experience. He just knew he had to play it exactly right. And it was time.


She felt his dick slide out of her mouth. She gave the head one last lick as it emerged. And she felt the weight on her legs disappear. With her eyes still shut, she felt the bed move and her legs pulled into the air. She panted, her eyes still closed and the fantasy wrapping her brain. alexis texas porno But at this point, warning bells started to go off. And as her thighs spread wider, she finally opened her eyes and let out a gasp. It was real! There was a man kneeling between her upraised legs, ready to plunge his long, thick dick into her pussy!!! She opened her mouth again, but no sound came out. She started to say something, but began stammering.


He knew that she was out of her fantasy and into the here and now. And he wanted to be in her, here and now. He looked her in the eye and said, “It’s time. It’s time to fuck. It’s time for me to be inside your pussy. Are you ready?”

She again tried to speak, to object to what was happening to her. How could he do this? But when she opened her mouth to tell him to stop, she heard her voice hiss, as if from another world, “Yessss…fuck me now.”

He renewed his hold on her hips and plunged his stiff shaft home. He let out a groan at the same time she gasped with a sharp intake of breath. He began to thrust, deeper with each forward motion. She began to rock her pelvis in answer. Another gasp. “Your dick is so big, it’s filling me up.”

“Your pussy is so tight and hot and oh God it feels so good,” he panted, as his dick went deeper each time. “I want to fill your beautiful pussy all the way.”

She let out another gasp as he struck bottom, and he let out a moan. Their motions became more frenzied as their passions took over.

“Oh oh oh fuck me deep,” she cried out. “Yes!” was his response.

There was no way this was going to last much longer — and it didn’t. She let out a long trailing cry as he began to moan and they both exploded, soaking each other as he filled her pussy with pulse after pulse of cum, as her pussy throbbed and gripped his dick with pulses of its own.

He collapsed onto her, both panting with the exertion and the feeling of orgasmic ecstasy washed over them both.

After a timeless period, they looked into each other’s eyes. She spoke first. “What are you doing here? This is my week to have this place.”

“No, it’s not. There’s a calendar in the kitchen that lists who has this place each weekend, and my name is on it. I could show you, but I don’t want to right now.” She made a questioning noise. “I don’t want to move. My dick feels so good inside of you. I don’t want to leave.”

She smiled. “I’m in no hurry.”

He smiled back at her. “Besides, I’d like you to stay as my guest this weekend. I think we could have a very good time.” He began kissing her deeply and passionately and she responded.

She broke off the kiss. “Listen, mister,” she said, “I think it’s MY week to have this house, but you’re invited to stay. You’re right. We’re going to have some fun. But I got news for you. I’m not going to spend the entire weekend staring at the bedroom ceiling”

She tightened her grip on him with her arms and wrapped her legs around him and suddenly made a move, trying to reverse positions. He resisted briefly, then cooperated so they flipped without his dick withdrawing from deep inside her.

“No, I’m not going to stare at the ceiling all weekend. I want to be on top like this, too.”

He smiled and ran his hands up her torso, lingering on her tits and running his thumbs across her erect nipples. “Besides, this house has lots of other rooms. How about in the living room?”

“Yeah, with your lead pipe on the couch, doggy style. Sounds like we’re playing Clue.”

“We both win this game,” he said. “I like having a Clue.”

She smiled. “But I don’t know who committed the deed. I want to know.”

“Me too, Miss Beautiful-Tits-And-Tight-Pussy-That’s-Full-Of-My-Cum. I need to have a shorter name to call you.”

“And calling you Mister Thick-Dick-Buried-Inside-Me-With-Your-Cum-Running-Down-My-Thighs takes too long. Okay, my name is Savannah.”

“And I’m Steve. And I’m more than glad to make your acquaintance.”

“You made me come. That’s better than making my acquaintance,” she said. “Did you know it’s a new moon this weekend? That makes the beach nice and dark and private at night.”

“That’s right,” he said. “This will be a VERY good weekend.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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