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Quick FYI: Codes are roughly for the entire book not just this chapter

Chapter 2

Eager as Kal had been for some more intimate time with Ikuno, the knight’s talk of food had gotten to him. As they walked back into the main cavern’s living area his stomach growled noisily. He stopped in embarrassment, his hands covering the offending body part. Ikuno kept walking over to a small set of wooden shelves that appeared to be made from lashed-together saplings with crude planks fitted in for holding items. She grabbed a cloth-wrapped bundle and tossed it to Kal. “Here eat this before that knight comes charging in here hoping to kill a giant frog,” she laughed.

“Really…” he answered glaring at her. The young man couldn’t keep up the annoyed act for more than a few seconds before breaking down and laughing along with the oni. He opened the cloth packet to find some dried meat and cheese. The meat he guessed to be venison though he couldn’t place the spices she had used, the cheese tasted like it was made from goat’s milk but was firmer than he was accustomed.

Kal took in his surroundings as he ate, having been too distracted earlier to truly examine Ikuno’s home. It appeared to be around twenty-five paces long and close to ten wide, with a vent hole in the middle of the vaulted roof that smoke from the torches made its way up to before disappearing into the darkness. On one side of the room was an oven that had been carved out of a boulder, much like the stone chair, the top polished to an almost mirror finish that Ikuno was able to cook directly on without the need for pans. To the left of the oven was her makeshift shelving where she kept all her cooking ingredients and where she had gotten his snack from. A few feet away from the other side was the oni’s bed, piled high with thick furs. Kal figured that keeping warm on cold winter nights was easier with the heated rock of the oven close by.

Having already finished her own food, Ikuno walked past him and set a white gourd-shaped bottle and a small ceramic cup on the bed then began undoing the buckles and ties that held on her meager clothing. Kal watched entranced as her top came off revealing a wonderful set of large blue breasts, each almost as big as his head and topped by dark blue areola the size of his palm. Her nipples were easily as thick as one of his fingers and were noticeably hard.

She ran her hands down her breasts, brushing the nipples with her fingers, then down into the belt that held the furs covering her front and rear. Turning away from Kal, she slowly pulled the leathers down revealing the blue globes of her ass followed by her rear pucker and finally her sex which was glistening wetly in the torchlight. Kal was reminded again how much bigger than him she was as she bent over and shook her ass at him. If he wanted to walk over and slip his tongue inside her he would barely have to bend his knees.

Thinking that sounded like fun, he took a step forward. However, the oni had been watching him and quickly stood up, moving out of reach. “Finish your food and your tour,” she said picking up the bottle and cup before laying on the bed, “growling bellies can ruin the mood almost as fast as a bunch of obnoxious knights.” Pouring the contents of the bottle into the small cup she raised it up as if making a toast. “I’m going to enjoy some saké while you explore.”


“Kind of like your corn whiskey but made from rice.” Ikuno downed the clear liquid in the cup, “Onis love the stuff regardless of our color but if we drink too much our skin turns red and we will stay drunk for days, months or even years. Heaven help the poor man who gets caught by a red Oni. If he’s lucky she will be too drunk to keep him from escaping. If not, then she’s likely to accidentally fuck him to death.”

“What a way to go,” said Kal popping a piece of cheese into his mouth and continuing his inspection of the cave. There were no torches towards the back of the cavern and as he got closer he could see large rectangular shapes in the darkness. Once his eyes adjusted to the light he was able to make out two large sets of carefully crafted shelves covered with rows and rows of…

“Books!” he exclaimed with surprise looking back and forth across the shelves. “Where on earth did you get so many?”

The small cup paused on its way to the oni’s lips. Confused, the Ikuno looked up, “You know how to read?”

Kal kept scanning the shelves with excitement, “My gran thought knowing how to read would be useful for my mother and bought a couple of books so she could learn; as I told the knight, my mother passed that on to me. We only have three, but I’ve probably read them hundreds of times.”

“A farmer who can read, you seem to be full of surprises Kal. There’s a table back there with a globe on a stand. Touch the globe.”

Stepping to the very back of the cave Kal saw a table by the wall with a chair next to it. The stand atop the table was a piece of polished wood with the lower leg and claws of some reptile or bird sticking out, in the claws was a ball made of clear crystal. Wondering why she would want him to touch something that looked so valuable he lightly tapped the globe. Pure brilliant light came flooding out of the crystal ball sending stabbing pain into Kal’s eyes, which had become accustomed to the dark of the room. Covering his eyes Kal stumbled out of the oni’s library in pain and confusion, gaziantep escort reklamları only to be met by uproarious laughter coming from the bed. Once his eyes had recovered he glared at the bed’s occupant who had curled up into a ball and was holding her belly from laughing so hard, one hand holding the bottle upright so she wouldn’t spill its contents. Ikuno looked up and saw him glaring at her, she sat up and tried to put on a straight face but that only lasted a second before she broke down into new peals of laughter collapsing back onto the bed.

“You could have warned me!” Kal said, trying to sound hurt, but the oni’s mirth was infectious and her naked body was reminding him of what was soon to come. It’s hard to stay mad at a woman you are about to sleep with.

Ikuno sat up again, wiping tears from the corners of her eyes, “My apologies Kal, I thought you knew it was a magic lantern.”

Eyes wide with wonder Kal looked over at the glowing orb again, “That’s magic?”

Ikuno smiled, “Yes, books are expensive and some of those are irreplaceable magical tomes. It would not do well to have torches near them. Touch the globe again to put the lantern out and come to bed, you can peruse my collection later. There are other things I would like to do before Sir Knight of Such n’ Such gets back.”

Kal cautiously approached the table and tapped the crystal ball again plunging him into darkness. “Well this looks familiar,” he said peering into the darkness as his eyes adjusted once again.

“Let’s see if we can do something that feels familiar too,” said Ikuno from the bed.

Kal turned around and stepped out of the library to see the blue oni lying on her back sideways across the bed, her head hanging off the side and mouth open as she beckoned him over. Kal shed his clothing as he approached, a smile coming to the oni’s face when his pants came off and she saw he was already hard.

He stopped just before reaching her and looked down smiling, “Perhaps it was a good thing it was dark the last time. If I didn’t already know how good it felt I would be terrified of letting those fangs close to me.”

Ikuno just smiled and reached out to grab his hips, pulling him to her. Instead of going into her mouth she pushed his cock up and licked her way down the underside to his balls as she drew him in. Kal groaned as her tongue went to work caressing each in turn and even taking one, then the other into her mouth and sucking gently. Finally she took both in her mouth at the same time and lavished attention upon them with her tongue. Slowly sliding them out of her mouth she placed a small kiss on each and asked Kal, “Would you like to see some more magic?”

Kal groaned at the lack of stimulation, “That felt pretty magical to me but if you have something else in mind…”

Ikuno closed her eyes and placed her lips against the base of his cock, she began whispering words that seemed to ring strangely in Kal’s ears. As she spoke the air around them almost hummed with energy and her words took on a deep eerie echo. As she finished speaking she grasped his hips to hold him firmly in place and nicked the base of his cock with one of her fangs, mixing the couple of drops of blood with some that she got from biting her own lip she used her long tongue to paint a ring around the base of Kal’s penis. When the sides of the circle came together all of the built-up energy in the room seemed to rush into his groin. His cock appeared to glow for a moment before everything returned to normal, the ring disappearing as the spell completed. Kal tried to pull away now that fear was no longer rooting him in place, but Ikuno held him firm. She spoke a few more words, less powerful but still strange to the young farmer, then licked the wounds she had made on his penis as well as her lip, both of them closing and healing over without a trace.

Kal’s eyes were wide and he was visibly shaking when Ikuno finally let him go, “What!?… What did you do to me!?” he said in a voice that bordered on hysteria.

Ikuno rolled over and took in the shaking boy, immediately regretting not letting him in on her plan. She got off the bed and stepped towards him, “Kal, I’m Sorr…”

Wild-eyed, Kal backpedaled away from her looking towards the cavern exit. Before he could bolt, her hand shot out and grabbed his arm pulling him into her embrace. Kal’s entire body stiffened with fear. “Be calm Kal,” she whispered stroking his head and back, “I didn’t do anything bad to you, I was just so excited that I forgot you have no experience with magic. Relax and I’ll tell you about your new gift.”

Over the next few minutes, Kal slowly relaxed in Ikuno’s arms until with a shuddering sigh he slumped into her chest. “I think I’m okay now,” he said.

“You continue to surprise me, farmer boy,” she said with a smile. “I didn’t think you would recover that quickly. Now, as for the spell, would you like me to explain it to you, or just show you? I’ll give you a hint: showing you will be a lot more fun.”

“I could use some fun right now,” he replied, sounding weary.

“Good choice!” she picked him up and laid him on the bed. Kal already knew she was strong but wasn’t sure he liked being manhandled so easily. “First things first,” she said then bent down and took his now soft gaziantep escort resimleri cock into her mouth, worries about being manhandled winked out of existence as his prick disappeared behind her soft lips. Ikuno bobbed up and down as her tongue swirled around Kal’s quickly growing prick. Within moments she had brought him back to full hardness.

“Now watch carefully,” she said as she got on the bed and swung a leg over to straddle his hips, his hard cock now pointed directly up at Ikuno’s pussy. “I really enjoyed having you inside me earlier, but I’m a big woman so I like things a bit more my size.”

Kal’s eyes widened as his penis suddenly grew and thickened into something more appropriate for his oni companion. Ikuno rubbed her nether lips over the head of his cock getting him lined up with her entrance then slowly slid down his, now considerable, length. “It’s… a …. compatibility enchantment,” she panted as she started to raise and lower herself, his new size was getting wonderfully deep and the larger girth was hitting all the right spots inside. “Oh fuck, that’s good,” she whispered.

Kal couldn’t help but agree, feeling his cock bottom out with each stroke was amazing and the friction from the added thickness left him speechless. Ikuno began to pick up the pace riding him harder and harder until she dropped herself down and moaned through her first climax. Kal was tempted to let himself go as her sex rippled up and down his length, same as it had before only far more intense this time. Through force of will managed to hold back.

Ikuno sat in a state of bliss, occasional aftershocks squeezing the cock inside her. Kal tapped her on the leg and indicated for her to raise up. Tightening around him as she lifted Kal had to once again fight back the urge to cum. Sliding out from beneath her gave him the little bit of time he needed to bring himself back from the edge. Kal scooted around behind Ikuno and with a hand on her back directed her to bend over.

Ikuno looked back at him and wiggled her ass, “There’s some salve on the shelf you can use for lube,” she said.

“Not yet, but soon,” he grunted. With her being so much larger than him he guided her hips down until her sex lined up with his raging prick. Pushing forward Kal sank back into the wonderous heat of Ikuno’s pussy, the oni moaning into the bed furs as he filled her. Taking hold of her hips he thrust into her a couple of times to get used to his new length, then gripping her tightly began to speed up until he was slamming into her without mercy. Ikuno pushed back into him enjoying the feeling of his cock lightly brushing her cervix each time he filled her, small mini orgasms rippled through her sex as she built up to another larger climax.

Kal continued pounding the nearly insensate oni, the constant gripping and rippling around his cock speeding him towards his own release. The familiar tingling was all the warning he got before his fingers sunk into the oni’s hips and he buried himself inside her, pulse after pulse of cum erupting from his cock and filling her with his seed. The feeling of Kal’s essence pouring into her triggered Ikuno’s own climax. Pushing back into him, she lifted her head and let out a deafening roar as she came.

The oni collapsed onto the bed furs as her orgasm subsided, pulling off of Kal’s still half-hard cock as she did, unlike last time he was still coated with a mixture of his seed and her juices. Ikuno rolled over onto her side, seeing Kal’s predicament and still too winded to talk she motioned him to come closer. Crawling up the bed he presented his now drooping penis to her, the oni then leaned over and gently took him in her mouth using her tongue to softly clean his over-sensitive prick. Finishing up she pulled away and planted a small kiss on its head.

“That’s too tasty of a treat to let go to waste,” she said grinning up at Kal. She lay back down on her side and raised an arm up as an invitation to lay down next to her, “I have a ward set up that will wake me when the someone gets close to the cave. How about a nap while we wait for the knights to come back?”

“Sounds wonderful,” replied Kal lying down next to her. As he was getting comfortable he stopped and chuckled, “I had always thought the first time I did this I would be the bigger one.”


The Knights of the Lion’s Shield made their way down the narrow trail, the three knights and two squires now accompanied by a dejected looking teenage girl astride the last horse. They stopped with the blue ogre’s cave a short way ahead, the other two pulling up beside the knight who had brought the girl.

“Did she speak to you Brother Corrin?” asked one of the knights. “Did she witness this ogre killing Sir Michael? I’d like to be done with this blue bitch and be on our way.”

“Peace, Brother Galen, she was only able to get out a few words before she broke down in tears to the point she couldn’t speak. However, from what I could make out I’m certain this is the girl we were looking for.” Corrin’s face darkened as he remembered the girl’s sobbing tale.

“Something bothers you, Brother Corrin?” said the other knight.

“Yes Brother Balthus, but it can wait until after our business here is done. I recommend we go in fully prepared for a fight.”

Galen grinned with excitement at his words. “Squire! gaziantep escort sitesi Assist me!” he bellowed as he directed his horse away from the group and dismounted, his squire rushing over to help.

Balthus looked back at his own squire. “Boy, assist Sir Corrin with his armor and battle preparations.” Turning back to Corrin he said, “I believe I’ll be sitting this one out.”

Corrin looked at Balthus with confusion. “It’s unlike you to seem so confident in Brother Galen and myself.”

“On the contrary, I fully believe that this one is far out of our ability to handle. We are knights, not paladins, I have a strange feeling only a paladin could hope to stand up to her. She certainly is no normal ogre.”

“While I must agree that I have never seen a blue ogre before or one so well spoken I don’t see why you think she would give us difficulty.”

“Her horns, Brother. Ogre horns grow very slowly. All of the green ogres we have dispatched have had small black spikes that were barely longer than their hair could cover. This one has those long curving golden horns,” Balthus held his fingers up in an approximation of their length, “I believe that one has been on this earth for a very long time and that we are not the first of our kind she has had to deal with.”

“If you are correct Brother Balthus, then would it not be wise to turn away from this confrontation?”

“And have Galen bring us up before tribunal for cowardice? Not on your life! Let the young hothead take the lead on this. If I’m wrong, he will have no trouble dispatching her and he can go revel in his glory and women. However, if I am right, then we will be there to step in and save his arse.”

The knights looked over as they heard Galen yelling at his squire before cuffing him upside the head and knocking the boy to the ground. Shaking his head Balthus continued, “His posturing works with peasants and such, but he has never faced something that could kill him with ease. Something happened between them after you and I left, something that scared him badly and he hasn’t been taking it well.”

“You hope to use this as a lesson? You play a dangerous game, Brother. If you lose and Galen dies, I’ll be honor bound to cut you down myself.”

“I wouldn’t do this if I truly feared for Galen’s life. However, if I’m wrong and he dies, I’ll offer my head without a fight. If you’ll excuse me I’m going to try talking to the girl as you get prepared.”

Corrin nodded solemnly then motioned for Balthus’s squire to follow him.

“One moment, Sir Corrin, I need to speak with Sir Balthus for a moment,” said the squire.

“Only a moment, squire. I don’t wish to be in these woods come nightfall.” Corrin replied.

The squire brought his horse up beside Balthus’s and leaned over, a look of worry on his face, “You aren’t giving me to him, are you?” he whispered anxiously glancing over at where Galen’s squire was slowly getting up from being knocked down yet again. The boy wiped his nose with the back of his hand, both knight and squire could see red streak it left.

“Sir Corrin has never treated his squires like that, but no Jamus I’m not giving you away. If I did that then I would have to be the one setting up camp, making dinner, brushing horses and gathering firewood. Sounds like too much work for an old man like me, your position is secure.” Balthus said smiling. “Go, attend to Sir Corrin now. I agree with him that it would be good to conclude our business and be out of these woods come sunset.” Relieved, Jamus nudged his horse over to where Sir Corrin waited for him.

“And now for you, young lady,” said Balthus bringing his horse next to hers. The girl shied away from him, leaning away and holding her hands up in defense. Balthus stopped in confusion, some people were wary of knights, but her reaction was extreme. She was completely terrified of him.

“I only wish to talk to you. I’m not going to hurt you,” he said in a soothing voice.

“ ‘M sorry sir, but I don’ believe you,” she whimpered.

Balthus was taken aback, “Why is that?”

“Cuz the last un’ hurt me, sir,”

“The last one?” Balthus glanced over at Sir Corrin.

“Not ‘im sir, but ‘e did ‘ave my brother thrown in stocks for lying,” the girl began sobbing, “and he’s going to beat me so bad when I get ‘ome.” she wailed, tears flowing freely down her cheeks.

Balthus snapped his fingers in front of her face startling her before she got too wound up, “Stay with me for a moment longer. The other knight, how did he hurt you?” Instead of answering the girl reached back and covered her backside. Balthus’s eyes widened in comprehension and he swore under his breath. Bowing to the girl he said, “Thank you for your time, good lady. I’ll trouble you no further.” Balthus turned away and trotted his horse over to where Jamus was cinching down the straps on Sir Corrin’s armor.

“Do you have an alternative?” Balthus snapped.

Corrin looked up, studying Balthus’s face he realized that the girl had told him, or at least told him enough. Corrin sighed, “Not yet but I’m trying to find one. Your help would be appreciated.”

Balthus nodded and turned his horse away growling in frustration.

Jamus glanced between the two knights, unsure of what was going on. He was certain though that he had never seen his master so upset before.


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