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I was very excited, for my birthday this year my wife agreed to let me tie her to our bed, gag and blindfold her, and then play freely with her body. We usually don’t get too kinky, but I have a bit of a thing for watching her pussy lips spread open around objects… sometimes she lets me use her vibrator on her and it makes my dick incredibly hard to watch her tight little hole spread open around it. It’s even better when she lets me use the anal attachment to it and I can watch both of her tight little holes spread open.

My wife, Dee, is incredibly beautiful; 31 years old, 5’7″ with long wavy brown hair, big hazel eyes and long sooty lashes, she has pouty pink lips that I can’t see without wanting to kiss them. Her curvy body is a high school boy’s dream with full 34D breasts and a slim smooth waist, with her hips flaring out so that she makes a sexy hourglass. Not only that, but lately she’s started shaving her mound completely clean of hair so that I can really get a good view when we have sex and I can watch my dick slide into her wet pussy. She’s just so sexy, I don’t know what she’s doing with a schmuck like me, I keep in good shape because I run, but I’m only an inch taller than her and I have boring mouse brown hair and dark brown eyes… but I love her dearly and I worship the ground she walks on and she knows that. Maybe that’s why. I love to play with her body, and this birthday was going to be the best ever.

So in anticipation of the event, I started to amass a bit of a collection, just things that grabbed my fancy and that I thought would be interesting and fun to use on her helpless body. Going through the supermarket was the best because I found a huge cucumber, and a very bumpy round piece of yellow squash… I also picked up one of my favorite fruits, strawberries. I bet they’ll taste great after being coated in her sweet pussy juices. In the hardware store, a bag of clothespins caught my eye… their grip wasn’t too tight, and I wondered what they would do to her very sensitive cherry nipples… into the cart they went. At a sex store I found some clamps that were meant for nipples and clits, and I got them even though they looked a little rough to me, who knows. Maybe if she really enjoyed the clothespins I’d try them out. I also found these great little black tubes that looked kinda like what photo film comes in, when you squeezed the middle of them you could put them over a nipple and the suction would keep them on, and then you could tug on them a bit. The lady at the store let me try them out on myself, and they felt very teasing and good so I got them too, as well as a very wide and long black dildo that was supposed to have been molded off of some porn star’s cock. It looked way too big to be real, but I couldn’t wait to see what it looked like shoved into my wife’s pussy.

That night for dinner we ate corn on the cob, and as I was shucking the corn I noticed that an ear of corn is definitely something that would fit into a woman’s holes… and they’re all hard and ridged… I don’t have a pussy but I bet it would feel fantastic! Putting two ears off to the side – on a little smaller than the other – I didn’t cook those, I just left them unshucked for the night and kept them in the fridge with the cucumber and squash.

Tomorrow’s my birthday and I just can’t wait.

* * * * *

Damn but Dee looked good all tied up and stretched out, her wrists and ankles were each tied to a bedpost so that she was totally spread open, her hazel eyes smiling at me over the gag in her mouth before I put the blindfold on. She looked almost as excited as I was, which was encouraging, it would be interesting to see what she thought after I took the blindfold off later and she’d be able to see all the things I’d used on her helpless body… right now I still had everything hidden away and she still had no clue what escort şişli I’d planned. Out of the closet came the clamps, big dildo, little sucker tubes, and clothespins. Squeezing the center of the little sucker tube, I placed it over my wife’s pink and slightly hard nipple, it immediately suctioned on to her round breast, and she wriggled a little with pleasure as I tugged gently on the cup. Doing the same to the other nipple, she did look a little strange with the tubes sticking off of her big boobs, but she was obviously enjoying it when I pulled gently on the tubes, her hips were moving up and down on the bed. Opening the nightstand drawer, I pulled out her vibrator and slid it into her already wet pussy, turning it up all the way before I left her there like that, going downstairs to get the rest of my items.

From the fridge I grabbed the cucumber, strawberries, squash, and the two ears of corn that I had shucked that afternoon. Pausing for a moment, I also grabbed our almost empty bottle of Merlot wine and opened the fridge to get a few cubes of ice… this was going to be fun.

Back in the room I lined up all the items on the nightstand but kept the two cubes of ice in my hand. Pulling the little suckers off her nipples, I could see that they were very hard and pink, and I also slid the vibrator out of her happy leaking pussy. Running the ice over her breasts, goosebumps immediately popped up and her nipples gotten even harder as she shivered a little. I covered her breasts in cold wet trails as I followed them with my mouth, giving her cold and heat as I sucked the water off of her soft breasts. Sucking hard on her nipples, I reached over and grabbed the clothespins, attaching them onto the very hard nubs. Dee gasped and squirmed a bit as they filled her nipples with pleasure and pain, her body jerked a little when I flicked the pins, making little darts of pain shoot through the tender buds. God she was beautiful.

With the last little bit of melting ice, I traced her hot wet pussy lips, cooling their heat with the cubes. Watching her shiver and twitch, I pushed the last bit of one cube into the hot hole of her pussy, and the other into her tighter ass hole… her lower body lifted off the bed as her back arched when the cold objects pushed into her body. I could tell she was turned on though, she was breathing heavily and her pussy was leaking tons of juices… grabbing a strawberry, I ran the nubby red fruit over her pussy slit, pushing it slightly into her hole before lifting it to my mouth. The sweetness of the fruit and my wife’s pussy mingled deliciously, and I immediately grabbed another strawberry to repeat the process. Her hips were moving as I ran three more pieces of the small fruit up her pussy slit, and I could tell that it was a huge tease to her.

Taking the squash, I used the thin end as a handle to start pushing the bulbous part into her hot pussy, her lips pressed against her thighs as she groaned and her pussy stretched beautifully around the round part. Pushing harder, I fisted my cock with my other hand as the large bulb of the squash sank into her pink wetness; I pumped it back and forth in her, watching as she winced a little with the largeness of the vegetable’s bulb, but also moving her hips back and forth as it brought pleasure to her pussy. Pulling it out, I licked along one part of it, tasting her on the yellow skin of the vegetable, then I spread her ass cheeks and slowly starting to work it into her ass. The crinkled hole stretched, almost looking whitish as she panted and heaved while her body tried to accept the huge roundish invader… her ass stretching around the large bulb looking incredible, and her pussy never stopped leaking juices down into her crack. Rubbing her clit with my other hand, I watched as her ass slowly swallowed the squash, closing over the thinner part so that escort etiler the entire bulb was lodged deep in her body, just the end of the stem sticking out of her tight hole. Damn that was hot. I squeezed my cock hard, and then let go of it… I didn’t want to cum now, there were lots of devilish things left to do to my vulnerable beauty!

Taking the cucumber, I began pushing it into her pussy, so that her holes were now being stretched by two large vegetables. The ridges and bumps on the cucumber just served to arouse her more, and she panted and moved her hips as I fucked her pussy with it, the long green vegetable looking strangely erotic moving in and out of the pretty pink of her pussy. Taking hold of the stem of the squash in her ass, I began moving both in rhythm, fucking my wife with the foreign objects… it didn’t take long before she was cumming all over the vegetables… and the sight of her creaming herself all over these strange implements was too much for my raging hard dick. Putting my hand around it to try and stop the arousal, I came, spurting jets of cum over her body, covering her stomach and tits with white stickiness…

Oh well. I’d probably get turned on again as I used more toys on her. She just looked so damn good, panting heavily and flushed with vegetables sticking out of her holes. But, it was time to pull them out, he had lots of other things to stretch her open with. Pushing the smaller of the ears of corn into her hole, still sensitive from her recent orgasm, she moaned while the ridges ran pleasantly over her pussy, and I twisted it a little so that she could get the full effect. Assured that the ear was now well lubricated, I pulled it from her and placed just the tip of it into her ass. Grabbing the other ear of corn, I placed the tip of the larger one and placed it at her pussy hole. Pushing them both in simultaneously, I twisted them around so that her holes were massaged with the tiny nubs covering the ears, ridges sliding pleasantly over her insides. To my intense pleasure she came again as I slid the ears in, twisting them back and forth in her body as she shook and cried out. Reaching up, I pulled the clothespins off her nipples and she wailed even harder behind her gag, her body thrashing against the ropes that held her down as she orgasmed. After watching the corn slid up her sweet holes, watching her cum again was getting my dick really hard…

I was ecstatic, knowing how sensitive her pussy gets… every time she cums it gets stronger and stronger until it’s actually painful for her, a kind of sensory overload, a couple times I’ve even made her pass out with the pleasure. With all the things I was planning on doing to her, it looked like this might be one of those nights. Twisting the ears of corn inside her body, I watched as her orgasm took a long time to finish while she jerked and heaved, her nipples an angry pointy red from their time spent in the clothespins.

I took the ears of corn from her holes, and then decided to push the larger one into her ass, watching it stretch over the ridges as she shuddered while her asshole was pushed open around the fruit. It looked very good going in, and I bet those ridges in that tight hole felt fantastic. Reaching up for the big black dildo, I couldn’t help but pull those pretty and sore nipples into my mouth, licking them with my tongue and sucking hard. Arching her back, Dee pushed her breasts further towards my mouth, she’s such a slut for attention to her breasts. I bit down on them gently before pulling away and resuming my activities between her slender legs.

Carefully I placed the extremely large round black head of the dildo at her pussy, it looked very large next to her delicate folds, and the dark color against the creaminess of her mound and the pink of her pussy looked very exciting. Pressing the dildo in a couple bayan escort taksim of inches, I watched while her head thrashed and those beautiful breasts bounced, the dildo was just as wide as the cucumber, but actually longer, a full foot long in fact. I wanted to get as much of it into her pussy as possible. Taking it slowly, I worked the big black rubber dick in and out of her pussy, occasionally pumping the ear of corn in her tight ass. I couldn’t believe it as her pussy slowly stretched to swallow the whole length of the big dildo, I was sure it was deep in her body in places I’ve never been able to explore before. The thought got me incredibly hot and my own dick was back to being rock hard as I began pumping my wife’s body with the monster cock, really slamming it into her hard. She was started the make the sexiest noises of pure sensual enjoyment as I pounded her pussy with the huge dong, her breasts waved wildly on her chest as her pussy was stretched wide open and filled with the most massive thing to enter it yet.

It didn’t take long for her to start cumming again, and this was a good one, I could tell because it went on for a very long time, and when she finally stopped, she still twitched as I pushed the dildo in and out of her pussy. She was definitely getting close to where the pleasure would completely over come her, I could tell she was getting exhausted from the constant demands I was putting on her body (not to mention to constant pleasure!). I pulled the dildo from her pussy, and took the wine bottle. Shivering, her body shuddered as I pushed the cool class neck up her tender hole, and I knew that she was still very close to yet another overpowering orgasm. Tilting the bottle up, I started to fill her pussy with the little bit of wine that was left in the bottle, as the cool liquid spilled into her hot hole she started cumming again, and I immediately pulled the bottle neck from her and threw my mouth between her legs, drinking the wine as it spilled from her pussy. As my tongue lapped up the sweetness of her wine flavored pussy, her orgasm tripled and she arched so hard against my mouth that I thought she was going to levitate.

Determined, I wrapped my hands under her buttocks to place her at the best height and continued eating her out, drinking all the sweet juices and wine that flowed from her body as she continued to cum. I could tell when she passed out because her body stopped heaving as much and was mostly just convulsing and twitching. But I kept eating her out until she came to again, still in the throes of an intense multiple orgasm. She whined, high pitched, as I twisted the corn in her ass and licked her quivering flesh.

I decided that the nipple clamps would just have to wait for another time, and I ripped off her blindfold and gag as I buried myself in her stretched, wet, sweet, hot pussy and began pounding my dick into her vulnerable and pleasured body.

“OH MY GOD!!” she screamed, finally able to voice her passion with the gag gone from her mouth, I reached beneath our heaving bodies and started to twist the ear of corn in her ass, feeling the ridges massage my own dick in her pussy, “OH MY GOD!! GREG WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME??!! OH GOD I’M CUMMING AGAIN!! I CAN’T STOP CUMMING!! OH FUCK!! OH GOD!! IT HURTS… OH GOD I’M CUMMING AND IT HURTS SO GOOD!!”

Her randy words and the convulsing of her pussy around my cock while the ear of corn in her ass massaged my shaft just completely blew my mind away. I blew my load as she creamed herself on my thrusting dick, sending spurts of white sticky cum into her hot hole.

Afterwards, I lay on top of her, we were both covered in my cum from the first load that I’d covered her stomach and chest in, and her pussy was still twitching and heaving. Finally I kissed her lips, “Thank you honey… I love you so much.”

“I love you to,” she told me, smiling, exhausted, and wincing a little as I pulled my ass from her overused pussy and the ear of corn from her ass, “But what the hell did you do to me?” Her eyes were wide as she looked over the wide array of items that had been used on her body.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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