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This is part of an ongoing story over multiple Categories with common characters.

Tomorrow came and Lori sent me a text at around 10:30.

Lori –”Lunch between 11 and 12. How about coffee?”

Me – “Sounds great. Where at?”

Her– “Cup in Time. Know where it’s at?’

Me – “Yep. See you at 11.”

Cup in Time was Jason’s place. Please, give me a break. Okay, I could have said somewhere else, but a part of me wanted to show Lori off and I thought “It could be fun seeing how some people would react” .

Another part of me thought “What the fuck are you doing? “

“It could be fun…” won; so I went to take a shower.

I walked into Cup in Time about 5 minutes early and took a seat. Scott looked at me with a “You going to order” look and I pointed to my watch. He gave me a thumb’s up sign.

Lori came in a few minutes later, I stood up and walked over to her, gave her a hug. “Good to see you, glad you made it.”

“Same here,” she replied. We stood in line for a bit then got to Scott. “The usual?” he asked me and I said yes. Lori ordered a drink. “For here?” Scott asked.

“Make mine to go please,” Lori said looking at me and smiling. “Just in case.”

Hmm. Not sure what that meant, but what the hell. I told Scott mine would be to go as well. He wrote Tom on my doppio and asked Lori for her name. She used her real name; Jason had told me that some people don’t. I paid, she said thanks and we went to have a seat.

“Come her often?” I asked her.

“Yeah,” she said. “Close to the office and free Wi-Fi so sure.”

“Doppio for Tom!”

I got up and went to get my drink. Jason was there and handed it to me.

“You spit in it?” I asked with a grin.

Jason smiled and said, “No Tom, I didn’t spit in it. You with her?” he asked looking towards Lori.

“Yeah,” I said.

“Well good for you, see seems nice,” he said. “Here’s her drink.”

“How’s Cyndee?” I asked.

“Doing good,” he said.

“Tell her hi for me,” I said .

“I will,” he said. “We should get together. I mean like for dinner or something.”

“Yeah we should,” I replied. “Take care.”

I got back at the table and gave Lori her drink. “Just coffee enough for you?” I asked.

Lori smiled and took her cup, “Thanks. It’ll do, not much time to have lunch somewhere and get back to the office.”

“I guess that’s right,” I said.

“Being a writer you don’t have to worry about that,” she said and took a drink. “How long have you been doing it?”

“Years off and on; about twelve as my only job,” I said. “Works good for me.”

We talked for a bit and had a good time I thought. Then she said that she had to get back and stood up.

“Need a ride?” I asked.

“Well I walked, but if you can give me a ride I can spend another ten minutes with you.”

“I’d like that.”

After ten minutes we got into my car and I took her back to the office. I parked in the lot. As we said goodbye she leaned in and whispered. “I know you suck Dave’s cock Tom and that’s hot.” She gave me a kiss on the cheek. As she got out she said “Call me.”

Oh yeah, I would for sure be doing that.


Spent most of the afternoon writing as the juices were flowing. It seemed after I had sucked a cock or some guy had sucked me I got inspired to write. Guess cock sucking busted up any writer’s block; good to know and a convenient excuse.

I had been sucking a lot of cock recently and hadn’t been with a woman for a while. Okay, I had been with Cyndee, but spit roasting her with Jason plus sucking his cock, well, not the traditional man woman thing.

I texted Lori – “Hope you’re well. When can I see you next?”

I went back to work; it was the early morning so she was probably at work. I got back to writing. About twenty minutes later, right around 11 I got her reply.

Her – “Doing well, at work, sorry took so long to reply. Tonight is good for me. You?”

All right, that sounded great. We texted back and forth trying to set up the where and when.

We decided she’d come over, but not till nine. I said I’d have drinks for us and some munchies.

Lori knocked on the door, I opened it and she looked casual; T-shirt and jeans. That was cool; at least I knew she could be real. Besides, her blond hair, perky breasts (not too large, just right) and beautiful smile was enough for me. She walked in, gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek and said “Been thinking about you all day.”

Now that was a girl thing. I mean, I love sucking cock, but missed the sweet things couples say to each other. Cyndee was good at that, but she was fucking Jason now. Okay, she still said it when we were “boyfriend and girlfriend” and was still fucking Jason, but now she lived with Jason so I guess he was getting all that now. Anyway, moving on…

“How was work?” I asked as I poured her a glass of wine and motioned to some crackers and cheese on the table.

“Good, Dave’s been pretty busy and that means so have I,” she kızılay escort replied. “How about you? How do you even track what you do?”

“Good point,” I said. “Try to get in so many hours a day, but sometimes I can’t get into it so don’t do any writing. But most of the time, I get in four to eight hours a day.”

“Fascinating,” she said taking a sip of her wine.

We talked for a while about ourselves, where we lived; all that sort of stuff.

“So I been here for about three years now,” she said on her second glass of wine.

“So Vegas wasn’t that good?” I asked.

She nodded her head and said “Yeah, it was good, but after a while it was just too crowded, got too expensive and I wanted to relax. So here I am.”

“Well I’m glad you made it,” I said. I reached for a cracker and she reached out and grabbed my hand. Pulling me towards her she leaned in and pressed her mouth to mine. She slipped her tongue into my mouth and I chased it back into hers.

She pulled away after a few, took my hand and led me to the couch. She pushed me gently down onto and straddled my lap and we kissed hotly. I moved my hand to her breast; she pulled back, reached behind and undid her bra. Pulling through her sleeve, she tossed it and I went back to her breast, stroking her nipple.

We continued to kiss until she dropped down to her knees between my legs and began to undo my belt. I lifted up and she had my pants and underwear down around my ankles. My hard cock was in her hand as she kissed the head, licked, then kissed.

I looked down at her, she looked up, locking eyes. Smiling she continued to lick and kiss until she opened her mouth and pulled my cock head inside. Slowly she sucked and licked it, her tongue was magic, wet and quick when it needed to be, and then slow to change it up. My balls began to ache.

“Oh baby, I love your cock,” she said between sucks. “Can I have some cum?”

I just moaned as she went deeper down on me. I reached down and grabbed her shirt, rolling it up, and then moving my hands to her tits. I stroked and squeezed her nipple as she sucked and squeezed my balls.

Down she went, burying her nose in my crotch, then right back up, long and slow. Down she went, then right back up but quicker this time; over and over. She was going to get what she wanted; I started to cum.

The first spurt was huge, so were the second and third; just watching this hot woman swallowing my cum made me shake with each spurt. I dry fired and didn’t want to pull my cock out, but had too, couldn’t take it anymore.

Lori ran her fingers on the edges of her small mouth. She took the dribbles of cum and licked it off her fingers. Smiling she pulled her shirt down then stood up, me relaxing, spent on the couch.

“Baby, that was great, thanks, I needed that,” Lori said.

Are you fucking kidding me? “No sweetie, thank you,” I replied. “That was; incredible.”

Lori stood and smiled, leaned forward and gave me a quick kiss. “I have an early day tomorrow babe, so I’ll let myself out.”

“Wait, can’t I do something for you?” I asked.

“Next time babe,” she said as she gathered her purse. “Thanks for tonight Tom, I really enjoyed myself.” She kissed me again and said “Call me.”

I started to pull my pants up, but by that time she had reached the door. Blew me a kiss and left.

Holy shit! What in the hell just happened and how lucky am I?


Okay, so in the past year or so I’ve sucked 15 different cocks, 11 guys and 4 lovely trannies. Okay, I Googled slut and it was no help. It said it applied to females only, but c’mon. Sucking fifteen different cocks in fewer than two years? That’s slutty. Okay got that cleared up. I’m a cock slut. Okay, so there was some stuff after I Googled male slut, but it seemed like a lot of work to read. Anyway…

Okay, so now what does it mean and do I care? Hmm. It means I have a lot of fun and so do the people I’m wi5th. I can attest to that. Do I care? Well, I do spend less time working, but I think I worked too much to begin with. So, I’m still making a decent living and don’t work too hard. Okay, yeah, I don’t care.

One question I did have is how many cocks is enough? Well, I met four or five at the adult bookstore, six if you count the guy I sucked that I never saw again, but since Marcus, there hasn’t been any more.

Okay, so why was I even thinking about this? Maybe it had something to do with Lori, who by the way I was meeting for dinner with Ellen at, wait for it. Piranhas. Okay see what I mean? I’m taking a girl I’m interested to a restaurant where I suck and fuck the owner, and his tranny girlfriend.

Well to be truthful it is one of the best places in town.

We had just finished a great dessert and the waitress was getting us the check. Edwin wasn’t around, they said he and Alexa hadn’t come back from Vegas yet, but said maybe in the next two or three weeks. He was opening up a new place in a casino.

“That maltepe escort was a really good meal.” Ellen said. “What do we do now?”

I said,” You guys decide, it’s your last day in town.”

“How about a nightcap or two at my place,” Lori said.

We agreed that it sounded good. When we got back to Lori’s place she said, “Why don’t you go to the liquor store Tom and get some tequila and Margarita mix. We’ll be waiting.”

“Sure, be right back.” And I was in about 20 minutes. When I got back I knocked on the door, Lori answered it. She was swearing a black, see through piece of lingerie and panties. Oh shit, she was looking good, long blond hair, nice tits and oh, shit! Did Ellen leave?

“C’mon in babe,” she said as she grabbed the bag and headed off towards the kitchen I guessed. I came in, shut the door and turned around. Ellen hadn’t left. She was sitting at the table in panties and bra, smiling with a glass of wine.

“Glad to see you made it back, Lori was missing you,” she said. “Have a seat.”

“Thanks,” I said, not really knowing what else to say. Ellen was nice looking, big tits, mid-length brown hair with a dyed red streak. Not as nice as Lori, but very close.

Lori came in with two margaritas, handed me one and sat down next to me. The three of us talked and laughed, had a good time. Ellen had her wine we had margaritas. Lori was the prefect hostess, getting us more drinks when we wanted them. After about two drinks Lori leaned over to me and whispered, “Can I fuck you Tom?”

I smiled so wide and looked over at Ellen. She smiled back and sipped her wine.

“Let’s go,” Lori whispered. We stood up and headed towards what I guessed was her bedroom. She leaned over to Ellen, said something, and then led me into her room.

I closed the door and she moved towards me, unbuttoning my shirt as I undid my pants. Soon I was naked and she was kissing me. I reached down and grabbed her tits, stroked the nipples, got them hard. She grabbed my cock and pulled me towards the bed. Once there she pushed me back and said “Lie down.” I did and she pulled off her top, beautiful titties firm, nipples hard. She got on the bed and grabbed my chest, her head moving towards my cock.

Down her hands went; nails dragging across my chest, as she reached my cock. She grabbed it and ran the head across her lips, slow and deliberately. Wetting my cock with her tongue, making “yummy” sounds as she did, I was rock hard and wanted her bad.

Licking the top of the head, she slid down, down, down towards my balls. Once there she licked each one, long and slow. I was aching really hard by now and hoped I could last before blowing a load. This girl was so hot!

Up my cock she went, up to the head, her hand moving up and away as she did. Once at the top she slipped my cock into her mouth and swirled the head with her tongue. Finally she started down the shaft, her wet mouth going super slowly, taking me inside an inch at a time, hand rubbing my balls in a circle.

“Oh shit, oh fuck!” I said as I tried to catch my breath. Finally she reached the bottom, nose to my crotch, and once she did she came back up, super slowly, and inch at a time..

I played with my nipples; I was throbbing, my balls aching. She did me like this for quite a while, goi9gn super slow. After a few minutes she took my cock from her mouth.

“I have something for you Tom,” she said. “I hope you like it.”

She stood up, looked me in the eyes and smiled. Hands on the edge of her panties she pulled them down. Oh shit, I thought as they started slowly going down. Oh shit! She pulled them down and off one leg at a time. She tossed them and asked “What do you think?”

She had a beautiful cock!

“Oh baby,” I said.

“You okay with this Tom?”

“No, Lori. I’m happy with this, very happy,” I said and I was. I had no idea about this. It was a beautiful 6″ cock, thick, but not gigantic. Perfect for her fine little body, she could wear anything and not draw attention to it. Until it got hard; and it was hard.

“Want to suck it Tom” she asked.

“Oh hell yes,” I said and slid towards her.

She stopped me at the edge of the bed. “You still like pussy Tom?” she asked.

“Are you asking me if I’m gay?”

“No, I’m asking you if you like pussy?” she said smiling. “Do you?”

“Yes babe, I do like pussy.”

“Good,” she said. “So do I. Ellen!”

What the fuck?

Ellen opened the door with nothing on and rubbing her nipples. She walked into the bedroom and asked “Am I going to get fucked Lori?,” she smiled at me. “I really want to get fucked Lori; like the old days in Vegas.”

“Tom, will you help me fuck Ellen?”

Ellen walked over to Lori and dropped down to her knees. She grabbed Lori’s cock and took then head of her cock into her mouth. Lori’s eyes closed a bit and looking at me she asked “Want some Tom? I want to fuck her with you Tom. You and me.”

Okay, if I was hard before, I was fucking mamak escort really hard now. I was afraid a stiff breeze would make me cum. I smiled, nodded and moved next to Lori. Ellen saw me and reached out and grabbed my cock with her free hand. Pulling her head off of Lori she pulled us closer and rubbed out cocks together, slipping her tongue between them both, licking them slowly. Lori reached over and pulled my head to hers, we started to kiss passionately as Ellen took my cock into her mouth.

In and out she went, slow thankfully, her wet mouth doing wonderful work as she jerked Lori’s cock. Lori and I kissed long and deep, out tongues taking turns going into first her than my mouth, then back again.

Then I felt Ellen move her mouth away and replace it with her hand. I knew Lori was enjoying it as she made those “yummy” sounds again. We kept this up for a few minutes, and then I pushed away and said, “Let’s fuck her Lori.”

She pushed away as well, Ellen’s eyes going wide as I reached down and pulled her up, kissed her deeply and moved my head down her neck. Lori pulled her by the hand to the edge of the bed, I followed as Ellen lay back on the bed.

“Taste her,” Lori said. “You’ll like it.”

I went down to the ground and grabbed Ellen by the ass as she spread her legs wide. She was completely bare down there, I blew air along the edge of her cunt lips, down one side then up and over and down the other side. Then I hardened my tongue and went for her wet, wet hole. Slipping my tongue inside her she said “Ohhh!” and I licked for a bit adding some spit to an already moist pussy.

While I was doing that Lori had climbed onto the bed and began to suck Ellen’s nipples. First one then the other, she went back and forth.

I moved my tongue up to her hard clit, spun my tongue around it and began to lick while slipping two wet fingers inside her. Getting finger fucked, her clit licked and nipples played with was too much for her as she started to moan louder and louder. This just encouraged us as Lori dropped down next to me and said “I want some Tom. Fuck her mouth. She likes that.’

Holy shit! Fuck her mouth while Loir licks her. Well, this obviously wasn’t these girls first rodeo so I did what I was told. Moving up to my knees, next to her head I pushed my cock forward, she grabbed is and shoved it in her mouth. Her mouth was wet and very hot, mu cock throbbing to blow, but I didn’t wasn’t to so I slowed it down.

“Fuck me! Fuck me!” Ellen said. “Show him what I like Lori, show him!”

Lori got up and motioned me away from Ellen’s mouth. She pulled Ellen up and lay down next to her. Ellen climbed on top, grabbing Lori’s hard cock and shoved it into her pussy. She leaned forward, way forward and kissed Lori.

“Fuck her ass Tom” Lori said, “There’s lube in that drawer next to the bed.”

“Fuck my ass Tom, fuck my ass!”

I got the lube, lubed up and got onto the bed. On one knee and one foot I placed my cock at Ellen’s asshole.

“Fuck me! Fuck me!” she yelled, her ass moving backwards towards me.

I slid in slow, she yelled, “Give it to me hard Tom!” I pushed all the way in, balls deep and started to pound her.

This was crazy! Her I was fucking this girl in the ass while a tranny was fucking her pussy, with nothing but a layer of skin between our two cocks.

Lori Pushed her hips up the best she could, the friction of my cock pounding in and out of Ellen’s ass rubbed up against her.

“Oh hell! Oh hell!” Ellen started cumming over and over or maybe one long one. We continued to fuck her as she screamed. After a couple of minutes she fell forward, totally spent, but shaking.

Lori said, “Fill he ass up Tom, she likes that.”

So did I. I fucked her hard and deep as fast as I could until I started to cum, one large gob of cum after the other. Her ass became wet and I could easily pull out, her ass dripping cum. I backed up and off the bed.

Lori rolled over and pushed Ellen onto her back. Reaching over she slipped a pillow under Ellen’s ass and Lori slipped her cock back into her Ellen’s pussy. She held Ellen’s legs apart by the ankles while Ellen reached out and rubbed Lori’s nipples. Bam, bam, bam! Balls deep and hard, she pumped Ellen over and over, fast and faster.

With a shout she said “I’m cumming baby, I’m cumming!” I watched her keep pounding her body shaking as cum flew into Ellen. After a while she fell out and rolled over onto the bed, breathing heavily.

In looked at her and she looked back, smiling, said “You like that Tom?”

“Oh fuck! Are you kidding me?” I said. “I get to fuck two lovely ladies, this is fantastic.”

As Ellen went to the bathroom and got a wet towel foe cleanup Loir said, “Oh but, babe, you haven’t fucked me yet and I haven’t fucked you.”

She was right.

As Ellen gave the towel to me to wipe clean my cock Lori said, “But that’ll happen lover, next time; next time.”

“Can it happen now? I asked.

She leaned forward and whispered “After Ellen’s gone. I want you all to myself for that; all to myself.” She gave me a kiss then said, “Now c’mon babe, you have to go. I have to get Ellen up and out of here early and if you stayed the night; well, that wouldn’t happen.”

I got dressed; kissed her goodbye, told Ellen hope she had a safe trip and thanked her for our time together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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