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Claire simply couldn’t believe it… Where did the time go? The September long weekend was past, the kids had been back at school for a few weeks and now Halloween was approaching. Was she getting old? she wondered. Did time actually speed up after you hit 40? She didn’t like to think so, but…

With just a few days to go until Halloween, Claire was rushing around, trying to find the kids some decent costumes to wear. For the first time, she and Steve weren’t going to have to entertain them for Halloween. After a few years of going door to door, trick or treating, the kids were old enough to have a Halloween party at school, complete with costumes. And afterward, a friend from down the street had invited the kids for an evening party.

And wouldn’t you know it, she thought, after years of turning down adult Halloween party invitations because of the kids, they weren’t invited anywhere this year. No doubt because they had turned everybody down for so long. Oh well, maybe something last minute would happen.

Finally, Steve thought to himself, no Halloween with the kids this year. No bundling them up for the cold, no standing out in the street while they collected their loot from the neighbours, no picking through candy to make sure nothing dangerous was tossed in with it. And no invitations to lame parties… He and Claire could stay home and relax; let somebody else entertain the kids for the evening. Hmmm, he wondered. Halloween was on a Monday this year. Could there be a Monday Night Football game on? He hoped so.

Jillian, of course, wanted to be a puppy. She loved animals and always wanted to be a puppy. James was a little older and a martial arts fan. He, of course, wanted to be a Ninja again. Claire had found a couple of suitable costumes and, with a school pamphlet in hand, decided that, for safety’s sake, she’d facepaint them, rather than have them wear masks. Masks didn’t offer much visibility and she wanted the kids to have a safe and fun holiday. Looking over the paints in a local store, she picked out a couple of packages with suitable colours – there’d even be enough for her to paint her own face in order to hand out candy at the door.

Damn it, thought Steve. He was all set for a quiet Halloween night with beer, pizza and football. But when he had mentioned his thoughts to Claire, she hit the roof. Just because the kids weren’t going to be home and nobody had invited them to a party didn’t mean they couldn’t enjoy Halloween. Whatever. So now he was in charge of carving the Jack O’ Lanterns, one for Jillian and one for James, to put in the window on Halloween night. The kids always had their own. Worse yet, Claire expected him to come up with a stupid costume so they could give candy away at the door. Shit. What a waste of time.

Claire was fuming after the argument with Steve. Beer? Pizza and football? Just because nobody had invited them to a party? No way was Steven going to get off that easy. She was going to get a big bowl of Halloween candy to hand out, she’d get a good costume and they’d have fun together. It was settled.

The morning after the argument, Claire was getting ready for work and trying to find something to wear. Steve was downstairs with the kids, getting them breakfast before he left for work. Standing before the full-length mirror on her closet door, she stopped to look at herself. Her shoulder-length black hair had no grey in it and her body, on close inspection, hadn’t sagged too much despite the two kids, she thought. Still looking in the mirror, she undid her bra and tossed it on the bed, then slid off her panties. Gazing critically once again, she noticed some sag in her breasts and a little tummy bulge that hadn’t completely gone away after Jillian’s birth. The legs were still very good, she thought, and the fine hair of her pubic patch was still jet black. All in all, she thought, still pretty fuckable for an older woman.

Striking a couple of poses before the mirror, she pondered a costume for herself. Lifting her breasts, she thought of the kids’ costumes and smiled. She knew what she was going to do for a costume this year.

After waiting in line at the grocery store, where pumpkins were in short supply because he had left buying them until Oct. 29, Steve looked at what he was left with. One small pumpkin, kind of lopsided, could have a tiny scary face carved into it. The other one, big, but kind of flattened on top, would be okay with a wide face cut into it. Sighing, he figured Sunday football games on TV would be put on hold while he carved the Jack O’ Lanterns for Monday night. And as to a costume? He had no friggin’ idea.

Driving home from work on Friday, the 28th, Claire stopped in at a sex shop she’d noticed en route. She’d never darkened the store’s door, but she knew what she needed for her costume.

“What can I do for you,” asked a Goth-y looking clerk behind the counter.

“Oh, just looking,” said Claire, walking away from the young man who she thought had leered at her. Walking down the aisles, sikiş izle she took in the dildos, French Maid costumes (which she pondered), porn videos and sex games. A little embarrassed and flushed, she finally found what she wanted near the back of the store. Body paint. The kids’ facepaint had given her the idea and Steve’s crankiness about having fun on Halloween had given her another. She was going to wear nothing but body paint when she went downstairs Halloween night. That’d show Steve. She’d tease the hell out of him for being such a poor sport.

But what colours? Looking at a shelf beyond the paint, she noticed a couple of cat masks and a half-face tiger mask. Yes. Orange and black it would be. She’d be a sexy tiger, that would work. She picked up half a dozen large containers of paint. She had no idea how much a person might need, and was too embarrassed to ask the Goth behind the counter. And if she changed her mind, she wanted other colours, just in case.

At home after dinner, with Steve in front of the TV downstairs and the kids playing noisily in their rooms, Claire pulled out her cache of body paint. Opening the orange, she applied some to her arm, trying to figure out how much it would take and how long to apply it. The bright orange went on smoothly and felt quite nice, actually. This would definitely work, she thought.

During the typical busy weekend, they did some shopping, took the kids to swim lessons and, as he had feared, Steve was stuck carving Jack O’ Lanterns on Sunday during the football games. Still, once he got carving, he settled in and kind of enjoyed himself, though he’d never admit it to Claire. The small pumpkin had a tiny devil’s face, with horns, cut into it, while the big one had long narrow eyes, fangs and a triangular nose. Sitting them on a bookshelf, he thought they looked just fine. But when Claire called from the kitchen to ask whether he had a costume or not, he swore to himself, but said, “yeah, sure. What do you think?”

Looking at the pumpkins, he had an idea. He’d just cut the bottom out of the big one and wear it like a stupid costume. That should be good enough for Claire. Even kinda artsy, he thought. That night, he found a tub of the body paint on the floor of their closet. Must be what Claire was going to use for the kids’ costumes, he thought. Although this was green and they were going as a puppy and a Ninja, so it didn’t quite make sense. Looking at the green paint, an idea occurred to him. A pumpkin head and the pumpkin plant would be? Green, of course. Laughing to himself, he knew what his costume would be. The big pumpkin on his head; the green paint all over the rest of him. That’d show Claire he could come up with a good costume on his own. And if she wanted him to hand out candy, well, he couldn’t very well scare the neighbourhood kids, could he? That’d work.

Halloween morning was a busy one, what with getting the puppy and Ninja in costume and off to school. From after school until 8 p.m. though, the kids would be at the neighbour’s house for dinner and the Halloween party. Claire fussed with their facepaint and costumes and finally pronounced they were ready for Halloween. She and Steve gave each other a peck on the cheek on the way to work.

After work, they were both home for dinner and Steve whipped up some scallops and linguini in white wine sauce which was delicious. Looking across the table, Claire said, “I hope you have your costume ready.”

“Of course I do. Do you?”

“Of course. And I’m going upstairs right now to put it on. Don’t come up there, it’s a surprise.”

“I won’t,” he said, “I’ve got mine downstairs here. It’s a surprise too.”

Steve took the big pumpkin he had carved into the kitchen, flipped it over and cut out a large circle with a chef’s knife. The opening was too small for his head, so he cut a little more, then tried it again. It fit, although he couldn’t see too well out of it. With it resting on his shoulders, he could only see ahead out of the nose and down at the floor through the teeth and fangs. It was kind of heavy too. Oh well.

Heading into the downstairs bathroom, he pulled the body paint from under a cabinet where he’d hidden it. Stripping down, he tossed his clothes in a corner and looked at what he could see of himself naked in the mirror over the sink. Well, he thought, they say dark colours are slimming. Maybe the old love handles won’t be as obvious.

Dipping his fingers into the paint, he began applying at his neck, then moved down his arms and chest, where it matted a little in the hair. Straining to reach around his back, he smeared the dark green under his arms and as far as he could reach behind him. Covering his belly, he then started at his feet and worked up; again, the paint matted a bit in the hair on his legs. He smoothed it over his ass, even between his cheeks. As he did, his cock was hardening. It never took much… Finally, he was pretty well covered all over, except at his crotch.

Should he put the stuff on his cock? brazzers He wasn’t sure. Reading the label on the paint wasn’t much help; it didn’t say if there were places it shouldn’t be put. But he looked stupid as he was; green all over except his cock and balls, which were their usual winter white colour. Looking at himself in the mirror, he had a sudden inspiration.

As he stepped out of the bathroom, Claire called from upstairs. “Are you ready down there? Kids will be showing up soon.”

“I’m almost ready. Are you ready?”

“Just about.” In their bedroom, Claire examined herself in the full-length mirror. Her face was now a light orange, with black lipstick, eyeliner and whiskers. A few whisps of hair were gelled into ears. The rest of her was covered in diagonal orange and black tiger stripes. Each breast was a different colour and her pubic hair was blended into a black stripe across her pelvis. Except for a tiny spot between her shoulder blades that she just couldn’t reach, she now looked like a tiger from head to toes. She was happy with the effect; hard nipples and all from applying the paint.

Downstairs, Steve had turned up the thermostat because he felt cold and he had finished his costume. Now more in the spirit of the occasion, he lit a couple of dozen candles all over the downstairs and turned off all the lights. Hitting play on the CD player, classic blues wafted into the living room. Moving to a dark corner of the living room, he yelled upstairs… “Hey Claire, I’m ready for Halloween, are you? I thought you said kids will be showing up right away. Are we giving out candy this year or what?” Laughing to himself, he waited for Claire to come down the stairway. He didn’t know if he should jump out and try to surprise her, or…

At the top of the stairs, Claire noticed the lights were out and was pleased that Steve had done something to create an eerie, Halloween-y effect. Feeling a little foolish, she started down the stairs. She wasn’t going to be handing out candy at the door, but Steve could still do that.

Watching, Steve couldn’t quite tell in the dark what costume Claire had on as she came down the stairs. But when she reached the bottom where several candles were lit, the soft light fell across her bare, tiger-striped body. The colours on her skin seemed enhanced by shadows from the candlelight.

“Wow,” said Steve from inside the pumpkin, looking out through its nose. “That’s amazing.”

“You like?” said Claire, spinning around on the bare balls of her feet so he could see all of her.

“No shit I like. You look incredible.”

Claire looked to the dark corner where Steve was standing. She could see the big pumpkin and the small pumpkin, lit, below it. But Steve’s dark green was camouflaging him. “And what do we have here?” Moving toward Steve, she gave an impression of a cat’s movements. Sinuous, stretching her way across the room to him. Steve didn’t move. As she got closer, she realized he was wearing the big pumpkin as a mask.

Looking lower, she saw that he was holding the small lit pumpkin at his groin. Now right in front of him, she saw that he too was all bare, but for green body paint. “Hmmmm… Looks like I missed putting some of that paint away.” She ran her fingers over Steve’s green chest, feeling the lightly matted paint there. Running her fingers down his belly, she touched his fingers, which were gripping the small pumpkin in front of him. “Cute pumpkin,” she whispered.

Still with her fingers on Steve’s hands, she moved to almost kneel in front of him, disappearing from his view. She didn’t want paint on the floor. At the pumpkin’s level, she looked inside through the devil’s face. “My, my. What an interesting Jack O’ Lantern we have here.” Standing again where Steve could see her through the nose hole, she looked down and removed the top of the pumpkin. Then giggled. Steve had a cut a hole in the back of the pumpkin and his unpainted cock and balls were now inside it. Along with a tiny flashlight that was providing illumination.

“Very imaginative, Steve. I guess we’re not going to be giving out much candy, are we?”

“The hell with the candy. This is already the best Halloween we’ve had.”

Claire put the top back on the pumpkin, then stepped away from him. “Stay here.” Moving to the kitchen, she brought back the big bowl of mini chocolate bars she thought they’d give out to the kids. Popping off the top of the little pumpkin again, she reached inside and caressed Steve’s stiff cock lightly. “What a big surprise you have there, young man.”

“It’s just for you,” he said, wanting to just drop the pumpkin.

“You’re too kind,” she said. “But we must remember that it is Halloween.” And with that, she dumped several of the chocolate bars into the pumpkin with his manhood. “Now come here.” Taking one of his hands as he fumbled to hold the small pumpkin with the other, she pulled him into the centre of the room. Then she gathered several of the burning candles and placed them on nearby fake taxi porno tables and chairs.

“Now then, let’s have a look at you.” Like herself, Steve had managed to cover himself in green, except for a spot between his shoulder blades. Looking at him, she admired the way the green covered his ass and legs, even into the crack. She ran her fingers over his back, then his bum, then moved around in front of him again. “My, what a big head you have Mr. Jack O’ Lantern. I quite like that in a pumpkin.” She could see Steve smiling inside his pumpkin.

Reaching down to the small pumpkin, she removed its lid with one hand while rummaging around for a chocolate bar with the other; touching him slightly as she did so. Holding it up, she said, “want one?” In the pumpkin, Steve nodded. Claire peeled the wrapper from the bar, then slid it through the pumpkin mouth to Steve’s. He gobbled it.

Reaching to the pumpkin again, she rummaged around and took out another bar. She looked into the pumpkin again. “Do you mind if I have one?” Steve shook his head and the pumpkin wobbled on his shoulders. Claire unwrapped the bar, then put her face near the pumpkin’s nose hole where Steve could see. She placed the end of the bar between her lips, then pushed it into her mouth. Using her tongue, she pushed it back out. She then took the end with her fingertips and slowly slid it in and out of her mouth. “Mmmmmm.

“Want another one?” Steve, anticipating her feeling around for it in the pumpkin, nodded again.

“I’d love one.”

Claire fumbled around a little in his pumpkin, brushing his cock with her fingertips, before removing another bar. She opened it and fed it to Steve through the pumpkin’s opening again. “I wonder if I should have another?”

“Please do,” said Steve. “Have as many as you like.”

“I don’t know, I’ve heard they’re pretty fattening.”

“Ah, they’re just tiny little bars. Go ahead and have another.”

Claire reached in for another. This time, she wrapped her fingers around him and held him for a few seconds. “Oh, that bigger treat is still in there…”

“Have it if you’d rather.”

“Oh, I don’t think so, a big yummy like that would definitely be fattening.” Claire repeated her performance with the little chocolate bar, so Steve could see; making love to it with her lips. This time, though, she found she was turning herself on as well. Her nipples were now very erect in their orange and black paint, and she was feeling a little wet.

Standing in front of Steve, she took the small pumpkin in her hands and pulled it away from him. Against the dark green paint that surrounded them, his cock and balls stood out whitely. As she gazed at him, Steve reached to take the pumpkin off his head. “Now, now,” she said, taking his hands in hers. “It’s too early to take our costumes off. You’ll have to leave that for a while.” She directed his hands to her breasts instead. “Gently now, don’t ruin the paint.”

Straining to see her through the pumpkin, Steve gently squeezed and kneaded her breasts as he watched her tiger face. As he felt the smooth paint and pinched her nipples lightly with his fingers, she smiled, closed her eyes, wrapped her fingers around his cock and squeezed. Moving a step closer to him, she caressed his balls with her left hand and began stroking him with her right.

Steve moaned as she stroked him; pushing his foreskin back, then pulling it over his head. As she lightly fondled his balls, he couldn’t help but pump into her hand, matching her strokes. Eyes open now, Claire pushed Steve’s hands from her breasts as she looked down at him. Feeling his warmth, she stroked faster, enjoying the full firm feel of him.

Badly wanting to watch her handiwork, Steve held the pumpkin on his head and tried to bend over to watch. As he did, though, he bumped the top of Claire’s head with the pumpkin. “Ouch,” she chuckled. “Steady there big boy. Can’t see anything?”

“I can’t see a fucking thing,” he whined. “C’mon Claire, let me take this damn thing off.”

“After all the trouble you went to on that costume? Not yet, big boy. Keep your big head on.”

“Awww. Claire.”

Looking into the pumpkin, Claire leered at him as she ran her hands over his chest. Then she left his view as she squatted in front of him. Feeling cool air on her pussy, she ran a finger lightly between her lips. So wet. Looking again at Steve’s cock, she pulled his foreskin back and ran her tongue over the head. Licking his peehole, she squeezed his shaft as he groaned. Holding his shaft, she parted her black lips with his cock, slowly taking him deep into her mouth. Leaving him deep, she fondled his balls until she needed more air. Popping off him, she sucked his head into her mouth and tongued him.

At that, Steve couldn’t take any more. Reaching up, he lifted the pumpkin off his head and set it on a shelf within reach. Looking down, he saw that Claire’s eyes were closed again in pleasure and she had him firmly between her black lips. As he watched she sucked on him, cheeks puffing in and out, then moved up and down his shaft twisting her head as she did. He could hardly take his eyes off her, but he felt the old familiar pressure building. But when she started lightly humming, he had had enough.

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