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Friday afternoons were usually pretty quiet but today was even more so since it was a Friday before a long weekend. A noisy group of IT techs came out of the meeting room not far away from her cubicle and she stood up and pretended to be looking for something in her overhead shelf when she heard Darren’s voice. Looking his way, she had a mischievous grin on her face as she watched Darren come her way, chatting cheerfully with another IT guy. As they approached he glanced her way, flashing a quick smile before looking back to his buddy, but she kept her eyes on him as he passed. For an IT guy Darren was much cuter and more ruggedly handsome than the regular ‘geeks’ in the IT department, and she was beginning to get excited about the plans she had in store for later in the afternoon.

Lara’s Training Unit was on the same floor as the IT department and she had found any excuse over the past couple of weeks to visit and gab her friend Cheryl who was responsible for assigning jobs to the various techs. Cheryl had the inside scoop on Darren and armed with that information she made an effort a couple of times to ‘bump into’ him to check him out. On those occasions she felt his warm smile and penetrating gaze go right through her, leaving her wondering if he might be conjuring the same erotic thoughts about her as she was having about him.

At about 6′ 2″ Darren was about a foot taller than her, but she liked tall. He had broad shoulders and a trim build with wavy sandy brown hair and beautiful brown eyes. He had only been with the company a couple of months but it hadn’t taken her long to find out from Cheryl that he was currently ‘unattached. In addition, since he was new to the IT department, he had not booked today off as a lot of people had done for this long-weekend. With this in mind, Lara had decided the time was ripe to make a move.

At 2:00, Lara logged into the IT booking system and submitted a request for help setting up a new projector in the Training Room. A couple of minutes later she went to Cheryl’s desk with a mischievous look on her face.

“What’s up?” Cheryl asked. “You’ve got a funny look.”

“Any chance you can assign Darren to that job for this afternoon?”

“No problem.” Cheryl replied trying to be casual. Not even looking at her computer she smirked knowingly since they’d had a previous conversation about arranging something like this. “I’ve already sent the message assigning him. Won’t he be surprised.”

“I hope so. I’m really excited about it.” Lara giggled as she left to go back to her cubicle. A few minutes later Lara saw the 4:45 appointment request pop up in the ‘Training Team’s’ e-mail calendar, followed by an e-mail message from Cheryl.

“All set. Maybe I’ll check in later to see how things are going?”

A wide grin formed on Lara’s face. She knew that there wouldn’t be anyone downstairs in the Training Room that late on a Friday afternoon since she coordinated all of the various training sessions and she was the only one from the team in the office today. She replied to the e-mail ‘Looking forward to some fun. I hope he’s up for it. See you later.’ After sending the message she sat back and closed her eyes, thinking about how to best arrange things to seduce Darren once he finished his work.

Darren returned from his afternoon break and was feeling a bit flushed, having just run into Lara in the elevator. Looking at his messages, he was somewhat surprised to see a request for ‘technical support’ from the training unit. Thinking for a minute, he’d noticed that Lara was the only one in from the training unit today and a lot of other people had taken the day off due to the upcoming long-weekend. “Interesting” he mused as he acknowledged the request. Confirming the time, he also figured that of those who were in today, most would be skipping out early so the timing of the appointment meant that there would be practically nobody around when he made his way downstairs. “Very, very interesting.”

He had been thinking about Lara a bit recently. She was extremely cute, about 30 with long brown hair and pretty blue eyes. Although she was a bit shorter than he usually looked for in a woman, she had a nice curvy figure and always seemed to have a big smile and bubbly personality. From what he’d observed over the past weeks she seemed to be making it known that she found him interesting as well, and perhaps something more. He began thinking that perhaps that look she gave him when he was getting out of his earlier meeting might have something more behind it.

‘Well,’ he thought, ‘I’d better be cool, because sometimes it’s easy to misread women who are just being nice as opposed to those who are in fact interested in getting to know you better.’ Darren put his thoughts aside and went back to work

Lara returned from afternoon break with coffees and went to sit with Cheryl for a few minutes. Seeing Lara enter her cubicle, Cheryl waved her over to a chair and whispered “Darren just came by to ask about the Training Room appointment.”

“Oh? ofise gelen escort I just saw him in the elevator. What did you tell him” Lara replied, excited and curious about what Darren had to say.

“Well, I was pretty coy and only told him that he was specifically ‘requested’ for the job and it shouldn’t take a lot of time since the equipment was already downstairs.” Cheryl giggled and told Lara that Darren had left with a big grin on his face only a few minutes ago. Lara left Cheryl her coffee and practically skipped back to her cubicle to finish the couple of things she need to do before heading downstairs, pleased that everything was falling into place.

When the appointment reminder popped-up in Darren’s calendar at 4:30, it pulled him away from daydreaming about Lara. One of the three women in the training department, she’d certainly caught his eye over the past few months, but only began to consider her more seriously. Lara certainly had made a big impression today with the long slim summer dress that made her look like a ray of sunshine. Bright yellow with streaks of white, and the flowers along the bottom hem. She wore a lacy white top that was just tight enough to show her ample cleavage, hinting at the treasures within. Also, he noticed she must have just had her hair done, and he loved the way the highlights set off her gorgeous eyes and the cute bashful smile she gave him every time she passed his desk.

Darren acknowledged the appointment reminder and as a parting thought added a reply ‘Advise that some training may be necessary upon completion.’ in the comments section before hitting the ‘send’ button. ‘This could be very interesting’ he mused as he assembled the things he’d need and finished up the last few logs from his previous appointments.

Ten minutes later, another reminder prompted Darren to grab his laptop case and head to the elevator. As he walked through the office, he noticed that the vast majority of the cubicles were empty and some of the last remaining staff and managers were hurriedly packing to leave. As he approached the elevator, he started to feel excited and a bit anxious about being alone downstairs with Lara. What if this was just one sided on his part and he had misread her? He thought for a minute about the last few weeks when she regularly ‘happened by’ the copier while he was waiting for his print job. He thought he could sense her checking out his ass while he gathered his documents. He was always friendly and said ‘hi’ but that was the extent of their conversations. In addition, Darren thought that is was a bit suspicious the last few times he was at the lunch restaurant across the street he saw her standing a few spots back in the lineup. It seemed perhaps that he was in her thoughts as much as she was in his. And now, thinking of today’s late day appointment, he hoped Lara would tip her hand and make some attempt to let him know that she was interested in him. If so he’d definitely have to make the best of it.

Darren entered the elevator and pressed the ‘B1’ button. As the car moved downwards he thought back to the elevator trip earlier this afternoon. Lara had entered with a few others and gave him a sly smile as she moved in right next to him. She was holding two coffees and he couldn’t help but look as she stood at just the right angle for him to see down the front of her top, which seemed to be showing a bit more cleavage than usual. She must have sensed him looking, but instead of moving to ‘cover’ herself she moved to angle herself a bit more towards him so that her top gaped. He’d been able to see a hint of her nipple at the edge of her low cut bra. His heart stepped up a couple of beats as he thought about those lovely breasts, then the elevator chimed and Darren was brought back to the present.

Darren walked casually down the blue carpeted hallway to the Training Room near the end. Stopping at the door he grabbed the handle “Well,” he said hopefully to himself “let’s see what what’s in store for me today” then he pushed the door open and stepped inside.

Chapter 2

Lara had heard the elevator chime a moment ago and was so excited she almost tripped as she quickly went to the table where her equipment was set up. She wanted to ‘position’ herself for Darren so that when he entered the stage would be set for what she had in store. Leaning forward over the table she thought to herself, ‘I hope he really appreciates the view.’ I was only a few moments later when she heard the door open. Smiling to herself, she fiddled with some cables as she waited for Darren to approach.

Darren entered the room and the door closed behind him with barely a sound. He spied Lara across the room and stood for a few moments until his eyes adjusted to the softer lighting.

“Hi Lara.” He managed to get out as he took in her shapely profile. About 30 feet away, he could only stare at her. She was bending over the table and appeared to be otele gelen escort fiddling with the equipment.

“Hi. Come on in.” she responded not looking back but continuing to work on attaching some cables. “I’m just trying to see if I can do anything with this.”

Darren walked casually across the room, admiring her gorgeous ass wiggling as he approached. Her dress was stretched just nicely and he thought to himself. ‘Hmmmm, no panty lines. Nice.’ He stopped about five feet away as she turned around, flashing her brilliant smile while leaning back on the edge of the table.

“I think I got it. Wanna check it out?” she asked, nodding to the equipment beside her.

Darren looked over to the equipment. “Sure, no problem.” He moved to the table beside her, smiling like a schoolboy as he noticed that her tight blouse had an extra few buttons undone since he’d seen her in the elevator this afternoon. He felt a bit nervous and weak in the knees, but was excited and eager to play along, still a bit uncertain about what was or was not going to happen next.

“Anyone left upstairs?” Lara said with obvious excitement in her voice. She stepped a bit closer and looked hungrily into Darren’s eyes as he stumbled with words.

“Not many”. He managed to blurt out as he appraised the equipment set-up. “Seems like the last few and leaving now. You know, long-weekend and everything.”

“Hmmm, lucky people.” Lara said in slightly pouty voice. “I hope it wasn’t too much trouble for you to squeeze me in today, we’ve got some sessions early Monday and it couldn’t wait.

“No problem, don’t worry about it”. Darren responded in an offhanded way as to let her know it wasn’t an issue. He looked back to her and noticed her hands fidgeted down in front of her, and it appeared that she was trying, although unsuccessfully, to hold back from rubbing her thighs with her palms in obvious excitement.

“Any plans for this weekend?” Lara asked expectantly.

“Nothing solid.” Darren said trying to be as casual as possible. He lifted his tool case and placed it on the table then took a moment to check the laptop connections and the projector. He looked back at her “Maybe I’ll hit some clubs with a few friends but we’ll see what happens. You look amazing by the way. Your hair looks great. Are you going out tonight?”

Lara’s eyes lit up and her heart fluttered as her outrageous plan seemed to be bearing fruit. She stepped a bit closer and took his hand, pulling him towards her. “I’ve been waiting for you.” She rose up on her toes to kiss him lightly on the lips. “No plans to go out, but had a few thoughts about some fun we could have. What do you think?”

Darren’s pulse raced. His hands moved up to lightly rest on her arms as he took a couple of breaths to steady himself. ‘OK,’ he thought ‘she’s definitely into you. Go for it man.’

“You know,” he finally managed to get out without tripping over his tongue, “I’ve noticed you over the past few weeks. You certainly are a sexy woman and I was thinking about asking you out.”

“Oh?” Lara replied, with a slightly knowing look to her eyes. “And when were you planning to do that?” she continued, looking questioningly at him.

Darren noted Lara’s color was a bit more flushed and there was a hint of the pounding in her chest that came through with every breath. “Well first,” he went on, gently squeezing and rubbing her arms “I thought I’d make an impression by first taking care of your little technical problem here. Then, if you were happy with the results, I thought I’d ask you out tonight. What do you think?”

Lara was in heaven. She’d hoped for this and watched as Darren’s eyes strayed down to her breasts. She looked down then reached up to undo another button on her dress “Well that sounds like a great idea.” She looked over to the equipment and nodded towards it. “I tried to start things off, but don’t know whether I’ve done it correctly.”

Darren smiled and looked at her appraisingly. “Well, things look pretty good, so I’m not sure you really needed me at all.” Lara had already connected cables from the laptop to a new projector and powered them up. He released her arms and as he moved back to the table, his hand caressed along her hip then across her stomach before he leaned forward to do a final check of the equipment.

The heat between Lara’s legs was building and Lara leaned over the table beside Darren. She studied him, his strong jaw and hint of whiskers darkening his face. He always looked pleased and did even more so as she watched him admire her silky hair, pert mouth and full breasts that were being constrained by her sexy tight blouse.

Looking up to him expectantly, Lara leaned forward placing her hand on his arm. “What’s the verdict?”

“Well, you’ve done a great job.” Darren couldn’t help fixating on her tits as they practically spilt from her bra. Looking back to projector once again, he pressed a few buttons and focused sincan escort the projection on the wall. Judging that everything was in order he turned around and sat on the edge of the table. Taking her gently and moving her in front of him, he reached up brushed the outside of her blouse, across her breast, with the back of his fingers causing her to shiver slightly. Staring at her tits he commented, “Equipment looks good.” then looked up into her eyes. “Perfect image, just be careful, the unit might get a bit hot.”

“Oh, I think something’s already a bit hot.” she replied as she moved her hand down her thigh to her mound and lightly rubbed herself while she draped her other arm over his shoulder.

Darren pulled Lara in by the hips and lightly kissed her pouty lips. Pulling back he saw the wanting look in Lara’s eyes and moved both hands to caress down her back, lower and lower until only his fingertips traced over her curved rear. Feeling her shudder, he stood and backed her away a bit, keeping his eyes locked on hers. He bent forward to kiss her chest above her breasts, gently pulled aside the fabric of her blouse to expose her soft flesh. Bending at the knees, slowly, with his eyes locked on hers, Darren continued to trace his fingers down the back of her thighs, then behind her knees, gently swirling and touching over her dress.

Darren face was inches away from her hands which were now pressing more urgently on her mound. She moved slightly inwards towards her softer parts as he continued to rub her legs. Watching her intently, he saw Lara waiver, her eyes going slightly unfocused as he continued to caress her, then he slowly rose, this time with his hands under her dress, moving up to her firm behind.

Lara’s eyes closed and her head lolled one side as her breath skipped. She had to hold Darren’s shoulder with one hand as he lightly tickled her bottom, continuing steadily upwards until his hands covered both her cheeks.

“Hmmmm, no panties today?” Darren asked softly as he massaged gently for a moment before letting her dress fall. As he stood up, his breath warmed her chest and neck as his fingers continued to caress upwards across her back.

“I thought I’d be a bit cheeky today.” Lara responded, her breath catching in her throat as she reveled in the sensation of Darren’s touch. Opening her eyes again, she couldn’t resist the urge to grab his shoulders, pulling him to kiss her as he expertly applied gentle pressure on the small of her back. Her pussy was getting wetter by the second and her breasts were tingling. The anticipation had built to such a level that she knew she needed him to satisfy her, and now!

Grasping her head gently with both hands, Darren pulled her lips to his. She kissed him, her tongue eagerly greeted by his in return. Disengaging the kiss so she could pull up the bottom edge of his golf shirt, Lara moved in close to hold him, pressing herself neatly into his chest with her arms wrapped under his shirt and up his back. Looking up, she offered him her lips again and as they settled into a long sensuous kiss Lara moved one hand down to lightly brush up against the front of Darren’s pants.

Tentatively at first, Lara pressed down and was rewarded by the feeling of Darren’s cock twitch against her hand. Darren broke the kiss with a sigh and looked into her beautiful eyes once again.

“What are we doing? He asked softly as Lara continued to rub his straining member.

“Oh, you just wait a second and you’ll see.”

Darren smiled and decided to mimic Lara’s actions. Reaching down, he started to gently caress the front of her thighs. While she continued to rub him, he moved over to palm her mound as she had been doing earlier outside of her dress. Her breath quickened as he moved lower, pressing his middle finger down along the cleft of her pussy then upwards to put pressure on her clitoris.

With Lara’s quick intake of breath, Darren knew he’d landed on the right spot. She parted her legs and pulled aside her dress, grabbing his hand and moving it back to her softness, which was completely bare of any pubic hair. ‘Lovely’ he thought as he continued, first probing the crease between her leg and labia, then across her mound again and down to her inner lips, which he could tell was beginning to drive her crazy.

Lara kissed him more urgently as she started to bounce up and down a bit on her toes. She playfully bit his lower lip and leaned back, raising her left leg to give him better access to her precious folds. Darren obliged by sliding is middle finger just to the opening of her vagina while she squirmed and wiggled her hips, breathing more quickly as he circled his finger around the orifice. Encouraged, Darren moved further upwards, positioning two fingers on her exposed clit and then massaging it slowly, in circular motions to match the gyrations of her hips.

Lara felt as if she was going to faint. This was exactly what she was hoping for and was delighted that Darren was taking advantage of the opening she provided. Giving him a quick hard kiss, she disengaged and dropped to her knees. Working quickly on his belt, she undid the buckle then unzipped his pants letting them fall to the floor. Placing her hand on his straining erection from outside his sexy black sports underwear, Lara looked up at Darren while she rubbed up and down with pressure from her palm.

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