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A college classmate (aged 20) who lives near school invited me over to have dinner at his house- he explained that his mom was making beef stroganoff and it was delicious. It’s not like we were best friends and I sort of assumed that he was inviting others, but turns out that when we got there (walking), his mom was alone. His dad was out of town and his older siblings were away at college.

We were watching TV when his mom Alice asked if I wanted “the rest of the beer” and then explained that she used 4 oz of dark beer for her stroganoff, and thus had 8oz remaining. Why not? I love dark beer, even when it is warm (which this was).

Tom had been in the bathroom but didn’t seem upset that I got the beer- I even offered him some and he refused, but also apologized that there was no OTHER beer.

When Alice bent over to get something from a low cabinet, I noticed that she seemed to be wearing a panty girdle! My impression of those has always been that they are for women who want “protection” from straying hands when she wears a skirt- at least that is the explanation a girlfriend provided when escort gaziantep bayan numaraları she explained why she did NOT wear a pantygirdle. I suppose some women do it so their rear looks smaller and tighter, but I never noticed that so it probably doesn’t do much except for the owner when she is admiring her own butt in the mirror.

The pantygirdle would not be important except that Alice sent Tommy to take the car and go get some ingredient she needed. I was going to go with him, but he explained that he had ordered on the internet and could just drive-by to pick it up. The store was about 10 min away and he would be back quickly.

As soon as he was out the door, there was a sort of banging sound in the kitchen and when I looked, Alice was searching through pots in a lower cabinet and again I had a view of her rear end, but the pantygirdle was GONE and instead she was totally naked, and her extremely bushy hair covered her labia but gave me an instant reaction.

Maybe YOU would wonder what to do next, but escort bayan gaziantep reklamları I was willing to guess that Alice had not suddenly decided to take off the pantygirdle and show me her cunt for “no reason”, so I walked over to her and said, “You sure look pretty working in the kitchen!” and when she said “thank you”, I reached below her skirt and slid my hand up to her buttocks. She said nothing but she didn’t need to- she spread her legs somewhat, which allowed my fingers to discover how wet she was down there.

She reached over to the oven timer and said, “I will set it for 10 minutes… OK?” and I was already dropping my pants and thinking about how warm and soft it was going to be in there. She leaned forward against the kitchen counter and spread her legs even more when it became obvious that her legs were longer than mine and I would not be able to get all the way in unless she adjusted position.

The sigh-groan she gave when I started poking at her vagina with the tip of my erection was the best gaziantep escort kız telefonları sound a guy can hear in that situation, and it became even longer and louder when I finally slid most of my cock into her.

I could see the kitchen timer and used the entire 10 minutes- when the alarm went off I had sped up and in a few more thrusts I was pumping my spew into her and she seemed to be finishing. I normally might worry about that, but realized that if she wanted more she could easily get MORE… and so I might as well finish myself.

She had a dishrag to clean up with, and a tampon to slip in so she didn’t drip… and we still had a few minutes to catch our breath before Tom returned. The stroganoff was delicious and I had to laugh when Tom dropped me off at my home and I told him “that is the BEST meal by far that I have ever had- a TOTAL pleasure”.

He also laughed and I was feeling sort of supercilious about knowing something that he did not know when he explained: “My mom loves to have young guys fuck her and it seems to keep her happy, so I am glad to be able to help. But don’t expect her to invite you back if you didn’t give her some oral before you started.. she doesn’t finish unless you get her good and started before punching in.”

“By the way, I used to ask guys if they would fuck my mom for me and you would be amazed at how many guys will pass up the action when it is requested… but none of my guests have failed to perform when we allow them to choose without being requested to provide service.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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