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For Women

This story is for entertainment only, the places used in the story are actual places (you can find them on google earth) the characters though are fictional and if they bear any resemblance to persons living or dead it is just coincidental.

This is the third part of my ‘Tina’ stories, if you wish please feel free to message me your thoughts. I hope you enjoy.

As a refresher the first 12 lines are a repeat of part three.

Tina Visits pt4

“Fuck me Barry, please Fuck me! I want to feel your big black cock fucking me, I want your spunk! I want it deep inside me, Fill me! Fuck ME!!!!!

He needed no other words to be said, he fucked her like a rag doll, pounding into her, she lost track of how many times she came before she felt his spunk, his hot seed spurting deep inside her, filling her womb.

When he allowed her to get off the table, her little PVC skirt had got lost sometime during the action and now she was totally nude. Once off the table her legs gave way from under her and she collapsed to her knees, Barry stood beside her and she rested her head against him, her eyes gazing at his flaccid but still huge cock. I slipped a collar around her neck which I had bought earlier, it was a wide leather collar with the word ‘Slut’ in studs written on it. To this collar I attached a leash which Barry held and I then took a picture of them together. Barry holding the leash of his conquered slut and Tina gazing lovingly at his big black cock.

The next morning Tina awoke bleary eyed and feeling just a little sore. After putting her to bed Barry and I had stayed up for a few hours drinking, chatting and downloading all the pictures and video of the evening’s fun. Barry had left at about one in the morning asking me to thank Tina for a wonderful time. This morning Tina came and sat beside me wearing just one of my tee shirts and began to eat a bowl of cereal.

“You’re a real bastard. You know that, right?”

“What makes you say that, Tina?”

“You know exactly why I say that. I told you right from the start that I have rules, I don’t have sex with guys under 30 and I don’t have sex with coloured guys.”

“Yeah, I know you said that, but I don’t remember ever forcing you to do either, and you did seem to be enjoying yourself every time.”

“That’s not the point. You shouldn’t have done that. What if my kids ever hear what their Momma did? Maybe I did enjoy it, but you made me break my rules!” She finished with a little pout, but there was a definite twinkle in her eye that told me she was just playing.

“I doubt your kids would ever know unless you told them. I won’t tell them. But I suppose you’re right. I should never have let you do these things with those naughty guys” I said while turning on the TV and putting all the pictures from the previous days on a slideshow so she could see herself fucking in the back of a lorry, flashing her pussy at guys by a lake and then being fucked by Barry last night. By the time the slideshow got to Barry she was squirming and touching herself, when she saw the close ups of Barry’s cock entering her pussy and filling her, she gasped and gave a moan.

I took her in my arms and carried her back through to the bedroom, slipped off the tee shirt and laid her onto the bed, it was then that I noticed that she was still wearing her ‘slut collar’ but I ignored that for the moment and went down on her, clamping my mouth over her pussy, probing with my tongue, making her moan with pleasure. I teased her clit, gently biting it, gripping it between my teeth and flicking my tongue across it as I slid fingers into her, fingering and tongue fucking her at the same time.

As I climbed on top of her and entered her, she quietly whispered “I love being a slut for you, please fuck me master.” but before I could respond in any way her mobile phone started ringing. She reached over to the bedside cabinet and grabbed the phone, answering it while I continued to fuck her. It must have been obvious to whomever was ringing what was going on but Tina continued to listen only saying “O.K. I’ll call you back in a few” before ending the call.

“That was my daughter, Carol.”

I moved Tina’s legs over my shoulders so I could fuck her deeper “Mmmmm I wonder if Carol’s pussy is as wet and welcoming as yours.”

“Stop it” Tina giggled “My daughter’s not like that. She’s phoning ‘cos my bitch landlady has been round complaining I’m late with the rent. Two days and she’s knocking on the door wanting her rent”

“No worries, I’ve got a week or two leave owing me so to save some time I’ll run you back down south, you can sort things with your landlady and we can carry on getting to know each other.” I said — well not really quite like that, there was a lot of grunting and groans from me and gasps from Tina as I deposited yet another load of cum into her willing pussy.

Tina phoned her daughter back to explain what we were going to do while I phoned my office and arranged for my leave to be taken with immediate effect ‘personal family matters’ which I needed to see to, my first seks hikayeleri request for leave in a couple of years so it was soon arranged with no quibbles.

“When shall we leave?” Tina asked when I confirmed all arrangements had been made. “Should I pack all my suitcases?”

“No need to pack much, I’ll throw a few things in a case for myself. If you just want to take your new naughty costumes with us, I might get your daughter to model them for us.”

That remark got a shoe thrown at me “You’re just a dirty old man!” she shouted, laughing.

“Maybe I am, but you love me being dirty, and to answer your question ‘when shall we leave’ we can go right now, it’s still quite early in the day so the sooner we go the sooner we can get your landlady off your back.”

It didn’t take us long to pack, grab our phones and chargers and shove some snacks into a bag, then we were off, leaving Ipswich behind us for now and heading on south down to Chichester. We only stopped once on the whole journey for a ‘comfort break’ and to stretch our legs and so we arrived in Chichester just 4 hours later. This was my first time seeing this town and so I was quite looking forward to seeing the sights. It was just after 3pm when we pulled up outside Tina’s house and her daughter was already standing in the front doorway ready to welcome us. I grabbed our bags while Tina was greeted by her daughter and then I was welcomed with a huge hug, a kiss on the cheek and Carol’s grateful thanks on getting her mother home safe to sort out the problems.

Carol is a little taller than her mother so didn’t have to reach quite so high to kiss my cheek but she did stumble forward a little on the front step of the house and I dropped the bags to steady her, my arms holding her safely. She had lovely long chestnut brown hair and she was wearing a very subtle perfume, she had just a hint of summer violets which made her smell delicious, not the strong, overpowering scents that some ladies wear. She also had lovely big firm breasts which I felt squish up against my chest when she stumbled and when she broke away, she sported a lovely blush, her face reddening just like her mother’s does and there was a definite ‘naughty twinkle’ in her big brown eyes. She turned on her heel and went back into the house, followed by her mother and myself, telling her mother all the news as she headed toward the kitchen to put the kettle on.

Her news consisted mainly moans about the landlady coming around looking for the rent (I told her not to worry about that, I myself would be having a word with the landlady, making it clear that she wouldn’t be coming around again unless requested to do so) the other bit of news was that her boyfriend, an American lad, would be arriving in a couple of days so she was very excited about that. She hadn’t seen him for over 6 months, just chatted on skype, so she couldn’t wait to ‘get her hands on him’ as she delicately put it.

“You mean you can’t wait to get your hands in his pants!” Tina said, chuckling.

“Mom! Don’t say things like that in front of guests!

“Don’t worry Carol, when your boyfriends here I’ll get your mom to dress up in her French maid’s outfit for him.”

This last comment got me punched hard by Tina, knocking me backwards onto the sofa where she jumped on top of me, playfully punching and tickling me. “You stop making naughty suggestions like that” she demanded though laughing at the same time.

“Aw come on, if he’s a hot-blooded American boy I bet he’d love a little bit of ‘Mother-in-Law action.”

Now Carol joined in, leaping on me, playfully punching and tickling, I struggled and squirmed, eventually rolling off the sofa and onto the floor where Tina sat on my chest, holding me down but I managed to get my arms free, sliding my hands up under her top to grope her breasts. Carol meanwhile was sitting on my lower body and I’m sure she must have felt my growing erection because she moved her crotch against mine so I gently thrust my pelvis up to her knowing it was obvious to her that I was hard and horny. As she climbed off me, I felt her hand close around my hard shaft, feeling it through my trousers and giving it a little tug before scuttling off into the kitchen.

As Tina broke away from my groping hands and got back onto the sofa, she noticed how aroused I was. “I think we might need to have an early night.” she said with a wink.

“Not my fault! It’s you and your daughter, two sexy ladies pinning me down, I thought I was going to get some Mother-Daughter action right there on the living room carpet.”

“Hush! She’ll hear you! You and your dirty thoughts and suggestions.”

“I’m sure she’s heard worse; she is in her twenties and I’m sure she and her boyfriend get up to all sorts of antics when mommy isn’t around.”

“She’s not only heard worse I’m guessing she’s probably done worse; my daughter is the kind of girl who likes to talk openly to her mother. It was she who said I should ‘try anal’ because it’s amazing, to put it in her words.” sex hikayeleri She leaned in closer to me so she could whisper and not be overheard, “I’ve seen her internet history and I think she plays the field while her boyfriend is in America, I know she’s often on a swinger’s site, I don’t know if her boyfriend is on there with her but I do know that I’ve seen some pics of her being ‘spit-roasted’. Not the sort of thing a mother expects to see but she’s old enough to do as she pleases.”

I almost choked trying hard not to laugh “I hope you saved that photo” I whispered “I’d love to see it.”

Before Tina could answer Carol came back into the room with coffees for us all “Well ladies,” I said “How would you both like to get ready and I’ll take you out for a meal, your choice as I don’t know the area. We’ll deal with the landlady issue tomorrow, for today I just want to spend some quality time with a beautiful Mother and Daughter.”

Fairly soon we were all ready Tina wearing a red blouse and black mid length skirt with a split side, black fishnets and black patent high heels. Carol wore a low-cut sky-blue blouse with a very nice Royal blue mini skirt, she also sported fishnets but for her it was a pair of royal blue high heels. I wore my black suit, with waistcoat and a white shirt plus a black ‘shoelace’ tie and black patent leather shoes.

Once we were all ready, I phoned for a taxi, when it came Tina and Carol jumped in the back and I sat in the front next to the driver. “Lamb Inn, East Wittering.” Carol instructed the driver and he set off without a word. The ladies were chatting and giggling in the back while I sat up front watching the scenery roll by, it took us over half an hour to reach our destination which quite surprised me. I had expected to go to some place in town but Carol had selected a lovely little place out in the countryside.

We went into the Inn and proceeded to have our meal, we had starters, main course and sweet which were all delicious and we also had drinks, plenty of wine for the ladies (through the course of the meal they polished off at least 3 bottles) followed by liqueur coffees then as we sat waiting for our taxi to come to take us home we relaxed on the patio with brandies so by the time the taxi arrived the ladies were feeling a little tipsy but nicely relaxed. Getting into the taxi Carol again got into the back seat but this time I quickly got in next to her leaving enough room for Tina to get in next to me.

As we drove off, I draped an arm around each of them, encouraging them to ‘snuggle up’ and I said “Please take your time driver, we’ve just had a huge meal so we don’t want to start feeling sick.”

“Understood sir.” was the driver’s response as he drove slowly away from the Inn. It was getting quite dark now and so we were in almost complete darkness sitting in the back. I slid my hand down into Tina’s top and cupped her breast, feeling her nipple respond instantly to my touch. Deciding to take a small risk I then slid my other hand down into Carols top to cup her breast, she sighed and turned toward me to give easier access, allowing me to undo some buttons on her blouse and scoop her breast out of her bra. She then scooped her other breast out, letting them both swing free, I was longing to take her hard nipples into my mouth to tease and suck.

“I’m so wet and horny.” she whispered in my ear.

Across the other side I could hear the gentle breathing of Tina sleeping after her long day so I softly whispered back “That’s good ‘cos tonight, Carol, I’m going to fuck your sweet pussy. I hope you don’t take too long to get naked when we get home — Do you want it soft and gentle or would you like me to take you hard and rough?” Taking my hand away from Tina’s breast while she slept, I held Carol’s breasts, feeling their weight, their fullness and banding my head to taste each in turn, sucking her nipples. As she moaned with pleasure from the feelings, I slid my hand up under her skirt and into her sopping wet panties, easily sliding two fingers into her cunt “Mmmmm, it sure feels like you’re ready to have a big cock fucking your hot pussy, and tonight it’s going to be my cock deep inside you.”

“Oh Fuck, Yes! I need it, but what about Mom? What if she wakes up?”

“I hope she does, I’d love to fuck you both tonight, your mom is a very sexually active woman and I’m sure she could be coaxed into joining us. Maybe when your boyfriend arrives, we could play swapsies, would you like that? See your boyfriend fuck your mom while I fuck your sweet pussy?”

“That would be so hot. But Mom would never do anything like that, my boyfriend would be too young for her, I know she always says she would never do anything with anyone under 35.”

“You don’t know your mom as well as you think, in the last few days she’s fucked a young waiter, she’s been spit-roasted and she’s been fucked hard by my black friend so I’m sure she’d be happy to be naughty with your boyfriend. I told her the other day that I’d love to fuck you and she didn’t say I shouldn’t, she just said you’re ‘not like that’ and yet here we are….. Better cover up, we’re almost home…….. and don’t tell your mom I told you about her antics while away, I’m sure you’ll find out all about it later directly from her.”

The taxi pulled up outside the house just as Carol finished making herself decent, I woke Tina from her snooze and paid the driver while the ladies went inside. “Have fun tonight you lucky bastard.” the driver said as he pocketed his tip and drove away. (I guess we weren’t as quiet and discrete as I had thought.)

Entering the house, I saw Carol disappearing up the stairs and into the bathroom while Tina went and sat on the couch in the living room. “Thanks for a lovely meal tonight and thanks for including Carol” she said “You two seem to get on well but I hope she goes to bed soon ‘cos I’m feeling horny and want some fun.”

“I hope she doesn’t go bed soon” I responded “Then you can both reward me for tonight with some ‘Mother and Daughter’ action and I’m feeling very randy.”

“Naughty boy, I keep telling you she’s not like that.”

“Well, we shall see, you just watch and I think you’ll be surprised.”

At that point we heard Carol coming back downstairs and the first thing I noticed was that she had taken her bra off, I knew this because her breasts had much more movement to them as she walked back into the room and sat in the armchair almost opposite, at that point I also noticed that she had removed her knickers, that mini skirt didn’t hide much when she sat down.

“Carol, you realise that should your mother and I ever ‘tie the knot’ then you’d be my stepdaughter, so why don’t you come over here and sit on ‘Daddies’ knee so we can get better acquainted?”

Giggling Carol got up and sauntered over to me and sat down on my knee, I slid my arm around her waist, pulling her closer to me and under Tina’s watchful gaze I gently kissed Carol’s neck while my free hand slowly undid the buttons of her blouse. I watched Tina to gauge her response as I slowly released one button after another until Carol’s breasts were fully exposed. Keeping a watchful eye on Tina I lowered my mouth to Carol’s breast and suckled her nipple, hearing her gasp as I gently gripped it with my teeth and flicked my tongue over it. Tina sat transfixed, watching what I was doing, her own hand went between her legs and she began to touch herself.

“See Tina? I told you your daughter might like a little fun” Continuing to tease Carol’s breasts with my mouth and tongue, I slid my hand under her miniskirt so I could stroke her smooth, wet, naked pussy. I slid a couple of fingers into her making her moan louder and thrust herself against my hand as I fingered her. “Come on Tina, come and join us.”

Tina stood and stripped naked before coming and sitting close. “Come on Paul, we need you naked too or what fun can we have.” I reluctantly stopped playing with Carol so I could stand and let the girls enjoy themselves stripping me. Carol stared in awe as her mother took my cock deep in her mouth, so deep my cock was entering her throat, then she joined in and I had both mother and daughter on their knees licking and sucking my shaft.

“Now it’s time to make an old man very happy” I said as I laid Carol down on her back and spread her legs wide. Tina grasped my pulsating cock and guided it to Carol’s wet pussy. I eased forward and felt my cock being engulfed in Carol’s hot cunt and as I entered her I felt her legs wrap around me pulling me in deeper.

“I hope you’re wearing a rubber, I haven’t been taking my pill while my boyfriend is away, or pull out when you cum.”

“I had you when I was 20 my girl” Said Tina “You’re now 20 so it’s about time you gave me a grandchild, if your boyfriend won’t breed you then it’s up to Paul. Go on Paul, baby. Fuck her good and don’t you dare pull out!”

Holding her arms above her head I proceeded to fuck her, she didn’t make any further objections to my fucking her bareback, in fact she met every thrust with one of her own matching my rhythm, her juices flooding from her sweet pussy as she came over and over. She cried out loud and threw back her head in orgasmic pleasure when I exploded deep inside her, my sperm filling her.

When I rolled off Carol she immediately went to work on my cock, stroking, licking and sucking until it got big and hard again “Go on Paul” she urged “I want to watch you fuck mommy now. Do her up the arse and I’ll do her pussy with my dildo.”

“I must admit that sounds like fun, but I think we’ll save that idea for later. Right now I want you both on your hands and knees, side by side, so I can fuck you both, See which one of you can make me cum inside you just by squeezing my cock with your pussy muscles.”

Giggling, they both got on their hands and knees wriggling their bums provocatively. I knelt behind them and with a hand on each I stroked them, running my fingers across their wet pussies then fingering them both at the same time. Hearing them both moaning with pleasure and having them both waiting eagerly for me to take them I said “OK girls, you may be mother and daughter but from now on you are BOTH my sluts, your pussies are mine to fuck any time any place and any way I want and you will always call me ‘Daddy’- are we clear on this girls?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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