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Traveling Ch 10. A friend offers up his wife.

I recently had to make a trip to Phoenix and one of my college friends invited me to stay with him and his wife at their place. I was hesitant, but I’d not seen Mike since his wedding more than two years ago and he was very insistent. Just a little background, Mike and I often had sex when we were in college and as recently as his wedding night, where I fucked him three times after his bachelor party.

Mike is a nice looking guy, tall, medium build, dark black hair, green eyes and has a great accounting job. His wife, Jennifer, is very cute. She’s about five feet, six inches tall, very slender, weighing around 105. She has very short blonde, spiky hair, very small breasts, and a cute little butt. In a t-shirt and jeans, she looks more like a teenage boy than a twenty-six year old woman.

I flew into town on Tuesday, picked up my car and drove straight to my meeting. I hooked up with Mike afterwards for a drink. We had a great time catching up, and the more he drank the more open he became about his and Jen’s sex life! I loved hearing how she was into fucking him and that they had a great strap-on that she used on him weekly! He had several naked pics of her on his phone, several of her wearing the strap-on!! Seeing her naked, I could clearly see now that her breasts were about 32A at the most, mostly a small mound with tiny pink nipples. She was smooth shaven and had a perfect cute butt! I commented on how lucky he was and what a cutie she is.

“I’d let you fuck her,” he said, out of the blue.

I’m sure I had a shocked look on my face as I stammered, “Www…hhhat??”

He grinned, “Well, I mean it, I told her that you and I used to mess around and that we had even had a couple of group things. She’s really open to it!”

“Dude,” I started, “You don’t want to share your wife with me!”

“Yes, I do!” He leaned in close to me, “I want you to fuck her and fuck me. She wants to see me take a dick and I’m not into that anymore, other than with you!”

I shook my head and said, “I’ll be glad to fill your butt, but man, fucking your wife is kinda sacred.”

He shook his head, “No, no, she’s really wanted this. That’s why we insisted that you stay with us.” He took a drink of his beer and said, “Look, it’s up to her, I told her that she could seduce and fuck you and that you would return the favor by fucking me in front of her.” He smiled and continued, “Look, we’re going to bring another guy in one way or another. She and I really want this and we’d both rather it be someone we like and trust.”

I took a big swig of my beer and said, “Okay, but there’s got to be a rule or two, like she gets final say about anything between she and I. I mean, she’ll have to make the move, I won’t. Second, I don’t want any kind of hard feelings or bullshit afterwards. Speaking of afterwards, this is a onetime thing.”

“Deal!” He exclaimed, “except for the onetime thing….we may want it again, but we’ll talk about that later!”

We finished off our beers and the nachos, and then headed for his house. Jennifer was at a girl’s night, so she wasn’t home when we got there, and since she wasn’t home yet, he wanted to suck my cock. We went to my room, stripped and he dropped to his knees. I sat on the edge of the bed and let him take my already hard cock into his mouth.

Mike was excellent at sucking cock and could easily take all eight inches without gagging at all. Thanks to the beer, I was able to hold off for quite some time, enjoying Mike’s hot mouth as it bobbed up and down on my cock. I lifted my legs over his shoulders and he dropped my cock from his mouth, spread my legs and began to rim my smooth ass. He tongued my butt and jerked my cock at the same time.

I told him I was close; he slid his mouth back over my cock and began sucking as deep and hard as he could. I shot my load of cum down his throat and he swallowed the whole amount, never once backing off. When he stood up, he pumped his shorter, fatter cock three or four times and shot his load all over my shaved pubic area and cock. He then dropped back down and cleaned me off, licking and sucking up his own cum.

“Wow! Man, I love your cock and your cum!” He grinned and said, “I bet Jennifer’s gonna love it too!”

“Well, we’ll see. Remember, it has to be 100% her idea,” I said.

With that, he grabbed his clothes and headed to their room. I showered and turned in myself. I didn’t have any meetings scheduled for Wednesday, so I slept in that morning. I woke to the smell of coffee and bacon! I got up, dressed in shorts and a t-shirt and headed to the kitchen.

When I came into the kitchen, Jennifer was frying a couple of eggs. She had her back to me, and was wearing a blue, short, satin robe. She turned, smiled big and said, “Hey sleepy head!” She walked to me, her robe loosely tied around her waist, parted almost all the way to her navel, I could see that she wasn’t wearing a top of any kind, but couldn’t tell xnxx about undies.

She wrapped her arms around me, gave me a big hug and said, “It’s so great to see you!” after releasing me from her hug, she strolled back to the eggs, asking, “Did you guys have a good visit last night? I’m sorry I had plans with the girls from the office.”

“Yeah we had fun, too many beers I think,” hoping actually that he’d not been serious.

She scooped up the eggs, bacon and toast, sat it in front of me at the breakfast bar. She then got herself and I a cup of coffee, each move she made loosened the belt on her robe a bit more. Still, nothing was in view other than the chest space between her breasts.

We ate, as she told me about her new, part-time job. We talked about her remodeling the house, their new car, and their recent vacation to the Bahamas’. She cleared the dishes, and while bending over to load the dishwasher, I could just make out the bottom of her boy-short panties, which were navy blue and matched her robe. I actually was a little relieved to know she had panties on, but at the same time my cock grew a bit more knowing that was all she had on.

She refilled our coffee mugs, sat down opposite of me, smiled, blushed bright red and started, “I understand that you and Mike talked about…well…about us all having sex.” She was bright, bright red when she finished got the last word out. I grinned and replied, “Yeah, it came up in conversation that you guys might want to mess around some while I’m here.”

She looked directly at me, smiled a shy smile and said, “No, we don’t want to mess around some. We want to fuck around a lot!” The redness was even deeper, “and by fuck around, I mean that we both want you to fuck each of us.”

Now I was the one that was red, “I’m game if you guys are, I just don’t want things to get weird afterwards.”

“It won’t be weird,” she said, as she stood up and untied her robe, slipping it to the floor. Her tiny breasts were perfect, the small lemon size breasts were pert, and the pink nipples were hard as rocks. Her blue boy-short panties did little to hide her waist and it was clear that she was smooth shaven, just as she had been in Mike’s pictures he had shared.

“Wow, I have to say that you are really beautiful.” I said.

She smiled and said, “Well, if you like what you see, I’d like for us to play around for awhile, get used to each other before Mike gets home.”

“Works for me, if you’re 100% sure Mike’s okay with it.”

She picked up her cell from the counter and placed a call to Mike. “Hey honey, I’m standing her in my panties….yes, the blue boy-shorts….anyway, I want to know if it’s okay if we play around, so I’m putting you on speaker.” With that, she put the phone on the counter, pressed the speaker button and said, “You there?”

Mike replied over the phone, “Yeah, I’m here. You guys do whatever you want to do, I’m great with it!” he actually sounded excited.

I had to make sure he really, really understood, so I said, “Mike, just to be clear, you have no problem with me taking your wife to my bedroom and eating her pussy, fucking her pussy, fucking her ass, having her suck my cock, you’re good with all that?”

Jennifer blushed so much at hearing me define things, even her chest was red! But, she never stopped smiling and her nipples stayed hard as rocks.

Mike replied, “Yep, absolutely fine with all that. Oh, by the way, good luck with the anal, she doesn’t do that.” He chuckled as he said that. “But go right ahead, do anything you guys want.”

She said, “Thanks baby! I’ll see you later,” she then hung the phone up, looked at me and smiled saying, “Satisfied?”

“No, but I think I will be later!” I smiled back.

“Let’s go to our room though,” she turned and headed down the hall, “We have all sorts of toys that we might want in there.”

My cock was fully erect as I watched her walk down the hall, her tiny butt didn’t jiggle or shack a bit, and it was firm, tight and absolutely perfect.

Once we reached their bedroom, she turned to face me and grabbed the bottom of my t-shirt, lifting and pulling it over my head, dumping it on the floor. I pulled her close and kissed her. Her lips were soft and sweet and her tongue gently danced against mine, she pulled me closer to her as our kiss went on and on. I finally broke the kiss and smiled at her, she smiled back, her breathing increasing, she said, “Wow, that was a great kiss!”

“Yes, it was, and I think you’re incredibly sexy, but we can still stop.”

“No way! Are you nuts! I’m so horny, I’ve not had sex for a full week! I wanted to be so ready that I wouldn’t be able to stand it!!” with that, she dropped to her knees and pulled my shorts down, my fully erect cock popped straight out, “Wow! I thought Mike was kidding! You’re dick is huge! Especially compared to him!”She said her fingers wrapped around my cock and started to stroke it gently back and forth.

“Stand up,” I said, pulling her up to me. bakire porno Once I had her standing up, I dropped to my knees and slid her panties off, the crotch slightly sticking to her as she was so wet that the entire center of her panties was drenched.

Her pussy was inches from my face and looked incredible, as well as smelt incredible. I stuck my tongue out just enough to have the tip lightly lick her outer lips. She trembled and placed her hands on my shoulders. I teasingly licked her several more times, just enough to taste her pussy, not penetrate it. With each lick, she quivered and moaned, squeezing my shoulders as I teased the outer edges of her pussy.

I got up off my knees, laid her on the bed, maneuvered myself between her legs, spreading them wide and lowered my mouth towards her pussy. I licked the outer lips, up one side and down the other, teasing the outer lips. I then moved to run my tongue across the top of her pussy, not touching her clit, just easing slowly past it. I then licked her inner thighs, running my tongue towards her pussy, stopping just short.

“GAAWWDDD,” she moaned, “PPPPLEEEAAASSSEEE lick my cunt,” she moaned with each lick near her pussy. I ignored this and kept teasing those outer lips. She was now trying to move her pussy towards my tongue, but with her being so skinny and light it was easy for me to control her movements.

“Please! Oh Please! I need your tongue in me!” She was louder and more forceful in our moaning now. Again, I ignored her and continued to tease her. Her pussy was soaking wet, there was actual juice leaking from her snatch now, dripping into the crevice of her ass. I licked the juice from under her pussy, tasting her incredible flavor. She moaned and groaned loudly as I licked the spot again and again, darting my tongue inside her.

She began to quake instantly and I knew she was having a great orgasm. I kept my mouth over her pussy, flicking her clit and stabbing my tongue in and out. I had a firm grasp on her thighs, and she was pulling my hair and screaming a guttural moan that was very primal.

She began to try to push me away; of course I wouldn’t let her free from my grasp or my mouth. She began to scream, ” STOP! STOP! I Can’t! I Cannnn’tttt.” I didn’t let up, biting down her clit and flicking it harder and harder with my tongue; she screamed and launched into an even more violent orgasm. As she began to come down from this one, I released her thighs and she quickly rolled away from me.

She was sweating heavily and was flushed, “Oh my gawd! No one,” she breathed heavily, “no one has ever made me cum that way. I couldn’t, couldn’t stop, it was amazing. “She was panting, lying back against the pillows on the bed, her legs still trembling.

“I’m glad you liked that, now I’d like for you to get on your hands and knees, I want to do something else for you.” I smiled, my cock purple with lust, bouncing as I moved towards her.

“Can I catch my breath!?” She replied smiling, yet moving into position as I had told her to do. Once she was up on her hands and knees, her cute little butt sticking out at me, she looked over her shoulder and said, “Mike wasn’t kidding, I don’t do anal, so please don’t try to put that thing in my ass, it hurts too bad!” Her eyes had a sincere, pleading look.

I smiled, moved towards her and lightly stroked her buttocks and replied, “Don’t worry, I won’t fuck your ass, unless you beg me to,” I then ran my tongue across one cheek, then the other, she moaned softly.

I slowly licked the crack of her ass, up and down, teasing her tight hole with my tongue. She continued to moan, especially when my tongue would cross over or stop on her bud. I kept this up until I felt her relax. Then, on a downward trail of my tongue, I slipped the tip inside her tight hole.

“OH! OH MY!” she exclaimed, lowering her head down towards the bed, which caused more of my tongue slip in her.

I continued to rim her tight rosebud, her moaning and groaning became louder with each insertion. I’d lick and kiss the tight hole, then slip the tongue in as far as I could. She continued to moan and was now pushing back, craving my tongue to go deeper. I ate her ass for at least twenty minutes, fingering her soaked pussy as I did so. She had one tiny orgasm after another.

I slipped my hand up to my mouth and allowed a lot of saliva to drip onto my index finger. I rubbed my finger up her crack and slipped my finger into her, two knuckles deep and she gasped, “OH SHIT! OH MY GAWD!!” I slowly began to slip my finger in and out, finger fucking her tight little hole. She continued to moan and was now pushing back to meet my finger.

I dripped saliva along her crack, making sure to get more of it worked into her tight butt. I slowly started to work a second finger in her; she eased forward, but kept groaning. I followed her as she leaned forward; keeping the pressure up until the second finger was sliding back and forth with the first.

“I bedava porno never knew,” she breathed heavily, “that my ass could feel so good! It’s so fucking good!” I grinned to myself thinking that she was amazing, and knowing that the next thing in her ass would be my cock.

I kept fucking her tight ass with my two fingers, all the way to the hand and back out to the tip of my fingers. I kept spitting into her hole, making it easier and easier to slip my fingers in. She was getting looser and looser with each stroke.

I had been fingering her ass for about ten minutes when I said, “I think you’re ready for a real cock in here now,” wiggling my fingers at their deepest point.

“Oh yes, yes, I am!” she moaned.

“You are what?” I teased.

“Oh,” she exclaimed as I pulled my fingers and shoved them back in roughly. “I’m ready for your cock in my ass.”

Again, I smiled to myself and said, “You have to beg remember?”

She looked over her shoulder, her eyes glazed over and a tiny orgasm subsiding, “Please fuck my ass….”

“No, that’s not begging…try again,” I replied, now pumping my hand harder and faster, really driving my fingers deep inside her.

“OH! PLEASE, PLEASE FUCK MY ASS!” she yelled, her head back down on the bed. “PLEASE! I NEED YOUR COCK IN MY ASS!”

Much better I thought.

I spat on my hand, smeared the spittle around my cock and placed the head at her tight opening. I pushed just the very tip in, then I grabbed her hips and said, “Jen, take a very deep breath and then let it out,” she did, then I said, “My cock is much bigger than two fingers, it is going to hurt for a minute or two, just don’t tense up. I’ll go slow and make you feel incredible. Now take another deep breath and let it out.”

As she let the breath out, I pushed the head in, the helmet popped right in and about an inch more of my cock was in her as she tensed up and yelled, “OH FUCK! TAKE IT OUT! OH PLEASE STOP!!!”

I didn’t move, just let her adjust. She tried to move away, but I held her tightly. “Another big, deep breath Jen,” I said.

She replied looking over her shoulder with tears in her eyes, “FUCK YOU! TAKE IT OUT!”

I continued to wait and then felt her release the tension just a bit; I took advantage and shoved another inch in.


Again, I held her tightly and just pushed on in. I went slowly, but she kept screaming for me to stop. After just a minute or so, I was fully inside her ass, my pubic area resting against her tiny ass. She was still crying and still cussing me, ordering me to remove it! I simply held her tightly, then reached under her and rubbed her pussy and clit.

The second my fingers rubbed against her clit she began to shake, a small orgasm hitting her again. As it did, her ass loosened up and I pulled a few inches out, and slid back in. I began to slowly fuck her tight butt, in and out a little further each time. Soon, I was pulling out to the head and sliding back in to the hilt. She was now moaning, partly because I was still rubbing her clit and partly because she was now enjoying her first anal fucking.

“Still want me to stop?” I teased, my cock head resting just inside her tight grip.

“No, please no,” she replied, breathing heavily.

“No? Are you sure? I can pull my cock out right now and end it,” I said, pulling back just a bit.

She looked over her shoulder, eyes still red and cheeks still wet with tears, “Don’t stop, please, please keep fucking my ass.”

I just smiled and started fucking her with all I had. I was pulling almost completely out and shoving back in as hard as I could. She was now groaning and moaning like a wild woman. She was thrusting her ass back towards me, making sure she got every inch that she could.

After a few more minutes, she began to quake hard, her orgasm hitting her and causing her to lose her balance. She slipped flat against the bed, with me continuing to bang my cock in and out of her ass. She shook hard and screamed out as she came.

Her ass tightened even more and I felt my balls pulling up, and seconds later I was filling her ass with my own creamy load. I kept my cock buried completely in her ass as her orgasm kept rocking through her. After a few minutes, she stopped shaking and I felt her relax completely. I slid my softening cock from her and slowly rolled her over. Her face was wet with tears, new tears that were streaming down her face.

“Jen, are you okay?” I said, moving off of her and lifting her face towards me.

A slight smile appeared on her face and she replied, “Never in my life have I ever been better.” She kissed me lightly on the lips and then added, “I’ve never had an orgasm like that, never. My ass was so full and the pressure was so intense and your magical fingers were just wonderful. “

Smiling back at her, “So, anal sex isn’t so bad after all, is that what you are saying?”

“Yes, jerk, anal sex, at least with you, is incredible, “she kissed me deeply again and then said, “and my ass is yours anytime, anywhere, and I mean it.”

I wiped the tears away and kissed her deeply. I suggested a hot shower and we headed off to the bathroom.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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