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Group Sex

Christine’s Stories Too Drunk

Drunk and Consequences

I woke feeling pretty bad. My mouth was dry and tasted awful. I was still in my clothes, covered by a sheet and blanket. I had a wet cloth on the back of my neck. I staggered to the bathroom, peed, washed my face and drank a glass of water.

I was about to sit on the bed when I noticed someone lying on it with their back to me.

“Hello! Who are you!”

He rolled over. It was Sam, the guy who worked in one of the cubicles next to mine.

“Sam? What are you doing here?”

“Last night, in the hotel bar, you said you were not feeling well so I helped you get here before you blew lunch.”

“I do not remember that.”

I propped the pillows and sat on the bed.

“I had a wet wash cloth on my neck.”

“Yea, I heard that could help stop the urge to vomit.”

“Thank you for helping me.”

“Last night you said you’d not eaten much. Are you hungry now?”

“Not yet.”


“Yes, please. That would be great.”

“OK. It’s only nine. The breakfast buffet is available until ten. I’ll go get some coffee. You like a little sugar and a bit of cream, right?”

“Yes. Thank you.” How did he know this about me?

“Be right back.”

“Take the key so I won’t have to get up.”

Sam was back soon with a pot of coffee, a container of cream and packets of sugar. He poured for both of us. It smelled wonderful.

We quietly sipped the coffee for a while.

“Thanks for this. I am not feeling so queasy now.”

“Hungry yet?”

“Maybe. But it’s gotta be light.”

“OK. How about I get a tray for us with some scrambled eggs and toast and fruit?”

“Yes, please.”

“Be right back.”

Off he went again, soon to return.

“Breakfast in bed! Served by Sam.”

“Sam, you are amazing.”

We ate for a while.

“More coffee?” He had thought of everything.

“Yes, please.”

I was nowhere near normal, but I was feeling much better.

“So, what else happened last night?”

“What do you remember?”

“The party was great. I danced with our boss for a while. A bunch of us were sitting at a table laughing. We did a few tequila shots. And then I was waking-up here, beside you.”

“That’s mostly what happened.”

“What else did I do?”

“Nothing bad.”

“Tell me!”

“Well, after the shots of tequila the others went to dance. We talked a bit more and then I said, ‘I have wanted to have sex with you since you came to work near me.’ You said, ‘That’s nice Sam. But I’m not feeling good. I didn’t eat much today. And now I’m way buzzed. The room is starting to spin. If you can get me to my room before I puke you can fuck me as many times as you want.'”

“No way, I said that!”


“So that’s why you helped me to my room? Thought you were gonna fuck the drunk girl?”

“Of course not! You almost fell over when you tried to walk. I was concerned you would hit the floor and start barfing. By the time we got here you weren’t able to walk at all.”

“You sat on the bed and fell against the pillows. I got the cold wash cloth and washed your face. I took off your shoes, pulled down the blanket and helped you lie on your stomach. I did not want you vomiting and choking to death in the night. I placed the cold cloth on the back of your neck, replacing it when it got warm. I stayed awake until about twelve. I did not feel comfortable leaving you alone.”

“Anything else?”

“Well, just before you fell asleep you said, ‘Thank you Sam. I’ll fuck you later.'”

“Sam, you’re making that up!”

“Christine, we have not known each other for long. But, have I ever said anything that would make you think I was a bad person?”

“No. You have always been nice and polite.”

“Thank you.”

“Well, I do not feel well porno enough now to follow-through on my promise. Give me a few days to get back to normal and we will talk about it. OK?”

“Christine, we were both drunk. And you do not remember saying those words. I do not think you owe me anything.”

“Sam, you took care of me. I was drunk enough that I could have been injured or died. And now, breakfast in bed? All of this requires a reward.”

“I do not expect anything but good conversation.”

During the next few days I regained my sense of balance and appetite. But I was already becoming a wreck. I’d not had sex for months. No boyfriend for nearly a year and only a couple of one-nighter’s since. The thoughts of getting fucked were increasing in frequency and imagination. But, could I trust Sam to not become attached to me. Maybe we could be friends-with-benefits. Could he handle that? We worked closely. I liked my job and the people I worked with. I did not want to jeopardize my job. I was conflicted about having sex with him. All the possible consequences. I was even thinking, ‘This could be THE guy. Would doing him now fuck-up the real thing?’ But I was way horny, pretty much yearning for any sexual activity.

At work, Sam was just as nice as always. Smiling, polite.

Tuesday night I finally decided to follow through on my “promise.” Wednesday morning during break I spoke with him.

“Sam are you available Friday night?”

“Maybe. What do you have in mind?”

“Well, I was thinking of fucking you. You got time for that?”

“I think I can change my plans.”

“So, now you’re gonna play hard-to-fuck?”

“I told you, you do not owe me that.”

“Yes, I know. But I’m horny. And since this door has been opened, it’s being difficult to close without walking through at least once.”

“OK. Let’s have dinner first. Just to be sure.”

“I am sure. I am horny and I want to have sex soon. And I want to do it with you.”

“Christine, I’m concerned about how that will affect us working together. We don’t know each other very well yet. I don’t want one of us becoming truly infatuated and making our work lives unbearable.”

“I have the same concerns. But I owe you. And did you hear the part where I said, ‘I am horny.’ I’d prefer fucking you instead of some stranger. Are you in?”

“Well, when you put it that way, I think I would like to be in. So, I’m not going to try to think of another reason to refuse. When and where?”

“My place, Friday, at seven.”

During the next two days, thinking about this nearly made me crazy. I was really getting hot. Does he kiss good? How big is his penis? Will I be able to get it in my mouth? Will he eat my pussy like I like? Will he last a long time? Will he get hard again fast? Will I like the way he smells? Will he like the way I smell? Should I shave or just trim? Will he have lots of hair? Should I get him to cum in my mouth first? Should I ride him first? Should I answer the door naked? Will he want to stay the night? Should I let him? What if he fucks me really good? What happens if he doesn’t? Will he want to fuck my ass? Should I let him? Do I want him to? The thoughts of having my hands around a naked cock did not leave me alone.

The anticipation interfered with my work. I wasn’t answering customers’ questions correctly. I asked a few, ‘I’m going on a date on Friday, do you think I should I wear thigh-highs or panty hose?’

I masturbated in my car during lunch on Thursday and Friday.

I started thinking, ‘He better be worth all this mental foreplay. He better lick my pussy and make me scream. He better pump me until I stop begging for more. He better. Or I will not fuck him again!’ I was getting crazy.

Thursday evening I cleaned the kitchen and bedroom. Made sure lubricant and condoms were in anime porno both bedside tables. Although I am taking the pill, I do use condoms with strangers. I prepared a cheese plate and a fruit salad. Just before sleep I took an Ex-Lax. I wanted to be clean whatever happened.

Friday, on the way home after work, I bought a fresh baguette. I changed the bedclothes. Arranged the area near the sofa for the food and whatever. I do not like those plug-in smellers I think they are too strong. And they scare me. I do have candles I like, but I do not burn them. I unwrapped a few new ones and put them in the bedroom and bathroom. About six I used a quick enema. Sat for a bit. Then showered and scrubbed all my 200 places. Dressed casually. No stockings. I did put on unders and a bra. He might find it arousing to remove them. I knew I would.

Just before seven I opened the wine, cut the bread, and placed the food on the coffee table.

He arrived just after seven. I took his coat and offered him some wine.

With a blank face he asked, “Wine? What, no tequila?”

“Trying to spoil the evening before it gets started?”

“Sorry. I won’t remind you again.” He had the cutest smile.

We sat and sipped wine, and nibbled on the cheese and fruit, talking about work and other stuff.

As he lifted the bottle he asked, “More wine?”

“Yes, please.”

Drinking the second glass I became sure he was waiting for me to make the first move! This made me all the hotter. I felt my pussy getting more than moist. I was ready.

“OK Sam, it’s time.”

“How do you want to do this?”

“Let’s kiss a bit to get started.”

We moved closer, he placed his right hand on my left side just above my waist and softly touched his lips to mine. I immediately knew I was in for some serious fun.

No open mouth. No forcing tongue. Just soft touching and rubbing his lips against mine. Oh Man! He was clever. Enticing me. Exciting me. This was not what I had expected.

Then he licked my lips. Oh Man! He was good at this. More kissing. Another lick. If he does this much longer I will be cumming with my clothes on.

The fourth time he licked my lips the tip of his tongue pushed a little between mine. I parted them but he did not push in, again just kissing and rubbing his lips against mine.

The next time my tongue was waiting for his. He rubbed his against mine softly. He withdrew his tongue, kissed me some more and moved away.

He picked up my wine glass, handed to me, took his, leaned back, and said quietly, “That was nice.”

I was ready for whatever he wanted to do next.

We sat in silence. A few more sips and he asked, “May I do that again?”

“Yes, please.”

He set down our glasses and turned to me. He attempted to start the same but I was already pulling him to me to kiss harder.

After many minutes of good kissing he again moved away, got our glasses, and we sat back to take a few sips.

“May I take off our shoes?”

“Yes, please.”

He set his glass on the table, leaned down. As he slipped off each of my shoes he slowly caressed each foot. I was thinking, ‘I hope he does not have a significant foot thing. But if he is as attentive to my feet as he has been to my mouth I think I will endure it for at least this evening.’ He did caress, and rub, and squeeze both of my feet for a few minutes. Not excessively. Just enough.

He unlaced and removed his shoes. He turned toward me, moving his leg to be more on the sofa. He was almost facing me. He stroked my hair with his left hand, held my upper arm with his right, and leaned in to kiss some more.

My left hand was on his upper arm. His right hand again moved to my side. This time he was caressing me from my waist to under my arm. Then he moved to cup my breast, to ever so gently caress. arap porno Oh Man! A few more minutes of this and I was sure I would have an orgasm.

He broke the kiss and asked, “May I unbutton your blouse and my shirt?”

“Yes, please.” His politeness was becoming a major turn-on.

He sat up a bit and with both hands, carefully unbuttoned, and opened my blouse. Then he unbuttoned his shirt, first the front, and then the sleeves, folding the cuffs, all the while looking into my eyes.

He placed his hand on my left breast over my bra. Oh Man! Was this erotic or what! I had never been with a guy who was not in a hurry. It seemed like he wanted to get every possible bit of excitement from every touch.

He moved his hand in a circle, his palm rotating around my nipple. My rock hard nipple. Then he cupped and lifted from the outside. He was doing all the things that make me happy I have breasts. Where did he learn how to do this?

“May I unhook your bra?”

“Oh, Yes. Please.” I almost yelled it.

I had worn a bra with a front hook. He used both hands, and moved the cups aside. I felt the coolness of the room and the warmth of his breath. He stared for a bit before he moved his right hand to again cup my left breast. His hand was warm. I am sure I sighed. As before, he gently caressed, and lifted, and squeezed. He started rubbing lightly in a circled with my nipple in the palm of his hand. The increasing tingling in my pussy was directly connected to the motion of his hand.

He kissed me with a bit more passion. He squeezed my breast with a little more force and again did the circle thing with my nipple. My nipple had never had such happiness.

He stood, moved the coffee table away from the sofa, and said, “Please lie down.”

Of course I did. With my head on the arm rest. He knelt on the floor beside me, pulled back my bra cups, leaned in and put his mouth on my left nipple. Oh Man! I felt my pussy pulsing! I was having a little orgasm!

He circled my nipple with his tongue and sucked on it. Again and again. His left hand was squeezing my right nipple. His right hand caressing my hair.

He moved up to kiss me. His left hand moving around my chest and neck and stomach and side and across my breasts, again and again. Still kissing me with his wonderful tender lips, his hand slowly went down the top of my right thigh to my knee and calf and up again to my stomach and then down and up my left leg.

I parted my legs as his hand went down my right leg again. This time his hand moved up along the inside of my right thigh over my skirt and across my crotch to my stomach, up to my breasts and neck. He stroked my neck carefully. Gently. Then his hand moved to caress my breasts, my stomach, my left thigh, my knee, my calf, up over my skirt along the inside of my thigh stopping on my pussy. He pushed slightly and held his hand still.

I had my hands on his head, kissing him hard, licking his lips and tongue. He relaxed his hand. Again he pushed and held. The heal of his hand on my clit. His fingers against my lips. Oh Man! He pushed and released and pressed and released. His whole hand. Then heal to fingers. Clit to lips. Again, and again.

He moved his hand so only his fingers were pressing directly on my clit. Held for a moment. Then started the circle thing. Oh Man! Oh Man! Oh Man! With steadily increasing force, circling, circling, circling!

I broke the kiss, hugged him to me with all my strength, thrusting my pelvis against his hand.

I was cumming! I was cumming! I was cumming! I WAS CUMMING!

I am sure I moaned louder and longer than I ever had.

I came so hard and long I started shivering, almost crying, I was so overwhelmed.

He did not move or speak while I held him tight until I stopped gasping and shuddering.

After many minutes he rose, looked deep in my teary eyes and asked, “May I take off your panties?”

“Yes. Please.”

Copyright 2015 Christine Applegate, all rights reserved

Christine is young and single. Her stories are not related. She does not do adultery.

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