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It was morning and I was beginning to wake up. I noticed that I was waking up with some good, old fashioned morning wood and was trying to stay asleep to enjoy whatever dream was making me hard this morning. The dream felt so real, it felt as though someone was really stroking my cock. It was all so vivid. It definitely wasn’t my hand, it felt too small and soft. This was incredible, the best dream ever! Then it took a turn my sex dreams never took – I felt a strange feeling in my ass!

Suddenly I realized what was happening. I remembered that I wasn’t alone in bed. I remembered my friend Beth was visiting. I remembered she had found the strap on dildo last night in my apartment. I remembered that she had put it on during our game of Truth or Dare the night before and fucked my ass with it. And I remembered that she went to bed with it still on.

I turned my head to look behind me and see her. “Did you have fun last night?” she asked seductively.

“Of course I did. I always have fun with you.”

“Do you remember our new arrangement?”

“Not at all.”

“What is the new agreement then?” She wanted to hear me say it.

“You are the only one that can make dares now. I have to do anything you want. I am now your bitch for the weekend.”

Beth was rubbing her dildo through my ass crack. As I said those last words the stroking quickened. She was obviously turned on from hearing me say she was in control.

“Are you ready for another ass fucking then?”

“I am ready for anything you want me to do, Beth.”

Her left hand was still reaching around, stroking my cock as we both laid on our right sides. I felt the phallus slide through my cheeks a few more times before after one down stroke it stopped.

“Pull your cheeks apart!”

I reached my left hand back, grabbed my left cheek and pulled it up, giving Beth access to my ass hole. I felt the tip touch my brown hole and then slight pressure. I wanted to feel the cock back inside of me and I felt myself pushing back onto the strap on. Beth pushed forward, my ass relaxed and I felt the head split my crack and push in. She held it there for a second letting me adjust to my anal intruder and feel the round head before she began pushing in more.

Beth wasn’t taking her time being nice and slow while entering me like she had last night. Once she began pushing she just kept going. I felt every inch of the toy sliding past my sphincter muscle. I felt every “vein” of the cock as it slid into me. And then I felt the head pressing against my prostate.

“Oh fuck you are so deep inside of me!”

“I bet I can get it deeper. Would you like to feel me deeper inside your ass?” Beth hissed into my ear.

Without waiting for a reply, Beth took her hand from my cock, placed it on my hips and pushed forward as far as she possibly could. The dildo she was wearing pressed against me from the inside and felt like she was trying to push it through my stomach.

She pulled Kastamonu Escort back and I again felt every ridge of the cock slide across me, just in reverse this time. As the cock began to almost exit me, I felt the pull of Beth’s hand on my hip as her waist moved forward again thrusting the rubber toy back into me. She picked up her pace, moving her hips back and forth, the toy sliding in and out. I loved every second of it. I felt so hard and soft at the same time sliding in and out of me. I could hear Beth breathing in my ear. Her lust was evident. She was loving the power of being on the fucking end of things for once.

“Fuck yeah, take my cock you little bitch! You like your ass filled, don’t you? You love feeling me fuck you deep!”

And I did! Each time she pushed it deep inside me I moaned like a bitch in heat. I never wanted her to take the tool out of me.

I felt Beth shift her weight to her left and made us both roll off of our right sides and onto our stomachs without ever removing the dildo from my ass. Beth’s weight was now on top of me. She moved up onto her elbows, pulled her knees up more and pushed deep inside of me again. In her new position, Beth had even more control and began grinding her pelvis into my ass. Each stroke went all the way out until just the tip was left inside me and then she slammed the entire length back into me.

My dick was pressed against the bed and each thrust also brought with it the pleasure of friction against my shaft. The new sensation was amazing and was making it hard not to cum. Beth seemed to read my mind.

“Don’t you fucking cum yet!” she demanded. “I have another dare planned for that. You let me know when you think you can’t hang on any longer. Until then, just keep enjoying me inside your ass!”

Beth was so worked up now that she couldn’t stop her dirty talk.

“You really love this thing inside of you, huh? I bet you are starting to wonder what a real cock would feel like inside your ass. Would you like that? I know I would like to watch it. That would be so hot, watching some guy ass fuck you!”

She didn’t wait for any answers, just kept turning herself on more with her talk. She was pounding my tight hole. Each thrust carried as much force as she could muster. The bed rocked into the wall each time she pushed it back inside of me. My bed was squeaking and I could only imagine what my downstairs neighbors were thinking!

It was all too much now. I couldn’t last much longer. The fucking had lasted at least 20 minutes and I needed to cum!

“I’m ready to cum, Beth.”

She pulled out of me in one long motion and stood on the bed.

“Roll onto your back. Good, now throw your legs back so you are doubled over with your ass in the air.”

I did as I was told. Beth moved above me, put one leg on each side of me, bent her knees and sunk the dildo back into my ass. She just resumed her fucking in this awkward position. She was sliding Kastamonu Escort Bayan into me like a piston in a car engine. I also noticed how close my dick was to my face.

“Are you ready for your next dare?” she asked as she continued thrusting downward. “I dare you to open your mouth, cum on your own face and swallow as much as you can shoot into your mouth!”

Beth kept fucking me, the whole time looking straight down, not taking a chance to miss me giving myself a facial. Each thrust brought my cock closer to my mouth and I wondered if it were possible to give myself a blow job from this position. I was past the point of no return. I needed to cum. As I watched the sexy, slender red head above me repeatedly slam a strap on dildo into my ass, I opened my mouth and began to stroke my cock.

“Oh yes! You’re going to do this! Fuck yeah! Shoot your load all over your face! I want to watch you swallow your own cum so badly! Fucking cum for me!”

Beth’s comments were leaving her mouth as fast as her dildo was penetrating me. Then it happened. The first shot missed my mouth and made me flinch as it landed just below my left eye. I readjusted in time and the second shot landed right on my tongue. So did the second and third before the fourth and fifth missed again and coated my face. I was then done with shots of my load and just moved my cock back over my mouth to let the last few dribbles fall onto my waiting tongue.

“Don’t swallow yet!” Beth demanded as she pulled the dildo out of my ass and let my legs fall back to the bed. “Sit up and open wide!”

She reached over and grabbed her camera and snapped pictures of the sticky jizz in my mouth and on my face. “I am going to cum so hard when I masturbate to these back home! Ok, swallow now.”

I did as was told and felt the creamy mess slide down my throat. I then licked as much as I could off of my lips. Then Beth scooped as much of my spunk off of my chin as possible and fed it to me. Each time I swallowed my seed right down. Each time I enjoyed it more.

“Fuck that was hot!” exclaimed Beth. “Now, clean my dick off like a good little bitch. Taste the remnants of shit you left on my pole you dirty little whore!”

I got on my knees and took the dildo into my mouth and slid my mouth down the shaft, licking it as I went, tasting the muskiness of my own ass. Beth was looking down on me, enjoying treating me like her bitch as I sucked her cock. I felt her pushing farther with each thrust – Beth was trying to get me to deepthroat the rod. My throat began to relax and accommodate more and more of the intruder, just as my ass had done.

“That’s it,” she said approvingly. “Take me in your throat. You are becoming quite the cocksucker and fucker. You could really please some guys cock. I know you are pleasing mine. Now, open up and take it all!”

Beth reached her right hand around the back of my head and began to push as she slowly thrust her hips forward. Escort Kastamonu The object met with resistance the back of my throat, but it was quickly obvious that she would not be pulling backward until she couldn’t push any farther. I began to consciously contort my throat muscles, trying to find a way to take the entire length. Beth began to increase the pressure on the back of my head. There was maybe a quarter inch left to go and Beth pushed my head and jabbed her hips forward and my lips were around the base of the toy – my nose touching her flat stomach. I had taken the entire thing. Since she had gotten it this far into my ass, too, I could taste dried shit every millimeter along the way.

“Look up at me! That’s good! Fuck, I think I can see the shape of it in your throat!”

Beth reached over to my nightstand and grabbed my camera and snapped a picture. She then proceeded to slide the dildo out of my mouth in half inch increments, taking a picture each time she stopped.

“Does this thing have a video function to it?” It did. And Beth found it. For being a small little camera it had surprisingly good video quality and it also recorded sound. She aimed the lens at herself and recorded an intro.

“Hi, this is Beth. I am making my little bitch boy Patrick suck my strap on dildo after I just fucked his ass good and deep with it. I hope you enjoy watching.”

She then trained the camera back down on me and told me to suck her good. I was a little uneasy about the camera, but I wasn’t going to disappoint! I grabbed her hips and pulled my mouth forward as far as possible making myself deepthroat her this time. That received some very positive commentary from her on the video as she kept a running dialogue of the entire event. I got into a good pace. The cock slid past my lips, into my mouth and down my throat. Then slid out of my throat, past my tongue and then the tip was on my lips.

I was sucking her nicely. My throat had adapted to the pole being pushed into it with each thrust and a good amount of saliva had built up acting as lube. But Beth wanted to put on a show for the camera, so she grabbed my head again and began thrusting. She was going all the way in each time, but was moving much faster. She was fucking my face. Saliva was flowing freely and I was drooling out of the sides of my mouth from her fucking. I felt so depraved and I loved it! Finally, Beth slammed her cock home into the back of my throat and instead of pulling back out as I expected, she left the member choking me. My eyes were bugging out of my head as I looked up at her, pleading her with my eyes to take it out and let me breath again. Beth loved it and she told the camera so. At last, she pulled the cock from my throat and my mouth completely. I gasped for air deeply, inhaling as much as possible!

Beth again turned the camera on herself saying, “Now THAT, my friends, is how you suck a cock! I hope you enjoyed watching my slut Patrick blow me!” And she turned the camera off.

“We need two things now,” declared Beth. “First, we need to find a web site to post this video and two, to record more!” And she bent over, kissed me deeply on the lips, and walked out of my bedroom to my computer, leaving me still on my knees. I couldn’t wait for more!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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