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I hate the dentist. I just loath every trip to one. The uncomfortable chair, the poking and scratching in your mouth, and of course the pain that always seem to come with these so joyous moments of my life. And now here I am again, leaning back in this chair with this chatty hygienist getting ready to work in my mouth. Well ever since I had to go to the hygienist nick named Attila the Hun I have taught myself self hypnosis so I can at least block out most of the experience from my brain. I have perfected it by now and most trips anymore are just a blur; except for this one.

This hygienist is new to the office and this was the first time I had seen her. She is a small little thing, maybe 5’2″ 100 lbs, thin build, blond with hair pulled back in a pony tail. I am horrible guessing age, but my guess would have mid thirties. She introduced herself as Jes Davidson and tells me that she has only been here for a few weeks. So we go through the customary introductions and banter back and forth about the weather, how she saw my partner, Heather, and cleaned her teeth a few days before. I sit down continuing to answer the required chatter that all hygienists seem to require. She tells me to open my mouth, and I close my eyes, and start my breathing and counting backwards from eight. In a few moments I am just barely aware of what is going on and completely relaxed.

There is a down side of self hypnosis. If you are tired, your mind can start to drift, and my mind tends to drift to about one thing…sex. An image of what I walked in on the day before drifted into my mind.

I worked late that day and when I came home I found my lover there in the living room, legs spread wide, going at it with her toys. Let me tell you it really was quite the scene to come home to and started an intense session of sex. The next thing I knew was a sharp stab of pain and my eyes flinched and my steady breathing became a sudden intake of air. My trance was broken.

“I am so sorry Tom. I did not mean to wake you from your sleep. I just slipped a little,” Jes tries to explain to me.

I just mumbled something to her and it was at this moment I opened my eyes and saw my hard-on sticking straight up forming a tent in my trousers. I also noticed a slight pink shade to Jes’s cheeks. So that is what caused the slip. The cleaning continues, but I never really did manage to get back to my trance. Part because I feared where my mind would take me. So I just endured through the rest of the cleaning the best I could. Truth was she was very good and it did not hurt at all, which confirmed my suspicions that something must have distracted her and I was sure I knew what it was.

When she finished and I was starting to sit up Jes said, “Well that was not too bad except for that one slip huh. Again, I am very sorry for that and for waking you up.”

“I was not asleep,” I explained. “I can do this self hypnosis thing that just sort of puts me in a relaxed state so that I am not all that aware of what is going on around me.” I smiled at her. “Not that I needed it this time. You really were very good. I barely felt anything after the trance was broke.”

“Oh. I wish I could do that. It looked… relaxing,” Jes turned away from me and started to work on the computer screen.

“You know Jes, it is not that difficult to do. It just takes some practice,” I told her as I suppressed the urge to pull that pony tail.

She smiles and starts to schedule my next appointment and she kept urging me to take certain times. I ask her if we can do some other time and she tells me that it is just that those are times she is available, but if I really want another hygienist.

“No, go ahead and schedule me a time when you are available,” I assured her. “Besides it would give me another time to show you self hypnosis again,” I said taking the appointment card.

She then turns to me, looking slightly embarrassed, and then spoke with a smile, “You know I really would like to learn that sooner. I could really use that to help me relax.” She starts to walk me to the door to leave.

An idea popped into my mind and hoped it would work. “If you like, I am sure that I can show you how before then. If you are free on Friday you could come over and I am sure that my partner, Heather, and I could teach you ways to relax.”

She accepted without a moment hesitation, blushed, and then said that she has another appointment waiting so she had better go.

I told her, “Why don’t you give Heather a call this afternoon and arrange the time. I am sure you have our number.”

She assured me she would and then we said our goodbyes and I left hopeful that in a few days I will get to see more of little Jes Davidson.


As soon as I opened the door I hear from the living room, “I got an interesting phone call from a Jes Davidson today Tom.” Heather was sitting in the living room feet on the coffee table with a book in her lap.

I throw my keys on the table and walk over and sit next to her. “I hope you were nice to her Heather. I invited her over on Friday.”

She looked at me Göztepe Escort put the book down and straddled my lap. “I was nice to her and she will be here by 7:00. But why did you agree to teach her that hypnosis crap. I don’t know a thing about it and I know that you never could teach me when I asked. So why do you think you can help her?” Her hips started to rub back and forth and her hands started to unbutton my shirt.

“Did you tell her that?” I asked and moved my hands to flow threw her silky hair.

“Well we did talk about things and I told her that I did not know how much help I would be. Odd thing was she seemed sure that I could help her. It sounds like you are trying to cook something up Tom. We have talked about this but you have never acted on it before so why now and why her.”

Her hands start to run through my chest hair as she continues to grinds on my lap. It is starting to have a definite effect. I love the way she welcomes me home. It is almost always with a cheery hello, a kiss, or like today, something else. My hands went down and started to rub her breasts through her shirt while I told her about the experience at the dentist today and how she made it clear she wanted to see me again before out next appointment. “Then I told her to contact you and arrange it was to test your response. If you talked to her and said OK then I knew that you would be OK with this too. From the way you are behaving I would say that you are not mad at me.”

“She probably thought that you were thinking of her and felt flattered you know. We can see how this plays out Tom, but no promises OK.” Her hands go down to my pants and start to undo the button and I raise up enough and help her take them off. She drops to her knees in front of me and begins to suck me in.

She does give amazing blow jobs. The way her tongue swirls around the head; the way she can take me all the way in; the way she looks me in the eye as she is doing it. “Oh Heather, that feels so good. If you keep going like that I am going to come soon.”

She looks up and slowly starts to stroke me. “Of course I do… why else would I be doing this.” And with that she turned up the heat even more. Started to add her hands while she was sucking me, another hand cupping my balls and all too soon I am shooting my cum into her mouth. As she finishes she smiles at me and then gives me a deep kiss enabling me to taste myself in her mouth. “Welcome home Tom. I can’t wait for Friday.”

Neither could I. I reached down, picked her up, and took her into the bedroom to thank her for her welcome.

I tossed her onto the bed, and went to her drawer. “Hmm… oh what to do,” I speak to the air. I reach down and grab one and turn around to see her watching me.

“Uh oh… I know that look Tom. Wait… ” She begins to back away.

I don’t feel like chasing her down today so before she has a chance to jump off the bed. I grab hold of a leg and pull her to me. “Were you going to run away from me Heather?” She tries to twist away from me and starts to roll over grabbing the opposite side of the bed trying to pull away from me all the while giggling. I reach down, flip her back over and then work at removing those pants.

“Oh help! No, don’t do this Tom, please let me go.” She really needs to be a better actor and that smile on her face is even less convincing, but damn is she putting up a fight tonight! She is bucking and twisting and turning and trying to resist me.

I bend over her and push my hand onto her chest holding her down putting my weight behind it. “You are only going to hurt yourself more resisting me. I will take you no matter what resistance you put up.” I pull her pants off and, to make sure she does not put up another round I of resistance, I grab her panties along with the pants.

She tries to get away from my grasp, her nails digging at my wrist that is holding her down. “No! Please don’t do this Tom,” she begs still smiling.

Funny that she has not yet closed her legs. Before she remembers that, I take the vibrator that I left on the bed and forcefully jam it in her pussy. Her pleads are replaced with different sounds. I turn on the vibrator and then begin to move it quickly in and out of her. Releasing my pressure on her I get my hand inside of her blouse and free a breast from her bra. “So you wanted to play hard to get huh; make me work for it. Well now you are going to get it!”

I grab her arm, pull on it and, using it, I roll her over keeping it twisted behind her back. She squeals and I let go of the vibrator and it slides out and drops to the bed. I move in position and quickly take her fully from behind. With her face shoved into the bed I can just barely make out her cries, but I could tell that she was loving this as she raised her ass up so that I would fuck her deeper. I feel her wiggle a hand under her and feel her find the discarded vibrator and apply it to her clit.

I grabbed for her hair and pulled her head back just far enough that I could hear her without the sound getting muffled. “Heather you are so hot you know Göztepe Escort Bayan that! I love to fuck you like this with your ass up like this taking me so deep. Oh I can fell that vibrator on my balls too you know. You like me to fuck you like this don’t you Heather?” I cannot make out the affirmation from her moans and breathing. She must be close. I pull back on her arms and start to fuck her harder. Then she gives a long prolonged scream and I let go of her hair and arm and grab her hips and fuck her all the way through her orgasm as I feel her tight pussy pulsating squeezing my dick. I still did not cum, but I did not do this just for me. I slow down and then lie flat on top of her. I kiss her ear and whisper into it, “Thank you for earlier Heather.”

“Oof Tom. You are heavy like that!” I go to start to move and her hands grasp my arm. “No, don’t move yet. Just lie there. I love the feel of you in me like this,” Heather tells me. “Why do you do that to me Tom? I will never understand why I like that so much. Hmmmm.”

And so I stay still, taking some of my weight off of her, but still keeping her pinned under me. I slowly start to slide in and out of her in shallow short motions. “Mmmm just like that Tom. Oh that feels nice,” Heather purs. She turns her head and just lies there enjoying the stimulation. I know that she won’t come like this, but she is right, it is nice. We stayed like that till my ass started to get cold and I rolled off of her and we both started to tell each other about our respected days.


Friday night! Jes was due to be over soon and both Heather and I were excited and nervous. We had talked about this night several times over the last few days and both of us were still unsure what to expect. Heather had never been with another women before, and neither of us has ever done anything like this before. Heather has been far more nervous than I about this evening. She is still unsure if she wants me to fuck her and is really unsure about what her response to Jes will be. I have assured her that no matter what happens that if she does not want something or to stop that I would.

A little before 7 the door bell rings. I go to the door to greet Jes. “Evening Jes. Glad you could make it. You look great!” If there was any question about what she was really here for, it was answered as soon as I saw her. She was dressed in a sexy red dress that really showed off her breasts that I failed to notice at the dentist’s office. I brought her into the living room and Heather was there on the couch sipping some wine. Her eyes seemed to sparkle as soon as she sees Jes.

“Jes I think that you remember Heather. Heather this Jes, Jes can I go and get you a glass of wine?” Her eyes never left Heather as she nodded her head.

I left and then came back to find Jes sitting on Heather’s lap kissing her. As I look on, my dick begins to harden. I was wondering how I would feel when I saw this and now all I can feel is a huge urge to just take Heather and fuck her till she screams. It was clear that Jes had done this before. She was leading Heather and I could tell that Heather was really getting into this. “Hey! You two are starting without me.”

Jes’s hands where holding Heather’s head and Heather’s hands were sliding up Jes’s thighs. Heather breaks her kiss and looks at me. “Well, she said that she did not know how she was going to relax being so nervous. So we just decided to clear the air of any sexual tension.” Jes laughed a little bit and looked at my pants. “It looks like you have some sexual tension that needs releasing as well,” Heather commented and beckoned me over.

Jes jumped off of Heather’s lap and I took the glasses of wine and sat them on the table and then just sat between them. Jes came over and started to kiss me. She is a much more timid of a kisser than Heather is. Her lips just brushing mine, her mouth more closed, and her tongue just barely leaving her lips.

I feel Heather working on my pants and soon she has them off. She bends over and takes me into her mouth and starts to suck on me. Jes breaks our kiss and reaches down and slides down to the floor. She taps Heather on the head. “Mind if I have a turn Heather?”

This is the moment we were wondering about. Heather raised her head and Jes got between my legs grabbed my cock and started to lick the length of it and then pops the head into her mouth. My eyes turn to Heather. Her eyes watch as Jes slowly takes my length into her mouth and then goes back up. I reach over and grab Heather’s hand and raise her eyes to mine.

I mouth the words, “You OK?” She nods her head and I bend forward and kiss her. My hands go to her breasts and start to remove her shirt. Heather’s eyes keep drifting down to Jes and her head going up and down on my dick. When her shirt is off I bend down and take a nipple into my mouth while my hands work to finish undressing her. When I got her pants off we both started to watch Jes do her thing on me.

Jes’s was sliding out of her dress while she was sucking on me. Looking down at her Escort Göztepe she really did look so small and petite except for those nice breasts, though still smaller then Heather’s. My hand went down to the back of her head and started to guide her. I reached over with my other hand and started to kiss Heather. I then slid around to the side of her head, nibbled on her ear and in a faint whisper said, “You still give the best head you know.” Heather turned kissed me hard on the mouth and then swung her legs over mine facing away from me.

“Excuse me dear. I just have to fuck Tom right now.” Jes moved aside and finished undressing. Heather came up faced away from me an sat down on my hard wet dick. “Oh yeah… that is what I wanted,” Heather purred.

Jes got down on her knees and then started to lick Heather’s clit while she fucked me. My arms wrapped around Heather cupping her breasts and pinching her nipples. Heather was riding me hard and I could feel Jes’s fingers touching Heather while she started to lick my balls. The sounds of Heather panting and groaning, the feeling of Heather’s tight pussy and Jess’s tongue is just getting too much for me.

“Oh you two are going to make me come very soon you know. Keep going Heather! Ride me!” I took hold of her hips and started to help her fuck me faster. “Here it comes…I am cumming…AAAHhhhhhh.”

Heather kept riding me as I came and then suddenly she was off of me. Jes had pushed her off and now was kneeling between her legs eating out her pussy. Heather grabber Jes’s head and pushed her face into her cum filled pussy. I see Jes’s fingers finger fucking Heather as she sucks out the mixture of our sex. Heather begins to scream and I see her whole body tighten up as she cums into Jes’s mouth. She then collapses and I reach over and give her a kiss. Jes comes up and sits on the other side of me still licking her lips.

Heather turns to us. “Wow! That was just amazing Jes.” She stands up. “I feel that I am being a bad hostess. I know that I will not be nearly as good as you at that but I bet I have a few things that can help. Be right back.”

Heather took off and Jes came over to me. I reached over and took hold of her head and pulled her over. I started to kiss her and my hand went to caress her breasts. I knew what Jes had in mind and I thought the fact that she wanted to do Jes herself might say a lot for her comfort level with this. Jes came back out with several toys and some scarves.

“Do you mind if I share my toys with you Jes?” Heather kneels down in front of Jes and spreads her legs. Both Jes and I watch as Heather rubs her fingers over Jes’s smooth pussy. Jes starts to coo and leans her head back. Heather rubs the vibrator all over her pussy before slowly pushing it in. Jes closes her eyes and begins to moan as Heather starts to twist the vibrator and turn it on. I keep rubbing her breasts and bend down to start to lick and suck on her nipples making then hard. Heather slowly apprehensively bend forward and takes a taste of her first pussy. Apparently she did not find it to bad as she went back for seconds and started to lick Jes’s clit.

“Oohhh yes Heather. That feels so good.” Jes takes hold of Heather’s head and starts to direct Heather.

Heather pulls her head back and out of Jes’s grip. “Uh uh dear. This is my first time at this. Tom perhaps you can find some other way to distract her and let me have my fun.” I set up on my knees on the sofa grab Jes’s hands pull them away from Heather. I then turn her head and she takes the hint and grabs hold of my dick and begins to suck. I go back to squeezing her breasts and pinching Jes’s hard nipples.

The room fills with the sound of sex. Moans, groans, sighs, slurping, the hum of the vibrator all of them making a music and just increases the incredible scene before my eyes. Heather is fucking and licking Jes and I can hear and feel Jes’s response around her full mouth. I take her head and pull her off of me and then just listen as her climax begins.

I get up move to get behind Heather and find her hand already hard at work on her pussy. I move her hand and push myself into her pussy and begin to fuck her. Jes falls back into the couch again and Heather’s voice picks up where Jes’s stopped. She must have been rubbing herself for a while because she also came rather quickly.

Heather crawls back up to the couch and sets next to Jes. Jes’s eyes turn to Heather’s, “Would you mind if I took a turn with Tom Heather?”

Our eyes turned to Heather and I decided to speak first. “You know Jes, I think this time we might have to skip that. But I am pretty good with her toys too. Let’s get you two turned around and let me have some fun with the two of you.”

Heather looked at me with a look that told me I made the right choice. Jes looked a little disappointed, but Heather grabbed her head and started to kiss her and fondle her breasts to distract her. Without breaking their kiss they got up to their knees and faced away from me. I picked up the vibrator and slid it smoothly into Jes. I then guided myself into Heather with a moan from both of them. I kept the vibrator off and just fucked Jes’s pussy with the same pace I was keeping with Heather. Their hands snaked down to rub the other’s clit as I fucked them from behind occasionally pulling their hair back separating their kiss long enough to kiss one myself.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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