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Her name was Robyn, but family and those who were close to her knew her as Bobbi, I had always called her Robyn. I guess I prefer a more formal approach. Bobbi had long dark hair quite like mine. Her eyes seemed as if though they were reflecting silver coins, a stunning greyish blue that when accompanied by a certain smirk of content one would know she had gotten her way. Tall, fit and confident Bobbi was everything to me that I was to her, she was my friend, she was my family, she was my competition… She was my twin sister.

Bobbi was born ahead of me. Which to me explained why she was always able to speak up for herself, make up her mind and get what she wanted. Full of confidence and always able to make choices that she stood by, I quietly became jealous of the strong personality I so longed to see in myself. Instead I was shy, always questioning myself, and always wanting to be more like her. I started to live vicariously through Bobbi’s actions, every night she would come home and tell me about her wild nights. The life of party, and the girl all the guys wanted, night after night She would bring men home and through the thin walls of our apartment I could hear her cries of pleasure. I don’t think she had realized I was still a virgin, why would she? And if she didn’t know that, then she would have no idea how often I pictured myself in her place, getting fucked every way possible,

“How do you do it?” i asked her, “How do you know what to do?” she laughed at my being so innocent, so untouched.

“Jess, you’ll just know what to do and when.” She was climbing in and out of different clothes, trying to find that perfect outfit. I couldn’t help but admire her perfect body as she dressed and undressed in front of me, the same body I had just with more confidence. “You have to make him want you, you have to let him know that you want him just as bad.” I stared at her blankly, clearly by the way she paused and stood in front of me having managed to decide on black thigh high stockings, a matching pair of black panties and bra with an almost see through white blouse still searching for a skirt of some sort. “You want him to know what you want, and what you want is for him to show you how good you make him feel.” She smiled at me as she wriggled into a tiny black skirt and started to hunt for her shoes.

“I wish I had your confidence Robyn.”

“Oh shit!, I’m going to be late. I can’t find my keys…” she dug around in her purse. “Found them!” she gasped with relief as she darted for the door. “I won’t be out all night,” pausing again as she spoke to me, “I know you have seen How I am with men Jess. Give it a try sometime, It won’t hurt to live a little.”

“You’re right, Have a good time. I’ll be here when you get home” And just like that she was gone.

Alone at last I turned on the televison, flicking through channel after channel, my mind in a thousand places at once, I wanted to know how she made him want her. After a few lame half hour sitcoms, the news and three quarters of a movie i wasn’t really watching, a commercial caught my attention. Immediately I became excited. “Of course” i said to myself, wondering if I what I was considering would show me how to have her confidence. I looked at the time, “Smile Bobbi, show me how to make him want me”, I whispered under my breath as I got up ready to plant my digital camera in her room, i wanted to see exactly what was going on, yenibosna escort I had to find the perfect place for it. I got on her bed, the way I imagined her when I heard her begging for something, sitting on my my knees, legs spread open i looked around with curiosity and excitement. I didn’t even notice where my hand was until i was pushing my damp panties to the side, and felt my fingers sliding along my dripping wet virgin cunt, I closed my eyes as I touched myself while i sat in the spot I knew Robyn was going to be in a short while. After only a few strokes with my thumb against my clit I opened my eyes and found the perfect spot for my hidden detective to go. I placed the camera on top of a stack of paperbacks I had lent her and covered it loosley with a silk scarf making sure i hid the camera but not the soon to be spying lense. Growing increasingly pleased with myself I went back to watching tv and awaited her coming home.

It was around 2 am when I heard Robyn’s car pull in the driveway and like I had planned I ran to her room turned on the camera and raced back to my room closing the door behind me. I could hear them come in. Robyn had been fucking JC for a couple of months now, I knew it wouldn’t be long before they were tearing each others clothes off and heading to her room.

thum thump htum, “SHHHH!” thump thum thum creeeeeeeek KERSLAM. They were in her room. Finally.

The next morning took forever to arrive. JC got up first, and I heard him head to the bathroom. I was in the kitchen when Robyn came out.

“Good morning!” I chirped. “what a beautiful day, got any plans?”

Robyn looked at me like I was nuts.

“Morning.” she replied. “I have to give JC a ride home as soon as he is ready, would you mind making me a cup of coffee to go? He’s in a bit of a rush.”

“Of course I can” knowing that the sooner she was driving him home the sooner I could retrieve my nights work.

“You’re awesome Jess, thanks I’ll owe you one” I looked at her and assured I did’nt mind.

“I know you’re good for it Robyn”

And before I knew it they were out the door and gone, I rushed into her room. I climbed onto her bed, to the same spot I was pleasing myself in the night before, grabbed my camera and made off like a thief to my room with my spoils.

My anxious hands fumbled the camera chip into my laptop, I opened the media player to immediately see my self, I mean my sister and JC. Robyn had nothing but the black panties on from the night before, she was on her knees on the bed undoing JC’s pants with both hands. I could hear him ask her what she was doing as she pulled her panties off and went back to getting him out of his pants. The view was perfect, I watched as she looked up at him, and licked her lips as she answered him. “I’m going be your good girl JC, I’m going to show you how good I can make you feel.” And just as she let those words roll off her tounge she already had her lips wrapped tightly around the head of his huge hard cock. I could see the look in her eyes as she brushed her tounge around the tip of his dick looking up at him for his approval, which came in the form of his hands on the back of her head followed by him saying, “Thats my good girl. Show me how you bad you want it Robyn and maybe you can have it all baby.” he ran one hand through her hair gathering the loose ends with the zeytinburnu escort other and taking a firm grip of the rest of her long brown hair. There I sat mesmerized, having no problam envisioning that this video was of me, watching myself slurping and sucking on every inch JC allowed me to, until I had watched myself beg enough that with a quick lick of my lips and hearing myself say “please give it to me, I want it all so fucking bad…” that finally he had buried his cock down my throat, and started quickly pushing my head on and off his huge cock… my cock. I barely noticed Robyn had begun fingering herself franticly the moment she deep throated JC, the other hand twisting and pinching her perky nipples. I found myself once again with my hand in between my legs pushing on my clit as let my fingers tickle the dripping hole I wanted his cock to fill so bad.

Suddenly I slammed my laptop shut, startled by the phone. I caught my breath as I answered, “Hello?”, it was JC.

“Oh hey Jess I hope I’m your not busy..”

“NOPE!” I burst out as a reply, “what’s up?”

He told me Robyn had dropped him off at home and headed out to run a few errands before coming home to shower. He had left his wallet in her room and would be coming by in 10 min to grab it. He wanted to know if I would be there. I was completely overwhelmed by what I felt his call had caught me watching I said that I might not be there when he got there and asked him where Robyn was.

“Bobbi said she was going home to have a shower, then she had some errands to run.” he paused… “Either way I’ll be by there in a few to grab my wallet.” he hung up before I could say a thing.

I panicked for some bizarre reason, I began pacing back and fourth overcome with….. a soothing calm, and a great idea…

I picked up the phone and called Robyn, “Hey Robyn, how was that coffee?”

“Gone” she replied. “Why?”

“oh I was hoping that you would go by the Dry cleaners and grab my stuff for me? I know it’s on the other side of town but I forgot I had to pick it up, I have an appointment and If I…”

“Whoa, Jess. I’ll grab your clothes for you don’t worry. Is there anything else you need? I was going to come home and shower, but since I am out I am going to get a few things done before I come back.”

“oh then you wouldn’t mind grabbing a few fresh veggies and stuff?”

“Not at all.” she said before she hung up. I quickly hung up the phone and looked at the time.

It only took me half a second to commit to my new plan. I was going to be the girl I watched minutes ago, I was going to take the place of the cries of pleasure from down the hall. I got undressed, turned on the shower, climbed in and waited. I heard the apartment door.


“I’m in the shower..” I called out, “You should come and join me.”

There was no reply. I stood there waiting, the warm water rushing down my anxious trembling body. I had let the sound of the water rushing through my hair drown out JC opening the Bathroom door. I felt his hand on my hip as he climbed into the shower with me, my eyes were closed. He took my hips in his firm hands and pulled me up against his body, we were nose to nose. I took a deep breath and looked up at him the way I watched her do so many times in my mind, the way i had watched her do in my stolen video. acıbadem escort He looked at me and asked me if I was a good girl, As I got on my knees water rushed over our bodies and my lips shook as the words “of course I am..” passed through them. I heard him say “Good girl Bobbi, you show me you’re a good girl and I might let you have it all”, just as I rolled my cock hungry tounge over the tip of what I knew I wanted all of. With every growing mouthful he allowed me to have, i looked up at him, into his eyes and uttered “Please..” “show me how good I make you feel JC, Please give me every inch, I want it all” “Please…” He looked at me with genuine approval but said not yet Bobbi, pulling me up off my knees. Taking me in his arms he took his hand and drew me in, delivering the deepest most passionate kiss my freshly cock teased lips had ever tasted, he turned me around, pulling me close and wrapping his arm around me, taking my hand in his, he placed it between his legs and onto his swollen cock, once I had a firm grip on what I had wanted so bad he took me by the hips and said to me “You’ve been a good girl Bobbi, You know that right?”

“You make me want what a good girl deserves JC” i whimpered

“What’s that?” he asked me as my hand took his cock and brushed his pre cum soaked tip along my deserving wet hole, “What’s a good girl say to get what she deserves Bobbi?”

“PLEASE…I want it all…” Was what I uttered as I felt his enormous dick finally penetrate my wet virgin cunt. I cried out in sheer ecstasy. “Oh God JC..”

He moaned with delight and i felt his hands grip my hips tighter pushing me further onto his throbbing pussy drenched cock. It felt as if he was picking my whole body up and sliding me on and off every inch of his dick. I now had my hands on the edge of the tub bracing myself for the impact of his every eager thrust. Placing one hand against the wall the other i buried between my legs and began rubbing my throbbing clit while he gave me what seemed like more cock with every stroke. My knees started to shake, I’m sure he could tell I was close to the edge, he must have.

“Ohhh what a good girl you are Bobbi, Do you like it when you get what you want? Do you like taking it all baby?” and I whimper with joy ” Because I want to take you to edge Bobbi, everytime you beg me for more and I can feel how bad you want it.” he says.

“I want it..” i said..

“what was that?” he asked

“I Want it…” i said again

“what does my good girl want?”, He asked already knowing my answer,

“OH God, JC.” i had to catch my breath… “OH god JC, I want to cum for you… Let me cum for you..” i panted and started to beg him…

“Please JC, Please let me cum… make me cum..” “I’m your good girl, show me how good I make you feel..” “How good only I can make you feel.” and as I felt those words slip past my awestruck lips, The intense feeling I had building up inside of me, building with evey thrust, push and stroke finally climaxed. I could feel his throbbing cock filling my tight freshly popped cherry full of his sweet cum while I covered every inch he had buried inside me with my juicy virgin delight.

It Felt like forever, how he held he in his arms, his cock still inside of me, i could feel the sticky wet running down my leg. I could have stayed like that forever, but I heard something that made me jump. He grabbed me tightly before I had the chance to slip away, and asked me what was going on…

I quickly looked him in the eyes and the only words that would come to my mouth were, “Now a good girl wouldn’t go and tell on herself for getting what she deserved would she JC?” A nervous grin replaced the soft wet lips that were wrapped around his cock only minutes before. “Be a good boy and don’t tell Bobbi.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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