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Laura glanced at the huge pile of paperwork left on her desk. She sighed, looking at the clock. Already 6:30 pm, all her co-workers had gone home hours ago. Of course, Laura didn’t have anything to go home to at this point. Being in the middle of a rather unpleasant divorce, she preferred to stay here, where she could keep busy and not have time to think. She enjoyed the peace and quiet after everyone had gone home. Except that the last few days, there was to be no peace even here. Just then, her thoughts were interrupted by the ringing of the phone.

“Good Evening. Sgt. Sanders speaking, can I help you?” she answered, the words coming automatically. She listened, frowning, as one of the members of the engineering battalion that was on temporary duty here started thru his nightly list of complaints. Laura prided herself on being a professional, and always having the utmost respect for her military peers. However, these ones were truly beginning to get on her nerves. As she made notes while listening, a familiar face appeared in the doorway, raising his hand in greeting. Laura motioned him into a chair. When her phone call concluded, Laura turned to her visitor, smiling.

“How’s it going?” she asked brightly. Mark was also in the battalion which was a current source of irritation to her, but he was different. He was young, Laura guessed around 23, and he was always upbeat and happy; like she herself used to be. Somehow the two had instantly become friends from the first day he made it a point to introduce himself to her. He liked to talk, telling her about the individual members of the battalion…who got along with who, who was going to be a problem, etc.. He had been a big help in smoothing some of the rough spots when her temper had made her a few enemies amongst his comrades.

Mark looked at Laura, trying to figure her out. This one was a real puzzle to him. He liked her, they had hit it off as friends from the start. But she had a bad reputation around the base as a mean-tempered bitch. It just didn’t quite “fit” to him; she had treated him well since the first day they met. He even managed to coax the occasional smile from her as he sat chatting in her office in the evening. But, this particular evening, he wasn’t here to pass the time in idle conversation. One of his buddies had put him in what he felt was an awkward situation. Knowing that he had developed a friendship with the aloof sergeant, he had been asked to introduce a friend of his to her. Normally, he would have refused. But he thought that perhaps it would do them both a world of good. He shuffled nervously in his chair and glanced at his watch. The plan was, his buddy was supposed to come in to talk to him, Şerifali Escort which would give Mark an opportunity to introduce them.

Laura noticed Mark fidgeting, she wondered what was up. He seemed nervous this evening. The idea struck her that he was going to ask her for a date. She really hoped that was not the case, as she would hate to ruin their friendship. However, she was certainly not in the market for another man at this point in her life. As she opened her mouth to speak, another man appeared, asking if she knew where Mark was. She gestured toward the chair where he was, her eyes never leaving the new arrival. She knew she was staring at him, but she couldn’t seem to stop herself. He was altogether a remarkable looking man. Tall, she estimated 6’3″, with a powerful build. He was dressed in his PT clothes, running shorts and a gray T-shirt, which set off the beautiful cappuccino color of his skin. He had dark eyes, dancing with mirth. His wide smile suggested that he found constant amusement in life. So much in contrast to she herself, who rarely if ever smiled these days. She found herself drawn to him, to his excitement, his utter enjoyment of life…these things that radiated from him even at first glance.

Mark smiled to himself, feeling that neither one would hear his obligatory introductions the way that they were staring at one another. But he’d been asked to do so, therefore he would.

“Oh. Laura, this is Sgt. Ward” Mark introduced.

Laura never took her eyes from him as he extended his hand in greeting, saying, “You can call me Trace”.

“Nice to meet you, Trace” She answered, praying that she didn’t sound as flustered as she felt at the moment.

“Well, I still have some work that needs done, I’m gonna clear out of here for a while. I’ll talk to you later, Laura” Mark said, knowing that she was paying little attention to him.

“Ok Mark. See you later” she answered, somewhat absently.

Trace remained behind, taking a seat in the office and proceeding to delight Laura with his stories of some of the more “colorful” members of the battalion. She couldn’t remember when she’d laughed quite so hard….it had been too long. Several hours went by, until finally Trace got to his feet, saying that he was going for a run around the base. Laura cautioned him to be careful, as it was very dark, and many areas were not well lighted. She was certain he would not have to fear of being attacked; anyone would be insane to jump someone built like him, but that the roads could be very uneven in places, and could quite easily injure an ankle. The thought crept into Laura’s mind that she would not mind “jumping” someone who was built Şerifali Escort Bayan as he was. She quickly suppressed the thought and the accompanying laughter. She said good-night to Trace and returned to the mound of papers on her desk.

After a few futile attempts to finish her work, Laura gave up and walked outside for a cigarette. Her mind kept returning to Sgt. Ward. It had been a very long time since the presence of a man had caused her to feel this way. She stripped out of her jacket, leaving her in her olive-colored T-shirt and BDU pants. The night air felt good, cooling her body which was quickly heating up from the thoughts swirling through her mind. She decided to take a drive around the base to clear her mind; pushing aside the persistent whisper in her mind that she was looking for Trace. Nonsense.

She cruised slowly, listening to the radio and enjoying the peace of being alone. She knew every inch of this installation, she’d been over it thousands of times. As she turned a corner in one of the more remote sections, her headlights picked up a figure leaning carelessly against a tree. She could tell immediately who it was. As she pulled over and got out of the car, she pushed away the thought that she was insane to do this; be in this part of the base, in the dark, with this man whom she’d only met a few hours ago. Her mind was making perfect sense, she knew, but her body was urging her forward.

“Hi, Lady. What are you doing in this part of town?” he teased.

“Oh, just trying to clear the head. You know how it is” she answered casually, leaning against the tree beside him.

“Oh really?” he said seductively, inching his way toward her position.

She could smell the sweet scent of his cologne and sweat mingling together. She knew she should leave; Now. But the too-often-ignored longing of her body was not going to be ignored tonight. Looking at him, she marveled again at his body, so huge and powerful. She imagined what it would be like to be against it. She didn’t have to wait long for an answer. Trace reached out and gently pulled her to him, leaning to kiss her as his arms engulfed her frame.

“Damn, lady. You’re beautiful” he whispered. Laura laughed out loud at this. She did not see herself as beautiful, or even mildly attractive, just plain. However, looking into Trace’s eyes, she felt beautiful. She felt that there must be something special about her to attract someone like him. Because she definitely thought that he was breathtakingly handsome. She could feel herself melting against his body. She closed her eyes and breathed in the delicious male scent of him, at the same time feeling his hardness pressed Escort Şerifali against her. The rush of feelings that this caused overwhelmed her for a few moments. She could not remember when she last felt this type of physical attraction. Amazed at her own boldness, Laura reached for his damp T-shirt and tugged it upward. He slipped it off, throwing it carelessly on the ground. She buried her face against his chest and put her arms around him, feeling the firm muscles rippling beneath her touch. As she rubbed her body against his, all thought lost except the hunger in her body, he planted kisses on her arms, the top of her head, anywhere he could reach. In a soft, urgent voice, he asked her to remove her clothes. Not quite believing her own behavior, she quicky complied. Laura gasped as the air hit her fevered skin.

“Are you cold?” He asked. Laura could hear the teasing tone in his voice as his fingers lightly brushed her hard nipples.

“No” she answered, looking into his face. Although she was by no means petite at 5’10”, Trace picked her up easily, and she wrapped her legs around his waist. She leaned slightly away from him as his head moved downward to take her nipple in his mouth. As he sucked on it, she felt the wetness between her legs increase. She squirmed downward, inching her body toward his erection. She encircled his neck with her arms, holding on, as she felt him take one arm from around her and use it to guide his cock into her. She moaned loudly as he penetrated deep into her. She continued to hold onto his neck as he placed his hands on her hips and thrust into her slowly, deeply; keeping her constantly on the brink of orgasm. His languid rhythm maddened her aching body; her legs clutching his waist more tightly in order to draw him deeper inside. The noises of pleasure coming from her were growing louder, she knew it, but she couldn’t stop. She pulled herself upward with her arms and stifled a scream against his shoulder as her body convulsed in waves of orgasm.

Trace felt the rush of her orgasm coat his cock. He breathed deeply, trying to maintain control of his own. Each movement inside her brought him closer to losing that control. He could feel her muscles contract as her body gave in to his touch. Finally, he couldn’t hold back anymore. He pulled her hips against him forcefully, feeling himself surge deep inside her, filling her tight body with his seed.

The minutes passed as neither one moved or spoke. Trace continued to cradle Laura in his arms; her legs wrapped around him, her mind and body completely sated by their encounter. Laura raised her head and looked downward at their entwined bodies. She found the contrast of her pale limbs against his dark brown body extremely sensuous. Finally, he lowered her to her feet and reached down to kiss her gently.

“Trace…?” She began, not knowing what to say, much less how to say it.

“We’ll be here a while longer, the Engineers. I’ll find you.” Trace answered, kissing her again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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